Software Engineer Tareq Aiman

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Software Engineer

Tareq Aiman

Worked as software developer in top software companies and achieved good recognitions from co-workers and clients. Worked 6+ projects over 2 years span which are estimated to have thousands of users working on daily. Moreover, I am passionate to learn and grow.

C / PHP / JavaScript
Bootstrap / jQuery / Ajax
OOP / Problem Solving
Git / Gitlab / Version control
PSD to HTML / Responsive Design
VSCode / Jira / Slack
MS office (Word, Excel)
Team collaboration
Project managing

Software Engineer (Backend) at ZORG IT & Tech

    • Designed front-end, developed APIs and hosted web applications in the required environment according to client needs.

    • Implemented special features to satisfy clients’ every day usage and easy to handle functionalities.

    • Had meetings with team and clients to ensure best project managing criteria are met while developing projects.

    09/2021 – 09/2022

Laravel Developer – Intern at ZORG IT & Tech

    • Worked on projects using Laravel knowledge gained in classes to fix bugs and achieved development recognition by designing and implementing special project during internship.
    06/2021 – 09/2021 CHATTOGRAM

Rifat Hossen Riday, 01521401417
Software Engineer, NZ-WORLD Sdn Bhd
Ahmad Muztaba, 01521401219
Software Engineer, SELISE Digital Platform

TravelDiay: (Relevant with ZORG IT & Tech)

  • Worked on building REST APIs and took part as project manager. Also held meetings
    with client and front-end team on a regular basis.

  • Built special features according to clients’ needs such as admin, agent, sub-agent
    separate authorization; ticket booking, generating tickets, managing loans and payments,
    quick import/export in csv/pdf, admin control over all transactions etc.

Other projects: 09/2020 – 10/2022

  • Odoo-clone - relevant with zorg.

    Bsc. in
    Computer Science and Engineering
    with CGPA 3.268 from
    American International University Bangladesh
    09/2017 – 03/2022
    Bonik - relevant with zorg. Online business.

  • Kinder - personal social media clone project.

  • 10ml - online learning portal.

  • Timber - online business.

Download 115.49 Kb.

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