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Adobe Photoshop CS6 Chapter 1 MC

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Chapter 1 – Multiple Choice

Instructions: Circle the best answer.

  1. When a file is open Photoshop displays a(n) _____ at the top of the document window that shows the name of the file, the magnification, the color mode, and a Close button.

  1. document window tab

  2. stroke border

  3. Navigator

  4. interpolation

2. The _____ panel is used to change the view of your document window using a thumbnail display.

  1. Thumbnail

  2. Menu

  3. Navigator

  4. Zoom

3. Many photographers and graphic artists use the _____ when placing the focus of interest.

  1. rule of seconds

  2. rule of thirds

  3. rule of fourths

  4. rule of fifths

4. You can click the Undo command on the Edit menu, or you can press _____ to undo the last edit.

  1. CTRL+Z

  2. Edits

  3. Clear

  4. History

5. A pixel is an individual dot of _____ that is the basic unit used to create digital images.

  1. color

  2. tone

  3. shade

  4. light

6. Adding a _____ around a photo sometimes can be an effective way to highlight or make the photo stand out on the page.

  1. frameset

  2. border

  3. pixel

  4. fill

Name ____________________________ Date/Hour: ___________________

7. Photoshop uses a mathematical process called _____, or resampling, when it changes the number of pixels.

  1. interpolation

  2. interpretation

  3. integer solution

  4. linear sampling

8. _____ refers to the number of pixels per inch, printed on a page or displayed on a monitor.

  1. Brightness

  2. Resolution

  3. Tone

  4. Print Margin

9. _____ is the process of changing the photo to make it most effective for its purpose.

  1. Magnification

  2. Zoomify

  3. Maximization

  4. Optimization

10. If a Web photo contains more colors than the user’s monitor can display, most browsers will _____, or approximate, the colors that it cannot display, by blending colors that it can.

  1. optimize

  2. dither

  3. interpolate

  4. stroke borders

11. Rulers display on the ____ of the document window.

  1. top and left sides

  2. top and right sides

  3. bottom and left sides

  4. bottom and right sides

  1. The _____ palette is used to change the view of your artwork using a thumbnail display.

a. Thumbnail

  1. Menu

  2. Navigator

  3. Zoom

Name ____________________________ Date/Hour: ___________________

  1. Smoothing the border adjusts the _____at the inner corners of the border.

  1. radius of the pixels

  2. circumference of the pixels

  3. light/dark ratio of the pixels

  4. colors

  1. The ________ menu appears when you right-click some objects in the Photoshop workspace.

    1. submenu

b. context menu

  1. hidden menu

d. panel menu

  1. A __________ is a collection of graphically displayed choices and commands related to a specific tool or feature.

    1. tab group

b. tool

  1. panel

d. expanded group

Chapter 1 – Short Answer

Instructions: Fill in the best answer.

  1. The gray work area and panels are referred to collectively as the ______________________.

  2. A ___________________ command does not immediately display on a menu.

  3. The options bar is ____________________ when it is attached to an edge of the Photoshop window, rather than floating freely in the workspace.

  4. You can float, or move, the options bar in the workspace by dragging the gray ________________ located on the left of the options bar.

  5. _________________ display on the right and bottom of the document window and allow you to move the image up, down, left, and right when the photo is bigger than the document window.

  6. _______________ refers to the percentage of enlargement or reduction on the screen.

  7. The _________________ panel is used to select preset brushes and design custom brushes.

  8. PSD, which stands for ___________________, is the default file format for files created from scratch in Photoshop.

  9. The rectangle with a red border in the Navigation panel is called the _________________, which outlines the currently viewable area in the window.

  10. ____________________________ mode displays the Application bar, document window, scroll bars, and visible panels.

  11. Photoshop displays a ________________________________ at the top of the document window that shows the name of the file, the magnification, the color mode and a Close button.

  12. The ____________________ bar appears below the Application bar and changes to reflect the tool currently selected on the Tools panel.

Name ____________________________ Date/Hour: ___________________

  1. A ___________________________ refers to the internal characteristics of digital files; it designates the operational or structural characters of a file.

  2. A _______________ is a decorative edge on a photo or portion of a photo.

  3. A printed version of the photo is called a hard copy or ___________________.

Chapter 1 – True/False
Instructions: Circle T if the statement is true or F if the statement is false.



  1. Photoshop CS6 is a popular image editing software program produced by the Microsoft Corporation.



  1. A tooltip is a short, on-screen note associated with the object to

which you are pointing, which helps you identify the button.



  1. The changes you make to a photo do not become permanent until you save or store the changed file on a storage device.



  1. A zip drive is a device used to convert a hard copy into a digital form for storage, retrieval, or other electronic purposes.



  1. Press and hold the CTRL key when you click a menu name to display all menu commands, including hidden ones.



  1. You perform most tool tasks and edit the photo in the display area.



  1. Panels are collapsed when they display their contents.



  1. Rulers display on the bottom and right sides of the document window and default to display in inches.



  1. To change Screen Modes, press the S key on the keyboard.



  1. When a command is grayed out, it is unavailable for you to use.

  1. Photoshop uses a mathematical process called interpolation, or resampling, when it changes the numbers of pixels.









12. A file is a specific location on a storage medium, represented visually be a file folder icon.

13. Editing is also called pre-processing because it includes actions you take after the picture has been processed by the camera or scanner.
14. A marquee is a flashing or pulsating border, sometimes called marching ants.
15. The annotation area is above each preview in the Save for Web dialog box.

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