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Phytopathology, 106(12), 1495-1503.

Hu, J., Akula, N., & Wang, N. (2016). Development of a Microemulsion Formulation for Antimicrobial SecA Inhibitors. PLoS ONE, 11(3), e0150433.

Hu, J., K.S. Inglett, A.L. Wright, & K.R. Reddy. (2016). Nitrous Oxide Production and Reduction in Seasonally-Flooded Cultivated Peatland Soils. Soil Science Society of America Journal, 80(3), 783-793.

Hu, Y., Duan, S., Zhang, Y., Shantharaj, D., Jones, J. B., & Wang, N. (2016). Temporal Transcription Profiling of Sweet Orange in Response to PthA4-Mediated Xanthomonas citri subsp. citri Infection. Phytopathology, 106(5), 442-451.

Hua F., Yong, D. L., Janra, M. N., Fitri, L. M., Prawiradilaga, D., & Sieving, K. E. (2016). Functional traits determine heterospecific use of risk-related social information in forest birds of tropical Southeast Asia. Ecology and Evolution, 6, 8485-8494.

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Huang, P., & Lamm, A. J. (2016). Identifying invasive species educational needs in Florida: opportunities for extension. Journal of Extension, 54(5), 5RIB7.

Huang, P., Lamm, A. J., & Dukes, M. D. (2016). Informing extension program development through audience segmentation: targeting high water users. Journal of Agricultural Education, 57(2), 60-74.

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Huang, S., Antony, G., Li, T., Liu, B., Obasa, K., Yang, B., & White, F. F. (2016). The broadly effective recessive resistance gene xa5 of rice is a virulence effector‐dependent quantitative trait for bacterial blight. The plant journal, 86(2), 186-194.

Huang, Y. J. S., Ayers, V. B., Lyons, A. C., Unlu, I., Alto, B. W., Cohnstaedt, L. W., Higgs, S., & Vanlandingham, D. L. (2016). Culex Species Mosquitoes and Zika Virus. Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases, 16(10), 673-676.

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Hughes, A. G., White, S. N., Boyd, N. S., Hildebrand, P., & Cutler, G. C. (2016). Red sorrel management and potential effect of red sorrel pollen on Botrytis cinerea spore germination and infection of lowbush blueberry (Vaccinium angustifolium Ait.) flowers. Canadian Journal of Plant Science, 96(4), 590-596.

Hughes, M. A., Martini, X., Kuhns, E., Colee, J., Mafra-Neto, A., Stelinski, L. L., & Smith, J. A. (2016). Evaluation of repellents for the redbay ambrosia beetle, Xyleborus glabratus, the vector of the laurel wilt pathogen. The Journal of Applied Entomology, doi: 10.1111/jen.12387.

Huguet-Tapia, J. C., Lefebure, T., Badger, J. H., Guan, D., Pettis, G. S., Stanhope, M. J., & Loria, R. (2016). Genome Content and Phylogenomics Reveal both Ancestral and Lateral Evolutionary Pathways in Plant-Pathogenic Streptomyces Species. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 82(7), 2146-2155.

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Hung, C., Qiu, J., Sun, Y., Chen, J., Kittur, F., Henny, R. J., Jin, G., Fan, L., & Xie, J. (2016). Gibberellin deficiency is responsible for shy-flowering nature of Epipremum aureum. Scientific Reports, 6, Article 28598.

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Iwata-Otsubo, A., Radke, B., Findley, S., Abernathy, B., Vallejos, C. E., & Jackson, S. A. (2016). Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH)-Based Karyotyping Reveals Rapid Evolution of Centromeric and Subtelomeric Repeats in Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) and Relatives. G3: Genes| Genomes| Genetics, 6(4), 1013-1022.

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Jia, H., Orbovic, V., Jones, J. B., & Wang, N. (2016). Modification of the PthA4 effector binding elements in Type I CsLOB1 promoter using Cas9/sgRNA to produce transgenic Duncan grapefruit alleviating XccpthA4:dCsLOB1.3 infection. Plant Biotechnology Journal, 14(5), 1291-1301.

Jia, Y., Zhou, E., Lee, S., & Bianco, T. (2016). Coevolutionary dynamics of rice blast resistance gene Pi-ta and Magnaporthe oryzae avirulence gene AVR-Pita 1. Phytopathology, 106(7), 676-683.

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Joseph, S., Mekete, T., Danquah, W. B., & Noling, J. (2016). First Report of Meloidogyne haplanaria Infecting Mi-Resistant Tomato Plants in Florida and Its Molecular Diagnosis Based on Mitochondria! Haplotype. Plant Disease, 100(7), 1438-1445.

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Jung, J. H., Kannan, B., Dermawan, H., Moxley, G. W., & Altpeter, F. (2016). Precision breeding for RNAi suppression of a major 4-coumarate:coenzyme A ligase gene improves cell wall saccharification from field grown sugarcane. Plant Molecular Biology, 92(4-5), 505-517.

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Kaur, N., Gillett-Kaufman, J. L., Gezan, S., & Buss, E. A. (2016). Association between

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