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qualityculture Ltd is a business focused company who provides effective training in Leadership. Our aim is to enable people to become more effective, have more satisfying personal and business lives and achieve better business results. We were established in 2000 and are an accredited ILM and CMI centre.

We would like to present to you our

7 day NLP Coach and Time Line TherapyTM (Creating Your Future Coach) Practitioner Course

The top line is, if you are a better person and a lot more effective you will be a better business leader and more value to your organisation or own business. Firstly, here is what the Director of Resources at West Midlands Police has to say:

I recently attended Steve Kay’s Personal Leadership Programme and can honestly say it is the best thing I have done in a long time. I signed up for the course expecting to learn the basics of Leadership and maybe take away some useful techniques. What is still amazing me a week later is how much my expectations were exceeded and the positive impact the seven days with Steve has already had on my life. A broad grin covers my face when I think about the impact this is going to have on the rest of my life – both in my career and at home!

So, as well as learning about Leadership and how to use it, what else did I get out of the course? Most importantly I feel my mind has been cleaned up and refreshed. I feel able to maintain a positive approach in any circumstance, and I am now more relaxed and calmer than before. There is much more clarity to my decision making, which is saving me huge amounts of time and worry. I’m able to look at events in different ways and find myself looking for the positive angle, not moaning about how bad it is.
This may be hard to believe, but I feel more relaxed, refreshed and refocused than following any holiday I have been on!

But that’s not all. Steve included in the course a really powerful input on career values, which had everyone re-thinking what is important to them, and combined this with goal setting so we all had the tools to achieve the goals we set. In our busy lives these days there is rarely the chance to think clearly about what really matters to you and put together some practical, real goals to help you achieve it.

What’s really great about this course is that the skills you learn are not just about work and careers. I’ve used the techniques with my children and now bed time is calmer, my son’s spelling has improved and I find it easier to get the kids to do what I want them to by using more effective language. And aside from the Leadership content, I got to spend a week with a group of fantastic people and share with them an amazing journey of discovery and enjoyment. Steve clearly cares about making sure the group bonds well and everyone contributes fully. The result is you get to practice techniques in a friendly, supportive environment and your confidence in your ability grows rapidly. 

And finally, I couldn’t summarise the course without thanking and recognising the talent of Steve. He combines a vast knowledge of Leadership with powerful demonstrations, a friendly approach and a genuine desire to see people on the course learn, develop and get the most out of the week. Thanks for making my life even better!
In short, this course is simply brilliant!
David Wilkin
Director of Resources West Midlands Police

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What is Neuro Linguistic Programming?

NLP was created by John Grinder and Richard Bandler in 1975. Their goal was to discover why some people produced excellent results and then create models to allow other people to assimilate the same processes. Over the years many people were modelled and a host of techniques were developed. So NLP is about modelling excellence with a large number of ‘Apps’ for communication, rapport, goal setting, getting rid of fears and negative emotions, internal conflict and blockages in our thinking, which may hold us back.

Neuro Linguistic Programming teaches you how to use parts of the brain you may not have realised were available. Rather like having Apps on your phone you don’t use or downloading new ones to help you think and behave differently. Simply put, Neuro means our brain; Linguistic, how we talk to ourselves and others; and Programming is how we operate and run behaviours on automatic pilot.

NLP has many definitions, and the best explanation is that it is an instruction manual for the mind. It is a collection of useful processes based upon how people communicate both verbally and non-verbally. It is a study of how we think, behave and use language to record our experiences. It’s about noticing how language influences how we feel and behave towards ourselves and each other. NLP is about understanding excellent behaviour and utilizing the processes for ourselves. By doing this we can learn how to change easily. This is important for all areas of life and certainly in personal growth, change is constant and guaranteed!

The applications for NLP are infinite, in any human interaction there is a use for NLP.

Why Coaching with NLP?

Because people have to achieve more and get better results, improve customer service and improve profitability. Coaching is more cost effective than recruiting people who already have the ability and confidence to make things happen and it stimulates individuality, empowers employees to take responsibility for themselves and take action to achieve organisational goals.

In order to have the confidence to perform at the level you require your managers need to clean up their mental software, get rid of blockages they have and be able to make effective decisions and follow through.

the opponent within one’s own head is more formidable than the one on the other side of the net” Tim Gallwey The Inner Game of Tennis 1970.

This course meets and exceeds the International Coaching Federation core competencies and is a business solution delivered by trainers who have used the materials to produce results in their own business and with others. Essentially it teaches the latest thinking in personal change and development.

What is Time Line TherapyTM or Creating Your Future CoachingTM?

Created by Dr Tad James in the 1980’s, Time Line TherapyTM or Creating Your Future CoachingTM is a very powerful tool for getting rid of negative emotions and limiting beliefs and can be used to alleviate and remove anxiety, stress and depression. We also learn how to put really compelling goals in a client’s future.

How does the course work?

On booking your course with us, you will receive pre course study material which consists of 18 audio
recordings, a Practitioner Level course manual, an online Coaching Handbook and a text book on
Coaching. The audios are narrated by your trainers Steve Kay and Sheila Patel especially for the course
and are very comprehensive in their content of NLP Coaching at Practitioner Level. The great thing is the
audios should be listened to as background ‘noise’ – you don’t have to sit and pay attention to
them. They are designed to be listened to whilst driving, exercising and so on. They can be just on in the
background, and incredibly the information is absorbed easily – you’ll be surprised just how easy it is. We suggested you listen to the CDs twice through as part of your pre course study. There is also an open book certification test as part of this pre course work which must be completed and passed before you attend the 7 day face to face training – this will take just over a day to complete. We will mark this test and return it with feedback before the start of your programme.

The face to face 7 day course allows you to put into practice everything you have learned and you will be continuously assessed throughout the training. You will have ample opportunity to apply all the knowledge and do the techniques with guidance and instruction. Our trainings are designed to ensure you achieve excellence in NLP and this is done through a process of continuous assessment during the pre-course study and live training. On completion of this course you will be an ABNLP accredited Certified NLP Practitioner and NLP Coach and a TLTA accredited Time Line TherapyTM Practitioner. These certifications have got a worldwide recognition and with our certificates, you will be eligible to join the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (almost certainly the largest NLP board in the world!) and the Time Line Therapy Association.

The American Board of NLP is the world’s largest organisation in the field of NLP with over 60,000 members worldwide. It was established by Tad James who was the second pupil of Bandler & Grinder (co-founders of NLP). Tad has since added major techniques, knowledge and awareness that has expanded NLP and it’s usability worldwide – namely, Time Line TherapyTM Techniques, Parts Integration, Quantum Linguistics are just some techniques Tad devised – the only other individual to contribute so heavily to NLP since Bandler & Grinder.

Pre and post course support

You will always be supported by qualityculture both prior to your course and following your programme. Once you’ve attended the course, you can at any time attend future courses free of charge – to revisit techniques, catch up with us, or just have fun and post course support is always available, by email or phone. That way, if you have any queries about clients, techniques and so on, we are here to help. NLP Coaching and Therapy is growing in reputation due to its effectiveness. Our focus is always on quality information and training – we don’t cut corners or cram in material or rush through the course and by the way – we know how to have fun while we’re doing it!

Who is it for?

Senior Managers, Leaders, Coaches, Trainers who are open to new ways of thinking and up and coming talent who have the potential to deliver results. Essentially anybody who is prepared to be stretched and who would like to achieve more. Previous delegates have come from a variety of backgrounds including:

  • Coaching

  • Human Resources

  • Sports

  • Local & Central Government

• Education
• Learning & Development • Medical Health & Fitness

Programme Content

By the end of the programme delegates will be able to coach people effectively and be able to use NLP & TLT tools with the person they are coaching. Also, any trainers will have a whole set of new course materials for their repertoire.

Key themes include:

  • Business Case for coaching

  • Coaching versus mentoring, consulting and leadership

  • Performance coaching and personal effectiveness

  • The GROW model

  • NLP Language techniques, questioning to understand the coachee’s model of the world

  • Coaching plans and coaching cycle

  • Tasking and goal setting

  • Career values and internal drivers (What our unconscious drivers are)

  • Creating your future techniques and goal setting

  • Creating Rapport

  • Personal Responsibility

  • Anchoring, Behaviour change techniques

  • Getting rid of internal conflict in decision making or action

  • Limiting belief change

  • Eliciting how ‘buyer’ makes a decision

Day One: Coaching with NLP

  • The Business Case for Coaching.

  • Coaching versus Mentoring, Consulting and Leadership.

  • The NLP Communication model.

  • How ‘state’ effects performance.

  • Ethics for Coaching.

  • Rapport Building techniques and Representation Systems. 

Day Two: The Inner Game – The way the mind shapes our reality

  • The way the mind interprets meaning.

  • Submodality Limiting Belief Change.

• SWISH pattern for removing contextualised negative states.

Day Three: Language and interpretation and use

  • Language techniques, questioning to understand the Coachee’s model of the world.

  • How to read between the lines and work out if the Coachee is taking responsibility for the situation.

  • Chunking up and down.

  • Using language level to build rapport and for negotiation.

  • Abstract language in business and effective use of Milton language patterns.

  • Effective use of business metaphors. 

Day Four: Coaching Practice

  • The GROW Model.

  • Performance coaching and personal effectiveness

  • Coaching plans and coaching cycle.

  • Tasking and goal setting

  • Career values and internal drivers (What our unconscious drivers are)

  • Coaching Practice 

Day Five: Creating Your Future techniques and Anchoring

  • Anchoring techniques to create resource anchors and Chaining Anchors to get rid of procrastination on starting things

  • Creating your future techniques to get rid of blockages and limiting beliefs (such as ‘I am not good enough’, ‘making 
money is hard’, ‘I’m not meant to be successful’ etc.) opening a whole new range of possibilities for your future 

Day Six: Removing inner conflict for decision making

  • Phobias and fears model as part of certified NLP Practitioner requirements.

  • Parts Integration to remove inner conflict and make decision making easier.

Day Seven: Eliciting Buyer Decision strategies and Goal Setting

  • Understanding the way we decide to buy something or decide to do something which follows a thinking pattern and which can be ‘fed back’ in order to be get the person to buy your idea or make a sale.

  • Understanding more about tasking and goal setting and how this changes the neurology of the Coachee and allows them to create new patterns of effective business behaviour and results.

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Standard Course Price £1600 + VAT (£1920)
We are encouraging delegates to make a commitment to their company or manager that following the course they will be able to undertake a task or project that would previously been beyond their capability/belief/confidence or comfort zone. The achievement of this will provide a return on investment for the course. We will then support them on this during the programme and provide telephone support following the course until the task is complete.
We also recognise that some people will be paying for the course themselves so payment can be made in interest free instalments while you have the benefit of working on through the pre course study material.
To book courses or for further information, please contact:

Lorna Maskell lorna@qualityculture.co.uk 0771 902 8480

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