650+ Best Prompts for Chatgpt (Ultimate List for 2023)

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Best Chat GPT Prompts
Best ChatGPT Prompts for Writing a Novel

650+ Best Prompts for ChatGPT (Ultimate List for 2023)

Writing Tips / By Christopher /
ChaptGPT is a phenomenal ai tool that has completely disrupted every industry.
There is so much you can do with this tool (it’s kinda crazy). In this guide, I’ve collected and curated over 500 of the very best prompts for ChatGPT for nearly every topic and use case.
Read through to find your favorites, then come back and save this collection of ChaptGPT prompts for when you need them.
Here are the best ChatGPT cheats, hacks, and advanced prompt engineering.

The Best ChatGPT Prompts (My Personal 10 Favorite)

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I made this image – Best prompts for ChatGPT
I thought we would start with the best ChatGPT prompts.
These are prompts I have used, tested, and absolutely believe are game-changers.
First, I’ll list the plain prompts (the patterns you can copy), then I’ll follow up with tons of examples so that you truly understand their potential.
Keep in mind that prompts can be commands, questions, statements, and even topics.
The best ChatGPT Prompts:

These are my favorites because they are so versatile and apply to almost any topic.
You can ask ChatGPT to act like an expert in anything (gardening, pets, SEO, relationships, etc). Additionally, you can ask it to be a translator, interviewer, travel guide, motivational coach, or chef.
You can target any audience (18-24-year-old single dads, new moms, book lovers, etc).

Download 278.85 Kb.

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