Coaching application 2010-2011 season

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2010-2011 SEASON

First Name:      

Last Name:     

Date of Birth:     


Address 2:     



Zip Code:     

Home Phone:     

Cell Number:     

Email Address:     

Years Coaching:     

USA Hockey Certified:      YES      NO Expiration Date:     

Accreditation Level:      level 1 ­­­­     level 2      level 3      level 4

CEP #       Located on the bottom of your coaching card

Are you new to the Comets organization:      YES      No

Club and level last coached at:     

What level would you like to coach: (list 1st and second choice)

     Mite     Squirt     _Peewee     Bantam     Midget     

Which Position are you applying for:      Head Coach      Assistant Coach

Do you have a son(s) or daughter(s) in the club:      YES      _NO

If yes, what level will your child play at next year:     

Please list any/all coaching experience:     

Please describe your coaching philosophy:     

Please describe your goals and objectives for the upcoming season:     

Please provide min 2 hockey related references: Can we contact them:     Y      N

Name      Organization:      Tele:     

Name      Organization:      Tele:     

Have you ever been convicted, plead guilty to or pleaded no contest to a crime in the last 5 years other than a misdemeanor or traffic violation?      

If yes, please list:     

ALL Coaching applicants must fill out an Atlantic Hockey Association background request form.

I certify that all the information given by me in this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that false or misleading statements made by me or consequential omissions of any kind in the application process, are sufficient cause for my not being accepted as a volunteer or for my dismissal, no matter when discovered.
I understand that being certified at an appropriate level as defined by USA Hockey is a pre-requisite for coaching for the Lehigh Valley Comets. I agree to abide by all rules, policies, and procedures set forth by the Lehigh Valley Comets, Delaware Valley Hockey League, Atlantic District, and USA Hockey, Inc., as well as all ethical codes. I agree to allow the Lehigh Valley Comets to perform a background check regarding criminal history. All information obtained will be kept confidential.Bottom of Form

Applicant Signature:

Signed:       Date:     


ALL Coaching selections will be made by the Comets Board of Directors. Please leave application form in the Lehigh Valley Comets Mailbox located at the front rink opposite pro shop. You may also email form to

Deadline for application is April 1st 2010

Coaches and Managers:

1. All coaches must have attained at least the Level I (Initiation Level) of USA Hockey Coaching Education Program (CEP). All coaches are defined as the Head Coach and the Assistant Coach(s) of the same team.  All coaches must be of appropriate classification level for the team in which they are coaching in any capacity (head, assistant, bench, or practice).  The following levels, which are administered and/or waived by the District Coaching Program Director, must be obtained in order to be a coach in good standing in the Atlantic District:



Mite (8&U) 

Level I (Initiation)

Squirt (10&U)  

Level II (Associate)

Bantam & Younger (14&U) 

Level III (Intermediate)

Junior & Younger (20&U)   

Level IV (Advanced) or as approved by Junior Council

H.S. Junior Varsity  

Level III (Intermediate)

H.S. Varsity  

Level IV (Advanced)

Women’s 19&U, 16&U 

Level IV (Advanced)

Women’s 14&U      

Level III (Intermediate)

Women’s 12&U  

Level II (Associate)

Women’s 10&U  

Level I (Initiation)

Sled Hockey   

Level II (Associate)

CEP Level


Level I (Initiation) 


Level II (Associate)  

Level I (Initiation)

Level III (Intermediate)

Level I & II + One (1) year of Coaching experience

Level IV (Advanced) 

Level l, II, & III + Three (3) years of coaching experience

A coach may attempt two (2) levels of coaching education per year.

In order for a Level I and Level II coach’s accreditation to be considered “current” for a given season, it must have been achieved during the calendar year (January 1-December 31) in which the season begins.

 In order for a Level III (Intermediate) coach’s accreditation to be considered “current” for a given season, it must have been achieved during the calendar year in which that season begins, or the preceding calendar year.
A coach may extend status to become current of his/her Level II (Associate) or Level III (Intermediate) accreditation for one (1) season by attending and completing an approved USA Hockey Coaching Education Workshop.

It will be the responsibility of the league to receive from each of their individual clubs by October 15, a list of all coaches with that clubs teams as well as a copy of the front and back of the coach’s cards to confirm that each coach within that organization within the league are of the proper level of accreditation.

If the coaches are not accredited, the leagues will then notify the organizations involved. It will then be the responsibility of the league to follow up with the organizations as to the activation of current accreditation. If an organization allows a coach who is not accredited or not of the proper level to continue to stay on the bench after December 31, the final date for coaching accreditation, the organization will be subject to a fine of $175.00 per coach, the coach will be officially suspended until the league allows a hearing, and the team involved may not be allowed to participate in District/Regional Playoffs.

Temporary coaching cards may be issued at the request of the league to the Coach in Chief, or Coaching Administrator to allow a coach to stay on the bench without proper accreditation.  The Coach in Chief and or the District President has the final say as to whether or not the temporary coaching card will be issued.  No temporary cards will be issued after December 31 of that season.

In order to be eligible to represent the Atlantic District as a head or assistant coach or coach any team of select players sanctioned to represent the Atlantic District at events including, but not limited to the Chicago Showcase, and District, Regional, or National Development Camps, Festival, or Select Programs, he/she must hold current USA Hockey coaching accreditation of least the Advanced Level. At the discretion of the District (Coaching Program Director after consulting with the Player Development Program Director and the District President, the head coach or assistant coach may be exempt from obtaining the Advanced Level credentials.

The Atlantic District will have an ACE District Administrator appointed by the District Coach-In-Chief.  Each local association must appoint an individual to be their association’s ACE Coordinator and notify the District/Affiliate ACE Administrator of that appointment. 

The Association Coaching and Education (ACE) Coordinator is an individual who serves as the administrative link to USA Hockey and its Coaching Education Program (CEP).  In their role, ACE Coordinators will organize and manage many CEP requirements, assist the local association in the development of a well-trained coaching staff, promote parent education and provide clear goals and objectives for player skill development.

All ice hockey coaches and instructors of registered USA Hockey youth/high school, disabled, girls’/women’s 19 & under and below programs must properly wear an ice hockey helmet during all on-ice sessions, including practices, controlled scrimmages and coach and referee clinics (seminars), with the exception of when a team official is tending to an injured player.

Any ice hockey coaches and instructors found in violation of this rule by their organization, league or the Atlantic District shall be subject to a recommended suspension of not less than 30 days.  
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