2002 Beltway Bandits Round 7 Questions by “Rick Derringer Slept Here”: Dave Goodman, Willie Keller, Ken LaSala, and Mike Starsinic

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2002 Beltway Bandits

Round 7

Questions by “Rick Derringer Slept Here”: Dave Goodman, Willie Keller, Ken LaSala, and Mike Starsinic
"Since earlier this morning."
1. British fans know him for a number of heroic roles, such as the lead character in the Napoleonic war series “Sharpe’s Rifles.” In “Ronin”, he’s the weenie that gets ambushed by a cup of coffee. However, Americans know him primarily as menacing villains like Patrick Koster in “Don’t Say a Word”, IRA Terrorist Sean Miller in “Patriot Games”, and Rogue Agent 006 Alec Trevalyn in “Goldeneye”. FTP, name this British actor, currently playing Boromir in “The Fellowship of the Ring.”

Answer: Sean Bean

2. Capitalizing on three first-half turnovers, the halftime score was 20-0, featuring an 11-yard touchdown catch by fullback Earl Cooper and two Ray Wersching field goals. A rushing touchdown by quarterback Ken Anderson cut the lead to 20-7, but fullback Pete Johnson was stopped on a key 4th and goal which was the game's signature play. The final score was 26-21, with Joe Montana winning his first Super Bowl MVP. FTP, identify this Super Bowl which saw the San Francisco 49ers defeat the Cincinnati Bengals.

Answer: Super Bowl 16

3. This 47-year old musician was recently arrested for assault and possession of a firearm in London. Originally the front man of a punk group, manager Malcolm McLaren convinced him to change his image on the 1980 album, “Kings of the Wild Frontier,” and by donning his trademark glammed-up, pirate outfits. FTP, name this British pop star recently committed to a mental hospital under the Britain’s Mental Health Act, most famous for his hits "Prince Charming", "Stand and Deliver", and “Goody Two Shoes”.

Answer: Adam Ant or Stuart Goddard

4. Their 100th anniversary Cien concept car features a 750 horsepower displacement-on-demand V12 that hearkens back to the under whelming 8-6-4 variable displacement engine. A new sedan and the Evoq-based XLR roadster highlight the “Art & Science” design scheme that features knife-edge angles and flat-plane body panels, which it hopes will erase all memories of the Cimarron, a faux luxury car grafted over the economy J-body platform. FTP, identify this division of General Motors which has recently introduced the CTS sedan and Escalade EXT luxury pickup.

Answer: Cadillac

5. Falsely claiming to be the original lead singer of Pink Floyd, he rebelled against the family calling at the age of 21, became a delinquent, and dropped out of Oxford. During this dark age, he summoned the demon Eyghon and earned the nickname "Ripper" from his chaos-worshipping friend, Ethan Rayne. He was fired from one job for being too emotionally attached and lost another after blowing up his place of work, but landed on his feet as the proprietor of The Magic Box. FTP, name this character, Buffy Summer's “Watcher,” played by Anthony Stewart Head.

Answer: Rupert Giles

6. After a long prison sentence, Smiler Grogan is heading at high speed to a California park where he hid $350,000 from a previous job. Careening off a cliff in view of four cars, he informs the horrified spectators of the loot just before he kicks. Unable to agree on splitting it up, it’s every man for himself. Even the police captain Culpepper, played by Spencer Tracy, is going after the money. FTP, identify this star-studded 1963 road comedy, directed by Stanley Kramer, and featuring Jonathan Winters, Buddy Hackett, Milton Berle, Sid Caesar, Mickey Rooney, and Ethel Merman.

Answer: It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World (Note: That’s 4 “Mad”s)

7. WARNING: Two Answers Required

Steve is very smart, Tony is one big kid, Vinnie is a magician, Shawn is incomplete, Chris is emotional, Santana is an average man, and Troy is very serious. D’Marco and Kevin are experts at food, while La’Roi finds cake very satisfying. Sam does not panic, Kerry is quick on his feet, but Deuce can’t spell Chrysanthemum. FTP, these describe a series of public service announcements for the partnership of which professional sports league and what national charity?

Answers: The National Football League and the United Way
8. On the down side, it’s missing “Get this Party Started”, “Last Night” and “Hit ‘em Up Style” and features a the mix of “I’m Real” without Ja Rule. It makes up for it by having Janet Jackson's "Someone to Call My Lover," Destiny's Child's "Bootylicious," Jessica Simpson's "A Little Bit," Mandy Moore's "Crush," Aaliyah's "Rock the Boat," Wiseguy's "Start the Commotion," and especially Gorillaz's "Clint Eastwood." FTP, this describes what 20 track, near-definitive 2001 compilation from the series "Now That's What I Call Music"?

Answer: Now That's What I Call Music 8

9. You are working with Queen Catherine, recruiting creatures such as Titans and Hydras, trying to clear Erathia of evil, and restore her father, Nicholas, back to humanity from his current state as a Lich. FTP, name this computer game that, along with the expansion packs "Armegeddon's Blade" and "The Shadow of Death," make up 3D0's latest entry into the world of strategic gaming.

Answer: Heroes of Might and Magic III

10. Career highlights include the "Mondrian" dresses of 1965, the controversial 1977 advertising campaign for his perfume "Opium", and opening the Rive-Gauche, the first ready-to-wear boutique associated with a couture house. Born in 1936 in the Algerian port of Oran, he became a design assistant to Christian Dior in 1955 and succeeded to chief designer after Dior's death in 1957. FTP name this fashion designer who officially retired from haute couture in January 2002.

Answer: Yves (EVE) Saint Laurent

11. Nicknamed Padfoot, he often appears as a gigantic black dog. Upon his conviction for the murder of thirteen persons in broad daylight with a single curse, he was confined to his most infamous residence. Later, we learn that he was framed by Peter Pettigrew, a treacherous servant of Voldemort. FTP, identify this godfather of Harry Potter, the titular character in the third book of the series.

Answer: Sirius Black (accept either) or The Prisoner of Azkaban

12. WARNING: Two Answers Required

After building up a 55-44 lead in Boise, they could only manage one field goal over the final 8:47. The underdog’s 14-2 run was capped by a pass from Marseilles (MAR-SAY) Brown to center Tarvis Williams to score the final 2 of his game-high 16 points. The biggest upset of the 2001 Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament was clinched when Jamaal Tinsley’s lay-up spun out with 1.2 seconds left. FTP, identify the participants in this memorable game, the #15 and #2 seeds of the West Regional, and the champions of the MEAC and Big 12 conferences.

Answer: Hampton University and Iowa State University
13. Initially designed by Marvin Glass as a toy, Ideal asked him to rework it as a game. Up to four players roll dice and move around the board. Landing on special places allows you to add components, such as a staircase, bathtub, drainpipe, washbasin, stop sign, set of gears, and a tall post. The ultimate goal was to assemble the complete machine while amassing pieces of cheese. FTP, identify this Rube Goldberg-inspired board game in which you attempt to capture the other rodents.

Answer: Mousetrap

14. Not since “Love Story” has terminal illness looked so good. Indeed, the heroine, an 18-year-old girl with no self-doubt, emotional weaknesses, or character flaws, along with a crystal-clear complexion, seems to look healthier and prettier as her disease progresses. Meanwhile, Landon the bad boy naturally undergoes a journey of self-discovery and growth as he joins the drama club and falls in love with the minister’s daughter, Jamie Sullivan. FTP, identify this mawkish 2002 movie based on a novel by Nicholas Sparks, starring Shane West and Mandy Moore.

Answer: A Walk to Remember

15. Born in Hazlehurst, Mississippi in 1911, he was a self-taught harmonica player, but whenever he picked up a guitar, Blues legends like Sun House would tell him to stop making a racket. Soon though, he was a guitar playing genius, although most people acknowledge it was because of intensive study with Ike Zinneman and not because he sold his soul to the devil at a crossroads. He recorded only 29 songs before dying at 27, but those songs gave him the title “King of the Delta Blues Singers.” FTP, identify this blues singer of classics such as "Cross Road Blues", "Love In Vain", and "Terraplane Blues".

Answer: Robert Johnson

16. When Hasbro was purchasing Avalon Hill, it said it would discontinue ths board game. One of the largest and most complex board gaming series ever, pitcher Curt Schilling stepped in and purchased the rights to continue making it. Along with the original rules, expansion sets such as “Gung Ho” brought the US Marine Corps and amphibious invasions into play. FTP, name this board game, which involves small units and their commanders during World War II.

Answer: ASL or Advanced Squad Leader

17. A Kansas native, she performed at Barn Dances, with her father’s band, the Schifters. In 1998, she became the first country artist to be included in the “Lilith Fair” tour. Among her hits are “My Baby Love Me,” “Life #9,” “Wild Angels,” “Independence Day,” and “I Love You.” FTP, name this female country artist, who was the CMA Female Vocalist of the Year in 1999, and who released her “Greatest Hits“ album in 2001.

Answer: Martina McBride

18. During his first three years in the league, this forward averaged only 19.4 points per game. However, along with Allen Iverson, this former Tarheel was the only player in the NBA during the 2000-2001 season to score fifty points in a game twice. FTP, name this player, originally drafted by Toronto, but traded to Golden State for his former college teammate Vince Carter.

Answer: Antawn Jamison

19. The name’s the same. A 1973 movie starring Al Pacino and Gene Hackman. The code name of Lee Stetson. A Garth Brooks album containing the songs “Thicker Than Blood” and “Don’t Cross The River.” A John Cougar Mellencamp album, which includes the songs “The Face of the Nation” and “Small Town.” FTP, give this name, which also names Ray Bolger’s character in “The Wizard of Oz.”

Answer: Scarecrow

20. His 1970 solo effort, “The Madcap Laughs” reveals the heavy influence of James Joyce, exemplified by the stream-of-conciousness lyrics on “Terrapin” and the seemingly random pace changes on “Here I go”. Recorded with the help of his former bandmates, the horrifyingly self-aware “Dark Globe” is a first-person portrait of schizophrenia. However, his best work appears on “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn” where he blends colorful British whimsy with psychedelia. FTP, identfiy this orignial lead singer, guitarist and songwriter of Pink Floyd who left the band after he melted his brain in 1968.

Answer: Syd Barrett

21. She starred with Jason Priestley in a music video for Roy Orbison’s “I Drove All Night,” and has also appeared in “The Hot Spot,” “The Rocketeer,” “Dark City,” “Pollack,” and “Requiem for a Dream.” Her first role was as a little girl who danced in Sergio Leone’s “Once Upon a Time In America.” FTP, name this actress, who recently won the Best Supporting Actress Golden Globe Award for “A Beautiful Mind.”

Answer: Jennifer Connelly

22. Affiliated stores include Lillian Vernon, Plow & Hearth, Successories, Frontgate, The Wine Enthusiast, The Sharper Image, Orvis, and Hammacher Schlemmer. Dial 1-800-759-6255 from your seat and ask for rush delivery. Just make it quick, because $3 per minute adds up in a hurry. FTP, name this multi-store catalog intended for the traveler, provided free on most domestic airlines.

Answer: SkyMall

23. His autobiography, "If Chins Could Kill, Confessions of a B-Movie Actor," describes this man's career as an actor in Michigan, Hollywood and New Zealand. Recently in the movie "The Majestic", this actor is well known for his roles in many Coen brother films. FTP, name the man, best known for his role of Ashley J Williams, or Ash in the Evil Dead Trilogy.

Answer: Bruce Campbell

24. His grandfather was the oldest living winter olympic gold medalist in the United States until January 22, winning two gold medals in speedskating in 1932. His father was also an olympian, participating in three skiing events in 1964. FTP, name this Olympic skeleton driver, possibly most famous for a Sprint mobile phone commercial with his father and grandfather.

Answer: Jim Shea, Jr.

25. He always considered himself a serious actor, and starred in TV miniseries, such as “Roots” and “Rich Man, Poor Man,” and he beat out Gene Hackman for his best known role. His won praise early in his career for his work on the series “The Defenders” with E.G. Marshall. However, he is best known for his work on a 1969- 974 series. FTP, name the stage name of this actor, born John Robert Reitz, but best known for being Mike Brady.

Answer: Robert Reed

26. His own travels along the Missouri River served, in-part, as a basis for a book on the Lewis and Clark expedition. His reputation was called into question in a January 4, 2002, _Weekly Standard_ article in which Fred Barnes accused him of lifting words for his most recent bestseller from Thomas Childers’ book _Wings of Morning_. Forbes.com reported that his book “Crazy Horse and Custer” has similarly duplicative passages to Jay Monaghan’s “Custer.” The AP found that his “Citizen Soldiers” has similar passages to Joseph Balkoski’s “Beyond the Beachhead.” FTP, name this best selling historian and possible plagiarist, who also wrote _Undaunted Courage_ and _Band of Brothers_.

Answer: Stephen Ambrose

2002 Beltway Bandits

Round 7

Questions by “Rick Derringer Slept Here”: Dave Goodman, Willie Keller, Ken LaSala, and Mike Starsinic
"Since earlier this morning."
1. Hey it’s that guy! Given a description, identify the following notable character actors, FTP each.

A. He’s the uptight, pompous and ultimately ineffectual minor villain. Notable roles include Professor Hathaway in “Real Genius”, the sleazy reporter in “Die Hard”, and EPA Agent Walter Peck in “Gostbusters”.

Answer: William Atherton

B. Specializing as the Sardonic Nebbish, his roles include NBC head Russell Dalrypmle on Seinfeld, Warren Littlefield in “the Late Shift” and Morris Weissman in “Gosford Park”

Answer: Bob Balaban

C. The consummate smarmy prick, he played Bryce Chase on “Veronica’s Closet”, Darryl in “Thelma and Louise”, the host in quiz show and Shooter McGavin in “Happy Gilmore”

Answer: Christopher McDonald
2. 30-20-10 Identify the fortified city.

30 - The first of its name was raised by Finrod Felagund on the Isle of Tol Sirion. Captured in 457 by a then-unkown dark sorcerer, it was retaken and cleansed by Luthien, who threw down the guard tower.

20 - The second of its name was founded by Anarion at the foot of Mount Mindolluin. Landmarks within its seven walls include the White Tower of Ecthelion, House of the Kings, Place of the fountain and Houses of Healing.

10 - From the Sindarin for “Tower of Guard”, it’s the capital of Gondor and the setting for much of the action in Tolkien’s “Return of the King”. The battle of the Pelennor Field is set just outside the Great Gate.

Answer: Minas Tirith (Prompt on Minas Anor)
3. Given a Golden Globe TV category, give the winner of the 2002 award for 5 points per part, with a 5 point bonus for all correct.

A. Best Television Show - Drama. Hint: The Sopranos and The West Wing both lost.

Answer: Six Feet Under

B. Performers in two new Fox shows swept the Best Actor/Actress in a Drama Series awards. Name the actor and actress FFPE.

Answer: Kiefer Sutherland and Jennifer Garner

C. A cable show won Best Comedy Show and also the Best Actress in a Comedy Series. Name the show and the actress FFPE.

Answer: Sex and the City_ and Sarah Jessica Parker
4. “The Mask” starring Jim Carrey inspired the goalie mask of his hockey namesake. Given descriptions of the personalized mask, identify the current NHL goaltender, FTP each.

A. The mask of this Capitals goalie features Godzilla clawing at the pentagon

Answer: Olaf Kolzig

B. Taking inspiration from his nickname, this Lightning goalie’s mask displays artwork based on Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”.

Answer: Nikolai Khabibulin

C. A huge Iron Maiden fan, this Calgary goalie displays the band’s mascot, Eddie, on his mask.

Answer: Roman Turek
5. Given songs from a U2 album, give the album for ten points apiece. If you need the more famous hits, you get five points

A-10. “When I Look At The World,” “Kite,” “Grace”

A-5. “Elevation,” “Walk On”

Answer: All that You Can’t Leave Behind

B-10. “Exit,” “Trip Through Your Wires,” “Red Hill Mining Town”

B-5. “With or Without You,” “Where the Streets Have No Name”

Answer: The Joshua Tree

C-10. “Elvis Presley and America,” “4th of July,” “Bad”

C-5. “Pride”

Answer: The Unforgettable Fire

6. Identify the Little Debbie snacks from their descriptions on the official Little Debbie web site, FTSNOP.

A-5. "A chewy cookie topped with caramel and crisp rice then covered in a layer of fudge."

Answer: Star Crunch Cosmic Snacks

B-10. "Classic crunchy wafer bars, full of the great taste of peanut butter enrobed in fudge."

Answer: Nutty Bars

C-5. "A delicious yellow cake with creme filling covered in white icing and trimmed with fudge stripes."

Answer: Zebra Cakes

D-10. "Chocolate cake rolled around a layer of creme filling and drenched with fudge coating."

Answer: Swiss Cake Rolls
7. Break out the Meta. The Film-within-a-film is an ongoing movie tradition. Given the description, identify the real-life movies based around the concept, FTP each.

A. In order to secure distribution for the cheesy sci-fi flick “Chubby Rain”, the titular director surreptitiously films Actor Kit Ramsey as his unwitting star.

Answer: Bowfinger

B. Aspiring auteur, Nick Reeve, convinces arrogant star, Chad Palomino, to appear in scene six of the titular independent film. Everything that can go wrong during filming does, and the only good take gets lost because the cinematographer drinks stale milk.

Answer: Living in Oblivion

C. Finding his name attached to the horrendous action film “Trio” starring Sly Stallone, Whoopi Goldberg and Jackie Chan, the titular director swipes and destroys the master reels.

Answer: An Alan Smithee Film: Burn Hollywood Burn
8. Olympic Figure Skating has only seen a handful of repeat Gold medalists

throughout its history. From the clues given, name the repeat medalist.

a. (5 points)This East German woman won both the 1984 and 1988 Ladies titles, and

more recently was featured on the cover of Playboy magazine

A: Katarina Witt

b. (5 points)This Norwegian skater won three gold medals, the first one at 15

years old, before going on to star in several Hollywood films.

A: Sonja Henie

c. (10 points)This American man won the 1948 & 1952 Olympic titles. In 1948 he

landed the first double Axel, and in 1952 the first triple in Olympic


A: Dick Button

d. (10 points)Until Artur Dmitriev in the 1998 games, only one person had won

Pairs medals with two different partners. This Soviet woman was the first,

winning 3 titles with 2 different partners in the 1970s.

A: Irina Rodnina

9. Given a description, identify the rule changes for the new 3rd edition of Dungeons and Dragons, FTP each.

A. Non-weapon proficiencies are replaced by this group of abilities, which are selected and improved at each level.

Answer: Skills

B. Weapon proficiencies have been replaced by this group of special abilities, some of which are Cleave, Spring Attack, Dodge and Whirlwind.

Answer: Feats

C. Spellcasters may select from this group of feats to quicken, empower, or otherwise customize their spells upon casting

Answer: Metamagic Feats
10. Kerrang! Fans of Metal Circus magazine can showoff their immense knowledge by identifying these guitar gods, FTP each.

A. After touring with Greg Kihn he released his two solo albums, “Not of this Earth” and “Surfing with the Alien”. His best known singles are “One Big Rush” and “Summer Song”.

Answer: Joe Satriani

B. This Portuguese-born guitarist of Extreme launched a solo career with albums like "Schizophrenic," "Furnished Souls for Rent," and "Mourning Widows."

Answer: Nuno Bettencourt

C. Influenced by Baroque music, he developed a lightning-fast “Shredding” style. Forming “Rising Force” with fellow Swede Jens Johansen, his best known works are their eponymous debut, “Fire and Ice”, and “Trilogy”

Answer: Yngwie Malmsteen
11. How well do you remember the Muppets? Given descriptions of characters from “The Muppet Show,” give their names for the stated number of points.

A-5 each. The two old guys who sat up in the balcony, and made wry criticisms about the show.

Answer: Waldorf and Statler

B-10. The saxophone player in Dr. Teeth’s band, who was so cool that he was actually blue, and was named for tenor saxophonist John Haley Sims

Answer: Zoot

C. The Muppet “Stunt Fish Chucker,” who wore a red coat and a mustache, and threw boomerang fish.

Answer: Lou Zealand
12. According to the RIAA, what were the three best-selling albums of 2001? Note that these weren't necessarily _released_ in 2001, just the albums that sold the most during the year. If you're confident of your chart knowledge, you can answer with no further hints, and you'll get 5 points per artist and album title for a possible 30 points. If you decide to wimp out, we can give you the artist and you just need to name the album for 5 points each, but that'll only get you a maximum of 15 points. Choose now: no help, or with artists.

a. Artist: Shaggy Album: Hotshot

b. Artist: Enya Album: A Day Without Rain

c. Artist: *NSync Album: Celebrity

13. Identify the following characters from Tom Wolfe’s “The Bonfire of the Vanities” for the stated number of points.

A-5. The Wall Street bond trader, who is involved in a criminal investigation after accidentally hitting an African-American student.

Answer: Sherman McCoy

B-10. The prosecutor in the case, who is removed from the case after using Sherman’s rent-controlled love-nest for his own use.

Answer: Lawrence Kramer

C-15. The African-American student that Sherman McCoy hit.

Answer: Henry Lamb
14. Given advertising information, identify the brand of Tampon, FTP each.

A. Actress Brenda Vaccaro appeared in ads for this brand which offers Slimfits, Gentle Glide, Silk Glide, and Portables

Answer: Playtex

B. Both Susan Dey and Mary Lou Retton pitched this brand, whose varieties include Original, Compak, and Satin

Answer: Tampax

C. Model Cheryl Tiegs pitched this brand, which shared its name with the secure and whimsical feelings she purportedly experienced while using the product.

Answer: Carefree
15. Given the Jane Austen movie or miniseries and character, name the actor

who played the character. Five points each.

A. Pride and Prejudice - Fitzwilliam Darcy Answer: Colin Firth

B. Pride and Prejudice - Elizabeth Bennett Answer: Jennifer Ehle

C. Mansfield Park - Fanny Price Answer: Frances O’Connor

D. Emma (Theatrical Release) - Emma Answer: Gweneth Paltrow

E. Emma (BBC/A&E Release) - Emma Answer: Kate Beckinsale

F. Sense and Sensibility - Colonel Brandon Answer: Alan Rickman

16. FTP, identify the following terms from the world of sumo wrestling.

A. Any legally sanctioned sumo tournament, this term is most often associated with the 6 major tournaments held annually in January, March, May, July, September and November.

Answer: basho (accept hun-basho)

B. The 15 foot diameter clay circle in which the matches are held.

Answer: doyo

C. The highest rank achievable by a sumo wrestler, it is most often conferred by the promotion council on a wrestler of the ozeki rank after he wins several bashos consecutively.

Answer: yokozuna
17. Given the description, identify these staples of Creole cuisine, FTP each.

A. A spicy dish of ham, sausage, chicken, shrimp, and/or oysters served over rice

Answer: jambalya

B. A soup thickened with okra pods or filé and containing meat or seafoods and usually vegetables

Answer: gumbo

C. A stew of vegetables and shellfish or chicken served over rice; its named comes from the French for "stuffed"

Answer: étouffée
18. Given a classic soap opera love triangle, identify the appropriate soap FTP.

A. Jax, Sonny & Brenda

answer: General Hospital

B. Victor, Jack & Nikki

Answer: The Young and the Restless

C. Roman, John & Marlena

Answer: Days of Our Lives
19. Answer the following about the 2002 college football bowl games.. F5P each, given the bowl, name the winner and loser and the city in which it was played.

A. GMAC Bowl

Winner: Marshall

Loser: East Carolina

City: Mobile, Alabama

B. Galleryfurniture.com Bowl

Winner: Texas A&M

Loser: Texas Christian or TCU

City: Houston, Texas
20. If you are as old as Willie, you may have watched Robotech when you came home from work after school. Identify the following FTP each.

A. The great big ship that the series centered around.

Answer: SDF-1 or Super-Dimensional Fortress

B. The main character of the series, a human who was a great pilot, but

who never could get his sweetie, Minmei out of his head.

Answer: Rick Hunter

C. The giant evil aliens, who never quite could figure out how to stop the


Answer: Zentraedi
21. Given a description of a They Might Be Giants 'learning song' give the songs title, ten points each. For example, if I said the ramifications of a city changing its name are discussed, you would say "Istanbul (not Constantinople)"

A. The United States' 11th President's career is discussed.

Answer: James K. Polk

B. The process of fusion and other aspects of stellar luminousity are explained.

Answer: Why does the Sun Shine? (The Sun is a Mass of Incadescent Gas)

C. This organization of high metabolized animals is described, and contrasted with other groups like marsupials

Answer: Mammals
22. What could be geekier than statistics. How about the obsessive application of statistics to baseball. Answer the following about Sabremetrics, FTP each.

A. Originally created by Branch Rickey, this is the fundamental sabremetric measurement for hitters. Total the hits, walks, and hit-by-pitches, and then divided by plate appearances.

Answer: On-Base Percentage or OBP

B. Championed by Oakland GM Billy Beane and ESPN Columnist Rob Neyer, this is hits, walks, and hit-by-pitches and total bases, and then divided by plate appearances. It provides a metric for rating a player’s ability to both get on base and hit for power.

Answer: On-base Plus Slugging or OPS

C. When a player is caught stealing, the team loses both a baserunner and an out. According to Sabremetric theory, what is the minimum stolen base success rate required to break even and/or increase the team’s run output? (Answer may be expressed as either a fraction or percentage)

Answer: Two-Thirds or 66.6666666666666666666666666...%
23. Sure, we all remember the names of the “Bond Girls,” but how well do we remember who played them. Given the name of a female character in a Bond film and the name of the film, give the actress who played her for five points each and a five point bonus.

A. Xenia Onatopp in “Goldeneye”

Answer: Famke Janssen

B. Solitaire in “Live and Let Die”

Answer: Jane Seymour

C. Mary Goodnight in “The Man with the Golden Gun”

Answer: Britt Eklund

D. Holly Goodhead in “Moonraker”

Answer: Lois Chiles

E. Elektra King in “The World is Not Enough”

Answer: Sophie Marceau
24. Answer the following questions about the earliest Beatles records released in the US.

A. The first U.S. single featuring the Beatles was "My Bonnie" backed with "The Saints", released in April 1962 on Decca Records, but it was not credited as by "The Beatles". FTP, to which band was this record credited?

Answer: Tony Sheridan and the Beat Brothers

B. Capitol Records in the U.S. declined to issue their first two UK singles. Instead, the first U.S. single carrying the Beatles' name was issued in February 1963 on a small label best known for The Four Seasons. FTPE, identify this label which released several other early Beatles singles as well as the "Introducing the Beatles" album, and the A-side of this first single, which later was reissued and became their third U.S. Top 5 hit.

Answer: Vee-Jay Records and Please Please Me
25. Hasbro has provided many products which kids can ostensibly have fun with or learn from. And if that doesn’t work, they buy them out. Given a description name the toy swallowed by Hasbro, FTP each.

A. Consisting of a grid of holes attached to a plastic housing with a bulb inside, you attached pegs of eight different colors and turned on the bulb to create glowing art. The less creative could obtain construction paper with preformatted designs to follow.

Answer: Lite-Brite

B. By rolling any number of ridged plastic shapes along the inside of a larger circle, while tracing with pen or pencil, children could create any number of bizzare shapes and patterns. Newer versions come with even more plastic shapes and color pens

Answer: Spirograph

C. Inspired by children playing with pencils, sticks, and spools of thread, this construction game centers around the spool pieces with eight holes in side and one through the middle. Kids use stick pieces to build three-dimensional objects. In the early 1990’s, Hasbro replaced the traditional wooden pieces with plastic.

Answer: Tinker Toys
26. Answer the following questions about the “Sports Illustrated” curse for the stated number of points.

A-5. This professional basketball player appeared on Sports Illustrated 50 times before the Jinx got him. As the January 14, Sports Illustrated with him on the cover (his 51st) went to print, news reports came out that his wife had filed for divorce.

Answer: Michael Jordan

B-10. The December 3, 1973, cover called this undefeated college football team “The Best - For Now,” ranked it #1, and put its coach on the cover. In the Sugar Bowl, Notre Dame beat this team 24-23.

Answer: University of Alabama

C-15. This athlete was called “America’s most exciting girls skater” on the February 13, 1961, cover. Two days after the cover date, she and the rest of the U.S. skating team perished in a plane crash.

Answer: Laurence Owen
27. Given a memorable movie line, give the 1970’s movie for ten points each. You get five points, if you need the actor or actress who said the line.

A-10. “You're gonna need a bigger boat.”

A-5. Roy Scheider

Answer: Jaws

B-10 “I don’t want to kill everyone, Tom. Just my enemies..”

B-5. Al Pacino

Answer The Godfather Part II

C-10. “You know, sometimes I amaze even myself.”

C-5. Harrison Ford

Answer: Star Wars

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