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Multiple Choice

Select the best response for the following statements.

1. Which is another word for software?

A. hardware

B. program

C. programming statement

D. interface

2. Which are the two basic types of computer software?

A. program, applications

B. productivity, applications

C. applications, systems

D. systems, networking systems

3. A group of programs that coordinate and control the resources of a computer system is called __________ .

A. system software

B. applications software

C. language translator

D. utility program

4. The part of the operating system with which we are most familiar is the __________.

A. formatting utility

B. programming statement

C. language translator

D. user interface

5. DOS was first introduced with the __________.

A. Apple Macintosh


C. UNIX operating system

D. Windows operating system


Circle T if the statement is true or F if the statement is false.

T F 1. The first version of Windows was a true operating system.

T F 2. The computer cannot run any applications without an operating system.

T F 3. Apple Computer developed the first GUI for a PC.

T F 4. Computer software is anything you can touch.

T F 5. When you turn on a computer, the boot record loads into ROM.

Fill In the Blank

Complete the following sentences by writing the correct word or words in the blanks provided.

1. An embedded operating system resides on a(n) ROM chip.

2. A spreadsheet program is an example of application software.

3. The Linux operating system is an open-source program.

4. Windows Mobile is a type of embedded operating system.

5. DOS is a(n) single-user operating system.



Windows Disk Cleanup utility helps you free space on your computer by deleting unnecessary files. Use Windows Help and Support and research this utility program. Explain the purpose of this utility and provide an example of how you would access the program and then apply it.

Disk Cleanup is used to free disk space, which helps the computer run faster. The program removes temporary files, system files and other files that are no longer needed, and empties the Recycle Bin. This utility can be accessed by clicking the Start button and then typing the words Disk Cleanup in the Search box. The Disk Cleanup Options dialog box is displayed with two options -- My files only or Files from all users on this computer.


Operating systems have come a long way in the last few years. They are much easier to use and support many more features. If you were going to design an operating system for computers for the year 2012, what features would you include? How would your operating system be different from those that are currently available? Use your word-processing program to write a report or give an oral report to the class.

Responses will vary.

Cross-curricular—social studies

The more recent versions of operating systems include accessibility options for people with visual or hearing disabilities. Research the operating system on your computer, list the accessibility options, and then include a description of each item.

Responses will vary, but the report should include the following items listed in Windows Help, along with an explanation of each item:

  • Use the computer without a display

  • Make the computer easier to see

  • Use the computer without a mouse or keyboard

  • Make the mouse easier to use

  • Make the keyboard easier to use

  • Use text and visual alternatives for sounds

  • Make it easier to focus on reading and typing tasks

Cross-curricular—Language Arts

You have been hired to create an icon to represent a new software program that has just been developed. This is an interactive encyclopedia. It also contains games to help reinforce the topics presented in the encyclopedia. Think about the icons on your computer’s desktop or that you see in the figures throughout this lesson. Using graph paper or a computer drawing program, create an icon for this new interactive encyclopedia.

Responses will vary.

Web Project

Access the Web site and then type "setting up a wireless network" in the Search How Stuff Works text box. Provide an overview of how you would set up a home-based network. Explain why a wireless network is an easier and less-expensive way to create a home network. What negatives are involved with a wireless network?

In response to the search string (setting up a wireless network), several options in four different categories are displayed at Responses will vary depending on the option selected. Information should be included, however, that a wireless network is the easiest and least expensive to set up because it uses radio waves instead of wires, it is flexible, and allows notebook computers to be moved from room to room. Negatives are that generally wireless networks are slower than wired networks and are less secure.

Teamwork project

You and two team members have been given the responsibility for purchasing new computers for your company’s front office. One team member wants to purchase an Apple Macintosh with the latest version of the Mac OS and the latest software suite; another wants to purchase a PC with the latest version of the Windows OS; and the third wants to purchase a PC with the UNIX OS. The manager has requested that your team do some research and present her with a report so that she can make the best choice. Your report should include the positives and negatives for each of these operating systems.

Reports will vary but following are some strengths and weaknesses:




Windows Vista

  • Enormous user base

  • OS is preconfigured and preinstalled on most computers

  • Security vulnerabilities

  • Hardware requirements for Windows Vista are high

  • Can be slow on some computers

Mac OS

  • OS is no-fuss, preconfigured, and preinstalled on Macintosh computers

  • Good for novice computer users

  • Easy to get up and running in a minimal amount of time, with good user support.

  • Because Apple designs the OS and controls all hardware configurations, users have increased reliability and product support.

  • Computers are more expensive than other PCs.

  • Mac is proprietary with its hardware, software, and software licensing, making it more expensive to buy compatible hardware and maintenance services.


  • Easy to install.

  • GUI desktop is easy to use.

  • OS is free as is Linux software.

  • Compatible with lots of hardware

  • Installing non-free software can be complicated.

  • Poor printer support and difficult printer installation.


Assume you are a member of a team and your objective is to present three ideas on how the Windows Vista operating system can be improved. Provide a thorough explanation of why you think your ideas would make the operating system better and easier to use.

Solutions will vary.


Google Mobile provides several options that are designed especially for mobile devices such as Search, Maps, Gmail, News, and more. To view these options, go to Which mobile devices are listed? What are the popular Google items that are listed on this Web site? Next, click the All Products link. List and describe at least three different items that you would like to access through your mobile phone. How would you access any of these mobile options?

Currently, iPhone and Blackberry are the mobile devices listed. The popular Google items listed on the main Google Mobile page are Search, SMS, Maps, YouTube, Gmail, and GOOG-411. On the All Products link, the previously mentioned six items, eight addition products are listed: Calendar, Blogger, Sync, News, Reader, Notebook, Picassa, and Docs. To access these items, click the Get Started Now button, and then type your mobile number into the text box.

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