Alex Williams Game Designer

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Alex Williams

Game Designer
+31 (0)6 48530021
Breda, Netherlands
I design games, interactions, and stories; I have a passion for the unique way that audio, visuals, and mechanics come together as a whole work.

Besides my design focus, I have working experience and a broad mid-level knowledge in art and programming - I aim to solve problems and push boundaries with an adaptable and detail oriented approach.


Design Technical

- Concept Design - HTML, CSS, JS - Mid Level -
- Narrative Design - JAVA - Basic Level
- Level Design
- Systems Design
- Prototyping (Paper/Visual Scripting)

Software Languages

- Adobe Photoshop - Professional Level - English - Native Speaker
- Adobe Illustrator - Basic Level - Dutch - Native Speaker
- Autodesk Maya - Professional Level
- Z-Brush - Basic Level Personal
- X-Normal - Basic Level - Puplic Speaking
- Unreal Development Kit - Basic Level - Mentoring
- Unreal Engine 4 - Basic Level
- Unity 3D - Basic Level


Bachelor of Science -
International Game Architecture & Design

NHTV University of Applied Science, 
Breda, Netherlands

International Baccalaureate, English -

OSG De Meergronden,

Almere, Netherlands

Highschool Diploma -
OSG De Meergronden,

Almere, Netherlands


Game Designer - Guerilla Cambridge,

RIGS: Mechanised Combat League(2016, PS4/PS-VR)
September 2014 - February 2015 
- Worked in the level and systems design 
teams on multiplayer content
Prototyped and iterated on experimental game modes
- Fronted 
interdisciplinary work on interactive front end UI and functional mock ups
- Gained an understanding of in house scripting and
- Co-developed 
tutorialisation sequence and content

Project Lead / Game Designer - Team Prullaria,
SnowDown(2015, Android / Mobile Devices)
March 2015 - August 2015 
Concepted and prototyped core game for the Dare To Be Digital Competition
Assembled and managed production team / deadlines and milestones
- Maintained project 
vision and worked in multiple roles during development
- Created 
marketing assets and pitches, curated social media presence
- Contact point for event organisation, planned team trip to 
DTBD finals in Dundee, Scotland
- Represented the team and game during 
four day live demo on the show floor at DTBD
- Documented 
experimental game mechanics.


I enjoy getting lost in my music collection, or temporarily exiting my corporeal form to read about anything from ancient history, industrial design, fictional worlds - and how those elements connect our reality together. I'm engaged by discussion and humor, and try to put myself forward to explore and experience things that are alien to me. 

(Recently, I took up ballroom dancing) 
(Some) Games that are dear to me: 
SOMA, STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl, Bioshock, TES3: Morrowind, Bloodborne


Recipient BE.MOBILE Award, Brain’s Eden 2014

Volunteer Mentor, Brain’s Eden 2015
Volunteer Mentor, Brain’s Eden 2016
FinalistDare To Be Digital 2015
Participant, Global Game Jam 2014
Participant, Global Game Jam 2015
Participant, Global Game Jam 2016
Volunteer, Screenshake 2016

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