91st and 71st International Board Self Evaluation Survey

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91st and 71st International Board Self Evaluation Survey
Due January 15th, 2015

Please answer all these questions completely (limit to 300 words per questions, please) and submit them online at bbyo.org/azabbg/elections/self_evaluation.

Short Answer General Questions – All candidates should answer these questions.
(Position specific questions can be found below.) 

  1. What does it mean to be a Jewish leader? How will you employ Jewish values in your work on Grand/International Board?

  2. Do you feel that your chapter/council/regional/country BBYO leadership is strong enough and will be able to successfully function without you as a key leader? How have you left your chapter/council/regional/country stronger than the way you found it?

  3. Does your family support you in your declaration and understand the impact this commitment will have on your time and other responsibilities next year?

  4. What is your relationship like with BBYO staff at home and at international/summer programs? Share an example of your positive working relationships with BBYO professionals.

  5. Serving on the Grand/International Board requires being a positive role model who sets an example to the tens of thousands of members worldwide. Please give an example of when you inspired others around you to follow your lead.

  6. What role do you play while working in a group? How do you foresee positive relationships with your counterparts, co-position, and international staff? Articulate a specific example of a positive team effort that you spearheaded or were a part of.

  7. Have you served on your council/regional/national Board? Have you ever been a position that is parallel to the one you are considering running for? How do you feel your performance was on council/regional/national Board? If you have not served on this level, how do you plan to make up for this lack of experience?

  8. You will be overseeing hundreds of chapter counterparts throughout the year. Have you ever served a term on chapter board for the position you are aspiring to? If so what did you bring to the position? How will you use that experience to help your chapter counterparts if elected? What is the most important lesson you can teach your counterparts?

  9. Have you been to the summer program that your position has the potential to coordinate? What are some lessons you learned? How did the experience impact you?

  10. Why do you want to run for Grand/International Board? What unique qualities will you bring to the Grand/International Board?

  11. Can you attend all International Board meetings and International Convention 2015 and 2016?

Questions for Grand Aleph Godol/International Nʼsiah Candidates

  1. What experience do you have managing peers? Name a specific successful example of your managerial leadership. How do you envision you will lead the 91st or 71st International Boards?

  2. The Grand Aleph Godol and International Nʼsiah travel constantly. What could you do before, during, and after your visit to make it a valuable and meaningful experience for each community?

  3. Are you comfortable spending hours on buses, trains, and planes by yourself? Are you comfortable meeting frequently with complete strangers in cities across the world? Give us an idea as to what kind of ambassador for BBYO and the Jewish community you would be if elected.

  4. AZA and BBG are moving forward with a renewed emphasis on the chapter. A strong, expanding grassroots will build a bolder, larger Order. How will you sustain and grow the focus of AZA and BBG’s International Order on the chapter as the foundation of our Movement?

  5. Provide some insight into how you set goals, work toward goals and achieve those goals. The year will be defined by metrics and tangible results that the Movement is working toward. How will you inspire AZA and BBG to reach and exceed the objectives that we work toward next year?

Questions for Grand Aleph Sʼgan/International Sʼganit Candidates:

  1. What defines a strong program? Why is strong programming vital to a chapter’s or region’s success?

  2. The Grand Aleph Sʼgan/International Sʼganit is tasked with strengthening programming throughout BBYO across the world. How will you build our Orderʼs programming from the chapter level up?

  3. What kind of strategies would you employ to strengthen our movementʼs programming that would yield real results?

  4. What is your vision for BBYO International Convention 2016?

Questions for Grand Aleph Moreh/International Aym HaChaverot Candidates:

  1. Which teen demographics could we be marketing membership to better? How would you do it?

  2. Statistics show that nearly half of Jewish teens view becoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah as an exit point from Jewish life. How would you leverage chapter Morim to better strengthen the prospect pipeline from B’nai Mitzvah through middle school to 8th grade membership eligibility?

  3. Although new AZA and BBG chapters are blossoming in many cities, there are still many communities AZA and BBG have yet to tap into. How will you work to lay the foundation for AZA and BBG in new areas during your term?

  4. Every year, there are members who do not renew their membership. What new strategies would you implement to boost retention across all grades?

Questions for Grand Aleph Mazkir/International Mazkirah Candidates:

  1. There has been incredible growth across BBYOʼs global network over the past few years. What are specific strategies you would employ to unite BBYO worldwide so that members everywhere understand the power of the movement of which they are a part?

  2. For new members as well as teens that haven’t been exposed to international programming, how will you ensure that every Aleph and Bʼnai Bʼrith Girl is aware and informed of international programs and movement wide initiatives?

  3. AZA/BBG Shabbat, J-Serve, and our Israel efforts are just a few examples of things that we share across the globe. Choose one of them and provide some strategies around how they could be embraced by chapters worldwide.


Questions for Grand Aleph Shaliach/International Shʼlicha Candidates:

  1. What are the next steps for Stand UP and J-Serve within the global Jewish community? What is AZA/BBGʼs responsibility toward the world and how will that manifest itself in the coming year with our service, philanthropy, and advocacy efforts?

  2. How can AZA and BBG commit to Israel in a meaningful and exciting way in the coming year? How are these efforts reflected in our values and what’s next for our Speak UP for Israel campaign?

  3. BBYO is unique to other Jewish youth movements because we are pluralistic. How can we leverage Judaic programming to engage more Jewish teens and inspire them to join AZA and BBG?

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