2011 ipc shooting world cup paralympic Qualifier

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Paralympic Qualifier


OCTOBER 3-9, 2011

Invitation and Official Program


USA Shooting cordially invites your federation to participate in the 2011 IPC World Cup USA in all Paralympic Rifle and Pistol events. This World Cup will provide your athletes the opportunity to achieve Minimum Qualifying Scores (MQS) in all events for the 2012 Paralympic Games. Quota places will be awarded in all events according to the IPC schedule.


USA Shooting, the national federation of the United States, will sponsor the 2011 IPC World Cup USA. This event will be hosted on the ranges of the United States Army Marksmanship Unit located on the Fort Benning military reservation at Columbus, Georgia. Contact information for the Organizing Committee:

USA Shooting
Competitions Division

1 Olympic Plaza

Colorado Springs, CO 80909 USA

Phone: +1-719-338-5940

Fax: +1-719-866-4884

e-mail: USAWorldCup@usashooting.org

website: www.usashooting.com (click on Competitions and then Match Information to find “IPC World Cup” with the schedule, program and all forms)


Official Arrival 2 October

Official Training, Equipment Control, Classification (08:00-17:30) 3 October

Equipment Control and Classification (08:00-16:30) 4 October

Technical Meeting, Welcome Ceremony (16:30-Complete) 4 October

Competitions (see detailed schedule) 5-9 October

Departure 10 October
A schedule of events is included with this program. A final training and competition schedule will be provided to all nations at the Technical Meeting on 4 October. Finals will be conducted in all events.

The maximum of number of entries per event per NPC allowed at the World Cup is unlimited. However, in case of insufficient firing points this number may be restricted by IPC Shooting.


The minimum number of countries per event by the final entries deadline is four (4). Otherwise the event is not considered viable and may be cancelled.


The ranges are located on the military installation at Fort Benning, Georgia, approximately 150 km (90 miles) south of the Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport. Sius Ascor electronic targets will be used for all elimination, qualification, and finals competitions. Seventy (70) targets are available for both 50 meters and 10 meter with 40 targets at 25 meters.


It is recommended all participants arrive and depart from Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport. Travel to and from the airport, as well as to and from the hotel and ranges are the responsibility of each team or National Federation.

USA Shooting and the Organizing Committee will provide NO transportation.
The Fort Benning military installation is closed to the public. Each rental vehicle will be required to stop at the entrance to Fort Benning on the first day of arrival to obtain a pass for the vehicle and stop daily for an identification check to enter the facility. Passports may be required.

The ranges at Fort Benning will be closed with NO TRAINING before the official training day 3 October.


Entry fees will be $500 per athlete and $450 per coach and official team personnel. Each athlete, coach, and team official will receive a badge authorizing official entry into the competition at inscription.

Inscription begins at 09:00 hrs on 3 October in the Inscription Office at the Roundhouse on Hook Range. Preliminary event entries and all final entries including officials must be made directly with the Organizing Committee. All other forms are to be scanned and emailed to USA Shooting. Fax is also available, but not preferred. Preliminary entry information and the firearms import form 6NIA is required by 20 August. Firearms import authorization is only required for smallbore .22 caliber rifles and pistols. Final entries, hotel reservations, and rooming lists, are required no later than 5 September. Entries received by the Organizing Committee after 5 September will be charged a late fee of $75 per entry. Please contact USA Shooting regarding late entries and firearms import permits.
No additional entries will be accepted after 9 September.
Each athlete will receive a start number. Start numbers must be displayed during all training and competition.

Payments will be accepted ONLY in U.S. dollars. The Organizing Committee cannot exchange currency and foreign currency cannot be exchanged at Columbus – Fort Benning, Georgia. Money can be exchanged at the Atlanta Hartsfield Airport as well as other major airports but the exchange rate and fees are very unfavorable.

Event entry fees are $500 for competition entries. Coaches, officials and non-shooters will be charged a fee of $450. All inscription fees and hotel deposits may be paid in advance by electronic funds transfer with the total balance due on no later than 3 September. Team Leaders may make adjustments to the final payment at the Inscription Office located at Pool Range.
To expedite the Inscription process and reduce the amount of currency to be carried, an advance payment of 80% of total entry fee and a $150 per hotel room deposit is requested by electronic transfer. A $35 bank fee is charged each electronic transfer which must be included with the payment. World Cup payments can be made to:

Zions Bank

(For the benefit of Vectra Bank, 111 S. Tejon Street, Suite 103, Colorado Springs, CO 80903)

Swift: ZFNBUS55

Routing #: 102003154

Account #: 4470038021

NOTE: We do NOT have an IBAN number. Please use the Swift number above.
If additional payment is necessary, designated Team Leaders may make payments only with U.S. Dollars in the form of electronic transfer, cash, U.S. dollar traveler checks and money orders on 3 Oct. We will NOT accept credit cards. No competition bib numbers will be issued without total payment of fees.
If a refund is in order, the USA Shooting staff will provide the refund in the form of cash in U.S. Dollars during Inscription.


The Organizing Committee is offering numerous official hotels in the Columbus that are all very modern and comfortable located approximately 20 minutes from the Fort Benning shooting ranges. Quoted prices include taxes (15%) and breakfast.

Hotel rooms and rates are either one person (single occupancy) or two persons (double occupancy). There are no triple occupancy rooms. Some fully accessible handicap rooms are available at each of the official hotels on a first come, first served basis.
A variety of restaurants are located either within or nearby each of the hotels.
All hotel reservations must be made through USA Shooting. Please provide the Organizing Committee with the completed Preliminary Hotel Reservation Form no later than August 10. There is a required deposit of $150 US dollars for each room requested. This deposit must be included with the fee payment discussed under “Payment of Fees”. The deposit will be included in the overall hotel fees once you arrive. Final hotel payment will be paid directly to the hotel. The “Hotel Reservation” and “Rooming List” forms included with this program will be used to make final reservations and must be submitted no later than 5 September. Hotel room cancellations after 27 September or no-shows will be charged the deposit per room cancelled. Cancellations before 27 September will be reimbursed the deposit.
Delegations and individuals are responsible for paying their own meals, telephone, and miscellaneous charges. A cash deposit or credit card will be required by the hotel for room telephone use and incidental charges. Internet access is available at the hotels.
Please fill out the Preliminary Hotel form and return by 10 August so that reservations may be made for your team. Additional information will be provided with hotel confirmation. The following hotels have provided a special rate for the World Cup and are available on a first come first served basis:

DoubleTree Hotel $125

Wingate $110

Staybridge Suites $125

Wyndham Garden $102

Courtyard Marriott $115

Marriott Columbus $135

A lunch will be provided for all paid competitors and officials. Tickets to be presented at the lunch station will be included in the inscription packet. If any team wishes to purchase additional lunches, tickets will be available at inscription.


Each athlete who brings a .22 caliber smallbore firearm and ammunition into the United States of America must have an approved firearms permit from the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Department, (BATFE) to enter the United States and clear customs. This is a requirement for entry in to the United States with firearms! Air rifles and air pistols are not included in this requirement. Make one copy for each shooter who will attend in the R6, R7, R8, P3 and P4 events complete each form entirely and either fax or email the forms to USA Shooting as soon as possible. Each form must have the barrel length, model number and overall length properly filled in or it will be denied and must be resubmitted. USA Shooting will submit your complete forms to BATFE and return via email or fax to your federation when approved. Approval may take thirty (30) days or more. The ATF Form 6NIA is available with this program and on the USA Shooting website located at www.usashooting.com. Click on Competitions and then Match Information to find “IPC World Cup” and form BATFE 6NIA.


International Classification will be conducted on 3&4 October. Detailed classification schedule will follow after the revision of the final entries by IPC Shooting. All athletes that will be classified must have arrived on time prior the classification process start and have with them the IPC Shooting Medical information form (available on the IPC Shooting website www.ipc–shooting.org on the downloads and forms section).


Protests regarding the functional classification will be conducted as per the IPC Shooting classification rules and regulations.


The competition will be conducted in accordance with the current IPC Shooting/ISSF Rules and Regulations.


Please note: All participant (officials and athletes) attending this championship must have personal insurance as the Organizing Committee is not insured on behalf of IPC World Cup participants.


Gold, silver, and bronze medals will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place athletes in each event. Awards will be given to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams in each event where team numbers meet IPC requirements. All victory ceremonies will be conducted following competition according to the final schedule provided at the Technical Meeting.


The Organizing Committee will conduct doping control according to the IPC anti-doping control regulations.


Those countries that require USA VISAS should submit applications to the U.S. embassy three months in advance of travel. Some applicants may be asked to give personal interviews which will require advance appointments. Countries needing assistance should contact USA Shooting as early as possible with the list of names of their delegation and email contact address or fax number of the US Embassy in their country.


All forms are located on the USA Shooting website at www.usashooting.com.


All entered athletes in the World Cup must be licensed by IPC Shooting by the final entries deadlines. Athletes’ entries not meeting this criterion will be rejected by IPC Shooting.

All athletes must be entered by their respective NPCs or authorised organizations by the NPC and accepted by IPC Shooting.
Each team must consist of 3 competitors and one team per country is allowed in each event. To have team competition in an event at least four countries must be on the start list of that event by the final entries deadline otherwise the event will be cancelled.

10 August 2011:
PRELIMINARY ENTRY FORM: Faxed or e-mailed to USA Shooting.
FIREARM IMPORT PERMIT FORM 6 NIA: To USA Shooting scan and email or fax at 01-719-866-4884
PRELIMINARY HOTEL REGISTRATION: To USA Shooting scan and email to usaworldcup@usashooting.org or fax at 01-719-866-4884.
5 September 2011:

FINAL ENTRY FORM: Scan and e-mail form to usaworldcup@usashooting.org or fax to +01-719-866-4884
FINAL ENTRY FORM OFFICIALS: Scan and e-mail form to usaworldcup@usashooting.org or fax to +01-719-866-4884
FINAL ROOMING LIST: To USA Shooting fax at 01-719-866-4884 or scan and email to usaworldcup@usashooting.org
All Documents must be sent to the following addresses:
Organizing Committee:
USA Shooting
Competitions Division

1 Olympic Plaza

Colorado Springs, CO 80909 USA

Phone: +1-719-338-5940

Fax: +1-719-866-4884

e-mail: USAWorldCup@usashooting.org

website: www.usashooting.org

IPC Shooting:

Adenauerallee 212-214, 53113 Bonn, Germany

Fax: +49 228 2097209

E-mail: ipcshooting@paralympic.org

The Entry Forms for individual and Team events are included with this program.

2011 IPC World Cup-Paralympic Qualifier- USA Program Page

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