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Journal of Chemical Ecology, 42(5), 357-367.

Martins, P. G. M. A., Moriel, P., Vendramini, J. M. B., & Arthington, J. D. (2016). Evaluation of 2 sugarcane molasses feeding strategies on measures of growth and reproductive performance of replacement beef heifers. Professional Animal Scientist, 32(3), 302-308.

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Masi, M., van der Westhuyzen, A. E., Tabanca, N., Evidente, M., Cimmino, A., Green, I. R., Bernier, U. R., Becnel, J. J., Bloomquist, J. R., van Otterlo, W., & Evidente, A. (2016). Sarniensine, a mesembrine-type alkaloid isolated from Nerine sarniensis a native South African Amaryllidaceae with larvicidal and adulticidal activities against Aedes aegypti. Fitoterapia, 116, 34-38.

Mateescu, R. G., Oltenacu, P. A., Garmyn, A. J., Mafi, G. G., & VanOverbeke, D. L. (2016). Strategies to predict and improve eating quality of cooked beef using carcass and meat composition traits in Angus cattle. Journal of Animal Science, 94(5), 2160-2171.

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McNeill, C. A., Baldwin, R., Pereira, R. M., Harlow, E., Roberts, T. G., & Koehler, P. G. (2016). Development and Implementation of a Bed Bug IPM Enrichment Curriculum, Part II. American Entomologist, 62(4), 214-217.

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Mussoline, W. A., & Wilkie, A. C. (2016). Feed and fuel: the dual‐purpose advantage of an industrial sweetpotato.

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