A compare the strengths and weaknesses of the Single member plurality electoral system with those of one other system. As part of your answer, you must explain how the two electoral systems work. Which do you think is the best system?

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Crisis Situations : The crisis can be of different types, it could be disruption of peace within country or with the outside world or it could be pandemic or epidemic or anything else that can disrupt the normal occurrence of events within the country. In case of wars and internal violence with countries the government have to take decisions for safety of people therefore the resources are employed towards defense. Similarly in case of pandemic or epidemic situation like Corona situation in recent times, it lead to shift of government towards health care facilities of country and almost every single economy was affected by it. These crisis situations not only slow down the growth of economies but they take economies few years back. These crisis situations are major barriers to developing countries.

Corruption : Corruption is the serious threat to the development of any country. Due to corruption some proportion total of money i.e. black money doesn't flow in the economy which means the taxes to that money are also not paid. This effects the economy directly as while calculation of total income earned each year, black money remains out of count. For Government less income is generated from taxes due to corruption, so the policies are planned accordingly and if in case corruption is more, the income of government is further less so the policies may not be planned keeping development in mind with very less income. Corruption is also a serious issue for developing countries.

Unemployment : Unemployment is the wastage of human resource within the economies it further causes Social unrest and conflicts. Due to unemployment the net income generated within a country is less or not being generated to full potential and the disposable income within the families diminish and overall output of economy keeps decreasing. Therefore the focus of government is shifted towards the less important factors than development of economy.

Illiteracy : Uneducated people in any economy couldn’t perform the jobs that require knowledge and skills, the only option for those people are jobs as laborers which are not well paid so the overall income in illiterate countries is less. If literacy level is high it not only increases the flow of income but also attracts foreign investments as many companies search for economies with skilled labor. The government of literate economies can focus on development of industries as they have enough skilled labor in the country to handle those industries.

In order to tackle these barriers government of developing countries follow the development models to increase the pace of development in their economies. Two of those development models are following:

Asian Model of Development

This was the development model used by the countries like Singapore, South Korea, Japan etc. This model is also known as State-sponsored capitalism, under this system the government of these countries invested in some of the sectors within economy to stimulate the development of new industries in Private Sector. The features of this model were that the economies were highly dependent on export market, the finances were state owned and the cultural factors played an important role in the development of Asian countries. Moreover this model worked for both democratic and non democratic countries.
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