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Importance of Bee Farming

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Importance of Bee Farming

1.Bees are pollinators of crops and this is important for genetic stability

2.Bees are kept for honey, bee wax, pollen and propolis which are used for food, medicine or manufacturing other products

3.The social life of honey bee colony provides a strong basis for the study of the structure of societies

4.Bees are used for research and education

Fishery : This is a special area of Agriculture which deals with the production and management of fish and other aquatic animals of agricultural importance. Such animals include lobster, squids, shrimps, cray fish, oyster, prawns, periwinkles and crabs. These animals are rich sources of protein.
Snail Farming or Heliculture : Snails are invertebrates with soft bodies that are covered with hard calcareous shells. They belong to the phylum called mollusca. Heliculture, commonly known as snail farming, is the process of raising land snails specifically for human use, either to use their flesh as edible escargot, or more recently, to obtain snail slime for use in cosmetics, or snail eggs for human consumption as a type of caviar.
Importance of Snail farming*.

  1. Source of Protein – Snail meat has high protein of about 37% – 51%.

  2. It contains almost all the essential amino acids*.

  3. Source of Iron – The iron content ofsnail is 45 -59mg/kg. This high iron content is considered in the treatment of anaemia*.

  4. Treatment of different ailments – Snail can be used for the treatment of whooping cough, ulcers, asthma, high blood pressure, constipation, poor eye sight and pile.

  5. *.Preparation of Animal feed – The shell of snail contains phosphorus and calcium and it can be crushed for the preparation of animal feed.


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