Abba atlantic 3609 dj-"voulez-vous" 3: 45 and 5: 08 versions m- 4 see pic sleeves for many abba imports!!!

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ABBA atlantic 3609 dj—“voulez-vous” 3:45 and 5:08 versions m- 4 SEE PIC SLEEVES FOR MANY ABBA IMPORTS!!!

TERI ALLEN canadian american 149 dj—poor little puppy/goodnight, it’s time to go vg+ 6 ballads, ms teener/redo Spaniels

THE ALLISONS [columbia 42034dj] words/blue tears m- xol 5 midt duets, with Buddy Holly “feel”

“AMERICAN BLUES FESTIVAL” [JUKEBOX EP - **EMPTY COVER ONLY**] for cuts from Decca album m- 4

CARL ANGELICA…VEL-VETTES dalva 6566—we belong together/when a girl falls… m- 5 early 60s Lou.-swampish ballads

THE APOLLOS AND PAUL STEFFEN [cite 5008] you/cry angel cry vg+ 6 mf 60s r&roll/ms group ballad, Milwaukee

FREDDY ARNISH xlp 101 [RED WAX]—frank and johnnie/heart of my heart m- 6 Indiana organ Instru’s RARE

WM. ARNOLD ARPAIA, THE BABYLONIANS vandalia 120—marriage/the shoe string polka m- 5 vanity label

121—when you came back I knew/the schutzen… m- 4 124—heaven was where…/the flying flag forever vg+ 4

ASGARD threshold 67010 dj—children of a new born age/friends m- 5 mf rock/midt progressive, 1972

ATLANTA RHYTHM SECTION mca 40719 dj—all in your mind/same m- 3 nonchart in middle of Polydor releases. What??

AUTOMATIC MAN island 063—my pearl/newspapers m- 4 midt/slow Progressive Rock

THE AWAKENING ECHOES [peacock 3002] heavenly vision/in my distress m- 4 female gospels, midt/fast

BADGE exhibit 4600—getting’ in over my head/it’s straight ahead m- 5 midtempo 1970 era, rock – Janus distrib.

DOC BAGBY end 1075 dj—shim shimmy/drifting vg+ considerable label fade 4 fast sax-gui-organ Instru’s

VICKY BAKER [london 9661dj] yutta-tutta/I am what I am m- 3.50 mf rock & rollish &horns/ballad, 1963-4 era

BILLY BARNES united artists 148—if you only knew/you’d have… vg 4 ballad/midslow, 1958

THE BARRACUDA rca 47 9660 dj—the dance at st. francis/lady fingers vg+ 6 mf 60s, RARE Bubbling Under Chart item

THE BEACON STREET UNION mgm 13865 dj—south end incident/same vg+ 6 good, slow heavy rock

THE BELL BOYS era 3026—are you for me/I love thee vg+ sol 6 midt teener ballad +soliloquy/midslow

JESSE BELVIN modern 1015—don’t close the door/by my side vg+ 6 midt ballad/mf r&rollish with sax break

BESTKISSERSINTHEWORLD mca 7p2936—bleeder/ohio/sweet pea m- 5 **1994, RED WAX**

BETHLEHEM BAPTIST CHURCH CHOIR peacock 3105—rock my soul/if everybody… m- 5 slow fem. gospel group sides

BITS ‘N’ PIECES [PHILIPPINES dyna 7509] happy birthday/(instr.) vg 6 slow narration to midfast Instrumental

BLACK CLAW [revolver 61001 dj] good times/sally m- wol 7 GREAT fast 1971 era rock, never saw before? two-sider

BLACK OAK ARKANSAS atco 6829—lord have mercy on my soul/uncle lijiah m- 4 mf/fast rocks

BOFFALONGO united artists 50699 dj—dancing in the moonlight/endless questions m- #ol 5 midt/ms rocks, 1970

BRAVE BELT reprise 1083 dj—dunrobin’s gone/another way out m- 4 midt rock, pre-B.T.O. Bachman

THE BRIMSTONES world pacific 77834 dj—cold hearted woman/in the nursery vg+ 5 midt 60s, guitar break

BROOK BROTHERS london 10501—ain’t gonna wash for a week/one last kiss m- 6 midt/mf r&rollish 60s

BROS [ENGLAND, cbs #ATOM 3, m- PS, and “DROP THE BOY” 3 buttons] drop the boy/ m- 5

THE BROS. BOGAARDT [CAVERN 2214] riders in the sky/river you must flow m- 5 A-side midfast vocal redo, very cool

AL BRUMLEY capitol 4573—I don’t thrill you anymore/not mine m- wol 6 mf country-pop, Gui. break/slow

BRYAN abc 11131—yesterday was mine/learn to love m- wol 6 ms/midt, flip Group sunshine pop

DAVID BRYANT imperial 66406 dj—my dashiki/the underdog vg+ 6 midt heavy soul-rock/slow moody rock, early 70s

BUCKWHEAT super-K 12 dj—radio/goodbye mr. applegate vg+ 6 mf/fast, flip unusual PSYCHISH 60s

“BURNHAM BROS.” [burnham bros. 201] fox, coyote, cat (calling instructions) m- 4 Texas, SURE this is a Starday Custom…

THE BUSYBODIES dial 4039—busybody/the move vg+ 6 mf/midt Instr’s, northern soul flip

FREDDIE CANNON [metromedia 262 dj] if you’ve got the time/same m- 3.50 later rock and roll, SAME GUY as below

THE CARAVANS vee jay 931—what will tomorrow bring/no coward soldier m- 6 Spirituals, ms/raw midfast

THE CAREFREES london intern’l 10615 dj—the paddy whack/aren’t you glad… vg+ 6 girl group, midt r&roll/midslow

THE CARPETBAGGERS chancellor 1099 dj—jada/some of these days m- wol 7 fast r&rollish INSTR’s piano-sax-drums

WOODY CARR jerden 799 dj—just another fool/hey, little one m- 5 midt Garageish guitar, organ-drums break/slow redo

CORKY CARROLL [heavy 1001, BLUE WAX, m- PS] skateboard bill/same m- 5 midfast Alternative rock, Peoria IL, 1977

JEAN CARROLL [bombay 1315] penny pinchin’ blues/my buddy vg+ 4.50 ms/midt Jazz, A-side light blues influence

JOHNNY CASH sun 343—down the street to 301/the story of a broken heart m- sol 8

BILLY CASHER epic 9478 dj—no matter what I do/give her back vg+ wol (A-side label left 20% missing) 5 “Song titles” R&Roll

THE CHADONS [chattahoochee 643] all I do is dream of you/we’re in love vg+ 7 good girl group, mf/ms

CHAKRAS reprise 0837 dj—just with you/things we said today (flip NOT Beatles song) m- 5 midt/ms rocks

CLIFTON CHENIER bayou 716—banana man/pinetop’s boogie woogie vg+ 5 mf Instru/slow zydeco-blues

flashback 57—black gal/frog legs m- 5

THE CHERRY PEOPLE hereitage 815—on to something new/light of love m- 4 midt sunshine pop/mf 60s

THE CHEVRONS time #TAP 1—come go with me/all shook up vg+ 6 Group r&rolls, midt/mf REDO fifties songs

THE CHICAGO LOOP dynovoice 230 dj—richard corey/cloudy m- 6 mf/slow 60s

THE CHIC-LETS josie 919 dj—I want you to be my boyfriend/don’t goof on me m- [WARP, PLAYS OK] 6 great mf Spectorish

CHIMO epic 10770 dj—in the sea/in the sea m- 6 nice mf piano-guitar rock

THE CHUCK-A-LUCKS warner bros 5198 dj—pick up and deliver/long john vg+ #ol sol 6 midt Group harmony r&r’s

JIMMY CLANTON philips 40161—red don’t go with blue/all the words in the world m- 5 ms/mf, flip is r&roll

THE CLINGMAN CLAN [trey 3010 dj] the demise of tom dooley/man about town m- 4 comedy-laughing ANSWER version/slow

BILLY COBHAM atlantic 3250 dj—moon germs/same m- 7 midt rock Instru, COOL and very complex!!!

LENOARD COHEN warner bros 85e27 dj—iodine/true love leaves no traces m- 5 midslows, PHIL SPECTOR PROD. both

CLAY COLE roulette 4280 dj—here, there, everywhere/skip-skip vg+ (WILL CLEAN TO M-) 6 mf/midt, Group backing

THE CONGREGATION laurie 3410 dj—come, come/(theme from come, come) vg+ wol 6 mf sunshine pop – bubblegum

LOUISE CORDET london 9560 dj—in a matter of moments/I’m just a baby vg+ sol 6 flip midfast solo, 1963

THE CREATIONS afco 521 dj—it’s up to you/t’aint it the truth m- 6 Virginia 60s, midt light/Groupish ballad

CROW amaret 1065—time to make a turn/busy day m- 5 midfast Rocks, flip hard rock

CULVER STREET PLAYGROUND seville 142 dj—alley pond park/a decent sort of guy m- 6 bubblegum—sunshine pops

CURBSTONES mgm special 1010 [with M- PS] scrumpdillyishus land/sweet tooth m- 5 presumably Dairy Queen, doesn’t say

CURRENT X CHANGE bell 952—candy man/I don’t wanna hurt anymore m- 4 ms to midt rocks, 1970 era

ROGER DALTREY track mca 40084—thinking/there is love m- 4 rather unusual with flip, midt rocks

mca 40765 dj [with 7 x 7 Lyric sheet] say it ain’t so, joe/same m- 4

RUSS DAMON laurie 3210 dj—pretend/rags to riches m- 6 ballad kind of like PLATTERS/midfast r&rollish

JESSE DAVIS [atco 6825 dj] washita love child/reno street incident m- 4.50 slow soul rock/slow soul

DEAN & MARK [hickory 1227 dj] with tears in my eyes/kissin’ games vg+ 6 midt teener/mf surfish

THE DEB-TONES rca 7384—give it up/rock a bye m- sol 5 mf teener r&roll girls, both sides

THE DELVIKINGS [dot 15571] what made maggie run/little billy boy vg+ 5 great mf r&roll group/

GLORIA DENNIS rust 5049 dj—richie/ask m- 5 teeners, ballad/midfast [HOT 100. GO THERE, TOO. IT’S LOADED!!!]

QUITMAN DENNIS…ESCORTS epic 9724 dj—gale winds/hot tamales m- 6 midt Instru’s, flip is drums-horn-sax r&roll

DIALOGUE jamie 1420 dj—think, father, think/aslon, the lion m- 6 slow sides early 70s, a-side Psychish

CARL DOBKINS, JR. decca 31182—take time out/lovelight [[m- wol]] or [[DJ m- wol]] 5 midt crossover TEENERS

LEE DORSEY [CANADA, CMI 1086] do-re-mi/people gonna’ talk vg+ 4 soul--r&roll, early 60s

THE DRIFTWOODS laurie 3198 dj—the antillean mambo/ferndoc street m- 5 mf r&roll Instr’s, organ-guitar

EL CID AND THE LIMBO TRIX cabot 137—limbo twist/limbo trix vg+ 6 midt, male/fem. teenish r&r with sax/calypso

RAMBLIN’ JACK ELLIOTT reprise 0900 dj—me and bobby mcgee/girl of the north country m- 4 mf/slow-to-mf, redo hits

ENGLISH GYPSY decca 32881 dj—what makes a man a man/let me take you home m- 5 frantic mf rock/ms rock

ESQUIVEL [rca 6135 dj] siboney/hornblowers serenade m- wol 6

[no number, DJ] granada/adios m- wol 5

EUCLID BEACH BAND epic 50584—there’s no surf in cleveland/laugh… m- wol 5 superior 70s surf ballad! Oops wrong lake

THE EVERPRESENT FULLNESS white whale 233—wild about my lovin’/fine and dandy m- coh 4 A-side mf Dylanish 60s!

THE EXPRESSIONS parkway 892dj—on the corner/to cry m- 5 doowop group, midt r&roll/ballad

EXUMA inagua 3—pretty woman/give a little bit of your love m- 5 midt/fast, FLIP is soulish screamer!

FANNY [reprise 0938 dj] nowhere to run/one step at a time m- 4 mf Ike & Tina type funk redo!!/midt. girls

“FIFTH AVENUE PARADE OF STARS” [EP, columbia special 233, and m- Cover] DAVE CLARK 5 (bits…), 3 more vg+ 4

THE FIVE SAPPHIRES [ENGLAND, w. b. 17360] once in a while/falling in love m- 5 LIGHT DOOWOP BALLAD/midfast

THE FLAMINGO’S [1970-ERA REISSUE, checker 846] the vow/shilly dilly m- 4 one of best doowop ballads of all time

FLAMINGOS [1970-ERA REISSUE, 853] would I be crying/just for a kick m- 4

FLESH [avco embassy 4544 dj] heaven and hell/same m- 4.50 (with Avco sleeve) Duet female midt soul rock, early 70s

SAM FLETCHER rca 8076—me and the one that I love/the answer… m- 3 slow/ms ballads

THE FLOATING OPERA embryo 511 dj—the vision/song of the suicides m- 5 mf hard rock

LEFTY FLOYD [soo-ey 9640] red hog rag/the battle at Miami m- #ol 4 fast piano Instr/ms PARODY “battle of new orleans”!!

CHUCK FOOTE [soncraft 401] you’re running out of kisses/come on back vg+ wol 5 ms/mf, GROUP IN FLIP, in Kreiter

TENNESSEE ERNIE [FORD] capitol F2602--kiss me big/catfish boogie vg+ 4.50 flip midfast rocker 1953

JERRY FOSTER back beat 534 dj—lonely one/romeo vg+ sol 6 ballad/rock & roll, midslow

THE FOUR COINS epic 9129—memories of you/tear down the fence vg+ 5 FLIP: they slipped “FUCK” into lyrics…in 1956!!

THE FOUR MINTS decca 30465dj—gold/ruby baby vg+ wol 4 FLIP: mf group harmony r&roll, covering Drifters

THE FOURMOST AUTHORITY: gnp cres. 386—left hand lawyer/dance, dance m- sol 3.50 *SALE* mid/mf 60s garage

THE FOUR PREPS capitol 5687—the girl in the shade of a striped umbrella/let’s call… m- 5

FRAGILE LIME metromedia 266 dj—she got me shakin/happy song m- 5 mf/midt “bigf production” heavy rock-sunshine pop

CONNIE FRANCIS [mgm 12440 dj] no other one/I leaned on a man m- sol 5

JERI LYNNE FRASER columbia 41790dj—poor begonia (caught pneumonia)/catch me m- 5 teeners, answer B. Hyland

FREDDY [GERMANY, polydor 53 381, with m- PS] versunkene traume/alle abenteuer… vg+ 5

FREE island 1212—wishing well/let me show you m- 4 midt/ms rocks

THE FRENCH REVOLUTION [tower 504 dj] Americas/Americas m- 3 midt BIG PRODUCTION, wall of sound type

FRESH MEAT [BELGIUM deram 384, M- PS] never mind the money/candy eyes vg 2 *SALE* WHITE grp. ms soul/mid rock

THE GADABOUTS mercury 70978—to be with you/too much monkey business vg+ wol 7 flip REDO Berry, midfast jiver,

MEL GARRETT red-e 5007—when I go home (what will…)/cookie cookie m- 7 midt/mf 50s, flip Calypso-ish

THE GAS LANTERN rising sons 717 dj—mach I/hoot owl blues m- 7 midt Instru, psychish guitar-drums/midfast

GATHERING beat 211—clown for your love/springtime morning m- 2.50 *SALE* midt blue-eyed soul/ms 60s (or 1970 era?)

GENESIS [ENGLAND, famous charisma 393] man on the corner/submarine m- 5 flip slow Prog. instru.

GEORGIA CLAY sire 4108 j—sherry cherry train/ill never go back… m- 5 midt bubblegum-rock combo/mf

GERRY AND THE PACEMAKERS laurie 3323—walk hand in hand/dreams m- 4 ms/mf, 60s

(11 Year Old) GALE GIBSON rca 47 7564—mister bailey/adonis vg+ (will clean to M-) 7 Teen Ballads

LESLEY GORE mercury 72787 dj—small talk/say what you see vg+ wol 5

crewe 338 dj—why doesn’t love make me happy/same m- 5

THE GRAYS///RONNIE SHAW [bell 154] don’t be cruel///diamonds and pearls m- 6 midt Sax-Gui R&R Instr!!/doowop group

R. B. GREAVES sunflower 128 dj—margie, who’s watching the baby/same m- 5 fast, BUBBLING UNDER item

LEE GREENWOOD mca 52386 dj [with M- PS] God bless the USA/same m- 2 *SALE*

THE GUISE atco 6599 dj—girl, make up your mind/nothing else but love m- 5 midt/slow to midt, 60s

CORNELL GUNTER warner bros 5266 dj—rope of sand/lift me up angel m- 6 A-side midfast black r&roll with group backing


FREDDIE HAMILTON keni 203—if you marry me honey/as long as I’m with you vg+ 3 mf r&rollish/ms solo r&b—jazz flip

LIONEL HAMPTON…DINAH WASHINGTON decca 28059 (2nd Press)—blow-top blues/midnight sun

vg 5 midt, black jazz vocal/instru.

THE HARPTONES ambient sound 02807 dj—love needs a heart/it’s you m- 5 great modern doowop

PEPPERMINT HARRIS jewel 742—markin’ time/bad bad woman vg+ 3 **SALE** fast/midslow blues

DEANE HAWLEY [liberty 55359 dj] pocketful of rainbows/a dream that could never be m- wol 7 teeners

HEART [TEST PRESSING, blank-but-damaged label] “this man is mine” vg+ 5 Titled via affixed Sticker only

THE HEARTBTREAKERS mgm 13129 dj—special occasions/it’s hard being a girl m- wol 6 midt/slow girl group

BOBBY HEBB boom 60017—betty jo from ohio/sam hall jr. m- xol 6 midtempos, horn soul/harmonica-guitar Instru.

HERO lifesong 45004 dj [WITH M- PS] spider-man/same m- 7 mf rock tribute, GREAT full-color “comic type” pic sleeve

HIM & HER bragg 224 dj—too much too soon/everyday I have to cry m- 4 midt 60s rocks, flip redo Alaimo/alexander

EDDIE HODGES aurora 161 dj—hitch hike/the old rag man m- 5 good redo Gaye same tempo/midslow

JOHNNY HOLLIDAY [roulette 4398 dj] yes, yes, yes/one more time vg+ wol 5 ms, girls backing/fast GROUP r&roll

DELLIE HOSKIE…SELVES [noble 1001] the clown/how much can a man take? m- 6 mf funk/ms soul

THE HOT DOGS ardent 2905 dj—another smile/way to get to you m- 5 slow/midt rocks

2906 dj—say what you mean/same m- date wol 4 midt rock

2910 dj—I walk the line/same m- 7 good mf guitar rock

BRIAN HYLAND philips 40306 dj—stay away from her/I can’t keep a secret m- 3 *SALE* midtempos

DERYLL INMAN [LA 0005 dj] funky (PT. 1)/same m- 3.50 mf WALL-OF-GUITARS rock Instr. from 1980 era

INSTITUTIONAL CHOIR OF … [atlantic 7558 dj] if you hold out/God is everything to me m- 3 very frantic FUNK/slow , women

IRON BUTTERFLY atco 6712—I can’t help but deceive you little girl/to be alone m- 6

mca 40379 dj—searchin’ circles/pearly gates m- 4 ms to mf rocks

THE ISLEY BROTHERS rca 7787—tell me who/say you love me so vg+ sol 4 mf/midt Group, r&rolls—shouter

WANDA JACKSON capitol 4681—I don’t wanta go/a little bitty tear vg+ sol 6

midt like Ann-Margaret “I Just Don’t Understand”, flip c&w

JAMIE AND THE BLACKHAWKS mgm 13642 dj—candy man/what you’re doing or me m- 4 mf r&r mostly instr/midt 60s

JIMMY JANSEN ace 596 dj—all I think about is you/come back to me vg+ 5 mf r&rollish/slow (not sure I’ve ever seen before)

JEAN-MICHAEL JARRE polydor 14425—oxygene (part 4)/oxygene (part 6) m- 4 GREAT midt/ms synth Instrumentals!!

JELLYROLL kapp 2125—help me over/trying to forget someone too m- 5 great midfast hard guitar rock/slow

JOHNNIE & JOE ambient sound 03410 dj—kingdom of love/same m- 5 doowop duet ballad

BUDDY JOHNSON mercury 71159—I’ve surrendered/slide’s mambo m- 4 ms r&b ballad/fast instrumental

HOYT JOHNSON rca 7731—too shy/eca-la m- sol 7 midfast, A-side crossover teener

TANI JONES mosaic 1002—golly gee (Tape covers logo THIS SIDE)/johnny beatnik vg- 3.50 cutesy midt girl teener/mf

THE CLIFFORD JORDAN GROUP atlantic 5053 dj—de gray goose/take this hammer m- 6 jazz, fast Instr/midt vocal

JOSHUA luv 101—bow down (to the dollar)/peace of mind m- 5 Detroit 1970 era, midt/slow rocks

JERRY KELLER coral 62378—what happens when he comes home/sea shell sherry m- xol 4 ms/mf teeners—r&roll

KATHIE KING sheridan 230—handle with care/shame, shame m- 6 mf teener, girl group backing/ballad

KING CURTIS tru-sound 4306 dj—twistin’ and jivin’/I have to worry vg+ 6 midt jazz instr/SLOW BLUES vocal

THE KITCHEN CINQ decca 32374 dj—she’s so fine/the minstrel m- considerable wol 6 mf/midt 60s

KITT ‘N’ KORY warwick 523dj—first star/across the moon m- wol 4.50 ms/midt teeners

MARK MOOGY KLINGMAN capitol PRO 6516 dj—making the rounds at midnight/same m- 4 midt rock, Todd Rundgren prod.

CLEO LAINE laurie 3137 dj—you’ll answer to me/I only have eyes for you m- 5 nice ballads

LA LUPE tico 513 dj—cantando/la plena buena m- 5 ballad/fast salsa

BARBARA LANTZ phil tone 1103—tall boy/wishing ring m- 5 teener ballad/midfast, early 60Ss

LENNY “L L records” 7803—bingo baby/cactus seed m- 5 light novelty/good mf Guitar Instru. (countryish)

THE LEONARD FAMILY pip 8929—once you understand/it won’t happen again m- 3 midt, the antidrug song/rockish

LETTIE AND JUNIOR cub 9101 dj—blues in the night/coming back home to you vg+ sol 6 mf/midt r&rolls

JIM LEWIS & THE CHECKERS bomp! 131—money honey/one nite stand m- 3.50 Rocker-R&Roll, mf REDO/mid

JIMMY LEWIS [era 3151dj] wait until spring, i/ii m- 4 midt soul r&roll/soul ballad

LION mainstream 724 dj—in my youth/same m- 3.50 fast 1970-71 era guitar group rock

LITTLE ANTHONY & THE IMPERIALS end 1074—only sympathy/I’m taking… [[m- 7]] [[DJ m- 7]] Grp. ballad/midt r&r

LITTLE LESTER AND THE REDNECKS tuneless 4364—mack the knife/blue greens…vg+ 5 mf/midt Instr’s Jazz-R&B

THE LOAFERS decca 31508—tootsie’s orchid lounge/biggity-big m- 6 midtempo 60’s

LAURIE LONDON AND GITTE///…FOUR JACKS roulette 4176 dj—“boom-ladda…”/pretty eyed baby vg+ 4 fast/mf

THE LONDON CHYMES philips 40284 dj—don’t take away your love/look at me m- 6 midt light 60s, flip redo Holly, Germany

CLAUDINE LONGET a&m 864 dj—good day sunshine/the look of love m- 4 redo BEATLES/Dusty Springfield

THE LOVE AFFAIR date 1652 dj—bringing on back the good times/another day m- 6 midt polished 60s rock/midt hard rock

NELLIE LUTCHER decca 29464—it’s been said/please come back vg+ 6 mf/slow

GLORIA LYNNE everest 19373—condemned without trial/dreamy m- 4 midslow/slow

LONNIE MACK elektra 45652 dj—save your money/in the band m- 4 midt vocals hint of northern/midfast

MAGNET date 1671 dj—everything/something to remember me by m- 4 midt rock group sides 1969 or 1970

THE MAGPIES abc 10935 dj—twiggy/just a mime m- #ol 6 midt/slow 60s, Dylanish flip

CINDY MALONE rca 7924—weird beard/young marriage vg+ 7 teen r&roll

BARRY MANN red bird 10-015—talk to me baby/amy m- 6 midt with surfish backing/slow

THE MARKETTS world pacific 77899 dj—california summer (people…)/groovin’ time m- 6 mf/midt Instr’s, flip Lat-Jazz-soul

RIC MARTIN condor 103—when will it be/warm one m- 4 midt pop, Black? – on a soul label

JOHN AND BEVERLY MARTYN w. b. 7411dj—can’t get the one I want/go out and get it m- 4

DON MASON “d” 1318—where are you now that we need you ross perot/same m- 3 midt country, 1980 era (Hostages…)

MASON-DIXON buttercup 010—acapulco gold/the bigger they are, the harder they fall m- xol 5 midt/ms

JOHN MAYALL’S BLUESBREAKERS london 20035 dj—suspicions/oh, pretty woman m- 5 mf blues-ish, horns/ms redo

ROYCE McAFEE COMB warner bros. 5397 dj—once there was love/hot links m- 6 flip fast sax – horns r&roll instr.

BROTHER JACK MC DUFF atlantic 5075 dj [with PROMO LETTER] tobacco road/this bitter earth m- 5 ms/slow Instr

THE McGRAW BROTHERS cheltenham 1004—chantrilly lace/time and place m- 6 midt r&rolls, 1964 era?

SCOTTY McKAY ace 603—let the good times roll/little liza jane m- 4 [bad label fade] mf/fast Sax-break R&Rolls, both redo

BARBARA McNAIR coral 61923 dj—bobby/till there was you vg+ sol 6 A-side good mf jiver

CLYDE McPHATTER & THE DRIFTERS atlantic 1019—lucille/such a night m- 4 REISSUE FROM 1980s, classic R&B

BILL MEDLEY (OF…) verve 10569—that lucky old sun/my darling Clementine m- coh 4 flip mf soul r&roll, COOL!

MICHAEL G. AND THE R.K.’s little crow 705—bony maronie/ya ya m- 5 Minnesota 60s, mf R&R redo with break/midt redo

MICKEY MOUSE CLUB RECORDS [#71, M- PS] “We’re the MOUSKETEERS” *NEW* sealed 8 Annette is on sleeve

MIGHTY CLOUDS OF HARMONY simpson274 dj—mother’s prayer/you must confess m- 4 great slow/fast gospel group

RONNIE MILSAP [AUSTRALIA, scepter 2970] denver/nothing is as good as it used to be m- sol 4

MISSISSIPPI BLACK BOTTOM BAOU BAND buddah 246 dj—what makes mary go ‘round/wanna…m- 6 midt CCR type flip

MONDAY BLUES vault 963—do I love you/be my baby m- 4 midt light rock, REDO RONETTES SONGS

THE MOON imperial 66330 dj—john automaton/faces m- 4 midt rock group, guitar/harmony sides

MR. LEE AND THE CADDIES abc 10610 dj—honky tonk song/everybody’s going to…vg xol 3.50 mf/midt r&rs’s +group

MU BAND zephyr 100—let’s go skating/let me come inside m- 3 mf light rock/slow

THE MYSTIC NUMBER…BAND probe 457 dj—beautician blues/st. james… m- much wol 6 Intense heavy mf garage funk/

THE MYSTICS ambient sound 02871 dj—now that summer is here/same m- 4 good 1982 group doowop harmony

THE NEAR BEER BAND cowboy carl 04—ubangi stomp/I’m just… m- sol xol 5 GREAT!! mf RAB echo’y vocal 1981///

RICK NELSON epic 50501 dj—gimme a little sign/same m- 3

A NEW GENERATION imperial 66317 dj—smokey blue’s away/she’s a soldier boy m- 5 midt 60s, garageish flip VIETNAM

THE NEW MARKETTS farr 007—song from M*A*S*H (disco version flip) m- 4 theme, mf disco instrumental

NEW RIDERS OF THE PURPLE SAGE columbia 45978 dj—panama red/same m- large sol 4 ABOUT POT!!

THE NEW SURVIVORS scepter 12227 dj—the pickle protest/but I know m- 6 mf 60s with Farfisa/slow

OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN uni 55348 dj—my old man’s got a gun/just a little… vg+ 5 even THIS, I haven’t seen in years

THE NEXT FIVE wand 1170—mama said/talk to me girl m- 7 mf 60s, A-side surfish

THE NOELS plantation 40 dj—that’s my song/same m- 3.50 midt girls, 1969

LAURA NYRO columbia 44592 dj—save the country/save the country m- 3 midfast original version of the song

OLIVER COOL roulette 4330 dj—I said yeah/give me the summertime vg+ 6 fast/mf r&rollish

OLIVER’S HEAVENLY NEST parrot 325 dj—hey bird/she and my shadow m- 6 mf garageish/midslow 60s

THE O’NEAL TWINS peacock 3021 DJ—my heart is fixed/the Lord is… vg+ 5 mf/slow Gospel group guys

THE ONE EYED JACKS roulette 7025 dj—together we’re in love/california’s calling m- 6 midt to mf sunshine pop

YOKO ONO apple 1839—mrs. lennon/midsummer new york m- 4

1867—woman power/men, men, men m- 4

OPEN ROAD laurie 3575dj—sweet waters/borne by a woman m- 4

ORANGE COLORED SKY people 1007 dj—help [NOT BEATLES]/press a rose m- 6 ms soul rock/mf beach??, early 70s

OSCAR & ROMEO [CANADA, mercury 71768] sassy/come on home vg+ 6 fast sax-piano R&ROLL INSTR A-side

THE OUTSIDERS capitol 5955—I’ll see you in the summertime/and now you want my sympathy m- 5 Nor. flip!!

bell 904—changes/lost in my world m- coh 4 mf/midt, A-side soulish

THE PAGE BOYS whirl, no number—road…/donkey john vg+ 4 mf r&rollish flip, like ’58 era Playmates, Cleveland Ohio

PATTY cap latino 6864—azucardo/demasiado en muy poco m- 5 mf TEENISH with horns/ballad

THE PEACE PIPE parrot 345 dj—if you do what you gotta do/here we go again m- 5 60s, midt light bubblegum/slow

MIKE PEDICIN QUINTET///DE CASTRO… [rca 6847/6862, a/k/a “DJ-96” dj] the hucklebuck/calypso rock/// vg+ wol 6 mf r&r’s

PAUL PEEK fairlane 21005—coming home in the morning/watermelon vg+ 4.50 mf r&rolls, group flip

“THE PERFECT FURLOUGH” [MOVIE] [RED WAX, universal int. 1270] TONY CURTIS/LINDA CRISTRAL interviews vg+ 6

RAY PETERSON [red label, rca Gold Standard reissue, 447 0738] fever/tell laura I love her m- 5

P. F. M. manticore 7003 dj—celebration/same 4.50 GREAT!! fast rock-Progressive with guitars, etc., really cool

EDITH PIAF [GERMANY, columbia C21 346, with M- PS] milord/je sais comment m- 6 early 60s pressing???

PISANO AND RUFF a&m 1207—stop/soon m- 5 midt, strange double-echo vocal/midslow Guitar INSTRU.

GENE PITNEY epic 50332 dj—dedication (a/k/a this song I want to dedicate to you)/same m- 3

50461 dj—it’s over & it’s over (medley)/same m- 3.50 Orbison, J. Rodgers songs

THE PLANOTONES///DELIGHTS a&m 2040 dj—rock and roll is here to stay///maybe m- 5 GREAT fast/slow Doowop redo’s

ROBERT PRICE mercury 72247 dj—I haven’t any money/brown eyed handsome man m- 6.50 mf/fast, GOOD r&r flip Berry

PROCUL HARUM [SPAIN, deram 323] a whiter shade of pale/lime… m- #ol 4 COOL design green & silver label!

PUNCH a & m 1233 dj—while my guitar gently weeps/same m- 3.50 mf rock redo Beatles, soulish

SUZI QUATRO bell 45, 401—48 crash/little bitch blue m- 6

QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE capitol 2670 dj—holy moly/words can’t say m- 5

PRO-6362 (3233) dj—I found love/hope m- 6

RARE EARTH rare earth 5056—big john is my name/ma m- 4 midt soul rock…I don’t remember seeing this at all???

THE RATTLES [GERMANY, philips 345 617—the stomp/zip-a die doo dah vg- 5 midfast Mersey r&roll types

THE REASONS united artists 886 dj—come go with me/hey come on vg+ wol 6 GIRL GROUP, midt 60s, A-side redo of ‘57

DIANE RENAY fontana 1679—hold me, thrill me, kiss me/yesterday m- coh 5 ballad “redo” songs, Beatles flip

GINETTE RENO parrot 40053 dj—beautiful second hand man/forbidden games m- 4 midt “northern” pop/slow

CHARLIE RICH phillips int. 3572—just a little bit sweet/it’s too late midt/ms 5

3584—there’s another place I can’t go/I need your love m- 6 midt, r&rollish/ballad

RICKY & THE RED STREAKS train 111 91—shake, rattle and roll/calendar girl vg+ 5 fast garageish r&r, gui. break/mf, redos

MARTY ROBBINS columbia 40969dj—teen-age dream/please don’t blame me vg+ sol 6 midt teener +group

NICKY ROBBINS strand 25028 dj—love me/no matter who you are vg+ wol 6 mf r&rollish group/ballad, 1961 era

RENEE ROBERTS new phoenix 6198—I want to love you/aching heart m- 4.50 slow/ms pop, RARE BUBBLED UNDER item

ROBIN & JO a&m 1358 dj—chapel of love/let’s stay together m- 5 midt rock redo Dixie Cups/midslow

ROBIN ROBINSON poplar 114—more than anything/please give your love to me m- 6 TEENER, slow group/midt r&roll

THE ROCK & ROLL REVIVAL dunhill abc “SPD-12” dj—blue monday/blue monday m- 3.50 midt light rock redo Domino hit

MILLIE RODGERS ultima 711—troubles (of the world)/slip away m- 4.50 flip GUY MIDFAST GARAGE, guitar break

THE ROLLING STONES [POLAND, tonpress 142] miss you/far away eyes vg 6

RON ROMAN & THE PROPOSITION dot 17264 dj—I’ll be your baby tonight/just let… m- xol 5 midt rockish/midslow ’71 era

JERRY ROSS apex 7763—where is your love/out’er drive vg+ sol 6 midt Instrumentals, odd-unusual, Chicago

ROUTERS mercury 73418 dj—superbird/sack of woe m- date wol 5

THE ROYALETTES mgm 13627 dj—take my love/my man m- 6 slow girl group sides, Big Production

TODD RUNDGREN bearsville 0335 dj—it wouldn’t have made any difference 4:37 and 3:41 versions m- 3 *SALE*

RUSH [CANADA, anthem 017] the spirit of radio/circumstances vg 4

JOEY RUSSELL…MAN joey 1001—the happystix song/happy’s prayer vg+ 3.50 song/narration from WKNB-TV Hartford, 60s

SALT WATER TAFFY buddah 57 dj—sticks & stones/suddenly I see m- 4 midt bubblegum/ms 60s

THE SAN FRANCISCO EARTHQUAKES smash 2117—I feel loved/that same old fat man m- xol 5

ERIK SATIE [EP, london ZCL 7999/8000 dj, small center] “introduction to the electronic spirit of erik satie” m- 6

SAVAGE GRACE  reprise 122 dj—yonder/friends   m- 4   midt rocks, A-side quite HARD, early 70s

SAVOY BROWN parrot 40060 dj—sitting an’ thinking/same m- 3 *SALE*

SCAMBOOZIE reprise 1067 dj—candle’s fire/hung up m- date wol 5 midt soulish—sunshine pop, horns

MURRAY SCHAFF…ARISTOCRATS autumn 101—I’ll be around/love you pretty baby m- 6 FLIP: midt r&r-Jiver with Group

HANK SCHIFTER soul city 774 dj—long john/how or when m- 4 ms/slow

ARMANDO SCIASCIA & HIS ORCH. k-c 101—tiger twist/bi-a-bi chuca vg 5 INSTR, fast sax-drums-horn/midfast

LORI SCOTT ascot 2147dj—mr. runaround/wait a little longer vg+ tol 4 ms/mf teeners

GARY SCRUGGS columbia 44722 dj—house of the rising sun/just a friend m- 6 slow rock redo/ms DYLANISH flip

SHAG UK 49007 dj—loop di love/lay it down m- 6 midt Eurorock group/ms guitar Instr., Jonathan King 1972

SHAKY LEGS paramount 0143dj—back in line/where in the world m- 4 mf rock great guitar break/midt hard rock

RAVI SHANKAR world pacific 77871 dj—pather panchali/gat kirwani m- 5 mf/midt, sitar-tabla Instru.

PAT SHANNON decca 30751 dj—summer’s over/we found love vg+ sol 6 midt teener, r&r with sax/midslow

THE SHIRELLES [ENGLAND, his master’s voice 1019] soldier boy/love is a swingin’ thing vg+ wol 5 original hit issue UK

scepter 12132—I met him on a sunday – ‘66/love that man vg+ coh 3.50 mf Northern redo their early hit///

LOS SICURIS DEL ALTIPLANO [BOLIVIA, lyra 242, vg+ Pic Cover] mariposa/waca waca +2 m- 4 mariachi native Instru’s

THE SILENT MAJORITY detroit star 0774—good news/after hours vg+ 7 midt/slow jazz Instru’s, Detroit 70s

THE SMUBBS monument 1110 dj—rosary anne/mr. open minded m- 5 midt 60s protest rock/fast 60s rock

THE SMURFS: [starland presents 2003, **WITH PS, SEALED in plastic] “a winter’s smurf”

2004—“the smurf champion” 2005—“there’s a smurf in my soup” 2006—“the smurf-eating bird”

$3 each for these individually, or ENTIRE SET FOR $7

THE SOUL SEARCHERS song bird 1140 dj—I made a vow/your friend m- 4 mf lively Group/great slow, Gospels

SOUTH AMBOY PORT AUTHORITY avco embassy 4541 dj—how do you…apples/same m- 5 mf sunshine pop-bubblegum

SOUTHWIND [TEST PRESSING, blue thumb no #] ready to ride/cool green hills… m- 6 rare; crude logo stamped on label

RONNIE SPECTOR AND THE RONETTES buddah 384 dj—lover lover/same vg+ date wol 7 later AND RARE

SPRINGWATER cotillion 44143 dj—I will return/stone cross m- 4 slow/ms instrumentals

STACKRIDGE decca 32923 dj—dore the female explorer/grande piano m- 3 midt rockish, CSNY type harmony/midt rock

STAMFORD BRIDGE monument 1212 dj—chelsea/ossie m- 4 flip midt r&rollish INSTRU with kazoos!! (sports-related)

[STARDAY CUSTOM PRESSING] #1—U. S. ARMY BAND & CHORUS she wore a yellow ribbon/sgt. flynn +1 vg+ 6

STEFF epic 10105 dj—had a dream/I follow the drums m- midt rockish 60s 5

MATT STEVENS cameo 172 dj—jimmy’s girl/it was there all the time vg+ 6 RARE RELEASE NUMBER, midslow ballads

DICK ST. JOHN liberty 55380—“sha-ta”/’gonna stick by you vg+ 3.50 ms/midt teeners

JERRY STREET AND JOE LEAVER best 111dj—please take a pencil/when I open…m- “djwol” 6 flip fast Country Bopper, 50s

THE STRING-A-LONGS dot 16379-- my blue heaven/spinnin’ my wheels m- sol 4 midt r&rollish guitar I’s

BOBBY SUMMERS capitol 4355—little brown jug/twelfth street rag m- “djsol” 4 two mf redo’s, rockin’ guitar

SUNNY AND THE SUNLINERS tear drop 3034 dj—it’s too late/you gave me… vg+ 5 A-side slow, girls backing

SUNNY & THE SUNLINERS 3040 dj—you send me/His greatest creation vg+ date wol 5 midt redo/slow, 1964

THE SUNSETTERS [JUKEBOX five singles set, STEREO, dearborn 7001, m- Pic Slick] “dancing after sunset” cuts m- 4

THE SUZETTES moonglow 225—sky high/somewhere vg+ wol 5 fast instrumental + girls-voiced/ms instr.

THE TALES OF JONATHAN mgm 13727 dj—weird strange girls/same m- 3.50 midfast group 1969 era

THE TAMBOURINES epic 10065 dj—git it!/I wanna live m- 6 midt 60s, Instr/vocal sides

THE TAMS arlen 717—if you’re so smart (why do you…)/deep inside me vg+ 6 midt Group, 1962, Philadelphia

BENNIE THOMAS rca 8593dj—forget it, baby/it’s better to cry today than to cry tomorrow m- sol 4 mf r&rolls

SHARON THOMPSON universal artists – aftermath no. 349/martin luther’s dream vg 5 Madison WI, slow folk-singer songwr.

THRILL paramount 0282 dj—hangin’ around/chase m- 4 mf/fast rock, 1974, boogie flip

TIDAL WAVES hbr 482—farmer john/she left me all alone vg+ 4 *SALE* great mf Garage 60s, Detroit

TIKVA KLEZMER GROUP tikva 33-1 --freilachs, i/ii m- 4 midfast instrumentals, 1960 era??

MEL TILLIS columbia 41986 dj—hearts of stone/that’ where the hurt comes in vg+ sol 6 mf r&roll, sax-guitar break/ballad

TINY TIM reprise 0802—great balls of fire/ vg+ 5 excellent, fast R&ROLL doowopish!! (not novelty at all)

THE TOKENS b. t. puppy 500 dj—swing/a girl named arlene m- 5 #ol Bubbling Under…I think – Group sound, cool

MITCHELL TOROK abbott 140—carribean [sic]/weep away vg+ 6 rare Country hit in 1953, maybe my 3rd copy ever??

BILL TORRIE abc 10188dj—if you let me/everything’s gonna be alright vg+ 4 midt/slow r&rolls

TOULOUSE [CANADA magique 13] don’t play with my heart/catch the first think smokin’ m- 3 midfast sides

THE TRENDS rca 7733—“chug-a-lug”/the beard m- 6 mf/slow guitar-sax r&roll instr’s

TRIUMVIRAT capitol 4700 dj—waterfall/waterfall m- 5 70s progressive group

THE TUXEDOS forte 1414 [yellow Repro or reissue]—trouble, trouble/yes it’s true vg+ 4 GROUP, GREAT ballad flip

CONWAY TWITTY mgm 13149dj—she ain’t no angel/got my mojo working vg+ wol 6 mf/fast, r&rolls 1963

TWO GUITARS, PIANO, DRUM & DARRYL atlantic 2522 dj—he’s my best friend/spaceman’s… m- 5 midt/blues rock slow

THE UNCHAINED MYNDS buddah 111—we can’t go on this way/going back to Miami m- coh 5 60s Garage, Wisconsin

UPROAR east coast 1065—drifting away/one of the boys m- 4 midt rock group, 1973? era

URIAH HEEP mercury 73271 dj—the wizard/why vg+ 5 midt rocks, early release

THE VACANT LOT studio 5 #1003—I’d like to wish her well/miller’s slew vg wol 6 midt 60s, flip soulish & horns (nice)

NANCY VALE “bell” no #, TEST PRESSING –maybe I’m amazed m- 5 HANDWRITTEN LABEL, entirely, REDO BEATLES

DAVE VAN RONK & THE HUDSON DUSTERS verve fol. 5070dj – dink’s song/head… vg+ 4 midt/fast Tom Waits precursor!

THE VIBRATIONS: checker 1038 dj—since I fell for you/may the best man win vg+ wol 5 GROUP, midt/fast r&roll-soul

THE VILLAGERS jcp 1005 – bring me a rose/c. c. rider m- 4 flip mf r&roll 60s redo

THE WAGONMASTERS rca 47 8701 dj—stampede/there’s a woman vg+ coh 6 A-side fast guitar-country R&Roll INSTRU.

DINAH WASHINGTON mercury celebrity series 10033—long john blues/salty papa blues m- 5 RARE, mid-50s reissue

ED WELCH [METAL ACETATE, “dick charles” 4775] I know a place [BLANK FLIP] vg+ 6 midt solo rock, gui. break, early 70s?

WHAIL luv 714—you are what I am/summer holiday m- 5 Detroit, mf 70s rock, different vocal/Instr. songs

TAWNYA WHITE zorch 2002 dj—because he kissed her (in his new Chrysler)/goodnight my darling m- wol sol 6

A-side midt teenish with guitar, song is sort of “a mess” – hear to believe…

JILL WHITNEY coral 61055—the tennessee wig-walk/that old river line m- 5 Teresa Brewer type early r&roll

THE WHO mca 40978 dj—trick of the light/same m- 4

MARTY WILDE [ENGLAND, philips 1161] hide and seek/crazy dream vg+ 6 A-side midfast teener, 1961

CHUCK WILLIS atlantic 1168—betty and dupree/my crying eyes vg+ 4

TOMMY WILLS airtown JB 2 004—born to lose & I can’t… (medley)/funky sax m- 5 flip midt soulish Instru.

SHEB WOOLEY mgm 12467 dj—I won’t come back/plenty of love m- 6 midt to mf light +Group, NOT country NOT R&roll\

DALE WRIGHT fraternity 792—she’s neat/say that you care vg+ (4% label tear) 3.50 *SALE* mf r&roll-rocker/ballad

JIMMY YOUNG london 1723—lovin’ baby/my faith, my hope, my love m- 3 fast pop-JIVER with orch. break/slow

REGGIE YOUNG scepter 12325 dj—pencil/don’t say no m- 5 scarce midtempos

EDISON YOUNGBLOOD herald 544—storybook romance/why oh why vg+ TINIEST WARP, PLAYS OK 5

TOMMY ZANG hickory 1122 dj—I can’t stop loving you/truly, truly vg+ 4 ms redo Ray C./Teener, B/U item
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