African Americans 1999-2002

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Press Release
The Best School Districts in Texas for

African Americans 1999-2002

COLLEGE STATION--A report released by the Texas Educational Excellence Project (TEEP) finds that African American students continue to increase performance in Texas. In 2002, 77.2 % of African American students passed all tests compared to 92.5% of Anglo students. This is an improvement from 1996, when only 46.9 % of African American students passed the TAAS compared to 79.8 % of Anglo students. While African American students have made impressive gains over the past five years, the gap remains substantial.

In an effort to promote the improvement of African American test scores across the state, the Texas Educational Excellence Project has used statewide averages to identify and rank the top 25 school districts that do a better job of educating African American students. The programs and policies used by exemplary districts may then be used as a standard by which other districts can measure and improve their own performance.
Atlanta ISD is an example of one such exemplary district. In 2002, 92.7% of African American students in Atlanta passed the TAAS. This high pass rate can be attributed in part to lower-grade intervention programs, the provision of additional help to low-performing students, and specialized TAAS workshops. In addition to this success, Atlanta ISD was ranked first, overall, in educating African American students in Texas.
β€œIt is important to take into account the differences across districts when assessing district performance, and how well they educate African American students,” said Kenneth Meier, TEEP coordinator. In order to do this, the authors of the report use a technique that allows them to see how district policies, teacher qualifications, financial resources, and environmental constraints impact the performance of African American students.
The top-ranked districts represent a wide spectrum of Texas school districts. Some are quite large, others very small. In ranking districts, the report recognizes that larger school districts face different issues, so it has an additional ranking for school districts with more than 15,000 students. The top-rated large school district is Galena Park, followed by Aldine and Waco. These districts consistently rank among the higher-performing large districts in the state.

Overall district rankings placed Tatum, Kountze, Atlanta, Cuero, and Hooks among the best in educating African American students. While districts like these do not share a common set of programs or curricula, they act as role models for other districts. That is, many of their programs and activities may be identified and transferred to other districts that wish to increase their performance and abilities to educate African American students.

Rankings for all districts and statistical data can be found at The Texas Educational Excellence Project seeks to apply scholarly research to educational policy issues in order to make recommendations for greater quality and equity in Texas school systems. TEEP is a joint program of Texas A&M's George Bush School of Government and Public Service and the university's Department of Political Science, with research associates at the University of Texas - Pan American, University of Texas at Dallas, and Oakland University.

To see the entire report visit the TEEP web site at

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