Adobe Photoshop cs5

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Adobe Photoshop CS5

After Chapter #1 in Photoshop you will be able to:

Chapter #1/Lesson #1: – Notes & Tips

  • Photoshop allows you to work with the images from a variety of sources (original artwork, downloaded images from the web, scanned in images, or images from a camera/cell phone, etc.).

  • You can jump seamlessly between both Photoshop and Dreamweaver, once we get to the Dreamweaver Unit. There you can turn graphics into gif animations*.

  • You can create a file from scratch by using the ‘New’ dialog box. You may also adjust Width and Height there.

  • A digital image may be referred to as a file, document, graphic, picture, or image.

  • Photoshop files can be compressed or flattened to reduce the file size.

  • You can create original logos in Photoshop.

  • You can UNDO any change to an image by accessing the ‘History’ panel.

  • Different Camera manufacturers will default to different Camera RAW formats, listed here:
    .dng (Adobe), .crw/.cr2 (Canon), .erf (Epson), .raf (Fuji), .kdc/.dcr/.dcs/.dcr (Kodak), .mrw (Minolta),
    .nef (Nikon), .orf (Olympus), .ptx/.pef (Pentax), .x3f (Sigma), .arw/.srf/.sr2 (Sony)

  • You may change the background of the active image you are working by right clicking and selecting the color of choice.

Answer the following questions:

What is an image-editing program?

List the 11 types of file formats, referenced from the text, which you can create and open within Photoshop:
What are Pixels?

What is a logo?

Define ‘Type’ as we will use it in Photoshop:

Define Splash Screen:

Getting Started: Follow the text book’s left hand menu from Photoshop Chapter #1, 1-6 (Lesson #1) to 1-27 (Lesson #5) then begin Chapter 2 from 2-2 to 2-27.

Once in Photoshop - Select File then Select New

Please note that you are to following the WINDOWS directions and NOT the Macintosh directions*

Assignment Goal: Ultimately this is what you will be creating on your own by using the skills learned in Photoshop’s first 3 Chapter’s. Work at your own pace as you go through the textbook examples.
Due: ___________

  • Open Photoshop – NEW - Save As 9/11

  • Search for and copy an image from the web

  • Edit Paste

  • Put 2 pictures together (opacity/layer)

  • Create a patriotic image using Photoshop for 9/11

  • Add text

  • Save as a .jpeg

  • Print to one page/Color


Download 6.57 Kb.

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