20 Adair Drive, Marietta, ga 30066

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Lisa McNair

20 Adair Drive, Marietta, GA 30066

770/794-1782 • lisa.mcnair@lcc.gatech.edu


B.A. English, University of Georgia, Athens, 1985.

M.A. English, University of Georgia, Athens, 1993.

Ph.D. Linguistics, University of Chicago. Ph.D. December 2002.
(Dissertation successfully defended July 2002).

Electronic Pedagogy Certificate Program participant, Georgia Tech, 2001-2003.


Mill Workers and Farmers: Economics and Dialect Shift in a Small Southern Town

Formerly distinct dialects traceable to original settlement patterns in the southern United States have merged during the 20th century while formerly similar dialects have diverged. Linguistic contact created by the opening of textile mills and new populations of mill workers has altered the evolutionary course of Kurath's Southern and South Midland varieties. This ethnographic exploration focuses on Griffin, Georgia, a cotton town turned textile town. Patterns of cultural and linguistic variation are investigated according to a social network study that finds significance in such factors as mill versus agricultural affiliation, age, race, and gender.

Fellowships and Awards

Marion L. Brittain Fellowship, September 2000-June 2003.

Florence James Adams Prize, April 2000.

Humanities Travel Award, University of Chicago, 1996, 1998.

Century Fellowship, University of Chicago, 1993-1997.

Graduate Teaching Award, University of Georgia, 1991-1992.

Publications and Presentations

“New Directions in Interdisciplinary Electronic Pedagogy: Practice, Process, Product” panel session presented at the Joint International Conference of the Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing and the Association for Computers and the Humanities (ALLC/ACH 2002) in Tübingen, Germany, July 2002.

“Negotiating Linguistic Capital in Economic Decline” presented at SAMLA in Atlanta, October 2001.

"Influences of Regional versus National Standards in Dialect Shift: A Case Study in the Southeastern United States." The Morpho-Syntax Interface, The Acquisition of Syntax, and The Myth of Standard English. Chicago: Chicago Linguistic Society, 2000.

"Mill Villagers and Farmers: A Few Instances of Dialect Shift in a Small Southern Town" presented at the International Linguistics Association in Washington, D.C., April 2000.

"Dialect and Economics: The Influence of Occupation as a Factor in Dialect Change" presented at the Sixth Annual SALSA (Symposium about Language and Society) in Austin, April 1998.

"Some Effects of Mill Villages on Southern American Dialects" presented at the Twenty- sixth Meeting of NWAVE (New Ways of Analyzing Variation in English) in Quebec, October 1997.

Dobrin, Lise, Kora Singer, and Lisa McNair, editors. 1996. CLS 32: Papers from the Main Session (of the 32nd Annual meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society). Chicago: Chicago Linguistic Society.

McNair, Lisa, Kora Singer, Lise M. Dobrin, and Michelle M. Aucoin, editors. 1996. CLS 32: Papers from the Parasession on Theory and Data in Linguistics. Chicago: Chicago Linguistic Society.

"Language Convergence and Divergence in the United States: A Sociohistorical Account" presented at the Southeastern Conference on Linguistics (SECOL) in Athens, GA, Apri11996.

"Questioning Strategies in Legal Settings: An Analysis of the Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill Sexual Harassment Hearings." Master's Thesis, University of Georgia. September 1992.

Teaching Experience

Marion L. Brittain Fellow, School of Literature, Communication and Culture
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA 2000-present

Adjunct Professor, Department of English, Reinhardt College, Atlanta, GA 1997-1998

Teaching Assistant, Department of Linguistics, University of Chicago 1995-1996

Instructor, Jane Curry and Associates, Chicago, IL 1996

Instructor, Department of English, University of Georgia 1992-1993

Courses Taught

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA

Technical Communication Practices

Introduction to Cultural Studies: Self and ‘Other’ in Ethnographic Representations of the U.S. South

Science, Technology and Culture: Scientific and Political Evolutions of Media and War Coverage

Science, Technology and Culture: Exploring Identity in a Cybernetic World

Reinhardt College, Atlanta, GA

Composition & Rhetoric

Literature and Culture of Western Civilization I

Literature and Culture of Western Civilization II

University of Chicago

Introduction to Linguistics


Jane Curry and Associates
Corporate Writing
Financial Writing
Technical Writing

University of Georgia

Composition & Rhetoric

Introduction to Literature

Professional Affiliations

American Dialect Society (ADS)

Linguistic Society of America (LSA)

Modern Language Association (MLA)

Society for New Ways of Analyzing Variation (NWAV)

Academic Service

Brittain Representative, School of Literature, Communication & Culture, Georgia Tech 2000-2001

Elected representative to participate in meetings of the Writing sub-committee, the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, and the Brittain Committee. Responsible for communicating actions of committees to the Brittain Fellows and representing the Fellows’ issues at the meetings. Also serves on the Brittain Search Committee conducting interviews and advising on hiring of Brittain Fellows.

Coordinator, Workshop on Language in Society, University of Chicago 1996-1997

Applied for and was granted sponsorship of this Graduate Workshop by The Council on Advanced Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Managed annual budget, organized workshop events, and acted as liaison for guest speakers. Renewed the workshop sponsorship each year.

Editor & Communications Officer, Chicago Linguistic Society 1995-1996

Managed web site, email and print correspondence for the Chicago Linguistic Society, a student-run organization that stages an annual academic conference and brings in monthly guests to speak at the University. Produced the annual conference and edited the resultant two-volume publication of works by selected authors.

Fiction Editor for the Chicago Review 1994-1997

Member of small staff deciding which fiction contributions were to be published in international quarterly literary magazine. Worked intensively with writers in the final editing process.

Professional Experience

Technical Communications Coordinator, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA 2002-present.

Developing curriculum, teaching practices and organizational structure for new technical writing program in the School of Literature, Communications, and Culture. Collaborates with Director of Communications Program and Electronic Pedagogy Coordinator to establish protocols for the Communications Program and the post-doctoral Electronic Pedagogy Program. Conducts assessments and evaluations of instructor and student progress for annual Regents-based review.

Writer/Producer, SRA/McGraw-Hill, Atlanta, GA 1998-2000

Managed team to create educational videos and interactive teacher guidelines for multimedia, K-12 educational materials. Collaborated with Product Development Manager in evaluating project proposals. Developed budgets, product models and pilot tests for new projects.

Marketing Assistant, Optical Data Corporation, Atlanta, GA 1998

Designed and edited product packaging material, wrote press releases for the marketing department, and finalized layout for projects completed by production department.

Clinical Monitor, LaserSight, Inc., Orlando, FL 1997-2000

Monitored clinical trial sites of excimer laser study, coordinated case report studies between principal investigators and main office, and submitted monitoring reports to the company and to the FDA. This phase of LaserSight's PRK and PARK trial studies received FDA approval in April 2000.

Publications Assistant/Conference Organizer, Chicago Humanities Institute 1994-1995

Executed layout, design, and production of newsletters, annual reports, conference programs and posters. Assisted the directors and resident fellows in planning and carrying out the Institute's interdisciplinary and international conferences based in the University’s Humanities Division.

Assistant to the Editor, Urban Geography, Athens, GA 1991-1992

Assisted the editor of international geography journal published out of the University of Georgia Geography Department. Duties included proofreading, reference-checking, design and final layout.

Writer & Desktop Publisher, Coca-Cola Company, Atlanta, GA 1989-1990

Edited and designed internal publications within End User Computing Department. Active in Research and Design group which provides software production and support to users via telephone, training, publications, and personal assistance.


Georgia Institute of Technology

Professor Peter McGuire, Associate Chair
School of Literature, Communication, and Culture
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA 30332

Professor Jay Bolter, Director Communications Program

School of Literature, Communication, and Culture
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA 30332
McGraw- Hill/SRA

Betty Paxton, Manager Product Development

225 Redmond Ridge Circle

Alpharetta, GA 30022

Mark Cottrell, Producer

204 Wilton Drive

Decatur, GA 30030 404-373-8171

University of Chicago

Professor Salikoko Mufwene

1010 East 59th Street

Chicago, IL 60637


University of Georgia

Professor Michael Moran

Park Hall, Baldwin Street

Athens, GA 30602-6205



Dick Gallo, President

Stuart Compton Associates

1355 Peachtree Street, NE

Atlanta, GA 30309


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