Accelerated Reader is Up and Running!

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Accelerated Reader

is Up and Running!

Dear Parents,

Starting Monday, September 13st, the students in Room B1 will be taking reading quizzes using the computer program, Accelerated Reader (AR). Last week, all students took the STAR reader test which provided a book level range that best suits each student. I told students their levels, and now it is up to them to choose appropriate books for themselves.

All of our classroom library books are color-coded and labeled with their AR levels and are sorted by level on the shelves. Students are not limited to classroom or school library books, however. Many of the books they check out from the public library are AR books! In order to check a book’s AR level, you can visit the AR Book Finder at This site is also linked to the “Parent’s Place” page of our classroom website at:

Students should be reading and taking a quiz on a minimum of one AR book every week, depending upon their levels. Scores are reported on a one-page TOPS report which I review and send home so you can monitor your child’s progress. Students will track their progress on individual quizzes, and I will track their average percentage correct for the trimester on a class poster. Our goal is to have everyone inside the circle with 85% or higher by Friday afternoons when the poster is updated.

In addition to the average percent correct goal, students have book level, point, and certificate level goals. As a student meets his/her book level goal, I will adjust the range of books from which the student may choose and set a new goal. With each passed quiz, students accumulate points. When point goals are met, students get to choose a prize from the star box. Certificate levels begin with Ready Reader and the criteria are determined by the AR program. When a certificate goal is met, a certificate will be sent home for you to continue the celebration of your child’s success!

If you have any questions about our use of Accelerated Reader or would like to check out our score monitoring, please stop by. The poster is on the inside of our classroom door.

Thank you for your time and continued support of your child, our class, and our school.

-Mrs. Pervorse

Download 4.43 Kb.

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