Technical Support Facility ( ece shop )

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Technical Support Facility ( ECE Shop ) Room AK-112
Technical Staff :
Pat Morrison ( AK-111a Lab Manager

Tom Angelotti ( AK-112 Senior Electronics Tech.

Jim O’Rourke ( AK-101 Shop Supervisor/ECE

Department Manager/

Adj. Professor.

Services :
Parts Counter : ( Primary contact: Tom )

Stocks most general passive, active and some special purpose

electronic parts. Hardware, such as, nuts, bolts, screws, switches,

fuses, circuit boards, connectors, etc. plus other specialized hardware.

Materials, such as, wood, plastics( acrylic, nylon, pvc, etc,), metal

( mostly aluminum, some steel, copper and brass). For more detailed

information check our online database *.
Electronic Equipment : ( Primary contact: Pat )

The department stocks a small quantity of specialized

equipment beyond what is available in the Projects Lab areas.

The equipment is loaned out on a first come, first serve basis. For

more detailed information check our online database*.
Machine Shop/Tools : ( Primary contacts : Pat, Tom )

The following machines and mechanical equipment are

available (single quantity unless otherwise noted) in AK-112 for use

during regular shop hours. Bridgeport, two Lathes, Drill Press,

Grinder, Cut-Off saw, Band saw, Metal bender, Shear, Arbor press

and a multitude of electrical and mechanical hand tools that would

support the fabrication of most projects. Please let us know your

needs so it can be determined what would best address those needs.

If you need to use equipment that you are not familiar with you will

be shown how to use it. This includes soldering/ desoldering and

the use of the SMT station in AK-111.
PCB Layout Package: ( Contact: Pat )

The ECE department supports Ulti-Board layout software by

Electronics Workbench. This is a universal layout package that works

with MultiSim and should be able to service all your needs. If you

want learn how to use this software, see Pat. This package presently

has a 5 seat license. Presently it is on the 19” screen Dell’s, one in

AK-111 and one in AK-120C.

Simulation/Electronic Capture software:

The ECE department supports MultiSim 8 simulation/capture

Software by Electronics Workbench. This is an integrated analog/

digital simulation package that uses industry standard U. Berkley

Spice 3F5 as it’s model simulation engine. The department uses the

educational version which has all the features of the more expensive

commercial version. This package presently has a 50 seat license.

This is on all PC ‘s and also available through “Remote Desktop”

In Window’s XP.
Miscellaneous :

For project bench space, project lockers/storage and vendor/

data catalogs see Pat or Tom.

* To find the shop database, go to, , click

on Resources, then Lab Services, Log in(username, password), then

Shop DB. Then you may select from Parts Inventory, Equipment,

Benches and Manuals. The easiest way to get information on a

particular part is to go online since most vendors and manufacturers

have web sites will either have that information or links to what you

need. Examples:,,,,

Software downloads for specific courses and tools/patches

maybe found under Resources and Course Materials.

Bob Brown is working on a new department web site called, that will contain much of the above plus

other useful material.


Work study jobs are generally available in our shop as the

need arises, see Pat. If you have any questions or need our services,

feel free to e-mail us or stop by anytime.

James P. O'Rourke,    D.Sc.
Astrophysics / Electrical Engineering
Manager ECE / Adj. Professor
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
100 Institute Road
Worcester, Mass.  01609
Tele 508-831-5233      Fax 508-831-5491

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