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2016 IFAS Refereed Journal Publications

Abbas, A., Zaman, Q., Schumann, A. W., Brewster, G., Farooque, A. A., Donald, R., & James, M. (2016). Effect of Split Variable Rate Fertilization on Wild Blueberry Plant Growth and Berry Yield. Applied Engineering in Agriculture, 32(6), 675-683.

Abbas, A., Zaman, Q., Schumann, A., Farooque, A., Brewster, G., & Donald, R. (2016). Effect of Split Fertilization on Subsurface Water Quality in Wild Blueberry Fields. Applied Engineering in Agriculture, 32(1), 79-88.

Abdalla, E. A., Penagaricano, F., Byrem, T. M., Weigel, K. A., & Rosa, G. J. M. (2016). Genome-wide association mapping and pathway analysis of leukosis incidence in a US Holstein cattle population. Animal Genetics, 47(4), 395-407.

Abd-Elrahman, A., Sassi, N., Wilkinson, B., & Dewitt, B. (2016). Georeferencing of mobile ground-based hyperspectral digital single-lens reflex imagery. Journal of Applied Remote Sensing, 10(1), 014002.

Abdulridha, J., Ehsani, R., & de Castro, A. (2016). Detection and Differentiation between Laurel Wilt Disease, Phytophthora Disease, and Salinity Damage Using a Hyperspectral Sensing Technique. Agriculture, 6(4), 56 doi: 10.3390/agriculture6040056

Abe, D. G., Sellers, B. A., Ferrell, J. A., Leon, R. G., & Odero, D. C. (2016). Bahiagrass Tolerance to Aminocyclopyrachlor in Florida. Weed Technology, 30(4), 943-948.

Abe, D. G., Sellers, B. A., Ferrell, J. A., Leon, R. G., & Odero, D. C. (2016). Tolerance of Bermudagrass and Stargrass to Aminocyclopyrachlor. Weed Technology, 30(2), 499-505.

Abong'o, D. A., Wandiga, S. O., Jumba, I. O., Van den Brink, P. J., Naziriwo, B. B., Madadi, V. O., Wafula, G. A., Nkedi-Kizza, P., & Kylin, H. (2015). Occurrence, abundance and distribution of benthic macroinvertebrates in the Nyando River catchment, Kenya. African Journal of Aquatic Science, 40(4), 373-392.

Achbergert, A. M., Christner, B. C., Michaud, A. B., Priscu, J. C., Skidmore, M. L., Vick-Majors, T. J., & Team, W. S. (2016). Microbial Community Structure of Subglacial Lake Whillans, West Antarctica. Frontiers in Microbiology, 7, Article 1457.

Acosta, D. A., Denicol, A. C., Tribulo, P., Rivelli, M. I., Skenandore, C., Zhou, Z., Luchini, D., Corrêa, M. N., Hansen, P. J., & Cardoso, F. C. (2016). Effects of rumen-protected methionine and choline supplementation on the preimplantation embryo in Holstein cows. Theriogenology, 85(9), 1669-1679.

Adams, A. E., & Shriver, T. E. (2016). Challenging Extractive Industries: How Political Context and Targets Influence Tactical Choice. Sociological Perspectives, 59(4), 892-909.

Adegbola, Y. U., & Perez, H. E. (2016). Extensive Desiccation and Aging Stress Tolerance Characterize Gaillardia pulchella (Asteraceae) Seeds. Hortscience, 51(2), 159-163.

Agramonte, N., Gezan, S., & Bernier, U. (2016). Comparative evaluation of a silicone membrane as an alternative to skin for testing mosquito repellents. Journal of Medical Entomology, 1-7, https://doi.org/10.1093/jme/tjw207.

Ahmadiani, M., Li, C., Liu, Y., Fonsah, E. G., Bliss, C. M., Brodbeck, B. V., & Andersen, P. C. (2016). Profitability of organic vegetable production via sod based rotation and conventional versus strip tillage in the Southern Coastal Plain. Sustainable Agriculture Research, 5(4), 46-55.

Ahn, S. J., & Rice, K. C. (2016). Understanding the Streptococcus mutans Cid/Lrg System through CidB Function. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 82(20), 6189-6203.

Albrecht, U., Fiehn, O., & Bowman, K. D. (2016). Metabolic variations in different citrus rootstock cultivars associated with different responses to Huanglongbing. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, 107, 33-44.

Alfaress, S., Hijaz, F., & Killiny, N. (2016). Chemical composition of cornicle secretion of the brown citrus aphid Toxoptera citricida. Physiological Entomology, 41(1), 38-47.

Ali, M., Abbasi, B. H., Ahmad, N., Ali, S. S., Ali, S., & Ali, G. S. (2016). Sucrose-enhanced biosynthesis of medicinally important antioxidant secondary metabolites in cell suspension cultures of Artemisia absinthium L. Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering, 39(12), 1945-1954.

Ali, M., Kim, B., Belfield, K. D., Norman, D., Brennan, M., & Ali, G. S. (2016). Green synthesis and characterization of silver nanoparticles using Artemisia absinthium aqueous extract - A comprehensive study. Material Science and Engineering C, 58, 359-365.

Al-Massarani, S., Al-Enzi, F., Al-Tamimi, M., Al-Jomaiah, N., Al-amri, R., Husnu Can Baser, K., Tabanca, N., Estep, A. S., Becnel, J. J., Bloomquist, J. R., & Demirci, B. (2016). Composition & biological activity of Cyperus rotundus L. tuber volatiles from Saudi Arabia. Natural Volatiles & Essential Oils, 3(2), 26-34.

Alonso, A., Muñoz-Carpena, R., Kennedy, R. E., & Murcia, C. (2016). Wetland landscape spatio-temporal degradation dynamics using the new Google Earth Engine cloud-based platform: Opportunities for non-specialists in remote sensing. Transactions of the ASABE, 59(5), 1331-1342.

Alto, B. W., & Lord, C. C. (2016). Transstadial Effects of Bti on Traits of Aedes aegypti and Infection with Dengue Virus. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 10(2), 18, e0004370.

Altpeter, F., Springer, N. M., Bartley, L. E., Blechl, A. E., Brutnell, T. P., Citovsky, V., Conrad, L. J., Gelvin, S. B., Jackson, D. P., Kausch, A. P., Lemaux, P. G., Medford, J. I., Orozco-Cardenas, M. L., Tricoli, D. M., Van Eck, J., Voytas, D. F., Walbot, V., Wang, K., Zhang, Z. Y. J., & Stewart, C. N. (2016). Advancing Crop Transformation in the Era of Genome Editing. Plant Cell, 28(7), 1510-1520.

Alugubelly, N., Hercik, K., Kibler, P., Nanduri, B., & Edelmann, M. J. (2016). Analysis of differentially expressed proteins in Yersinia enterocolitica-infected HeLa cells. Biochimica Et Biophysica Acta-Proteins and Proteomics, 1864(5), 562-569.

Alvani, S., Mahdikhani-Moghadam, E., Giblin-Davis, R., & Pedram, M. (2016). Description of Ektaphelenchus berbericus n. sp (Rhabditida: Ektaphelenchinae) from eastern Iran. Nematology, 18(9), 1063-1077.

Alvarado, P., Cabero, J., Moreno, G., Bratek, Z., Van Vooren, N., Kaounas, V., Konstantinidis, G., Agnello, C., Merényi, Z., & Smith, M. E. (2016). Phylogenetic overview of the genus Genea (Pezizales, Ascomycota) with an emphasis on European taxa. Mycologia, 108(2), 441-456.

Alyousif, Z., Ford, A., & Dahl, W. (2016). Calcium supplementation does not contribute to constipation in healthy women. Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research, 77(2), 103-105.

Amadeu, R. R., Cellon, C., Olmstead, J. W., Garcia, A. A. F., Resende, M. F. R., Jr., & Munoz, P. R. (2016). AGHmatrix: R Package to Construct Relationship Matrices for Autotetraploid and Diploid Species: A Blueberry Example. The Plant Genome, 9(3), doi: 10.3835/plantgenome2016.3801.0009.

Amata, R. L., Fernandez, E., Filloux, D., Martin, D. P., Rott, P., & Roumagnac, P. (2016). Prevalence of Sugarcane yellow leaf virus in sugarcane producing regions in Kenya revealed by reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification method. Plant Disease, 100(2), 260-268.

Ames, Z. R., & Olmstead, M. A. (2016). Estimation of Leaf Area for Blanc Du Bois Vitis spp., Carlos Vitis rotundifolia, and Southern Home Vitis rotundifolia x Vitis vinifera Using Simple Linear Measurement. Journal of Horticulture, 3(3), doi: 10.4172/2376-0354.1000178.

Ames, Z. R., Olmstead, M., Sims, C., & Darnell, R. (2016). Effect of Shoot and Cluster Thinning on Vine Performance, Fruit and Wine Quality of ʻBlanc Du Boisʼ. Journal of the American Pomological Society, 70(1), 2-15.

Amiri, A. P., Onofre, R. B. G., & Peres, N. A. (2016). First report of gray mold caused by Botryotinia ricini (Amphobotrys ricini) on strawberry in the United States. Plant Disease, 100(5), 1007.

Ammar, E. D., Ramos, J. E., Hall, D. G., Dawson, W. O., & Shatters, R. G. (2016). Acquisition, Replication and Inoculation of Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus following Various Acquisition Periods on Huanglongbing-Infected Citrus by Nymphs and Adults of the Asian Citrus Psyllid. PLoS ONE, 11(7), e0159594.

An, C. F., Ding, Y. Z., Zhang, X. D., Wang, C. G., & Mou, Z. L. (2016). Elongator Plays a Positive Role in Exogenous NAD-Induced Defense Responses in Arabidopsis. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions, 29(5), 396-404.

Andersen, P. C., Brodbeck, B. V., Bliss, C. M., & McSorley, R. (2016). Influence of crop rotation and years in bahiagrass on plant-parasitic nematode density in an organic vegetable production system. Nematropica, 46(1), 60-70.

Anderson, C. J., Hostetler, M. E., Sieving, K. E., & Johnson, S. A. (2016). Predation of artificial nests by introduced rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta) in Florida, USA. Biological Invasions, 18, 2783-2789.

Apolinário, V. X. d. O., Dubeux, J. C. B., Lira, M. d. A., Sampaio, E. V. S. B., de Amorim, S. O., Silva, N. G. d. M. e., & Muir, J. P. (2016). Arboreal Legume Litter Nutrient Contribution to a Tropical Silvopasture. Agronomy Journal, 108(6), 2478-2484.

Apolinário, V. X. O., Dubeux Jr., J. C. B., Lira, M. A., Ferreira, R. L. C., Mello, A. C. L., Coelho, D. L., Muir, J. P., & Sampaio, E. V. S. B. (2016). Decomposition of Arboreal Legume Fractions in a Silvopastoral System. Crop Science, 56(3), 1356-1363.

Araújo, M. C. R., Chagas, E. A., Garcia, M. I. R., Pinto, S. T. S., Chagas, P. C., Vendrame, W. A., Filho, A. B. M., & Souza, O. M. (2016). Micropropagation of cacari under different nutritive culture media, antioxidants, and levels of agar and pH. African Journal of Biotechnology, 15(33), 1771-1780.

Aristizábal, L. F., Mascarin, G. M., Cherry, R., Chaves-Cordoba, B., & Arthurs, S. P. (2016). A Rapid Sampling Plan for Scirtothrips dorsalis (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) on Container Shrub Rose (Rosa ‘Radrazz’). Journal of Economic Entomology, 109(6), 2543-2550.

Arp, A. P., Hunter, W. B., & Pelz-Stelinski, K. S. (2016). Annotation of the Asian Citrus Psyllid Genome Reveals a Reduced Innate Immune System. Frontiers in Physiology, 7, Article 570.

Arthurs, S. P., Chen, G., & Chen, J. (2016). Host specificity evaluation of Gynaikothrips uzeli (Thysanoptera: Phlaeothripidae) on ornamental Ficus (Rosales: Moraceae). Florida Entomologist, 99(3), 481-486.

Artiaga, B. L., Yang, G., Hackmann, T. J., Liu, Q. F., Richt, J. A., Salek-Ardakani, S., Castleman, W. L., Lednicky, J. A., & Driver, J. P. (2016). α-Galactosylceramide protects swine against influenza infection when administered as a vaccine adjuvant. Scientific Reports, 6, Article 23593, doi: 10.1038/srep23593.

Artiaga, B. L., Yang, G., Hutchinson, T. E., Loeb, J. C., Richt, J. A., Lednicky, J. A., Salek-Ardakani, S., & Driver, J. P. (2016). Rapid control of pandemic H1N1 influenza by targeting NKT-cells. Scientific Reports, 6, Article 37999, doi: 10.1038/srep37999.

Aryal, S. K., Crow, W. T., McSorley, R., Giblin-Davis, R. M., & Kenworthy, K. E. (2016). Integrated pest management of nematodes on bermudagrass turf. Crop, Forage and Turfgrass Management, 2(1), doi: 10.2134/cftm2015.0144

Aryal, S., Crow, W., McSorley, R., Giblin-Davis, R., Rowland, D., Poudel, B., & Kenworthy, K. (2015). Effects of Infection by Belonolaimus longicaudatus on Rooting Dynamics among St. Augustinegrass and Bermudagrass Genotypes. Journal of Nematology, 47(4), 322-331.

Asche, F., & Oglend, A. (2016). The Relationship between Input-factor and Output Prices in Commodity Industries: The Case of Norwegian Salmon Aquaculture. Journal of Commodity Markets, 1, 35-47.

Asche, F., Misund, B., & Oglend, A. (2016). Determinants of the Atlantic Salmon Future Risk Premium. Journal of Commodity Markets, 2(1), 6-17.

Asche, F., Misund, B., & Oglend, A. (2016b). The spot-forward relationship in the Atlantic salmon market. Aquaculture Economics & Management, 20(2), 222-234.

Asci, S., Seale, J. L., Onel, G., & VanSickle, J. J. (2016). US and Mexican Tomatoes: Perceptions and Implications of the Renegotiated Suspension Agreement. Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 41(1), 138-160.

Aspinall, W. P., Cooke, R. M., Havelaar, A. H., Hoffmann, S., & Hald, T. (2016). Evaluation of a Performance-Based Expert Elicitation: WHO Global Attribution of Foodborne Diseases. PLoS ONE, 11(3), e0149817.

Asseng, S., Ewert, F., Martre, P., Rosenzweig, C., Jones, J., Hatfield, J., Ruane, A., Boote, K., Thorburn, P., & Rötter, R. (2015). Benchmark data set for wheat growth models: Field experiments and AgMIP multi-model simulations. Open Data Journal for Agricultural Research, 1(1), doi:10.18174/odjar.v1i1.14746.

Athayde, S., Bernasconi, P., Bartels, W., Seluchinesk, R., & Buschbacher, R. (2016). Socio-ecological Resilience Assessment as a Tool for Management of the Amazonian Frontier: Experiences and Reflections. Sustentabilidad e em Debate, 7(2).

Auffray, C., Balling, R., Barroso, I., Bencze, L., Benson, M., Bergeron, J., Bernal-Delgado, E., Blomberg, N., Bock, C., Conesa, A., Del Signore, S., Delogne, C., Devilee, P., Di Meglio, A., Eijkemans, M., Flicek, P., Graf, N., Grimm, V., Guchelaar, H. J., Guo, Y. K., Gut, I. G., Hanbury, A., Hanif, S., Hilgers, R. D., Honrado, A., Hose, D. R., Houwing-Duistermaat, J., Hubbard, T., Janacek, S. H., Karanikas, H., Kievits, T., Kohler, M., Kremer, A., Lanfear, J., Lengauer, T., Maes, E., Meert, T., Muller, W., Nickel, D., Oledzki, P., Pedersen, B., Petkovic, M., Pliakos, K., Rattray, M., Mas, J. R. I., Schneider, R., Sengstag, T., Serra-Picamal, X., Spek, W., Vaas, L. A. I., van Batenburg, O., Vandelaer, M., Varnai, P., Villoslada, P., Vizcaino, J. A., Wubbe, J. P. M., & Zanetti, G. (2016). Making sense of big data in health research: Towards an EU action plan Genome Medicine, 8, Article 118, doi: 10.1186/s13073-016-0323-y

Aydemir, T., Troche, C., Kim, J., Kim, M., Teran, O., Leeuwenburgh, C., & Cousins, R. (2016). Aging amplifies multiple phenotypic defects in mice with zinc transporter Zip14 (Slc39a14) deletion. Experimental Gerontology, 85, 88-94.

Aydemir, T., Troche, C., Kim, M., & Cousins, R. (2016). Hepatic ZIP14-mediated Zinc Transport Contributes to Endosomal Insulin Receptor Trafficking and Glucose Metabolism. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 291(46), 23939-23951.

Azpiroz, A., & Blake, J. (2016). Associations of grassland birds with vegetation structure in the Northern Campos of Uruguay. The Condor - Ornithological Applications, 118, 12-23.

Babu, B., Jeyaprakash, A., Jones, D., Schubert, T. S., Baker, C., Washburn, B. K., Miller, S. H., Poduch, K., Knox, G. W., Ochoa-Corona, F. M., & Paret, M. L. (2016). Development of a rapid, sensitive TaqMan real-time RT-PCR assay for the detection of Rose rosette virus using multiple gene targets. Journal of Virological Methods, 235, 41-50.

Babu, B., Washburn, B. K., Poduch, K., Knox, G. W., & Paret, M. L. (2016). Identification and characterization of two novel genomic RNA segments RNA5 and RNA6 in rose rosette virus infecting roses. Acta Virologica, 60(2), 156-165.

Badillo-Vargas, I. E., Baker, C. A., Turechek, W. W., Frantz, G., Mellinger, H. C., Funderburk, J. E., & Adkins, S. (2016). Genomic and Biological Characterization of Tomato necrotic streak virus, a Novel Subgroup 2 Ilarvirus Infecting Tomato in Florida. Plant Disease, 100(6), 1046-1053.

Badylak, S., Phlips, E., Dix, N., Hart, J., Srifa, A., Haunert, D., He, Z., Lockwood, J., Stofella, P., Sun, D., & Yang, Y. (2016). Phytoplankton dynamics in a subtropical tidal creek: influences of rainfall and water residence time on composition and biomass. Marine and Freshwater Research, 67(4), 466-482.

Bai, F., Daliberti, M., Bagadion, A., Xu, M., Li, Y., Baier, J., Tseung, C., Evans, M., & Settles, A. (2016). Parent-of-Origin-Effect rough endosperm Mutants in Maize. Genetics, 205(3), 221-231.

Bai, J. F., Zhang, C. P., Wahl, T., & Seale, J. (2016). Dining out, the missing food consumption in China. Applied Economics Letters, 23(15), 1084-1087.

Bai, J., Sun, H. M., Yin, X. J., Yin, X. Q., Wang, S. S., Creamer, A. E., Xu, L. J., Qin, Z., He, F., & Gao, B. (2016). Oxygen-content-controllable graphene oxide from electron-beam-irradiated graphite: Synthesis, characterization, and removal of aqueous lead [Pb(II)]. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 8(38), 25289-25296.

Baidoo, R., Joseph, S., Mengistu, T. M., Brito, J. A., McSorley, R., Stamps, R. H., & Crow, W. T. (2016). Mitochondrial haplotype-based identification of root-knot nematodes (Meloidogyne spp.) on cut foliage crops in Florida. Journal of Nematology, 48(3), 193-202.

Baker, G. (2016). Food Safety Impacts from Post-Harvest Processing Procedures of Molluscan Shellfish. Foods, 5(2), 29, doi:10.3390/foods5020029

Baldridge, E., Harris, D. J., Xiao, X., & White, E. P. (2016). An extensive comparison of species-abundance distribution models. PeerJ, 4, e2823.

Bampasidou, M., Grogan, K., Clark, J., & Sandberg, M. (2016). Career skills: perceptions of importance and high impact learning activities for skill development in agricultural economics and agribusiness programs. NACTA Journal, 60(1a), 36-42.

Banik, C., Harris, W. G., Ogram, A. V., & Nair, V. D. (2016). Carbon, iron, and aluminum responses to controlled water table fluctuations in sandy soil material. Journal of Soils and Sediments, 16(10), 2449-2457.

Baniszewski, J., Cuda, J. P., Gezan, S.A., Sharma, S., & Weeks, E. N. I. (2016). Stem fragment regrowth of Hydrilla verticillata following desiccation. Journal of Aquatic Plant Management, 54(2), 53-60.

Bankovich, B., Boughton, E., Boughton, R., Avery, M., & Wisely, S. (2016). Plant community shifts caused by feral swine rooting devalue Florida rangeland. Agriculture Ecosystems & Environment, 220, 45-54.

Barak, J. D., Vancheva, T., Lefeuvre, P., Jones, J. B., Timilsina, S., Minsavage, G. V., Vallad, G. E., & Koebnik, R. (2016). Whole-Genome Sequences of Xanthomonas euvesicatoria Strains Clarify Taxonomy and Reveal a Stepwise Erosion of Type 3 Effectors. Frontiers in Plant Science, 7, Article 1805.

Barnett, R. V., Hirsch, J., Culen, G. R., Jordan, J., & Gibson, H. (2016). Adolescent Perceptions of Animation Violence as an Indication of Aggressive Attitudes and Behaviors. Journal of Youth Development, 9(1), 113-128.

Barnett, R. V., Neely, J. C., Payne-Purvis, C., & Culen, G. R. (2016). At-Risk Youth in After-School Programs: How Does Their Use of Media for Learning About Community Issues Relate to Their Perceptions of Community Connectedness, Community Involvement, and Community Support? Journal of Youth Development, 9(1), 157-169.

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