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Canning, Victor

The great affair. 1970. Read by David Broomfield, 11 hours 50 minutes. TB 1499.

Sangster takes R.L. Stevenson's advice that "the great affair is to move", and in the few months after his release from prison he covers nine countries, numerous love affairs and a range of extraordinary adventures. TB 1499.

Carter, Angela

Nights at the circus. 1984. Read by David Banks, 13 hours 31 minutes. TB 5394.

Fevvers is the greatest aerialist of her time: a Cockney Venus who is borne up by the spread of wings that can't be real - or are they? Jack Walso is obsessed with her and bamboozled by the sorcery of her dresser and confidante, Lizzy. He allows himself to be talked into a journey from London to Siberia, entering a world of danger and joy with Colonel Kearney's Circus. TB 5394.

Cendrars, Blaise

Gold: the marvellous history of General John Augustus Sutter. 1982. Read by Andrew Jack, 3 hours 40 minutes. TB 5141.

This is the story of a bankrupt Swiss papermaker who leaves wife and children to seek his fortune in America. Fate is to plunder the earthly paradise he makes there and although based on a real life story, this becomes a tale of adventure, almost a Western. TB 5141.

Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de

The adventures of Don Quixote. 1950. Read by Eric Gillet, 21 hours 45 minutes. TB 2230.

In this classic among comic novels, Don Quixote sets out to roam the world, imitating the knights-errant of whom he had read. Only his practical and trusty servant Sancho Panza brings him down to earth and saves him from the danger to which he exposes himself on all occasions. TB 2230.

Clancy, Tom

The bear and the dragon. Read by Garrick Hagon, 43 hours 25 minutes. TB 12745.

Jack Ryan; book 11. Sequel to Rainbow Six, TB 13536. President Jack Ryan faces a world crisis unlike any he has ever known. Domestic pitfalls await him in America; while in Moscow, assassination and China's infiltration have the potential to cause havoc. Who is behind this mayhem? The new Russian elite and Chinese dissidents are likely candidates. Contains strong language. TB 12745.

Clavell, James

Whirlwind. 1986. Read by Jon Cartwright, 53 hours 50 minutes. TB 6980.

Asian saga; book 6. Sequel to Noble House, TB 4722. The story covers three weeks of world headlines: the Shah has gone and caught up in the consequent eruption of political and religious fanaticism is the company S-G Helicopters, Aberdeen-based and connected with Struan's of Hong Kong which services the oilfields. Andrew Gavallan and Duncan McIver are in charge and as the mullahs and mujhadin become locked in a bloody power struggle, they try to keep their machines flying and their marriages to Iranian wives intact. Contains strong language. TB 6980.

Cleary, Jon

High road to China: a novel. 1978. Read by Nigel Graham, 12 hours 1 minute. TB 9977.

In 1920, Eve Tozer's American tycoon father is captured by a warlord in China. The ransom was a priceless statuette Eve had with her, and the only way of getting it there in time was to fly. Finding a pair of ex-FFC pilots, and equipping three aircraft, they evaded trouble in France, ran into it in Germany and were helped by a former member of von Richthofen's circus. Wild characters are met in the Balkans and in India, and Bradley Tozer, in China, is fascinated by and finds himself liking his captors, even while waiting for the blade to fall on his neck. TB 9977.

Collins, Norman

The governor's lady. 1968. Read by Garard Green, 15 hours 14 minutes. TB 501.

A colonial governor in Africa meets a sudden end while on safari, and his lady knows more than she is willing to tell. TB 501.

Cooper, James Fenimore

The last of the Mohicans. 1990. Read by Jonathan Oliver, 16 hours 53 minutes. TB 8856.

This is a fictional novel with a factual core, namely, the massacre of the British by the Indians at Fort William Henry in 1757. This fictional aspect involves romance, sexuality and heroism, but within the placid character of the novel there lurks a dramatic and violent inner part, which reflects the hatred felt between the two warring factions. TB 8856.

Cooper, Scott

Glad waters. 1987. Read by Crawford Logan, 6 hours 19 minutes. TB 9237.

Lieutenant Dick Holgate fought his war in an elderly river gunboat. After a passage to Colombo his crew retire to Kilindini in the Indian Ocean, where his work in the cipher office is not appreciated. Our hero settles down, falls in love with royalty and makes himself at home in paradise. TB 9237.

Cordell, Alexander

Moll. 1991. Read by Rosemary Miller, 10 hours 32 minutes. TB 8928.

Moll Walbee leaves behind her reputation as a pickpocket in the slums of Paris and becomes a highwayman. Eventually arrested and transported, she continues her adventurous life on board ship and on arrival in Australia. TB 8928.

Cordell, Alexander

The bright Cantonese. 1967. Read by Marvin Kane, 6 hours 45 minutes. TB 471.

Beautiful Mei Kayling travels across China, Hong Kong, and the United States in search of a sailor who has deserted from the American warship suspected of having launched an atomic bomb in China. TB 471.

Cornwell, Bernard

Wildtrack. 1988. Read by Arthur Blake, 12 hours 45 minutes. TB 7183.

Falklands veteran, Nick Sandman, VC, dreamed of restoring the ocean yacht "Sycorax" to its former glory. But he wasn't prepared for the devil's bargain he made with egomaniac TV star Tony Bannister - or the peril he sailed into on his very first voyage. Contains strong language. TB 7183.

Cornwell, Bernard

Sharpe's devil. 1993. Read by Alistair Maydon, 10 hours 19 minutes. TB 10069.

Richard Sharpe; book 21. Sequel to: Sharpe's Waterloo, TB 11396. Five years after Waterloo, Sharpe's retirement in Normandy is shattered by a plea for help from Don Blas Vivar's wife; he is missing in Chile, reported dead at rebel hands and appeals to Sharpe to find out the truth. Reluctantly he and Patrick Harper find themselves bound for Chile via St Helena where they meet Napoleon. Convinced that they are going to collect a corpse, neither can imagine the dangers awaiting them in Chile. TB 10069.

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