9-sinf uchun 1-Nazorat ishi

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mirzo ulubek sho va olim, 9-sinf-chorak
2-Nazorat ishi
Mavzu: The world of work

Nazorat shakli: Test.

1. Complete the sentences:

I don’t like swimming because …. .

a). I like team games c). I’m not very tall e). I’m a pupil

b). I’m afraid of water d). I’m not agree

2. My brother and I can’t go to the football match, so …..

a). to do karate too. c). we love football. e). for her school

b). we are going to watch it on TV. d). they love tennis

3. Sport …. …. Because it makes us healthy.

a). is dangerous b). afraid of water c). makes me strong d). is good for you

4. At the end of the day I am very tired but … …

a). I keep working there c). I can’t tired

b). I teach five classes d). I like rest e). I like my job

5. I’m good at …..

a). telling jokes b). sport c). be aggressive d). speaking in Spain

6. Choose the verbs:

Everybody …. have computers at home in the future

a). shall b). will c). would d). should e). must

7. In the morning the letters are …. by postman.

a). collects b). collecting c). collected d). clean e). taking

8. I didn’t have my breakfast because I …. late.

a). come b). stay c). will ring d). shall go e). got up

9. The tourists …. …. a museum now.

a). are visiting b). visit c). visited d). will visit e). have visited

10. When I came, my brother and sisters … for me.

a). are waiting b). will wait c). would wait d). were waiting E. have waited

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