2003 Duck Bowl II

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2003 Duck Bowl II

Packet by: A Gerbil and a Keenan Walk Into a Bar Tossups by Mike Burger and Mike Philpy

1. Completed in 1950, President John F. Kennedy delivered the "We choose to go to the moon" speech here.  It was the home of the Bluebonnet Bowl between 1959 and 1967 and the site of Super Bowl VIII (8) where the Miami Dolphins beat the Minnesota Vikings.  It seats 74,000 people, a large number since the university it serves has only 43,000 living alumni.  For 10 points -- name this Houston, Texas stadium, the site of home football games for the Owls.

A: Rice Stadium

2. This product brand with its patented "docker" holes wasn't first to market since Post's "Country Squares" beat them by six months.  Of the four original flavors, only Apple Currant is no longer produced today, also, the round corners and the diagonal line have disappeared.  New brand lines include Snack Stix for kids and Pastry Swirls for adults.  For 10 points--name this Kellogg product that according to Dave Barry will ignite into flames if held in a toaster for six minutes.

A: Kellogg's pop-tarts

3. He released an album in 2002 in conjunction with Wyclef Jean which is his first attempt at songwriting and features Whatever it Takes and Black Betty.  His 1999 album of duets revitalized his career in Europe and features covers of Burning Down the House with the Cardigans, Little Green Bag with Barenaked Ladies as well as the song Sexbomb.  For 10 points -- name this 62-year old Welsh singer behind It's not Unusual and What's New, Pussycat?

A: Tom Jones

4. The return of this series featured former wrestler Chyna as a ring leader of bank robberies.  The 2002 TV movie that helped bring the series back included the title character’s partner’s fiancée running for mayor of San Diego.  Neither the characters Joanne Molenski or Charlie Devane are being brought back for the 2003 revival.  For 10 points – name this series with Stepfanie Kramer as Dee-Dee McCall and Fred Dryer as the cop whose family has an organized crime background.

A: Hunter

5. Her voice was used for Sheeta in the English dubbed version of Hayao Miyazaki's Castle in the Sky.  She won $10,000 from David Letterman in a basketball bet in 1996.  Her voice was also used for Hercules and she's acted in Hurlyburly, Walk on the Moon and Amistad since her first film role in 1993, where she won an Oscar for her first on screen role opposite Holly Hunter.  For 10 points -- name this Columbia student who can be seen in the X-Men movies playing Rogue.

A: Anna Paquin

6. Attending South Carolina on a football scholarship in the early 60’s, by 1965 he was the president of his father’s bank.  He used that influence to get an African-American on the board plus funded scholarships at then black-only S.C. State.  In May 1998, he became president of a group that caused him a firestorm of controversy which included the temporary stripping of lifetime exemptions for past winners.  For 10 points – identify this President of Augusta National.

A: William Woodward “Hootie” Johnson

7. This group was formed when The Big Thing stole the bassist from The Exceptions.  Their first album went to the top 20 in 1969 and was followed up by double albums in both 1970 and 1971.  Terry Kath, one of their three lead singers, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in 1978.  Hits after their most famous lead singer left included 1986's Will You Still Love Me.  For 10 points -- name this horn-infused rock group of such songs as 25 or 6 to 4 and Hard To Say I'm Sorry.

A: Chicago

8. A short-lived midseason replacement in 1994, one episode guest starred Elizabeth Berkley, Jennifer Aniston, and Denise Richards.  A remake of a 1963-1966 show, the 1994 version featured a supporting role from Dom DeLuise.  Peter Barton starred as Peter, the son of the title wealthy police captain Amos, played in both incarnations by Gene Barry.  For 10 points -- name this ABC/CBS show known for its guest stars, one of the earliest hits for Aaron Spelling.

A: Burke’s Law

9. Originally to be called London Calling, this film sees Glynnis Dashwood distraught over the fact that Henry had a child from a previous romantic interest.  The new child moves in, but her free-spirited ways injected by her mother Libby Reynolds are not what the stuffy Dashwood family is used to.  Stars in this movie include Kelly Preston, Colin Firth and Jonathan Pryce.  For 10 points -- identify this 2003 remake of 1958’s Reluctant Debutante starring Nickelodeon's Amanda Bynes.

A: What a Girl Wants

10. It was scheduled for a Broadway revival in November 2001, before the World Trade Center attacks put it on hold and Cabaret took Neil Patrick Harris. Premiering off Broadway in December 1990 with Victor Garber in one of the lead roles, songs include Another National Anthem, Everybody's Got the Right, and How I Saved Roosevelt.  For 10 points -- name this Sondheim musical featuring characters Giuseppe Zangara, Charles Guiteau and John Wilkes Booth.

A: Assassins

11. He recorded a holiday jingle for Coca-Cola in 1995 and was a featured singer on the Jason’s Lyric soundtrack.  Using the last name of Raymond, he appeared on Star Search in 1993, winning his category.  Acting-wise, he has appeared in The Faculty and Light It Up as well as a turn as Marvin Gaye on American Dreams.  For 10 points – name this once teen-star now R&B adult with such hits as U Remind Me, Pop Ya Collar and You Make Me Wanna…

A: Usher

12. He hires his son Michael, but catches him stealing government blueprints.  A former operative in the Department of External Services, he hires his best friend for a private job at his Foundation that takes them to many different international locations.  He started going blind in 1991 at the same time the actor who played him, Dana Elcar.  For 10 points -- name this man who served as MacGyver's boss at the Phoenix Foundation.

A: Peter Thornton (accept either)

13. After a bit role in the German film Die Brucke he appeared in The Troublemaker which he also helped write.  More recently he's had bit parts in Serendipity, Breakfast of Champions and as an I.R.S. agent in Grumpy Old Men, but none of them have been as Uncle Roy.  Often appearing briefly in his own films – for 10 points --name this director of Heaven Can Wait and screenwriter of To Die For, What's Up Doc and The Graduate.

A: Buck Henry Zimmerman

14. Alumni from this school include current NHLers Trent Klatt, Craig Johnson and Ben Clymer.  A charter member of the WCHA, they did not play fellow WCHA member Denver for 10 years due to differences in recruiting philosophy.  Starting in the mid-80s, they recruited only in-state players but that ended just in time for North Dakotan Grant Potulny to score the winning goal in the 2002 title game.  For 10 points – name this school that also won the 2003 Division I title game.

A: University of Minnesota Golden Gophers (accept either)

15. Gone Hollywood is the first track of this 1979 album, an omen of the breakthrough success this would have in the U.S.  The cover appears to be looking through an airplane window at a waitress serving orange juice in front of the New York City skyline.  The title track never cracked the top 40 in the U.S., but three others did: Take the Long Way Home, Goodbye Stranger and The Logical Song.  For 10 points -- name this album by Supertramp.

A: Breakfast in America

16. The name’s the same.  One will be a 2003 UPN drama about recent FBI grads fighting drug trafficking at the Mexican border.  Another was a 1992 FOX offering featuring before-they-were-famous Jennifer Aniston, Wayne Knight and Alan Ruck.  And a third wrote the lyrics to Van Diemen’s Land and Numb, singing the latter instead of usual singer Paul Hewson.  For 10 points – give this common appellation that was given to the guitarist of U2 because of his sharp mind.

A: The Edge

17. This movie opens with Peter throwing a snowball at his older brother Michael, knocking him off a bike he is using on his paper route.  Inspired by the popular Japanese comic book series Lone Wolf and Cub, Jennifer Jason Leigh plays Annie, the wife who is murdered and starts her widower on a spree of killings and robberies while trying to avoid the assassin Maguire.  For 10 points -- name this 2002 Sam Mendes film with Jude Law, Paul Newman and Tom Hanks as the widower.

A: The Road to Perdition

18. It was founded in 1970 in Isla Vista, just off the campus of UC-Santa Barbara, by Paul Orfalea, who named it after his college nickname.  In 1998 it opened a store in the United Arab Emirates, its 8th country, and became the first outlet for public printings of the Starr Report. In 1985, a Chicago store became the first to be open 24 hours a day, something most of branches are now.  Now with 1,100 branches – for 10 points – name this copying store named for Orfalea's curly hair.

A: Kinko’s

19. Jason Zimbler runs x2radio.com and started a support group for child actors called "Been There, Done That".  Joe O'Conner has appeared in commercials for Puppy Chow, E-Trade, and Arby's.  Elizabeth Hess teaches on NYU and does bit parts for Conan O'Brien.  For 10 points -- from 1991 to 1994, these actors composed 3/4 of the Darling family on what Nickelodeon television show starring Melissa Joan Hart?

A: Clarissa Explains It All

20. Ursula Andress was wanted by the book’s author to play the title role in this movie, but was swayed to a better choice by director Alan Pakula.  Reportedly the lead actress learned both Polish and German to help her win the role which eventually won her a second Academy Award acting alongside Peter MacNichol and Kevin Kline.  For 10 points--name this movie with Meryl Streep as a woman who is hiding the consequences of a decision she made several years earlier.

A: Sophie's Choice

21. It originated from a piece entitled Al-Bar the Bubul Emir which first appeared in Captain Billy's Whizbang.  Copyrighted by Jimmy Kennedy and Nat Simon, it was a 1953 gold record for the Four Lads who still perform it today.  Tiny Toon Adventures played a music video for it starring Plucky Duck and Hamton as they played detectives in the title city.  For 10 points -- name this song covered in 1990 by They Might Be Giants on the album Flood.

A: Istanbul (not Constantinople)

22. Twin brothers Jason and Matthew Olim founded it in 1994 and Jason was serving as CEO when it was bought by Bertelsmann in July of 2000 for $117 million.  Though considered a steal at the time, in December 2002 Bertelsmann pulled out by turning over its web operations to Amazon.com.  For 10 points -- "Never miss a beat" and name this online music store which is now part of the Amazon family.

A: CDNOW.com

2003 Duck Bowl II

A Gerbil and a Keenan Walk Into a Bar Bonuses by Mike Burger and Mike Philpy

1. Given some information about the main role on a TV show, identify the show for 10 each.

A. (10) Gregory Peck declined the lead role of Steve McGarrett on this television show, with the role eventually going to Jack Lord.

A: Hawaii 5-O

B. (10) Lord was available for Hawaii 5-0 because he had been rejected for the lead on the second pilot of this 1966-1969 TV show. The creator originally wanted Lloyd Bridges, then turned to Lord, but due to Lord’s wanting 50% ownership of the show, the role went to a then little known actor from Canada.

A: Star Trek

C. (10) Among others who turned down the lead role on Star Trek was Lloyd Bridges who had starred in this 1958-1961 show featuring him as scuba diver Mike Nelson.

A: Sea Hunt
2. Name the movies featuring Raquel Welch from clues for 10 each.

A. (10) Raquel played Mrs. Windham Vandermark in this 2001 movie that followed a girl-chases-boy story at Harvard.

A: Legally Blonde

B. (10) Raquel played Jennifer in this 1976 movie about rival ambulance companies that also featured Bill Cosby and Harvey Keitel.

A: Mother, Jugs and Speed

C. (10) Raquel plays the female portion of this Gore Vidal title character in a 1970 movie adaptation that includes Rex Reed as the male portion and Mae West as Letitia Van Allen.

A: Myra Breckinridge
3. For 10 points each – answer these questions about baseball uniform numbers.

A. (10) ESPN called the #12 the worst retired number of all time because it was worn by this infielder who collected his 3,000 hit and his rafter spot with the Devil Rays.

A: Wade Boggs

B. (10) This Chicago White Sox player had his number retired when he was traded in 1990.  He was then traded back to the White Sox twice.

A: Harold Baines

C. (10) Currently worn by Derek Jeter, this is the only non-retired single-digit number on the New York Yankees.

A: 2
4. For 10 each, name these musical personalities with something in common.

A. (10) This singer had top 10 hits with redone versions of The Tracks of My Tears and Poor Side of Town among many others, as well as the original song "Secret Agent Man".

A: Johnny Rivers

B. (10) This man managed and produced The Mamas and the Papas, Jan and Dean, Carole

King, and Barry McGuire and wrote such chart toppers as Kokomo and Only Sixteen.
A: Lou Adler

C. (10) Rivers and Adler were responsible for putting up the seed money for this June 16-18, 1967 series of concerts featuring Rivers, The Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, The Who and many others.

A: The Monterrey Pop Festival
5. Given two people you never would have thought were in a film together and the year of the flick, identify the film for 10 each.

A. (10) Thomas Ian Nicholas, Kate Winslet, 1995

A: A Kid in King Arthur’s Court

B. (10) Ian Holm, Luke Perry, 1997

A: The Fifth Element

C. (10) Dick Van Dyke, Madonna, 1990

A: Dick Tracy
6. For 10 points each -- identify the misnamed food.

A. (10) Renaming this food "freedom" would be wrong since its name comes from the man who invented this breakfast staple in 1724, not the country.

A: French toast

B. (10) It wasn't a favorite of the leaders of ancient times, instead this green collection was invented in Tijuana, Mexico by Italian chef Cardini in 1924.

A: caesar salad

C. (10) This cut of meat was not named this because Henry VIII liked it so much he had it knighted, instead the word has French origins.

A: sirloin
7. In 2003, Sports Illustrated’s Dr. Z. listed his top 30 running backs of all time.  Answer questions about them for the stated number of points.

A. (5,5)   Dr.Z ranked Emmitt Smith third all time, behind a Chicago running back of the 1980's and the 3-time MVP and Cleveland back of the 1950's and 60's.  Name them for five points each.

A: Walter Payton and Jim Brown

B. (10) Dr. Z ranked this Chicago Bears running back at #10. Despite his record career average of 30.6 yards per carry, he only played full time from 1965-1970 due to a knee injury.

A: Gale Sayers

C. (10) One of two players on the list that Dr. Z never saw play, he was a Bear from 1930 to 1937 as a fullback and a linebacker and had 4,031 career yards, despite never having a 100-yard game.

A: Bronislaw “Bronko” Nagurski
8. Identify these music acts who are going through some self-inflicted censorship troubles for 10 each.

A: (10) This singer pulled her American Life video out of the U.S. allegedly in support of the troops that would be disturbed by images of bombs killing Iraqi children.

A: Madonna

B. (10) This Christian group has had its latest album Fallen dropped from stores and stations after members dropped the f-bomb and used the Lord's name in vain in an E.W. interview.

A: Evanescence

C. (10) Name any one of the four songs the Chinese government banned from the Rolling Stones compilation album released in China in 2003.

A: Brown Sugar or Honky Tonk Women or Beast of Burden or Let's Spend the Night Together
9. Given a brief description of a Saturday Night Live game show, name the show’s title for 10 each.

A. (10) Jon Lovitz finds his pain turn into pleasure as he consistently answers Oklahoma on this Phil Hartman-hosted show.

A: Wedgie Fever

B. (10) Tom Hanks hosts this show that includes a disgruntled Mike Myers wanting to return a prize that was supposed to have “Sony guts”.

A: Sabra Price is Right

C. (10) Jerry Seinfeld hosted this show that saw Adam Sandler always answer “Who are the ad wizards who came up with this one.”

A: Stand Up and Win!
10. Identify these stars from the movie Brazil for 15 points each or for 5 if you need more identifiable works.

A. (15) She played Mrs. Ida Lowry.

(5) She played Jessica on Soap and Mona on Who's The Boss?
A: Katharine Helmond

B. (15) He played Jack Lint.

(5) He played Ken Pile in A Fish Called Wanda and Vincent in Time Bandits.
A: Michael Palin

11. Identify these Doonesbury characters from clues for 10 each.

A. (10) In 1982 he received one vote for the governorship of Illinois.  He is Uncle Duke's nephew, is a perpetual slacker, and has been the nanny for both B.D. and Mike's children.

A: Zonker Harris (accept either)

B. (10) The wife of B.D. she is a B-movie actress, the channeller for Hunk-Ra--an ancient warrior and the
co-founder of Cafe Cameo.
A: Barbara Ann Boopstein or Boopsie (accept any of the three)

C. (10) Based on Mao's personal interpreter, this character has followed Uncle Duke ever since his turn as U.S. Ambassador to China thinking he is in love with her.

A: Honey
12. Given the college football bowl game, give the city where the game was played in the 2002-03 bowl season on a 5-10-20-30 basis.

A. (5) GMAC Bowl

A: Mobile, Alabama

B. (5) Insight.com Bowl

A: Phoenix, Arizona

C. (X) Continental Tire Bowl

A: Charlotte, North Carolina

D. (X) Outback Bowl

A: Tampa, Florida
13. Given the title of an album released in the spring of 2003, name the artist for 10 each.

A. (10) Thankful

A: Kelly Clarkson

B. (10) Meteora

A: Linkin Park

C. (10) One Heart

A: Céline Dion
14. On a 5-10-20-30 basis, name the TV show that had Doris Roberts as part of its cast.

A. (5) Doris currently plays Mother Barone on what CBS comedy?

A: Everybody Loves Raymond

B. (5) Doris played the secretary of Pierce Brosnan’s character on what 1980s NBC action series?

A: Remington Steele

C. (X) Doris played the mother of secretary Toby Pedalbee on what early 1990s HBO and FOX sitcom?

A: Dream On

D. (X) Doris played the mother of the title-character waitress played by Donna Pescow on what 1970s ABC sitcom?

A: Angie
15. Given some film roles, name the actor who can be seen on The West Wing for 10 each.

A. (10) FBI Director James Womack in The Rock, NBA referee Jack in Forget Paris.

A: John Spencer

B. (10) Evelyn Isaacs in Celebrity, Guidance Counselor and Romance Novelist Ms. Perky in 10 Things I Hate About You.

A: Allison Janney

C. (10) Preston in She's All That, Red Tail in Men of Honor

A: Dule Hill

16. Identify these people with something in common for 10 points each.

A. (10) A reporter for U.S. News and World Report from 1973-1979, he is now the Chief National Security Correspondent for ABC News reporting from the Pentagon.

A: John McWethy

B. (10) An attorney and Lazard executive, he was friends with President Clinton and supposedly helped him cover up the Lewinsky affair by offering Monica a job in New York in exchange for her silence.

A: Vernon Jordan

C. (10) Growing up in a Kentucky alfalfa field may explain the agrarian tint in her works including Prodigal Summer, Animal Dreams and Pigs in Heaven

A: Barbara Kingsolver

(* editors note: all DePauw graduates – kudos to the author)
17. Given a fictional address that a TV show used for its main location, name the address for 10 each.

A. (10) 112½ Beacon Street, Boston, Mass.

A: Cheers

B. (10) 9114 South Central, Los Angeles, Calif.

A: Sanford and Son

C. (10) 1882 Gerard Street, San Francisco, Calif.

A: Full House
18. Given the last line spoken by James Bond in a Bond film, identify the film for 10 each.

A. (10) "I thought Christmas only comes once a year."

A: The World is Not Enough

B. (10) "We have all the time in the world."

A: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

C. (10) M: “Bond!  What the devil are you doing?" Bond: "Just keeping the British end up, sir."

A: The Spy Who Loved Me
19. Identify these songs with similar titles on a 5-10-20-30 basis.

A. (5) It's the third song on Be Not Nobody and hit #5 on the charts in 2002, making the first hit for Vanessa Carlton.

A: A Thousand Miles

B. (5) In 1993, The Proclaimers came out of Scotland to reach #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 with this song featured in the soundtrack for Benny & Joon.

A: I’m Gonna Be 500 Miles (Prompt on partial answer)

C. (10) This 1967 song was the only Top 10 U.S. hit off of The Who Sell Out.

A: I Can See for Miles

D. (X) The second biggest hit for the recently deceased Edwin Starr, it hit #6 on the pop singles chart in 1969 and concerned a man walking to his girlfriend's house.

A: Twenty-Five Miles
20. Identify these people who've tried to drive 1,100 miles on Memorial Day weekend for 10 each.

A. (10) In 2001, this hotheaded driver finished 6th in the Indianapolis 500 and then went from 45th to 3rd in the Coca Cola 600.  He was the first person to start and finish both races, doing so in 1999.

A: Tony Stewart

B. (10) In 2002, this man succeeded in his third attempt at "The Double" as rain had wreaked havoc on his previous tries.  He finished 8th at Indy and 16th in Charlotte that year.

A: Robby Gordon

C. (10) The first man to try to do both, he finished 10th at Indy in 1994, but 36th at Charlotte as car trouble forced him out after 220 laps.

A: John Andretti

21. Name these NBA broadcasters for ten points each.

A. (10) With John Andrianese, this man has worked off and on as the radio play-by-play man for the Knicks, since 1966 the off being from 1997-2000 as he was facing sexual misconduct charges.

A: Marv Albert

B. (10) Recently named to the Basketball Hall of Fame, this long time play-by-play man did 3,338 consecutive games for the Los Angeles Lakers from 1963-2001.

A: Chick Hearn

C. (10) The winningest coach in ABA history, this man was the first coach of the Indiana Pacers's NBA years and now serves as the Pacers' radio color man

A: "Boom Baby" Bobby "Slick" Leonard

22. Sure, Tom Clancy didn't write them, but they're just as good, right?  Given titles from a paperback series “Created by Tom Clancy", name it for 10 each.

A. (10) Politika, Shadow Watch, Ruthless.com

A: Power Plays

B. (10) Mirror Image, Sea of Fire, Mission of Honor, Divide and Conquer

A: Op Center

C. (10) State of War, Cloak and Dagger, Breaking Point, Point of Impact

A: Net-Force

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