2000 Eric Hillemann Singles Tournament Questions by Subash Maddipoti Seeding Round A

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2000 Eric Hillemann Singles Tournament

Questions by Subash Maddipoti

Seeding Round A

(45 tossups, plus 1 extra)

After getting his ass kicked in two games of Tecmo Super Bowl by Subash, he passed off the controller to Jason Dettelbach. He would later prove his knowledge of the Trail of Tears and sessions of Congress and their numbers. FTP, identify this consultant who had to use all the aids at his disposal to determine the origin of Paddington Bear.

Answer: David Goodman

A1. The archaeologist Robert Koldewey first uncovered evidence of their actual existence. One legend states that they were the work of Queen Semiramis, but the more popular story tells that they were built for the Median bride, Amytis. Their design, from one of the courtesans of King Nebuchadnezzar, called for the water from the Euphrates to irrigate the ziggurat terraces. FTP, name this ancient Wonder of the World built within the walls of Babylon.

Answer: Hanging Gardens of Babylon

A2. It is any one of the approximately 21 species of Glossina in the family Muscidae. They have an arista, or bristle-like appendage on each antenna. This organism transmits a disease called nagana to domestic animals which is similar to the disease that it transmits to humans. Their name means “insect that destroys cattle” in their native continent, Africa. FTP, name this creature best-known as the carrier of sleeping sickness.

Answer: tsetse fly

A3. Her story, “The Red Convertible,” is actually a chapter from one of her novels. The Crown of Columbus was a novel on which she collaborated with her husband, Michael Dorris. She writes about similar families in such novels as Tales of Burning Love, The Bingo Palace, and Tracks. All these works deal with dysfunctional Native American people living in North Dakota, her home state. FTP, name this author of The Beet Queen and Love Medicine.

Answer: Louise Erdrich

A4. Some of his Native American scouts killed the patriot Jane McRea. Later in life, from 1782-83, he was commander in chief in Ireland, and his The Heiress was successfully staged in 1786. His greatest defeat came when his retreat was blocked by John Stark, though Benedict Arnold and Horatio Gates would get the credit. FTP, identify this British general who lost at Bennington and Saratoga.

Answer: John Burgoyne

A5. The two boys in the center respond to the entrance of Christ, who is partially blocked by the back of St. Peter. The two figures on the left are believed to be drawn from a 1545 Holbein print representing two gamblers unaware of the appearance of death. The title figure and his four assistants are illuminated from a light source in the upper-left and are counting the day's proceeds. FTP, identify this Caravaggio painting depicting the summoning of Levi by Christ.

Answer: The Calling of Saint Matthew

A6. They briefly reunited in 1996, releasing a new album entitled Home Again. Their least famous member was Ralph Tresvant, while a trio of them later formed another group and hit it big with the smash single “Poison.” This first major creation of producer Maurice Starr gained fame with such songs as “Cool it Now” and “Candy Girl.” FTP, name this band that included the members of Bell Biv Devoe as well as Johnny Gill and Bobby Brown.

Answer: New Edition

A7. The alpha variety of this mineral transforms into either coesite or stishovite at high temperatures. Often used in depth-sounding apparati because of its piezoelectric properties, this primary constituent of sandstone is itself composed of silica, or silicon dioxide. FTP, name this second most abundant mineral in the Earth's crust that is also known as rock crystal because of its appearance.

Answer: quartz

A8. This original Dream Teamer was his first team’s career leader in points, with 18,040. He finally gained his championship ring despite two prior trips to the Finals after he was traded for Otis Thorpe. After his retirement in 1998, he would return to coach his alma mater. FTP, identify this member of “Phi Slamma Jamma,” a guard for the Portland Trailblazers and Houston Rockets known as Clyde “the Glyde.”

Answer: Clyde Drexler
A9. She is grateful to her Aunt Gardiner for uniting her with her husband, despite the objections of her husband’s aunt, Lady Catherine de Bourgh. Her best friend is Charlotte Lucas, who marries Mr. Collins after this woman rejects him. Lydia is the most troublesome of her four sisters, while Jane is the sweetest. FTP, name this love of Darcy and wisest of the Bennet sisters in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

Answer: Elizabeth Bennett

A10. It is an extinct volcano formed during the Upper Tertiary Period and composed of andesitic lavas with twin cones, both of which reach above 18,000 feet. The mountain is covered by 22 glaciers, the waters and snow of which feed the Kuban River and some of the headwaters of the Terek River. Situated in the northwest corner of Georgia, FTP, identify this highest peak of the Caucasus Mountains, also the highest peak of Europe.

Answer: Mount Elbrus [el broos]

A11. The ineptness of Adaric and his Gepids on the left almost lost this battle, but they were saved by King Sangiban and his Alans and the troops of Prince Throsimund. Also known of as the Battle of Maurica, this conflict fought on the Catalunian Plains was decided when the Roman general Aetius gained high ground by the Marne River. Fought following a failed siege of Orleans, FTP, name this AD 451 defeat of the Hunnish forces under Atilla.

Answer: Battle of Chalons-sur-Marne

A12. It is produced in accelerator cooling water systems which are subjected to large proton or neutron fluxes, specifically via spallation reactions with oxygen, nitrogen and carbon nuclei present in the water system. However, it is best produced by reacting Lithium-6 with neutrons. It has a half-life of 12.3 years and emits beta particles only. Containing one proton and two neutrons, FTP, identify this heaviest isotope of hydrogen.

Answer: tritium

A13. His acquaintances include the easy-going Spoade and the obnoxious Gerald. His roommate, a native of Alberta, has a last name of either McCannon or MacKenzie and a first name of Shreve. He fights with T.P. at his sister’s wedding and gives his suicide notes to Deacon before he drowns himself during his first year at Harvard. FTP, name this oldest brother of Caddy, Jason, and Benjy Compson, a character in Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury.

Answer: Quentin Compson

A14. They are usually conceived as personifications of particular virtues: Manjusri, with his book and sword of knowledge, represents wisdom, and Avalokitesvara, the Lord Who Looks Down, personifies compassion. Their name is taken from the Sanskrit for “one whose essence is enlightenment.” FTP, identify this term, which in Buddhism, identifies one who, out of compassion, foregoes nirvana in order to save others.

Answer: Bodhisattvas

A15. Their ruler is Sesha, and some of them include Ananta, Vasuki, and Manasa, who represents fertility. Considered the protectors of rivers and wells, they live in Patala, or palaces, in the underground city of Bhogavati. Malays consider them many-headed dragons, who can terrorize sea travelers. FTP, identify these half-human and half-snake beings, a race of divine-serpent people in Hindu mythology.

Answer: nagas

A16. During it, the minister Zhao Guo introduced a new planting system, and Sima Qian started to record Chinese history. Its Wudi emperor drove the Huns farther north, fostered relations with India, and opened the Silk Road. Its first capital, at Chang’an, was founded by this dynasty’s founder Liu Bang. FTP, name this dynasty that preceded the Three Kingdoms period and followed the Qin dynasty, ruling China from 206 BC to AD 220.

Answer: Han Dynasty

A17. This economist edited the Journal of Law and Economics from 1964 to 1982. His primary work was concerned with how property rights are distributed among individuals by law, a field that is partially addressed in his magnum opus The Problem of Social Cost. FTP, identify this economist born in Britain who won the Nobel in 1991 primarily for his eponymous theorem.

Answer: Ronald Coase

A18. Understanding of this process has improved with new Mossbauer studies of isolated Iron proteins from the vinelandii species. It can occur via lightning strikes or UV rays, but in nature it is mostly done by such organisms as Rhizobium and Azotobacter. The bacteria invade the roots of host plants, where the necessary chemical conversions take place. FTP, name this process in which atmospheric nitrogen is converted into a compound such as ammonia.

Answer: nitrogen fixation

A19. The writing Shulwerk is a manual describing his method of conducting. Works include the Easter cantata, Comoedia de Christi Resurrectione, and the trilogy of “music dramas” - Antigonae, Oedipus der Tyrann, and Prometheus. FTP, who is this German composer of Songs of Catullus and The Triumph of Aphrodite which form another trilogy with his great secular oratorio based on a manuscript of medieval poems, Carmina Burana?

Answer: Carl Orff

A20. After he produced The Captives, a tragedy, the first of his popular Fables appeared. His less successful projects included the opera Achilles and a dramatic collaboration with Arbuthnot and Pope entitled Three Hours After Marriage. This man only added to his riches with his popular sequel, Polly. FTP, name this Englishman, who produced a smash hit with his play The Beggar’s Opera.

Answer: John Gay

A21. The first was finally concluded with the Supplementary Treaty of Bogue, while the second, which involved the French, began with the storming of the ship Arrow. The second ended with the treaties of Tientsin, while the first one was resolved with the Treaty of Nanking, which directed the cession of Hong Kong among other terms. FTP, name these series of wars fought in mid-19th century China and named for a certain drug.

Answer: Opium Wars

A22. Some of this character’s memorable quotes include “I’ve got a bad case of the Molly Ringwalds today” and “I’m the best sex you’ll never have.” This past season saw him star in the lead role in a school production of “Barefoot in the Park,” while the first season introduced us to his brother, Deputy Doug Witter, and told of his affair with Ms. Jacobs, his English teacher. FTP, name this best friend of Dawson Leary, the character played by Joshua Jackson on Dawson’s Creek.

Answer: Pacey Witter

A23. In the southwest lies the Banfora Escarpment, while its three principal rivers all contain part of its former name within their names. Bobo Dioulasso became its economic capital when it formed the terminus of the railroad running to Abidjan. It took its current name in 1984, changing it from Upper Volta. FTP, identify this country to the west of Benin and Niger, a landlocked nation with capital at Ouagadougou.

Answer: Burkina Faso

A24. One of the common reagents used to produce them is pyridinium chlorochromate. Acyl chlorides can be converted to them with the use of lithium aluminum hydride, while acetylene, in the presence of mercury, can react with water to give one of these compounds. FTP, identify this organic compound formed by oxidizing a primary alcohol, a compound that is characterized by the –C-H-O group.

Answer: aldehyde

A25. This play’s fourth episode includes a tale of the oracle of Phoebus told by King Aegeus, possibly making an allusion to the birth of Theseus. Its first scene opens near a palace in Corinth with the lamentations of a nurse, and the tragedy only worsens with the use of a poisoned robe to kill Creusa and her father, Creon. FTP, this, in addition to the murder of her own children, is engineered by what title character of a Euripides play, the first wife of Jason?

Answer: Medea

A26. His shield bearer and servant is Skirnir, to whom he gives his sword, a weapon that can spread a field with carnage whenever the owner desires it. Another possession of his is a magical chariot pulled by the golden boar Gullinbursti. Because he gives away his sword, he is killed by Surt at Ragnarok and is the first to die. This member of the Vanir is married to the giantess Gerd and is also known as Fricco, FTP, identify this son of Niord and brother of Freya.

Answer: Frey or Freyr

A27. In August of 1912 Congress extended it to include corporations. It was inspired by a proposal from the British foreign minister, George Canning, though Canning violated it two years later. Its four points were actually the work of Secretary of State John Quincy Adams, so it is misnamed. Stating that the U.S. would no longer allow the European powers to colonize the American continents, FTP, name this 1823 declaration made by the fifth president.

Answer: Monroe Doctrine

A28. Adi Cakobau has been the latest name associated with the country’s leadership. After a shootout with the military, rebel leader George Speight was arrested. Speight had taken most of Cabinet hostage and led a coup to topple the government of Mahendra Chaudhry. FTP, this is all recent trouble in what South Pacific nation with a large Hindu population?

Answer: Fiji

A29. He first gained notice while working as a callboy in the Ed Lilly stock company. Coached by his first wife, Josephine Dillon, his first role was the Broadway lead in Machinal. Starring with Jean Harlow in Boom Town and San Francisco, success finally came for this man with a Best Actor Oscar for It Happened One Night. FTP, name this man, was also nominated for the films Mutiny on the Bounty and Gone With The Wind.

Answer: William Clark Gable

A30. Jaroslav Drobny was the only Egyptian to win it, while Sven Davidson was the first Swede to win it. This event prospered in 1927 when the “Four Musketeers” were able to showcase their skills at a new stadium, Roland Garros. The last native born male to win it was Yannick Noah in 1983, while Pete Sampras has never won it. FTP, identify this championship played on the terre bateau, or red clay, a tennis grand slam event in Paris.

Answer: French Open

A31. Some of this novel’s female characters include Valerie, who receives a lobotomy and Joan, who is from the same hometown as the protagonist and once dated the protagonist’s boyfriend, Bobby Willard. Philomena Guinea is the protagonist’s sponsor, and Dr. Gordon and Dr. Nolan both attempt to treat her with electric shock therapy. FTP, name this work about Esther Greenwood, a supposedly autobiographical novel by Sylvia Plath.

Answer: The Bell Jar

A32. This scientist first showed that thermal conductivity is proportional to electrical conductivity. He was the first to examine the spectrum of the Aurora Borealis, and also announced that hydrogen is present in the Sun’s atmosphere. All of this work was done at Uppsala from 1839 to 1874. Considered a founder of spectroscopy, FTP, identify this Swedish physicist for whom a unit of measure equal to 10 to the minus 8 centimeters is named.

Answer: Anders Jonas Angstrom

A33. His pseudonyms include Chang Lung and Reagan O’Neal, and his real name is James Oliver Rigney Jr. Among his lesser-known works are the western Cheyenne Raiders and the Fallon series of historical novels. However, his most famous books are those in his Conan series as well as the series that includes such novels as The Dragon Reborn and Eye of the World. FTP, name this fantasy author best-known for his Wheel of Time saga.

Answer: Robert Jordan

A34. This settlement resulted due to the failures of the Treaty of Passau, signed three years earlier. Its final terms were reached under the guise of Ferdinand II, who presided over its namesake Diet. Its primary result was the use of the principle of Curia Regis, stating that the various German peoples must follow the religion of their ruler. FTP, name this 1555 settlement that alleviated much of the tension between Lutherans and Catholics in Germany.

Answer: Peace of Augsburg

A35. David Garnett wrote a novel about one into Fox, and William Dean Howells wrote a novel about the one of the Arostook. Orson Welles directed a movie about the one from Shanghai, while Alfred Hitchcock directed a film about one who vanishes. Ibsen wrote a play about one from the sea, and Christopher Fry wrote that she’s not for burning. FTP, name this woman who, in poems by Tennyson and Scott, is of Shalott or of the Lake.

Answer: the Lady

A36. Its president Dulce Sauri said it would be “unimaginable” for its members to hold posts in the new administration. “La Vestida,” or cross-dresser,” and “sissy” were just some of the names used against its candidate Francisco Labastida. This follows its ouster by new president Vicente Fox. FTP, identify this party that recently saw the end of its 71 years of rule in Mexico.

Answer: PRI or Institutional Revolutionary Party

A37. Their discovery came when Peter Boysen-Jensen tried to solve a problem he ran across in the Darwins’ The Power of Movement in Plants. Boysen-Jensen concluded that the influence controlling phototropism was a water-soluble compound. Frits Went finally concluded that it was a chemical in the tip of the coleoptile. The most common one, indoleacetic acid, is, FTP, what type of chemical, a plant hormone that regulates growth.

Answer: auxins

A38. As a result of this agreement, Prussia was forced to cede all of the territory west of the Elbe, which was made into the kingdom of Westphalia. The Polish territory that Prussia had acquired was also relenquished and made into the duchy of Warsaw. While the French gains were substantial, Russia received only a small part of East Prussia. Signed after Napoleon’s victory at the battle of Friedland, FTP, name the 1807 treaty between France, Russia, and Prussia

Answer: Treaty of Tilsit

A39. The Lower part of this river drains the Khorat Plateau. Its sources, at an elevation of 16,000 feet, are the Ang and Cha streams. After the Khone Falls, the Sab River joins it and then the Bassac breaks off before it heads for the sea. FTP, identify this 2,600 mile-long river that flows from southeast China to the South China Sea through a vast delta in southern Vietnam.

Answer: Mekong River

A40. Richard Doyle’s cover drawing was used for over a hundred years. Originally founded as a radical weekly by Henry Mayhew, Mark Lemon, and Joseph Coyne, it was also known as the “Charivari,” It contained Leech and Tenniel’s portrayal of John Bull and such staff writers as William Thackeray. FTP, identify this popular English periodical of the 19th century famous for its satiric humor and cartoons.

Answer: Punch Magazine

A41. After a standout career at Baylor, he remained with his college coach Clyde Hart. His main rivals in the past five years included Frankie Fredericks and Mike Marsh. Though he got food poisoning at Barcelona, he came back strong with his trademark style, running straight up like a statue. FTP, name this sprinter who won the unprecedented 200-400 meter double at the 1996 Summer Olympics.

Answer: Michael Johnson

A42. She “smiles like sunshine,” and wears “rayon, silk, or maybe even denim.” “She can walk with her switch and talk with street slang,” and she’s “Standin’ at the bus stop, suckin’ on a lollipop.” We also know that “She likes to dance to the rap jam,” and “She’s sweet as brown sugar with candied yams. In addition she has “Bamboo earrings, at least two pair / a Fendi bag and a bad attitude.” FTP, what type of girl is this, according to an LL Cool J song?

Answer: Around the Way Girl

A43. In the Rheum genus, this organelle accumulates oxalic acid and forms calcium oxalate crystals. In addition, it can act as the storage site for such pigments as red and blue anthocyanins in a variety of organisms. Surrounded by a membrane known as the tonoplast, it is formed by fusing dictyosomes. It creates turgor pressure to maintain the water level and shape of the cell. FTP, name this organelle that can occupy up to 95% of the volume of a plant cell.

Answer: vacuole

A44. After writing letters to both William Bell Scott and Leigh Hunt over what profession he should choose, he decided to pursue both of his avocations. His first two paintings, Ecce Ancilla Domini and The Girlhood of Mary, were both attacked, and he went to study under Ford Madox Brown. His best known oils are The Blessed Damozel and Beata Beatrix. FTP, identify this poet and painter, the founder of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.

Answer: Dante Gabriel Rossetti

A45. During the Civil War, he published a book, Principles and Maxims of the Art of War. After the war, he returned to his native Louisiana, where he became a railroad director and managed the state lottery. One of the eight full generals of the Confederacy, he would conduct the defense of Petersburg in 1864 after he had led the defense of Charleston. FTP, name this man who assumed leadership at Shiloh after the death of A.S. Johnston, the Confederate general who led the forces that bombarded Ft. Sumter.

Answer: Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard

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Extra for Seeding Round A
A47. Late in his life he executed murals for the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Among his famous portraits is that of The Wyndham Sisters, but he gave up portraiture after 1910, creating landscapes like Mountain Fire. Two of his better known paintings are The Misses Vickers and Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose. FTP, name this American painter best known for his depiction of Lady Gautreau entitled Madame X.

Answer: John Singer Sargent

2000 Eric Hillemann Singles Tournament

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