Ages 6-12 Teacher Instructions

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Ages 6-12
Teacher Instructions
Creating a multi-panel cartoon challenges pupils to think about the most important aspects of a content area and arrange them sequentially. This project is a fun way for pupils to show what they have learned and reinforce concepts with visual learning.
1. Give pupils a list of historical figures and/or events and explain that they will research one of them to find at least five key facts to present in a cartoon storyboard in Kidspiration
2. Open Cartoon from Kidspiration Starter>Activities>History and More, and show pupils how to drag symbols from the libraries to the cartoon frames to represent ideas. Encourage pupils to get the basic idea for each panel worked out before adding too many visual or written details.
3. Show pupils the example depicting the story of the "Life and Reign of Elizabeth Ii (Cartoon Creator Exemplar
) so they have an idea of what a completed project might look like.

4. Encourage pupils to make the last cartoon panel relate to the impact of the actions presented to the larger content area being studied. For example, how did Elizabeth’s actions impact English history
Cartoon Creator
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ƒ Pupils maybe assessed on their completed cartoon and the accuracy of the information provided. Did they incorporate sufficient dialogue and detailed captions to relate the content
ƒ Have pupils present their cartoons to the class and allow time for the class to comment and ask questions. Assessment can be made on the quality of pupil presentations and how they answered the questions asked.
Lesson Adaptations

ƒ Pupils may add sound to their cartoons by using Record…under the Sound menu.
ƒ Lead a discussion about the topics presented in the cartoons. How might the various people and moments in history depicted have influenced the development of the contemporary world?
ƒ The Symbol libraries can be limited or customised if desired. Those options can be found under the Teacher menu>Save With Activity Wizard.

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