210, sbb spring Field Apartment, Thanisandra Road, Nagawara, Outer Ring Road, Bangalore

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Ashish Baharani

210, SBB Spring Field Apartment, Thanisandra Road, Nagawara, Outer Ring Road, Bangalore

91-96201-00008 (M) ashish.baharani@gmail.com

Career Highlights
Accomplished management career reflects 12 years’ experience in experience in Talent Acquisition, Employee Assimilation, Employee Development, Performance Management, Reward & Recognition Management, Talent Management, Employee Communication, Compensation & benefits management, Employee governance and welfare, Analytics and Reporting and Change Management with highly diversified organizations

Key Accountabilities

  • Participate in the development of the organization's plans and programs as a strategic partner with an emphasis and clear sense of the impact to the human capital (employees)

  • Serve as a strategic business partner to the senior leadership team focused on a broad-based and transformational talent agenda designed to recruit, reward, develop and retain the very best forward-thinking talent in the business

  • Develop a human resources agenda in support of key business strategies and initiatives by implementing systems, processes and best practices that are scalable across the organization

  • Translate the strategic and tactical business plans into HR strategic and operational plans

  • Evaluate and advise on the impact of long range planning of new programs/strategies and regulatory action as those items impact the attraction, motivation, development and retention of the people resources of the organization

  • Establish credibility throughout the organization with management and the employees in order to be an effective listener and problem solver of people issues

  • Maintain knowledge of domestic / international HR policies, programs, laws and issues. Understand the differences of domestic and international policies and programs and coordinate the integration of all such programs

  • Developing annual work and operational plans and budget, long and short term project plans and determines the outcomes for HR projects / programs. Develop and monitor metrics to evaluate the effectiveness. Monitor and manage expenses

  • Evaluation of the human resource division structure and team plan for continual improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of the group as well as providing individuals with professional and personal growth with emphasis on opportunities (where possible) for individuals

  • Provide leadership to the HR team and build organizational capability and effectiveness. Ensure a strong focus on internal customer satisfaction

  • Strategic Partnership

    • Talent Management

    • Organization Development

    • Project Management

    • Change Agent

    • Compensation & Benefits Management

    • Employee Surveys

    • Coach and Mentor for Business Managers

    • HR & Business Analytics

    Tactical Deliverables

    • Talent Acquisition & Branding

    • Employee Assimilation & Engagement

    • Rewards Management

    • Performance Management

    • Employee Policy & Communication

    • Employee Development

    • Compensation & Compliance

tactical Deliverables
- Interacting with Practice Leaders to understand Business Forecasting
- Identifying critical HR metrics & talent issues before they affect the business
- Roll out initiatives to foster Employee Assimilation, Engagement and Bonding
- Assess employee loyalty, retention and potential impact on business through EWS, Attrition analysis, Skips
- Ensure effective communication on policies, procedures & culture to employees
- Ensure that employee are well engaged through effective tools like Skip, One on One, Town Halls & Surveys
- Represent HR and OD maximize the value delivered to the organization, focusing on employee enabling
- Effective implementation of Performance feedback & reinforcement mechanism (Including PIP)
- Meet the changing needs of internal & external customers
- Drive, influence, advice and support employees on organizational change
- Managing Employee conflicts & grievances cell
- Ensuring HR programs are aligned with culture / Business
- Effective implementation of reward & recognition programs

Key Achievements
A solid track record of creating HR strategy and execution plans for large organizations
Transformational change – Reinvigorated the organization with new skills and values, creating the right environment for people development - ESAT scores went up by 14%
Increasing Diversity – Envisioned developed and implemented programs and networks to increase diversity at leadership levels - 70% women on the program promoted
Skilled Facilitator and Coach – Supported and coached senior leaders to accelerate the strategy and business results by unlocking their leadership potential - 98% of leaders reported they are now more effective leaders
Strategic Planning – As a key member of the leadership team, engineered a complete revamp of the way to assess and develop the talent pipeline resulting in 48% of open positions (Lead & above) closing internally (Assessment & Development Center) (Tools Used – Multi rater Assessment, Hogan PT, BBSI)
Innovative approaches – Built world-class training teams, brought multi-channel and e-learning methods to leadership development, engaged GenY using innovative methods, introduced simulation based, art based learning methods (Signature Programs : “Breather” Experiential learning, “Would I work for me” PeM Up skilling)
Successfully completed multiple assignments on Developing and Implementing New Managers Development Programs, LCDP (Leadership Competency Development Program), executive coaching, role profiling, competency mapping, assessment and development centers etc.
Designed, developed and brought the strategic initiatives to radically improve IBM’s Diversity ratios at leadership levels. Designed a global approach to developing, connecting and empowering talented women to progress through the levels. Developed an innovative curriculum, which has received acclaim and praise in various formats
Analytical, problem solving and leadership qualities inherited by delivering solutions in conjunction with business requirements. Managed end-to-end Learning & Development Initiatives for around 4000 employees
Areas of Expertise
Talent Acquisition & Branding: Forecasting, planning, budgeting and sourcing right resources to ensure that organization is meeting business objectives (Internally / Externally)

  • Interact with Practice Leaders to understand Business Forecasting for developing strategies and implementing work plans to anticipate and meet the Talent Acquisition needs of various practice areas through internal movements or external hiring

  • Talent Acquisition Planning, Including analysis of Business Projections, Attrition, Skill Set Management and Employment Trends

  • Monitor and reviewing the effectiveness of resourcing and administration HR processes on a regular basis and puts in place relevant programs designed to achieve improvements where appropriate

  • Promote sound management practices for Recruitment and Administration and to be responsible for the effective recruitment and retention. Ensure all Hiring Managers are well equipped on various Assessment techniques to ensure effective recruitment

Employee Assimilation & Engagement: Ensure the workforce is engaged and the Organization is seen as being the - Best Place to Work

  • Execute leadership on employee engagement, Assimilation and workplace culture best practices. In partnership with Business Managers & executive leadership, define and develop a comprehensive strategy and plan for workplace culture

  • Play an integral role in organizational success through advocacy of people, which includes creating a work environment which motivates employees (eg implimentation of strong assimilation programs throughout employee’s association with Organization )

  • Design and develop Process-wide employee engagement strategies and tactics resulting from employee survey data, skips or town-hall; lead cross-functional teams in implementation and support of survey solutions to enhance engagement levels

  • Lead the design and implementation of all employee experience programs and ensure optimization of employee engagement and the employer branding is carried through all programs

Talent Management: Manage career development and facilitate management of performance to ensure business groups develop and retain - the best- talent

  • Influence all aspects of Talent management within across LOB's including talent strategy, performance management, employee engagement, career management, succession planning, assessments, executive development, diversity and retention

  • Design and institutionalize top talent development and engagement framework to support their accelerated learning and growth (including High pot, Succession, Career Planning, mentoring & Coaching programs, engagement with senior leadership, action learning projects/critical experiences etc.). Track quarterly data to evaluate effectiveness of the interventions and escalate with the concerned stakeholders wherever required

  • Enhance organizational effectiveness through leading and executing talent management strategies in support of a division or business unit objectives by implementing local and corporate strategies, policies, standards, practices, and programs

  • Interact with Practice Leaders to understand Employee challenges / concerns / feedbacks for developing and implementing various strategies resulting in high employee engagement and increased productivity

  • Use HR tools such as compensation, pay reviews, market benchmarking and career development paths to keep critical talent aggressively positioned. Support this through assisting business managers in identifying suitable training programs and identifying opportunities which meet career aspirations, job rotations etc

Rewards Management: Position rewards for employees so as to attract and motivate the best resources and maintain market competitiveness

  • Effective implementation of Reward and Recognition, review the process periodically to ensure process is gained to Business strategies

  • Creating awareness around Reward and Recognition program among employees / Managers and encourage active participation

  • Use Reward and Recognition program as an effective retention tool, which eventually will impact business positively

Performance Management: Creating high performance Organization by fostering best in class Perfomence Management process and culture across all Businees Units

  • Manage, recommend and implement best-in-class processes for developing a high performance culture and cascading goal structures

  • Support managers to implement common principles and processes for managing individual performance consistently across the organization to maximize what the LOB gets out of its people

  • Serve as an internal performance management consultant. Provides analytical and professional advice in business process management, including the development and refinement of policies and procedures, guidelines to support organization overall strategic direction

  • Drive implementation of the required culture, capabilities and behaviors for a successful organization where all Employees feel valued and supported to achieve the business goal. Administrate Performance Link Rewards System, Monitor employees Performance and periodically review of the same

  • Conduct Real Time Sessions for Executives on PMS Processes, Defining KRAs, Self Appraisal, Mid Term Review, Normalization & counseling, Advise line managers on managing poor performers, provide guidance on grievance handling, staff counseling and redundancy management

Employee Policy & Communication: Develop and deliver results-driven communication strategies and plans that help drive change communications efforts in support of the overall business

  • Ensure sustainable communication and implementation of People and Organizational strategies, policies & Process with periodical changes, create better awareness to enable Employees and Managers to operate effectively

  • Ensure all employee communications are undertaken in an appropriate and timely manner and accessible channels are available for employees to communicate information (suggestions, enquiries, complaints)

  • Coach Business Managers to resolve people issues motivate employees and improve the performance of individuals and teams as a whole

Employee Development: Focusing on developing employees & leaders for both success in current roles and creating pipeline & future leaders

  • Design, Develop, implement integrated and effective Learning & Development framework / programs aligned with the ongoing needs and goals of the organization & best practices

  • Proven experience in conducting learning strategy planning in order to support and further corporate goals. Expertise in working collaboratively with business Leaders and Line Managers to provide innovative Learning solutions impacting business

  • Perform need analyses and review organization resources to ensure that learning and development resources exist or are developed to support learning needs based upon projected competencies, organizational changes, and other external factors, as well as the near - and long term goals of the organization

  • Building ongoing strategies on leadership development / coaching / mentoring services those are based on a defined needs assessment process involving Organization shot and long term objectives

  • Custodian for executing the leadership development strategy (i.e. needs assessment, budgeting, development of customized learning programs and journey [including pre and post program activities], delivery of training programs and evaluation of effectiveness of training)

  • Work directly with the Business Managers / Leaders to build the capability of leaders in terms of leadership skills and competencies by defining a clear leadership development strategy across management levels (i.e. Iconic Programs for top talent across levels, leadership academies for key transition points such as First Time Managers, Managing Managers) and critical roles/segments

Organization Development & Change Management : Deliver a range of initiatives related to management and leadership development, workforce planning and management, career and succession planning, employee engagement, organizational change, organizational design and organizational culture aimed at improving organizational performance

  • Provide coaching, facilitation, team development, whole systems analysis, process reengineering and organization development services in consultation with executive leaders and senior managers to implement organization improvement initiatives and assure alignment with the organization’s strategic plans

  • Manage organizational change efforts such as organizational structure, roles and responsibilities, job redesign, job descriptions and skills assessments. Will effectively implement appropriate tools such as stakeholder assessments, change readiness analyses, (divisional) programs

  • Design and delivering overall Change Leadership Strategy and Plan for (divisional) team including a Communication, Sponsorship, Reinforcement and Readiness strategy and plan

  • Focus on improving group and departmental functioning. Facilitates group and departmental planning and interaction to improve group/ department productivity, decision making and performance in a team based and Program Management based cultural environment

  • Conduct assessments; reports results; partners with Leadership Team and managers in joint action planning; provides training, coaching, and/or facilitation; evaluates progress; and develop processes to reinforce positive results and develop sustainability of improvements

Compensation & Compliance

  • Administrating & developing total compensation Policy, including salary, benefits and other related policies under the Total Compensation Framework. Participate in external compensation survey, Benchmark current compensation and reward practices

  • Administers a wide variety of personnel policies, processes and employment agreements (e.g. recruitment, selection, hiring, orientation, labor and employment contracts, compensation schedule, etc.) for the purpose of conforming to District policies, relevant laws, contracts and agreements

  • Developing annual work and operational plans and budget, long and short term project plans and determines the outcomes for HR projects/programs. Develop and monitor metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of HR initiatives

  • Investigates grievances and/or complaints from employees (e.g. sexual harassment, pay and/or assignment disputes, etc.) for the purpose of reaching resolutions that provide a healthy work environment

Personal Highlights:

Nov-2013 - Present Sr. Manager HR - Confidential
April-2011 - Oct-2013 HR Business Partner - IBM-GPS, Bangalore
May-2010 - April-2011 Deputy Manager HR - Vodafone, Lucknow
June-2008 - Apr-2010 Deputy Manager HR - Pantaloons Retail
Feb-2005 - May-2008 Assistant Manager HR - Videocon Industries
Jan-2004 - Jan-2005 Assistant Manager – HR - Globus Stores
1999 - 2001 Floor Manager (Operations) - Globus Stores
Executive MBA IIM Calcutta - 2013
PGDHRM SCDL, Pune - 2009
Diploma (E-Commerce) TATA Info Tech - 2000
B. Com D.A.V.V. University, Indore - 1997
Personal Details
Date of Birth 7-Dec-1973
Current Location Bangalore

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