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3D Content Services, LLC

Business Plan Executive Summary

For many years there has been much talk about the ubiquity and necessity for wireless-based communications and services. To date, much of that talk has turned out to be hype or empty promises. The primary reason is that, so far, no ‘killer applications’ other than talk itself has emerged for the various wireless platforms (e.g., PDA, basic cell phones, WAP Phones, 3G Phones, Personal Pagers).

The wireless service providers are discovering, much like the Dot Com’s before them, that it is not so much the pipe or technology which matters, but rather it is all about the EXPERIENCE! Customer acquisition-retention rates and usage growth is directly tied to the content and services which are provided down the pipe.

To date, the physical limits and cost of bandwidth plus the absence of compelling content have not been overcome. Nor has a successful business model emerged for the Wireless Media Industry.

3DCS believes that is has an approach to overcome these obstacles through the delivery of unique, three dimensional content and objects. 3DCS will be the model for the new wireless media industry. It will combine content acquisition-management-productions with web technology services to deliver content to wireless subscribers and hand-held devices throughout the world.

3DCS proposes to develop a content acquisition-management solution to address the lack of compelling content for the wireless user. This solution will also address providing the underlying technology used to deliver 3D content to the all hand-held, wireless devices. Our solution, while targeted at 3G phones will also work for current generation (i.e., 2G) cell phones and PDA’s.

From a technology perspective, 3DCS currently has an agreement with 3D4W, a Santa Clara, CA company, to provide exclusive content for a G3 graphics platform developed by 3D4W for wireless phones. Currently, 3D4W’s platform has been purchased and is available in a beta offering in South Korea by XXXXX. 3D4W expects to quickly conclude licensing deals with both a Japanese and an American wireless service provider by year’s end. In addition, 3D4W is a 30% stakeholder in 3DCS.

3DCS also has a technology use agreement with 3DCT, a Tempe, AZ company which offers a engineering-based technology which can compress 3D video, CAD-CAM and other images, with no data loss, up to 98% of its original size. 3DCS has the right to sell / license this technology as well as incorporate it into its own technology platform.

Together, these two technologies will allow for rich, 3D images and other content to be provided, and specifically targeted, to wireless users globally.

3DCS also has a content development agreement with Anvil Studios, whose credits include Anastasia and other anime feature length movies. This agreement will provide an initial a stable of 3d images and avatars. In addition, 3D4W is a 10% stakeholder in 3DCS.

3DCS also intends to license images, avatars and other 3D content from globally recognized entertainment, news, sports, media and other companies for resale to all wireless service providers. We believe that this content can be acquired via a modest upfront payment and a back-end revenue share approach.

3DCS also may seek to develop its own unique content for sale to the wireless service providers if this is required to help ‘seed the market’ and spur adoption of 3D wireless content.

Lastly, 3DCS plans to develop and operate a content management service based upon the Web Managed Services (WMS) model. This model entails 3DCS building a central host facility wherein all acquired content will reside. As needed, compressed content will be distributed to servers-disk farms owned by the wireless service provider in the requisite service area for eventual download-display to the end wireless user.

3DCS will generate revenues through a service subscription model targeted at the end wireless user. This monthly fee per type of content desired will be charged (and collected) by the wireless service provider. In addition, 3DCS will create revenue streams through licensing and/or sales of its unique compression technology and platforms to Content Producers, Telco’s and other users of 3D graphical images. The wireless service providers will see increased revenue through more (and longer duration) air time charges and will allow them to more effectively compete with other providers in the wireless space by offering unique and different content.

3DCS is seeking a first round investment of $2mm, with a projected post-money valuation of $8mm. The investment will fund an expanded workforce, sales & marketing expenses and wireless content acquisition-production. Additional use of funds may be to acquire-purchase companies in the 2D and 3D compression space.

Please direct any questions or expressions of interest to:

Gregory T. Robleski

Managing Partner,

Carmel Technologies, LLC

PO Box #89

Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA 93921

Cell 602-617-6069


Management Team and Investors Brief Biographies

Management Team

  • Greg Robleski, President / CEO

  • Mario Vassaux, Vice-President of Strategic Relationships

  • Yuric Hannick, Vice-President of Business Development


Greg Robleski (Carmel, CA) has a strong background in leading technology, financial services, and consulting companies. He has a reputation as one of the brightest IT and business strategic thinkers – with a special talent for creating the business and strategic vision for complex technology companies. Prior to joining NEWLLC, Greg was Senior Vice-President of Content Services at Axient Communications, where he oversaw business development with New Media content providers, web-oriented technology partners and Sports Entertainment Content providers as well as was responsible for the development of the core Axient content management software.

Greg has also served as the Chief Operating Officer at Homebid.com, Vice President / CIO at GoTo.com, Vice President / Technology Leader for Global Financial Accounting Systems at American Express. Early in his career, Greg held senior-level positions at Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, MCI-WorldCom Communications and Accenture Consulting. He received his MBA in Finance & Information Systems from the University of Chicago and a BS in Economics from Boston College. He sits on a number of Advisory Boards and Corporate Boards of Directors for Hi-Tech startup companies.

Mario Vassaux (Scottsdale, AZ) is the founder of Up&Atom! LLC a technology investment and consulting firm located in Scottsdale Arizona and San Francisco, California. He has 20 years experience in the computer software and hardware industries. He is a repeat entrepreneur having founded six companies. His most successful venture to date was FormGen, inc.. a developer and publisher of interactive 3D entertainment software including hits Wolfenstein 3D and Duke Nukem.

As an entrepreneur, Mario has been involved in all aspects of the formation and operations of businesses from the ground up. His strong organizational and project management skills have been key to his success. For the past two years he has been a managing member and entrepreneur-in-residence of eSEED Capital a San Francisco V.C. firm. During the past five years he has participated in the development of internet and e-commerce companies both in the B2B and B2C areas. Mario has participated in CEO, COO positions with I-tinerary Travel Solutions, Ionos Software and Mediatechnics. Mario has served on the Board of Directors and as a mentor to various start-up technology companies including Cobalt Creative, True Synergies and Bsource.

Yuric Hannick (Palo Alto, CA) Yuric Hannart has lived in Silicon Valley for over twenty years. His career has revolved around high tech companies matching the technology evolution of the valley. He has worked at Intuit, Netcom and Palm Wireless holding senior product marketing and business development positions in the past ten years. He has extensive product experience in software, Internet and wireless. Many of the products he launched were the first in the industry.
In addition to his work in the high tech arena, Yuric is also an advisor to eEntrpreneur Center in downtown San Jose, an SBA operated entrepreneurial center, helping start-ups and small businesses to grow in the market place. Yuric earned his undergraduate degree in Economics and Computer Science at UC Santa Cruz. He completed his Executive MBA at the University of San Francisco, a Jesuit institution, majoring in International Finance and Marketing. He traveled frequently to Asia Pacific and Europe. Yuric also speaks French, Swahili and Vietnamese.

3D4W is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, 3D4W was incorporated in December of 1999 as a joint venture between RealLands and Taff Systems, Ltd. 3D4W's mission is to create the cross-platform standard that enables 2D and 3D graphic development and deployment over wireless devices. 3D4W's target market is the carriers, gateway service providers and data centers that control access to wireless subscribers. 3D4W provides developers and publishers with tools, and provides Carriers and GSP’s with server software that, working together, enables the delivery of content to consumers. The explosive growth of wireless devices and supporting services provides a unique opportunity to create a technology platform that brings these devices together under a single API to create a large market for content.

Up and Atom (Scottsdale, AZ & Santa Clara, CA) focuses on identifying, actively participating and investing in companies that impact the software, internet, wireless communication and bio-tech industries. It concentrates on opportunities which leverage strong Intellectual Property to increase earnings, valuations, revenue and growth.

Up and Atom’s goal is to create value for technology ventures and investors by utilizing our unique knowledge management process to focus on the three core components of a successful venture: Opportunity Development, IP Asset Enhancement and Business Management.

Through a hands-on approach, Up and Atom builds successful companies with strong business foundations that attract talent, business and investors. Our seasoned management teams provide guidance and participate in the development of creative management solutions, best business practices, financial planning and strategic business expansion.

Up&Atom! teams have the crucially needed exposure and experience necessary to interact in all aspects of the technical industry. Our network of strategic partners and professionals will provide the forward momentum, reach and real-world expertise essential to develop and deploy successful business ventures. The application of these resources fosters emergent valuations and the growth of technology ventures at any stage. Up&Atom! focuses on Arizona and California ventures and has offices in Scottsdale and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Proposed Capital Structure / Distribution:



Content Provider (Anvil Studios, etc.)


Greg Robleski


Yuric Hannick


Up and Atom


Other Mgmt Reserve


Other Investor(s)




Use of Funds Chart:

Amount of Raise:


Uses of Funds:

Personnel Expense


Content Acquisition


Content Production


Content Management Services Platform cost




Other G&A Expense



Contingency Fund / Reserve


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