2909 Landmark Place, Madison, wi 53713-4236, phone: 608. 271. 1617 October 2005 – for immediate release contact

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2909 Landmark Place, Madison, WI 53713-4236, phone: 608.271.1617



Local Student Complete Online Course for Academically Talented Students

MADISON, Wis. – from recently completed a District Online Cooperative Program, an online learning forum for gifted students run through the Wisconsin Center for Academically Talented Youth (WCATY). The District Co-op Program allows bright students to explore learning outside of the classroom. By taking control of their education, students will work with highly qualified instructors, delving into a variety of advanced subjects, improving independent learning skills, and meeting like-minded peers in his/her area.
“I think the subject matter … was rather unique,” says one instructor. “Our group discussions and problem-solving activities allowed the students to explore these issues in a way that was relevant to them, instead of having the information presented in a teacher-centered lecture.”
District Co-ops combine online instruction and face-to-face workshops to allow academically talented students from throughout a region or across a school district to learn together. Co-ops replace a unit, a quarter, or a semester of the curriculum in the student’s home school in one or more subject areas ranging from science and math to literature.
“This class did challenge the mind, the heart, and the hand, and in so doing, reaped the result of a stronger, more efficient individual, ready to face challenges with an open mind,” says a former Co-op student from Whitewater, Wis.
The District Cooperative Program is a rapidly expanding program. Co-ops are offered in the Fall, Winter and Spring.
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About WCATY:

The Wisconsin Center for Academically Talented Youth (WCATY) is proud to offer many opportunities for talented students in Wisconsin. These include on-line programs during the school year, and accelerated courses through residential programs during the summer months. WCATY is an accredited organization through the NCA-CASI. In addition, WCATY is affiliated with Northwestern University’s Center for Talent Development through which 3rd – 9th grade students who score in the 95th percentile and above on standardized tests can participate in Midwest Academic Talent Search (MATS). For more information on WCATY, visit www.wcaty.org.

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