Accelerated Reading

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December 2016

Accelerated Reading

FAQs in response to the survey collated in November 2016 (3 pages)

(The collation of the 47 forms has been added to the website and was also displayed at the Open Evening.)

How do I know what level or reading range my child is on for Accelerated Reading?

All class teachers will ensure that the reading range and/or recommended reading level is written in the reading record. If your child is reading books quite high within their range but they are not getting high results in the tests then it would be recommended that they read at a slightly lower level. You can also find your child’s reading range in Home Connect.

What is the difference between the level and the reading range?

The reading range gives the levels that your child should be choosing books between. Your child’s teacher may narrow this down by recommending that your child chooses a book closer to a given level.

Why would Home Connect be useful for me?

Parents said it had the following benefits:

How do I use Home Connect?

A letter is given to you when your child starts AR and this gives details of how to connect and access the log in. We will reissue these letters at request from parents.

If you want to use Home Connect but are having issues with it please let us know so we can find out from the company how to sort this for you.

When you log in, you can set up email alerts which will send an email to you when your child takes a test and it will tell you the results.

Is AR part of the weekly homework?

Yes it is part of homework however we will also be looking at homework to ensure that reading and other work does not amount to too much time throughout the week. We would also like to ask that reading is recorded in the reading diary and signed if possible.

Usually a child will start AR when they are ready to move on to not taking their core reading scheme books home. Please do not all of sudden stop sharing the reading with your child or listening to your child read.

If I need more information about the AR programme and how it works where can I get this?

There is a parent guide on the Home Connect site but we will also put this on our website along with this FAQ sheet in response to your questionnaire. If you had any further questions you could contact your child’s class teacher.

How is the reading range determined?

Children complete Star Tests (tests knowledge of language and comprehension) and the results from these gives a child an appropriate reading range.

If a teacher or parent felt that the reading range was incorrect a Star Test could be repeated.

The school library is divided into coloured bands to help children with choosing books, e.g. 3.5-3.9 is one colour, 4-4.4 another colour, etc.

How are targets decided?

The software itself decides upon the child’s target and this is done by using points. The teacher can however adjust this for different circumstances in a school term or to meet an individual’s needs.

Some children set their own target if they have already met the target set for them.

The target is based on 20 minutes reading each night.

What are the benefits for dyslexic readers?

The benefits for dyslexic readers should be the same as for all readers. We do however want to improve our range of dyslexia friendly books and also clearly identify these in the library.

How do I know if my child is progressing?

You will see this from the results of individual tests, if children are meeting their targets and also if over time they are moving through the reading levels.

How can I help to make sure my child is progressing?

The best way to do this is to share reading with your child at times, encourage your child to read, show an interest in what they are reading and also their test results.

How can I find out if I can use books from home or from the library?

Using the Home Connect option gives access to the AR Book Finder. Through this you can find all of the books on AR and also what levels they have been assigned.

How do I know if my child is at the right level for their age?

Children progress at their own pace and the most important thing is that they are progressing and showing an interest and enjoyment in reading.

What are the quizzes like?

Quizzes vary in the number of questions and also in difficulty appropriate to the level. They start with only 3 questions.

How many books should they be reading?

There isn’t a set number of books that your child should be reading as this is very dependent on the level and the books chosen.

How much time should they be reading?

We recommend that children read a minimum of 20 minutes each day. More the better!!! Reading has a huge impact on all aspects of learning.

Can I help my child by reading the book with them?

Absolutely! When your child starts on AR they will most likely stop taking their core reading books home. Shared reading or hearing reading should definitely not stop at this point. It may be that initially you hear all of the reading and then move on to only hearing parts.

When are the tests completed?

Each CT will have their own system in class but generally as soon as children are ready they are able to access a computer to complete their test.

If I want to suggest books to purchase for the school can I do this?

Yes we are happy to hear suggestions for books so please write a note or give us a ring.

Am I able to view the books that the school has available?

I am currently working on this and when the database is complete I hope to be able to share it with you via the website. Children and teachers will be able to access it in school.

If my child wants to read a book that is not on AR can I do this?

Yes but this should be prearranged with the teacher. The teacher will adjust the target to reflect this choice. It is recommended that this is not done regularly.

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