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What’s More Activity 1

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What’s More

Activity 1

Direction: Write the location, interest or needs that initiated the building of the following social relationships.

Spatial Proximity







Virtual Proximity


Car mates

Travelling mates

Plant mates

Food mates

Fashion mates

Activity 2

Direction: Express concepts on the following questions.

  1. Why do people launch protests or revolution?


  1. Why did the political movements utilize ICT?


Activity 3

Direction: Suggest a creative intervention on the following situation listed below.

  1. You are the Human Resource Officer of a Mall and tasked to handle 100 employees. How would you schedule their job and rights?

  1. You are the manager of a Dairy Farm. A farmer came to complain that three cows have eaten his crops near the boundary. How will you prevent this from happening again?

  1. You would like to help a blind girl use a cellphone. What kind of cellphone will you buy for her?

  1. Your patient cannot be able to come to the hospital for transportation issues. How can you attend to his needs?

  1. As a supplier, you signed a contract to export 500 tons of fruits and vegetables to another country every 6 months. How will you increase the yield of your crops?

What I Have Learned

Direction: Fill in the blanks with the correct word or phrase to complete the thought of the sentence.

ICT is a ______________________ having positive ________________________ on the society.

ICT can _________________________ human life.

What I can do

Direction: Illustrate how you can contribute in the improvement of the livelihood in your community using ICT.




The illustration has appropriate title and label.

The Illustration is clean, neat and legible.

The illustration shows understanding of the topic and related concepts.

The spelling, punctuation and structure of the texts are accurate.

The illustration presents the idea that is clear and easy to follow.


1 – Needs Improvement 2 – Satisfactory 3 – Very Satisfactory 4 - Outstanding

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