Ace abi catair customs and Trade Automated Interface Requirements

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ACE ABI CATAIR - Customs and Trade Automated Interface Requirements

Appendix PGA

This appendix provides codes and qualifiers for the PGA Message Set.

Table of Changes 2

PG01 – Agency Program Codes 6

PG01 – Government Agency Processing Codes

PG01 – Globally Unique Product Identification Code Qualifiers 12

PG02 – Product Code Qualifiers 13

PG04 – Units of Measure 15


PG05 – FWS Wildlife Category Codes 16

PG05 – FWS Wildlife Description Codes 17

PG06 – Source Type Codes 20


PG06 – Ocean Geographic Area Codes 21

PG06 – Processing Type Codes 23

PG07 – Item Identity Number Qualifiers 45


PG10 – Category Type Codes 46

PG10 – Category Codes 48

PG10 – Commodity Qualifier Codes 72

PG10 – Commodity Characteristic Qualifiers 78

PG14 – Type Codes 279

PG14 – Exemption Codes 285

PG19 – Entity Role Codes 289

PG19 – Entity Identification Codes 293

PG22 – Document Identifiers 295

PG22 – Declaration Codes 303

PG23 – Food & Drug Affirmation of Compliance 307

PG23 – Food & Drug Affirmation of Compliance Qualifier Codes 310

PG24 – Remarks Type Codes 311

PG24 – Remarks Codes 312

PG26 – Unit of Measure 316

PG30 – Inspection or Arrival Location Codes 317

PG31 – Commodity Harvesting Vessel Characteristic Type Codes 319

PG32 – Commodity Routing Type Codes 320

PG32 – Commodity Political Subunit of Routing Qualifier 321

Table of Changes

Revision Number

Date of Change

Section(s) Affected

Brief Description of Change


April 29, 2015

  1. PG01 Agency Program Codes

  1. PG01 Government Agency Processing Codes

  1. PG04 APHIS-VS Animal Group Codes

  1. PG06 Processing Type Codes

  1. PG07 Item Identity Number Qualifiers

  1. PG10 Category Type Codes

  1. PG10 Category Codes

  1. PG10 Commodity Qualifier Codes

  1. PG10 Commodity Characteristic Qualifiers

  1. PG14 Type Codes

  1. PG14 Exemption Codes

  1. PG19 Entity ID Code

  2. PG22 Document Identifiers

  3. PG23 – Food and Drug Affirmatin of Compliance BTA Required data

  4. PG23 – Fod and Drug Affirmation of Compliance WP Required Data

  1. Alphabetized section.
    For APHIS: Added ASA, ABS. Replaced APV with AVS. For ATF: Added ATF. For FDA: Added FDA.

  1. Added new section with 4 codes for APHIS. Added 2 codes for AMS. Added 9 new sections with processing codes for all FDA programs.

  1. For APHIS: Deleted APHIS-VS Animal Group Codes

  1. For APHIS: Replaced AQF with AQF61; added around 600 codes.

  1. Added LAT code- Live Animal Tag.

  1. For APHIS: Deleted AP1, AP2, AP3, AP4, and AP5 codes. Added 10 codes. For ATF: Deleted AT2 and redefined AT1.

  2. For ATF: Updated table for AT1. For APHIS: Deleted all codes under AP1, AP2, and AP3. Added 15 codes under AP100. Added 7 codes under AP200. Added 20 codes under AP300. Added 3 codes under AP400. Added 2 codes for AP500. Added 34 codes for AP600. Added 22 codes for AP700. Added 3 codes for AP800. Added 66 codes for AP900. Added 12 codes for AP1000.

  3. Complete re-work for APHIS. Deleted A01. Redefined A10, A13, A14, A15, and A16. Added 19 new Qualifier Codes.

  4. Complete re-work for APHIS. Added Characteristic Qualifiers for all new/redefined Qualifier Codes.

  5. For APHIS: Deleted A2 code; Added A2A, A2B, A29, A30, and AC2 codes. For DDTC: Added S61, S73, and S85; Redefined DD1. For ATF: Updated definitions for AT2, AT3, AT4, and AT5.

  1. For APHIS: Deleted AP1 and AP2 codes for the PPQ 505 and 525B (respectively). For ATF: Added codes 1 and 2.

  2. For FDA: Added code FFR.

  3. Updated definition for code 883, Bluefin Tuna Catch document, and for code 897, Captain’s Statement

  4. Removed this section. It is now covered in FDAs supplemental guidance document

  5. Removed this section. It is now covered in FDAs supplemental guidance document


March 25, 2015

  1. PG01 Agency Program Codes

  2. PG01 Government Agency Processing Codes

  3. PG10 Commodity Characteristic Qualifiers

  4. PG14 Type Codes

  5. PG14 Exemption Codes

  6. PG19 Entity Role codes

  7. PG22 Document Identifiers

  8. PG22 Declaration Codes

  9. PG30 Inspection or Arrival Location Codes

  1. Added CDC.
    Removed “RP” from USDA/AMS
    For EPA: removed “FUE, HAZ, TSC; added TS1, TS2

  2. Added one code for USDA/AMS.

  3. Replaced EEP: Eggs/Egg Products table

  4. Updated definition of “FEW”.
    Updated name and definition of FS4, FS7, FS8, FS9.
    Deleted FS5.
    Added CD3.

  5. Removed code AP1 – PPQ 505

  6. Expanded the definition of DFP ‘Owner’

  7. 889 – Dissostichus Catch Document. Added the word “fresh”
    956 – updated the definition

  8. FS1 – deleted
    FS3 – updated the definition
    CD1 – Added per CDC

  9. Updated definition for code 10


December 2, 2014

  1. PG01 Agency Program Codes

  2. PG01 Government Agency Processing Codes

  1. Added three program codes for USDA/AMS

  2. Added this new section. Added USDA/AMS processing codes


August 8, 2014

  1. PG01 Agency Program Codes

  2. PG10 Category Type Codes

  3. PG10 Category Code

  4. PG14 Type Codes

  5. PG19 Entity Role codes

  6. PG22 Document Identifiers

  7. PG24 Remarks Codes

  1. Added “OFF” program code for NHTSA.

    Added generic “FDA” program code for FDA.

  2. Added NHTSA Category Type Code of OFFTYP, and definition.

  3. Added NHTSA Category Code of OFF1 (off-road vehicle or equipment), and definition.

  4. Deleted ‘NMFS Importer Intermediate Country License’ and ‘NMFS importer final destination of shipment license’.
    Changed names and definitions for NM1, NM2 and NM3. Deleted NM4 code.

  5. Amended definition of OVM.

  6. Added two document identifiers: 165 (Payment or performance bond) and 958 (Motor Vehicle Equipment Manufacturer’s Written Statement)

  7. Added 8 Remarks Codes for EPA Pesticides


July 1, 2014

  1. PG10 Commodity Characteristic Qualifiers

  2. PG01 Agency Program Codes

  3. PG19, Entity Role Codes

  4. PG10 Category Codes

  5. PG22 Declaration codes and Document IDs

  1. Added code ‘N – neither’ to Vehicle or Engine Characteristics V01 table.

  2. Added Agency Program Codes for APHIS, NMFS, EPA, FCC. Deleted EPA’s generic PST code and added three descriptive ones.

  3. Added ‘OVM’ entity role code for NHTSA

  4. Added code YFT for Yellowfin tuna for NMFS

  5. Moved three NMFS codes (NM1, NM2, NM3) from PG 22 Declaration Codes, to PG22 Document IDs and created new codes for them.


February 18, 2014

  1. PG01 Agency Program Codes

  2. PG06 Source Type Codes

  3. PG07

  4. PG10

  5. PG14 Type Code

  6. PG19 Entity Role Codes

  7. PG19 Entity Identification Codes

  8. PG22 Document Identifiers

  9. PG22 Declaration Codes

  10. PG23 – FDA Affirmation of Compliance (A of C) Codes

  11. PG23 – FDA A of C Qualifier Codes

  12. PG14 Type Codes

  13. PG23, FDA BTA required data, and WP required data element listings

  14. PG24 Remarks Type Code

  1. Added DOT/NHTSA program codes

  2. Updated the name and definition for code 294

  3. Deleted CHN (Chassis Number). Revised definition for AKG.

  4. Deleted NHTSA NH3 Category and Category Type Code. Replaced with four new NHTSA Category and Category Type codes.

  5. Changed NHTSA code for Registered Importer from NH1 to NH0 and updated the definition. Updated the definition for NH2 and NH3

  6. Added entity role codes and definitions for Fabricating Manufacturer and Retailer/Distributor for NHTSA.

  7. Updated definition for World Manufacturer Identifier

  8. Revised definition for code 946 (NHTSA HS-7 declaration form)

  9. Updated definition for NH1

  10. Updated A of C list. Some codes removed (because captured elsewhere in trade data submission) and others added.

  11. Added code ‘K’ to FME exemption list.
    Updated definition from ‘Consignee’ to ‘Ultimate Consignee’ in SFT and OFT code ‘U’.

  12. Added PNC, Prior Notice Confirmation number.

  13. Added note that FDA integration is ongoing and may impact these sections

  14. Changed code for ‘Additional NHTSA Requirements’ from NH1 to NHE. Updated the definition


August 22, 2013

PG01 Agency Program Codes

  1. Added USDA/FSIS program code


August 7, 2013

  1. Overall Document

  2. PG01 Agency Program Codes

  1. Added Table of Changes

  2. Updated the EPA Agency Program Codes
    Changed the name of these codes back to “Agency Program Codes

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