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Powell WH Syllabus
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World History Class Syllabus

This course fulfills one of the Social Science requirements towards graduation. We begin the class with early humans and cover the history of the world up to post World War II. Assignments will be given on a daily basis. Time will be allotted during class to complete all work. In order to succeed the students must stay current with the work, as well as thoroughly read all assigned material.

Types of assignments

Readings from the textbook / other sources

Vocabulary and questions for analysis

Analysis of Primary Source Documents

Document Based Questioning (DBQ)

Geography / Map Skills

Guided Reading Skills

Video Analysis

Essay Writing
Every 2-3 weeks we will have a DBQ / Written Assessment. The Assessment will consist of a 3 to 5 Paragraph Thesis Essay. Students will be given a detailed writing prompt, and all of their previous assignments will be returned to them. They will be given class time to complete the Assessment.
Course Supplies

Assigned textbook World History-Patterns of Interaction

2- pocket folder

Writing utensil

World History: Patterns of Interaction is organized into the following units:

Unit One-Beginnings of Civilization (4MM BC to 200 BC)

Unit Two-New Directions in Government and Society (2000BC-AD 700)

Unit Three-An Age of Exchange and Encounter (500-1500)

Unit Four-Connecting Hemispheres (900-1800)

Unit Five-Absolutism to Revolution (1500-1900)

Unit Six-Industrialism and the Race for Empire (1700-1914)

Unit Seven-The World at War (1900-1945)

Unit Eight-Perspectives on the Past (1945-Present)
If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to either call me at 525-3080 (ext. 290) or email me at
Thank you for your support!
David Powell

Social Science Department
Download 110 Kb.

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