Activities 2012-13 1st August 2012: Raksha Bandhan Celebration

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1st August 2012:Raksha Bandhan Celebration

The significant occasion of Rakshabandhan was celebrated with traditional fervour on August 1,2012. The Primary students were creatively engaged in making rakhis and decorating thalis for the Rakhi Making and Thali Decoration Competitions. The students from classes I-III displayed their artistic talent in making innovative designs and patterns on the rakhis while the students from classes IV-V adorned their plates with a wide range of craft and glitter material. The children admired all the designs that were later put up on display.


1st - 18th August 2012:Special Assemblies Conducted By C.V. Raman House

C.V. Raman House conducted special assemblies on 1st , 9th and 14th August.

On 1st August the assembly was dedicated to C.V. Raman wherein the students apprised everyone about the life and achievements of the great scientist.

9th August was celebrated as the Peace Day. Hiroshima & Nagasaki destruction and devastation was remembered and the students spoke about the same to pay homage to all the sufferers. The students performed a dance which was mesmerizing and soul – stirring.

India’s 66th Independence Day was celebrated with national fervour and pride on 14th August 2012.

7th August 2012:School Evacuation Mock Drill

Maintaining its practice of following the safety routine, a mock evacuation drill, was conducted by the students under the supervision of the school staff and the Principal, on 7th August 2012 at 3.00 p.m. The purpose was to establish a systematic safe, orderly and quick evacuation of the premises in the event of a fire or any other emergency. Students, along with teachers filed out of the school building, on hearing the sound of the hooter. They followed the planned exit routes. The teachers took a roll call at the assembly point, to ensure that all students had reached safely. This drill sensitized the students to actively participate in preparing their class, parents, peers etc for disaster management. For the safety of the students and for the safety of others, it is important to regularly practice such drills. This would help in enhancing the level of emergency preparedness in schools.

8th August 2012:Biodiversity on the edge - 2012

Students of salwan public school (afternoon) attended the workshop ‘Biodiversity on the edge – 2012’ youth forum for the protection of biological diversity on August 8, 2012. The youth forum was organized by Indian environment society and was co-sponsored by ministry of environment.Many personalities from the field of environment like Dr.Deshbandhu (president of IES), Dr.Chetna (scientist of department of environment), Dr.Alka Sharma (director department of biotechnology), Dr.Rathore (secretary department of environment)addressed the forum on various issues related to the decline of biodiversity.They also emphasized on  the partnership of school children in environment  related activities and urged the student community to step forward from the school campus and help the nearby community in not only spreading awareness but also to take initiative in solving environment related problems.

9th August 2012:Janamashtmi Celebration

The auspicious occasion of Janamashtami was a day marked with festivities and celebrations. The students presented a beautiful cultural programme that comprised of dances and glimpses from Lord Krishna’s early childhood. The colorful setting, radiant attires and cheerful students dressed as Kanha and Gopis won the hearts of the audience. The highlight of the programme was the depiction of the traditional “Handi” breaking event that is associated with the festival. The students made a human pyramid with little “Krishna” reaching on the top to break the handi amidst the chants of “Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki”. The Principal Ms. Mukul Jha and the Head Mistress Ms. Premila enlightened the students about the significance of the festival and encouraged them to have the values that Lord Krishna depicted.


Lemon grass is a clumping grass that forms mounding tufts. It can be grown from seed or by clump division. In a warm, tropical environment, it can reach 9 feet tall. Lemon grass is an effective mosquito repellent, according to a study by K. Karunamoorthi, et al., at the College of Public Health & Medical Sciences, Jimma University, Jimma, Ethiopia. Its high safety, both for the user and the environment, combined with proven effectiveness make lemon grass an appealing alternative to commercial insecticides.

Finding the above research environment friendly SPS A has taken up the initiative of making school campus insect/mosquito free .The school has also taken it up as a research project where the students actively participated in planting the 50 lemon grass saplings in the fountain area which becomes the breeding ground for mosquitoes during the monsoons, due to accumulation of water in the well. The students constantly monitor the affectivity of the lemon grass by keeping a check on the insect population in the fountain area.

10th August 2012:Visit to Kingdom of Dreams

An entertaining excursion was organized to Kingdom Of Dreams for the students of classes 6 and above. The excursion started off with a fun and frolic bus ride full of musical anthems. Everyone was esmerized after entering the Culture Gully which had lots of attractions including shops, food from all corners of the country and some fun rides for the kids, the architecture of the “gully” was reminiscent to various famous destinations all around the country.Cultural dance performances were also organized. “Jhumroo”, a theatrical presentation celebrating the spirit of Kishore Kumar was the highlight of the day full of aerial performances, mind boggling dances and spectacular acting. It was a great learning experience for all the students who had the time of their lives.

13th August 2012:Visit to Early Intervention Centre

Different strokes an Early Intervention Centre for children with special needs celebrated Independence day with great zeal & enthusiasm. The programme was attended by Mrs. Vandana Chopra , Ms. Richa Abrol & Mrs. Ranjana Sharma. The beautiful programme put up by the students of the centre was soul – stirring and invigorating. The students were full of happiness when their efforts were applauded and gifts were distributed amongst them.

14th August 2012:Independence Day Celebration

India’s 66th Independence Day was celebrated with national fervour and pride. At the onset of the programme, floral tributes were offered to our Founder Father, Late.Pt.Girdhari lal Salwanji, who himself was a freedom fighter. The programme commenced with the juniors putting up a cultural programme comprising of melodious songs and a fancy dress presentation of national leaders. The students were beautifully attired in attires depicting the famous leaders and also spoke significant lines about each eminent personality. This was followed by a spectacular performance by the seniors who enacted a theatre performance on Shaheed Bhagat Singh, the revolutionary freedom fighter. The thumping dance beats to the popular national songs won a thunderous applause. The Principal, Ms Mukul Jha addressed the gathering and enlightened the students about the key aspects of being good citizens of a great nation and encouraged them to take inspiration from the life of our founder.The highlight of the programme was the Kite Flying Event that ensured the maximum participation of staff and students and  the Salwanian grounds were packed. Soon, the sky was dotted with varied colourful kites. The harmonious National Anthem was a befitting conclusion to the national festival celebrations.

18th August 2012:IIHM YOUNG CHEF INDIA 2012

Raghav Khosla of XII-B participated in the annual IIHM Young Chef Competition 2012. Over a hundred schools from North India contested in this exciting cooking competition wherein each student was required to cook unique yet tasty dishes to suit the interests of the respected judges. The shortlisted candidates will be chosen for a trip to London to face the final round. The winner will be awarded a cash prize of Rs. 5,00,000. We have the best hopes for Raghav!

21st August 2012: Inter- House Debate Competition 2012

As a part of their co-curricular activities, an inter-house debate competition was held on August 21, 2012. The topic of the debate was- Advertisments-a boon or a bane. The students of the four houses were engaged in a battle of words to prove their viewpoint. Great presentations were presented by the participants, Rani Jain and Shreya Ganotra who bagged the first prizes while the second positionwas take by Mitali Gupta.

24th August 2012:Interaction with Editorial team of TOI

The Editorial Team of the leading daily, Times of India had invited students from various schools for an interaction on Friday, August 24, 2012. There was a good gathering of approximately twenty students.

The interaction was informal and started off with the students introducing themselves. This led to a discussion on their impressions about the NIE edition. The children shared their views and offered suggestions. The team kept the students lively by cracking jokes off and on. Some of the interesting suggestions offered were to add cartoon strips on each page so that the students get motivated about going through the entire paper. They also requested for more variety in the cartoons. The sports section needed to be upgraded as they felt it had too many advertisements. Another idea floated was to introduce information on new sports and games that were not necessarily traditional but more related to entertainment e.g WWE(World Wide Entertainment). The students requested for a quiz on weekly current events so that they could be encouraged to go through the daily news with interest. A section related to a state of India or nation of the world, would enable the students to get better grasp of other cultures.

The interaction provided an excellent learning opportunity for students to relate with students from other schools and also get to be a core aspect of the NIE edition.

25th August 2012:Visit to British Council Library

On 25th August 2012, the avid readers from classes VIII-XII of SPS Afternoon, had an enlightening experience of visiting the British Council Library.  The aim of the visit was to increase awareness about the various facilities available for the students. At the onset, they learnt aboutOPAC System (Open Public Access Catalogue) that states the availability of any book in the Library. Next, was a visit to the three main sections of the library. Firstly, they were taken to the “Be Quick” Section, where they were introduced to the computerized book issue and return system. The next section was the “Be Inspired zone”, where arrangements were made to gather information on concerts, workshops, famous personalities. Direct interaction was provided in the form of Book’s talk and Author’s Talk. The “Be Successful Zone” was where extensive resources were provided for enhancing English language skills, exam preparation as well as for other self development opportunities. They informed the students about their vast collection of books, magazines, newspapers and CD’S  as well as online access to more than 70,000 e-books and 14,000 e-journals. The membership details were also provided to them.

As a befitting conclusion, the students had a quiz programme where they were asked information about the British Council Library that they should have grasped as a part of their visit. The winners were awarded with prizes. It was an excellent learning opportunity that provided a perfect platform for literary exposure to the students.

25th August 2012:Live Football Match

The students had a wonderful experience when they witnessed a live match at Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium on August 25, 2012. The match was played between India and Maldives for the coveted Nehru Cup.The children cheered for the teams and learnt the fine technicalities of

the football game.

1st - 6th September 2012: Be the wind beneath the wings - Design for change

It is beautifully expressed in Buddhist philosophy that a tiny pebble can create multiple ripples in all corners of a stagnant pond.The power of One-one person has the potential to create a humane ripple effect in society by simply the sincerity of one’s actions. Design to Change-an international initiative is one such platform that aims to tap the gen-next who are the true future flag bearers of the world. Salwan Public School Afternoon took part in their “School Challenge” Programme wherein schools across the world shared stories by their students about expressing their ideas and actions for a better world. The school team comprising of Ms. Latha Ramachandra,Ms Monica Handa and students of Class VIII partnered with a Government-aided neighbourhood school to discuss about peer problems and find solutions. This would eventually enable the students of S.P.S(A) to build bonds of social understanding and empathy towards the partner school students who were from economically lesser-privileged sections of society. This would facilitate the students of both schools to have open dialogue, enhance their personalities and build the confidence to take educational and personal initiatives on their own, thus foot printing a design for change to last for ever.

Like all good things begin with the first step, the students were asked to interact with their peers from the neighbourhood school and find out the similarities or differences in problems faced by peers across the varied stratas of society. Their meetings and conversations provided the students to engage themselves in a friendly and healthy discussion as well as make observations about their study objective. The students pondered over a broad spectrum of topics and found common problems such as difficulty in time management, struggle in pursuit of extra-curricular activities, peer pressure etc. The student team decided to choose one idea out of their shared concerns and unanimously agreed that the root of the problems was in fact, lack of self-confidence and communication skills

With the idea chosen, i.e. interaction with a select group of peers from the partner school in order to help them with confidence building activities and better communication skills that would make a quick impact and last them in good stead for years to come, the students of S.P.S(A) were excited about implementing it within the week. Next, was the brain storming session about planning, implementation and recording of the initiative. The students of the partner school were initially hesitant to interact and felt awkward to share their thoughts. Our school students made some “ice-breaker” statements and shared some class anecdotes. Soon the others joined in enthusiastically. Next, was to do activities like “best out of waste” craft work where the students worked in perfect camaraderie. Unknowingly, the students opened up across dialogues, craftwork and chitchats. They slowly but steadily, over a period of few days, found it easier to break out of their complacent comfort zone and voice their opinions and views. Infact, they also reported that back that at their own school, the partner school students found it more comfortable to address their teachers about their doubts and apprehensions. The ultimate test was when the students were invited by Salwanians to share some of their impressions on Teachers’Day Special Assembly. They were confident, eloquent and enthusiastic in their speech and got a huge round of applause from Salwan Students. Not only was their a long lasting impact on the aided-school students, a similar sense of fulfilled duty and shared responsibility topped by a satisfying sense of achievement was experienced by the students of S.P.S(A). Needless to add, that students from both schools evolved as better people. It was enlightening for them to experience that changing lives can be meaningful and fun and also that through this process, they also eveolved as more socially responsible individuals.


5th September 2012:Teacher's Day Celebration

As a part of the Teachers Day Celebrations, the teachers of the school, visited the Kingdom of Dreams and enjoyed the rich grandeur of the place. The stalls depicting cultures, food items and handicrafts of the different states, were very popular with all. They also witnessed the spectacular “Jhumroo” theatre performance that kept the audience enthralled and captivated.

8th September 2012:Visit to Book Fair at Pragati Maidan

On 8th September, a group of Avid Readers from classes 7 to 12 of Salwan Public School Afternoon had an enjoyable experience of visiting Book Fair at Pragati Maidan. The 18th Delhi BOOK Fair organized by the India Trade Promotion Organisation(ITPO) in collaboration with the Federation Of Indian Publishers, was inaugurated on 1st September. The main objective of the fair was to create general awareness about the importance of books, promote the reading habit among children and adults, and provide a creative forum for interaction among authors, publishers and readers. Three hundred publishers from China , Pakistan, United States , Germany and India displayed the books on a wide range of subjects including fiction, non-fiction academic and technical books ,reference books classics ,dictionaries, encyclopaedias, sports and children’s and religious literature.  To promote reading , the publishers realized that only publishing books was not going to help; the books had to reach its target audience, the reader. While most big publishers and bookshops found it feasible to establish their centres, ITPO with the idea of starting books fairs has brought about three main changes to the industry, one, it brought  publishers together; two,it helped in the promotion of books; and three ,the reach of books expanded and became available to the public at large.

The Holy Quran, collection of Fatwas and books on religion drew crowds at stall in hall 9. Students enjoyed the 3D Books with glasses. The highlight of the visit was an interaction of the students with an upcoming Indian author—Mr. Nitin Vinay Khera where he discussed about the key aspects of his work. Infact, the friendly dialogue concluded with a promise by the author to pay a visit to the school in the near future.  Diamond Comics had an innovative style of attracting the readers by opening their Facebook account and asked the students to “like” certain books which eventually enabled them to get complimentary comics. It was fascinating to get eminent author, Agatha Christi’s books with M P3 C. Keeping in mind 100 years of Indian cinema, ITPO also screened masterpieces like Guide and Parinita, adapted from the works of famous Marathi, Bengali, Malayalam and Indian English authors, at Shakuntalam Convention Center.   Former President, Dr. A.P.J Kalam’s autobiography titled “ Turning point” was released in Hindi in the Book Fair. This year’s theme of the BOOK FAIR was e-books & e-Publishing. The Book fair which focused on digital technology in publishing, overcame the hurdle that books in physical form may not be accessible to people living in certain parts of the world and are available over long geographical distances easily. There was a separate section titled “E-Books Zone” where there were several stalls providing online information under different subjects like www. provided on line books, magazines, comics, journals and newspapers, provided online coaching classes for students of classes 1 to 12, for online Assessment portals for Olympiad & Talent Exams preparation packages amongst many others.

The book fair evolved as a reliable indicator of the might of the printed word, while presenting a great opportunity to legions of book lovers to browse through the works of their favourite authors.

10th September 2012:Volley Ball Match At Delhi School Sports of Cultural Activities

Following students of our school bagged the championship (both the categories) in volley ball matches at Delhi School Sports of Cultural Activities , Zone – 28 Distt Central.

   a)  Vaishali (Captian) , Suruchi , Priyanka , Shagun , Appy , Shivalika ( Senior Category) 
   b) Bhanu ( Captain) , Aashima , Priya , Kritika, Sakshi , Lavanya( Junior Category)

10th - 15th September 2012:Green Assembly Week

An special assembly was conducted wherein students read articles on "How to use water judiciously " , "How to conserve energy" , "How to reduce water pollution" , "How to reduce air pollution" , " How to manage biodegredable waste" , " How to manage E -Waste".

27th September- 29th September 2012: THE 5TH ETMA-NAVTIKA CONFERENCE

ETMA, a registered non-profit Trusteeship Institution, dedicated to pioneering innovation through Research and Development in Education, designed a multi-stakeholder discourse on the subject, through an International Conference on ICT Culture in Education from 27 to 29 September, 2012, at India International Centre, New The conference we co-partnered by NAVTIKA-a journal on ECCE by Salwan Public School, Gurgaon.

The event started with an inaugural ceremony of the traditional lighting of the lamp,by school students. The Welcome Address was delivered byDr, Indu Khetarpal, Principal, S.P.S Gurgaon where she highlighted that ICT was one of the integral ideas that were going to shape the world. It was a tool that provided a perfect training ground and personalised learning opportunity with respect to the school environment.

On Day One, the inaugral address was conducted by a panel of experts. An introduction about ETMA was done by Professor Madhu Parhar, Trustee, ETMA and Director,IGNOU. She highlighted some of its objectives: 

• To promote science of educational technology and management among diverse groups of organizations.
• To offer capacity building programmes to teachers and heads of educational institutions at K-12 level, college and engineering institutions.
• To offer capacity building programmes to managers, trainers and training managers in corporate organizations.
• To offer programme on parenting for new age children.
• Organize workshop and seminars to promote modern management.
• To undertake research and consultancy services in management, instructional science and technology.

Dr. Pushpalli, in her address. talked about ICTCE being a potentially powerful educational tool and some of the dimensions of ICT in education were:

•ICT Literacy for all.
•ICT integrated Education.
•ICT Integrated Management.

She also elaborated about the uses of IT in School: 

•To empower the teachers.
•Inclusion of students with diverse learning needs.
•Increase in communication between parents and school.

Some of the other topics referred to were: 

•ICT and ODL i.e Open and Distance learning due to the greater outreach and effectiveness of ICT as well as its ability to create a virtual global classroom.
•ICT and Digital Divide was another aspect where ICT could bridge the gender and economic divide.
•E-learning and M-learning that had altered the opportunities of learning and well as held a promise for continuing education.
Prof. Mukkopadhyay , Chairman of ETMA Council highlighted the key aspect of the Conference was that it was a Policy Oriented Conference which aimed at designing an ICT policy that would reach out to in quantity as well as in quality.

He inferred the following;

1. The imperative need of creating SMART schools that didn't just have SMART boards but believed in SMART ideas, processes, people and discussions.
2. He emphasised on the practicality of having LCD projectors and laptops for teachers rather than just having SMART BOARDS at the same cost.
3. He stressed on the need to train the teacher as the education process seemed to overlook the main facilitator of the class i.e the teacher and attempted to reach out to the student directly, which itself was a great flaw.
4. He had an interesting view about using the wide spread accessibility of mobiles as smart devices for teaching and learning.

The Conference was attended by the following faulty members from S.P.S Afternoon: 

  a. Ms. Mukul Jha, HEAD
  b. Ms. Premila Sharma, HM
  c. Mr Pramod Shukla(H.O.D Maths)
  d. Ms. Sapna Bakshi(PRT)
  e. Ms. Kanika Sikri(PRT-Computer)

1st October 2012: Bhoomi & Women in Defence of the Earth

Students of SPS afternoon attended a daylong conference cum festival on 1st October 2012 at India International Center at Lodhi Road, New Delhi.The Bhoomi Festival was celebrated to commemorate 25 years of Navdanya – An NGO by Dr. Vandana Shiva which works for earth democracy and the rights of the mother earth. Over these 25 years. This movement has redefined the approach to ecology .The programs started with earth celebration songs followed by s a short film on how navdanya has evolved over the 25 years. 

The forenoon session witnessed –

The release of global report on seed freedom by navdanya .

Women creating living food cultures.

There was a panel of discussion on “Women in Defense of the Earth“ by Dr.Vandana Shiva, Radha Bhatt, Frances Moore Lappe, Winona laduke, Ivonne Baki.

Lunch was followed by a street play at Gandhi King Plaza which showcased the sensitive issue of increasing suicide rate amongst the farmers. Session 2 started with the screening of movie “Amrit Beej “followed by a book release of “Poison in our food.”


Ms. Mari Yamauchi, Associate Professor (English) from Chiba University of Commerce, visited the school on October 4,2012. She observed the classes at all the three academic levels and interacted with the students. She shared some of her own school experiences with the students and built a friendly rapport with them. The class X students had a discussion related to the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi; the students of Class V presented “Show and Tell” Activity and spoke about their favourite storybooks and authors while the students of Class I enthralled her with their poetry recitation. This was later followed by her interaction with the Principal and Head Mistress as well as the other faculty members. Ms. Yamauchi appreciated the teachers for sharing some of their innovative teaching ideas and added that she was impressed with the students’ enthusiasm and class response.

6th October 2012: Signature Campaign in favour of Seed Sovereignty

The students of Salwan Public School (Afternoon) were enlightened on the grave issue of Farmers suicide in different parts of country. The students were asked to give their signatures in support of seed  sovereignty so that the government should take up steps to curb the use of genetically modified seeds and let the seed remain the property of farmers.


10th October 2012: Poster Making Competition

Students of classes VI - IX participated in poster making & solgan writing competition on various environmental issues like "Say no to crackers" , "Air Pollution" , "Water Conservation" , " Soil Conservation" , "Energy Conservation" , etc.

11th October 2012:Workshop on Sparrow Conservation

Students of class X participated in the sparrow conservation workshop. It was conducted by Mr Khatri , Director "Ecoskool" - an NGO. He enlightened and sensitized students regarding the depleting Biodiversity in general and declining of house sparrow count in close vicinity. Mr. Khatri enlightened the students that one of the main factors of sparrow extinction in cities is the loss of nesting place. In order to help sparrow survive SPS(A) students took an initiative of building nests for sparrow's and same were hung on the various trees of sprawling green campus.

17th October 2012:Videoconference with Face to Faith Partner Schools

The students of classes IX-X had an interactive video conference on the theme-Compassion with their Face To Faith Partner schools , TheGurukul and DAV Rohini on October 17, 2012. The multipoint videoconference on the Common Word Module, engaged the  students actively and they contributed so confidently to dialogue, exhibiting some good dialogue skills (particularly in terms of building upon one another's points of view). It was very interesting that there were such different responses to that key area of preparation - the whole idea of the faith and belief perspective on that idea of compassion and care. It was clear that all students had thought about this in general terms, but equally apparent that some students had gone beyond this and explore it at a much deeper level - not only reflecting in depth upon the traditions that were important in their own backgrounds, but also had thought in more detail about other traditions, and were able to speak about the way that they were inspired by them. This is the level of preparation that really enables students to express themselves in depth. Most students had obviously considered particularly inspiring individuals who acted with compassion, although we only heard about a few examples. We started off with some lovely stories of personal experiences of compassion - which were moving and powerful; interesting how students at different schools interpreted the question in different ways - either other's compassion that they had experienced or vice versa. One of the interesting questions raised by the facilitator, Mr Ian Jamieson was that when all the people believe in the importance of compassion, one wonders why is it that one hardly see its impact in our surroundings in the world and what could one do towards making the act of compassion effective in society.

Some of the responses were interesting. The students from SPS(A) shared that we should engage more in student exchange programmes, so that we can understand people and this would enable us not to resort to anger and violence. Global compassion could be spread by love and devotion, when we don't put ourselves.

19th October 2012:Dussehra Celebration

Primary students of Salwan Public School Afternoon celebrated the festival of Dussehra – triumph of good over evil. Students of class I presentedGanesha Vandana which was liked by all. Class II students depicted various characters from the Ramayana. Students of class III, IV, V presented a skit which was a part of Ramleela- an enactment of life of Lord Rama, played by the students with great zeal and excitement. This facilitated the value of the mythology and significance of the festival.

Our Principal Mrs Mukul Jha and headmistress Mrs Premila Sharma addressed the gathering and enlightened the students about the value of goodness. Students thoroughly enjoyed the program. The festival season in India is long drawn and offers excellent opportunity to relate to Indian traditions. “Dussehra and Diwali celebrations are the most exciting events in Indian festival calendar which should be aptly utilised to sensitise students towards Indian values.

20th - 29th October 2012: Faculty member Ms. Sapna Bakshi visits Loxford School of Science and Technology, Ilford, UK

Ms Sapna Bakshi from the Primary Wing and the Junior School Activity Coordinator, was the visiting faculty member to Loxford School Of Science and Technology,U.K. She visited the partner school as a part of British Council’s Global School Partnerships Programme. Ms. Bakshi attended one week  of the school where she conducted and observed classes across all the three levels of Primary,Secondary and Senior Secondary. She interacted with the students and answered their queries related to Indian School life and the nation’s rich cultural heritage.Her visit was after a year’s exchange of projects and activities between the two schools. 

The visit provided a first hand experience of the teaching and learning methodologies followed in international schools. Lesson plans, resources and powerpoint presentations on several topics and subjects were exchanged. 

26th October 2012:Video Conferencing Between The Global Partner Schools, Loxford School Of Science And Technology, Ifford, U.K And S.P.S Afternoon, New Delhi, India.

As an apt conclusion to a week long official visit to our Partner school in U.K, a video conference was organized between the senior students of both the schools, last week. Ms. Sapna Bakshi, our visiting faculty member to Ilford and Mr. Agnelo Mendonca, a senior teacher from the host school, Loxford were the facilitators for the conference from U.K while Ms. Dolly Dhawan, senior teachers of the Salwan Faculty, coordinated from India.

There was an air of excitement in both the Conference rooms as the children were  keen to share a lot of information. The conference was conducted in four rounds and began with the general introduction of the students. This was followed by a brief discussion on the culture and festivals of both the nations. Next was a discussion on student life,  peers and family. The round up session comprised of the impressions the students had made after the interaction. The video conference provided a perfect platform for a discussion with a global dimension.

26th October 2012:Special Assembly on ‘Green Pledge’

The eco-club of Salwan Public School (Afternoon) organized a special assembly wherein the whole school was made to take pledge on conservation of water and energy. The assembly was first sensitized on water depletion and increasing demand of energy and oath was administered by the School Eco-Captain Ms Aneet kaur.

 5th November 2012: Diya Decoration Competition in the Primary Wing

The students of Classes III-V enthusiastically participated in the Diya Decoration Competition held on November 5, 2012. They enjoyed painting the diyas in colourful patterns and adorned them with glitter, craft material and beads. The final display of the decorated exhibits, were spectacular and heralded the arrival of diwali festivities.

5th November 2012: Visit to Nizamuddin Baoli

56 students of Salwan Public (Afternoon) School visited Nizamuddin Baoli to have firsthand experience of ancient water body to understand its implication on how these water bodies prevent flood and as well as recharge the ground water

This baoli or step-well at Nizamuddin was built by Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya in the years 1321-22; it has a dargah attached to it and many pilgrims consider its water as holy, it is a major convergence point during the annual urs. It is also the only Baoli in Delhi still with underground springs with pure water.

 5th November 2012: Visit to National Science Center

56 students of Salwan Public (Afternoon) School visited National Science Center in New Delhi to satiate their quest for scientific principle.
The National Science Center in Delhi is a science museum located in Bhairon Road between Gate No. 1 and 2 of the Pragati Maidan exhibition grounds, across Purana Qila. Since its inception, the National Science Center has been rendering services towards popularizing the cause of science and scientific works.

The National Science center aims to create and develop interest of the students in the field of science and inculcate Scientific Awareness amongst them. The building of the National Science Center was designed by noted Indian architect Achyut Kanvinde. The center has a fully air conditioned and well equipped auditorium with a sitting capacity of 320.Students went through the sprawling galleries of National Science Museum depicting the various themes viz. Water conservation, Human Body, Mirrors and Reflection, Mathematics, Civilizations, Extinct species, Telecommunication etc. Students also enjoyed 15 minutes 3-D movie on’ A Journey to Space’.

5th November 2012: Adieu to our Visiting Faculty member from Loxford School, U.K

The staff and students of SPS(A) organized a festive and cultural farewell for Mr. Agnelo Mendonca, visiting faculty member from Loxford, U.K. Mr. Mendonca had arrived for a five-day official visit as a part of the Global School Partnerships. He observed as well as taught the different levels of the students. He loved the high energy levels and creativity of the Primary Wing and was impressed by the respect and dedication shown by the senior students. Mr. Mendonca’s visit concluded on November 5, 2012.

The students organized a Mini-Diwali event as a farewell. They presented a skit highlighting the significance of the festival and also promoted the message of avoiding the use of crackers. This was followed by an Aarti, a religious musical prayer. The venue appeared magical with twinkling colourful lights on trees and freshly painted earthen lamps. Mr. Mendonca was extremely touched by the presentation specially held in his honour and complimented that the best part of his visit was being with the students of SPS(A).


An interactive session was held on 5th November by the founder and CEO of US based NGO ‘Arogya’ world Ms. Nalini.The session was  based on the programme ‘Diabetes awareness and prevention education’. As Diabetes has become a worldwide problem due to stressful and sedentary life style, students are made aware about the causes, symptoms , its complications  and prevention of the disease. The students participated enthusiastically in the discussion and put their views forward to practice more healthy habits in the school as well as at home.


An orientation workshop was held  for the students and teachers on 9th November in lieu of ‘World Diabetic Day’.The students are provided with manuals which contains questionairres  and different games on health. The students will conduct the same workshop for their class-mates to spread the awareness about the disease and adopt healthy eating habits .The teachers manuals are also provided by the NGO ‘HRIDAY’ and ‘Arogya world’.

 9th November 2012:Visit to An Old Age Home

The changed social scenario and attitude of younger generations has created many problems to the Aged. In spite of several welfare programs the elderly people are left alone at the time of sunset of their lives. The students of Salwan Public School Afternoon visited an Old Age Home at New Rajinder Nagar to wish them on the occasion of Diwali. The students presented a small cultural evening and offered gifts to them. The wisdom and capabilities should not be wasted and unproductive so each child promised to provide psychological and emotional support to the elderly people at home and outside too.

26th November 2012: Selection for 10th Vacation Programme

Madhumita Patra got selected in 10th Vacation Programme conducted by Department Of Environment, NCT of Delhi. She competed with approx. 3,000 bright students of various reputed schools of Delhi and NCR.

 30th November 2012:Book Reading Day

The School observed Book Reading Day on November 30, 2012. All the students and teachers carried storybooks to school and spent some time reading during a specifically allotted time. They also took an oath pledging reading as an encouraging habit that is useful and interesting. The school had a calm and thoughtful look with everyone engrossed in books. Some students also expressed their sentiments by scribbling on the Graffiti Wall that was set up for the same. An Inter-House Quiz related to books, authors and famous characters was held and the Blue House won, followed by the Red House while the third position was jointly shared by Yellow and Green House.

Another significant aspect of the event was that it was a part of a pre-planned project with our Partner School in U.K. Students in that school too observed Book Reading Day on similar lines on the same day. The collaborative venture encouraged the students of both the schools to hone their reading skills.

30th November 2012: British Council Event

A student-teacher team on November 30, 2012, attended the closing segment of the English for Games Workshop organized by the British Council to promote the use of multi-media and sports as an integral aspect of teaching English. The Chief Guest for the occasion was the former cricket Captain, Mr. Kris Srikanth. The students who had participated in the earlier segment of the Workshop held in September, were awarded for their powerpoint presentations.

Mr. Srikanth addressed the gathering and shared significant and meaningful incidents from his student life as well as cricket life that defined him as an individual and helped him become a more confident and better individual. He gave some thought-provoking  advice of always living life to the fullest, facing challenges head-on and never to shirk from making mistakes as they were stepping stones to further growth. He stressed on the relevance of English as it was an international language and helped to forge associations. He encouraged students to lay more stress on spoken English as that would only enhance their oral skills.

 29th November- 1st December 2012:Regional Vipnet Meet

A Regional VIPNET meet of north zone was conducted in Dehradun from 29th November t o 1st December for all the science clubs. The opening of workshop was done by Dr.Rajendra Dobhal,secretary  of Uttarakhand state council for Science and Technology.

The objectives of the workshop were as follows:

To sensitize people about carbon footprints

Advantages of LED-Eco friendly lights

To  create awareness about the medicinal values of Ganoderma  lucidum -a type of edible mushroom


Food adulteration

Networking institutions and individuals

Development of science communication materials

Creation of awareness and scientific temperament

To prepare question bank based on research aptitude


Salwan Public School Afternoon organised Mathematics Day Celebrations on December 3, 2012 as a precursor to the Official National Mathematics Day, December 22, that marks the birth anniversary of the renowned Indian mathematician Shri Sriniwas Ramanujan. The day emphasised the need to carry forward the legacy of great mathematicians such as Srinivasa Ramanujan, Aryabhata and Brahmagupta so as to encourage and nurture the glorious tradition of honing the students’ mathematical knowledge.      

The school stage wore a festive look as colourful posters,  charts and  mathematics models were put up to highlight the various visual and kinesthetic aids that were tirelessly crafted and designed by the students to understand as well as explain the numerical formulas and concepts. The puzzle and games corner drew an enthusiastic response from the students and teachers, each eager to implement their analytical and logical reasoning skills. The students of class IX and X had a “RANGOLI COMPETITION” in which they made beautiful designs using mathematical shapes. A Café Corner “TREAT TIME” was another attraction with Student Chefs and Student Counter Staff manning the place with a hand- made menu card and bill booklet. They efficiently took orders, did the calculations and implemented the same. This way, they demonstrated the practical aspect of Maths in daily life.

The programme began with the Student Choir group rendering a melodious song to seek the blessings of the Almighty. This was followed by the tiny tots showcasing a beautiful skit on “Money-Money” wherein they highlighted the value quotient of each rupee denomination and the collective value of the lower denomination of notes. Hence, the audience grasped that a paisa saved is a rupee earned! The programme was interspersed with students giving handy tips on practising Maths, poems based on the wonders of mathematics and also some mind ticklers. This was followed by a Fashion Show on shapes. The students walked the ramp displaying various shapes and also spoke some catchy characteristics of each shape. One of the highlights was the use of Mathematics in various Bollywood popular numbers and the senior students danced on the musical song tracks. The Principal, Ms. Mukul Jha, in her address, congratulated the Maths Department for their beautiful conceptualization and execution of the programme which made the subject discipline more fun-loving to the students and also helped to dispense some of the fear factors associated with the subject and also released the “MATHEMATICS NEWSLETTER”. The head Mistress, Ms. Promila Sharma, also expressed her immense joy in being a part of such an exciting presentation that had her undivided attention. She encouraged everyone to go through the displayed works of the students and also participate in the Fun and Puzzle Corner.

The Mathematics Day Celebration was a perfect methodology of encouraging the students to gain practical familiarity and application of the subject and it was the ideal way to execute the responsibility of mathematical community to encourage and facilitate the study of mathematics as an academic discipline in the school.

 4th December 2012:Derek’s Smarter, Faster and Better presented by Vodafone in association with classmate

Derek’s Smarter, Faster and Better presented by Vodafone in association with classmate was held on 4th of Dec at SPS Afternoon. Four teams comprising of students from classes VI to VIII participated from our school. Plethors of questions varying from reasoning to books and history to entertainment were asked by Quizmaster. Team  A won the  Quiz and qualified for the finals, held  at Ryan International School on 6th of Dec. Around 32 schools qualified for the finals and KVIIT emerged as the Winners from Delhi.


 5th December 2012:Visit to National Science and Technology Fair 2012

Students of SPS(A) attended IRIS (Initiative for Research and Innovation in Science) National Fair at National Bal Bhawan. The event was co-sponsored by confederation of Indian Industry, Department Of Science and Technology and Intel. Students of Salwan Afternoon interacted with about 172 students from across India who brought their research projects and models. Students voted individually for most popular project in a secret ballot. The whole experience was enlightening as well as motivating. SPS(A) students could gather lot of insight of in various scientific concepts. Students were motivated to participate in IRIS 2013.

10th December 2012:Religious Conference By Tony Faith Foundation

A religious conference on “Religious Pluralism in India’s Secular Democracy” was held on December 10, 2012. The main significance of the conference was the launch of the Faith and Globalisation Initiative(FGI) in India by signing of an educational memorandum in partnership with the Benaras Hindu University. Through the FGI, the Tony Blair Faith Foundation aims to include discussions of faith and globalization in the development and expansion of higher education.

The Conference introduction was made by Mr. Craig Bradsley, Faith and Globalisation Initiative Manager and also the Chief Executive, Ms. Michelle , Face to Faith Initiative. The opening address was given by Dr. Karan Singh, diplomat and politician, Inter-faith activist, Chancellor of Benares Hindu University. He spoke about the special provision for the minorities and significance of religious harmony. He explained the history of the Inter faith movement beginning with the First Parliament of World Religions, attended by Swami Vivekananda. He stressed that religious sentiments must grow vertically i.e. from within us and horizontally within a community as well. He beautifully quoted the holy scriptures that have advocated “ Truth is one but quoted by many names”, “Learning is the treasure within to know, to do, to live together and to be.”. He highlighted his concern that a country like India, where people are strongly religious, has religious education banned in the government schools. However, he gave an interesting perspective of teaching essential features of religion without teaching about religion as a good solution.
The Plenary session was conducted by Justice Rajinder Sachar, former Chief Justice of Delhi High Court, Ms. Nisha Agarwal, CEO Oxfam India and Mr. Saeed Naqvi, Senior journalist, Indian Express, who discussed their views on the topic,” The state of India’s secular democracy in the context of religious pluralism.”

15th December 2012:'Rang Divine'at Salwan Afternoon - A Spectacular Extravaganza

The school celebrated its Annual Day to award students who had excelled in academics and various extra co-curricular activities. The Chief Guest, Hon’ble Union Urban Development Minister, Govt. of NCT of Delhi, Sh. Ajay Maken, felicitated the student achievers and encouraged them to work consistently and achieve their goals. The Guest of Honour, Sh. Paramjit Khanna, Secretary, Salwan Education Trust, applauded the efforts of the students and motivated them to fulfil their dreams. The programme got a ceremonial start with the lighting of the lamp by the distinguished guests. A musical medley by the school orchestra, celebrating 100 years of Indian Cinema, was greatly appreciated by the audience. The inaugural dance performance added charm to the spectacular evening. The highlight of the event was the musical “Rang Divine”- a mystical evolution of the great historical Bhakti and Sufi movements.  The gigantic sets made by the in-house art department, the theatrical colourful costumes, the excellent stage enactment supplemented with cyclorama, music and dances mesmerized everyone. The Art Exhibition showcased the artistic aptitude of the students. The Vote of Thanks was proposed by the Parents’ Representative Mr. Maninder Sethi. The programme rose to a final crescendo with a grand finale, resplendent with sparkling fireworks and ended with the National Anthem.

22nd December 2012:Fun and Frolic for the Primary Students at the Adventure Camp

The students excitedly attended the Adventure Camp that was set in the school premises. There were several options for the children to explore like the Commando Net, Burma Bridge, River Crossing, Tug of War, Rock Climbing amongst many others. There were loud cheers and lively camaraderie as the students encouraged each other to attempt all the adventure activities. They were divided into teams and named themselves as Rock Stars, Naughty Nuts and Dare Devils amongst many other interesting titles. It was a long awaited day that lived up to its promise of complete fun-filled adventure sports.


24th December 2012:Joyful Christmas Celebrations by the Primary Students

The students of the Primary Wing held a programme to mark the Christmas Celebrations. Most of the students were dressed as fairies or Santas and looked resplendent in their colourful attires. Some of the highlights of the event were short plays depicting the true essence of Christmas values and how the same could be imbibed in our daily lives. The musical carols sung by the school choir and the lively dance performances by the students set the audience into a celebration mode. The Principal, Ms. Mukul Jha, appreciated the creative and enthusiastic performance of the students and encouraged them to implement the values of loving, sharing and compassion always.

 27th December 2012:Workshop On E-waste in Association with Nokia

Workshop On E-waste in Association with Nokia was organized on 27th December. An activity/games based workshop session for selected group of 40 students in two groups from classes VI-VIII and IX-XII was taken up by the Resource persons from Nokia.

The Resource Person sensitized and motivated the students to opt for responsible recycling which means choosing to use official and authorized channels of recycling which are audited and therefore extremely safe for the environment.
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