Accelerated Reader Program

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Accelerated Reader Program
Prescott Middle School adopted the Accelerated Reader Program in 2000 as a way to enhance reading performance for middle school students at all ability levels. Accelerated Reader operates under five basic premises:

  1. Scheduled time for reading practice.

We have twenty-two minutes per school day of scheduled reading time. Sixty minutes of reading is optimal; therefore, students should also read at home everyday.

  1. Students read at appropriate reading level “zone”.

Students reading zones are indicated by a computer based STAR test. The test is given three times a year in September, January, and May. The STAR scores are a means of checking your child’s progress over time.

  1. Students need set reading goals.

The goal for the sixth grade is for each student to earn ten points for each quarter. At mid-quarter, the report will be based on five points. Students are encouraged to set individual quarterly and annual goals as well.

  1. Students need motivation to read.

Students are recognized for their achievements at an end of the quarter assembly. There are also school wide recognitions and activities that occur throughout the year such as “The Wall of Fame” and “Battle of the Books”. Students are also encouraged to read classics with the “Cookies and Classics” group.

  1. Students need feedback.

Students are given immediate feedback upon taking an AR novel test.

The Prescott Middle School guidelines are the following:

  1. Books that are read as a class will not be eligible for AR tests.

Teacher created test and computer based literacy tests will be taken in lieu of the AR test.

  1. Each grade level will require a specific genre.

The sixth grade genre is biography.

  1. Students who read outside of the reading zone need permission from the language arts teacher.

  1. Books read over the summer will be credited to the students fall score upon completion of the AR test.

Students are encouraged to look for the AR sticker on the novels at the public library too. The school website also has a link to read books on-line called “Tumblereadables”.

  1. Students must read the entire book in order to earn AR points.

Books that are not AR books will not be counted for the AR program, but the books may be eligible for mid-quarter and quarter grades. See your teacher for special permission.

  1. Students who show benefits from reading with audio recordings (See Torgesen, et al. and Allen Shaw for research) will be allowed to use the recordings alongside the printed book.

Students may show improvement in many reading skills such as fluency and rate.

  1. Reading aloud is encouraged as a great motivational component of a classroom; however, it does not measure the skills tested with the Accelerated Reading program. AR points will be given for books that have been read aloud by the teacher. (see #1 in this section)

Reading aloud to all ages is encouraged to introduce new genres, expose students to books that are too difficult to read independently, and provide positive role models for reading.

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