Alice cascade’s Annual Dance Production all dancers alice performance Saturday 16th

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ALICE Cascade’s Annual Dance Production ALL DANCERS
ALICE Performance

Saturday 16th January 2016 7.00pm @ The Stag Theatre, Sevenoaks (1 performance only)

A dress rehearsal will take place during the daytime of Saturday 16th January at the theatre.

Arrival / departure times for dancers will be confirmed in November, however expect to be involved in rehearsals from 10/11am.

(Please inform us straight away if you cannot make this performance)
ALICE Full Cast Rehearsals

All Cascade dancers (Minis, Juniors & Youth) must attend these dates to take part in our production. Please bring lunch, drinks and dancing clothes. Dancers will not be allowed out into the town during this time. Arrive 15 minutes before this rehearsal.

Saturday 5th December 2015 12.30 - 5.30pm @ The Camden Centre, Tunbridge Wells, TN1 2SW (main hall)

Saturday 9th January 2015 12.30 - 5.30pm @ The Camden Centre, Tunbridge Wells, TN1 2SW (main hall)
The Camden centre is in the town centre. Parking can be found at the Royal Victoria Shopping Centre. Post Code: TN1 2SS (bring change for parking).
ALICE Costumes

Every year we create and purchase over 200 costumes for our show, providing each dancer with an exciting outfit and props. This year ALICE is set to be the most colourful, wacky and vibrant show to date.

This year dancers will be charged £6.00 per dance for the hire of their costume. For example: if you are involved in 3 dance pieces your total costume hire will be £18.00. Costume hire slips are attached to this letter and also found via our website (annual production page)
Every dancer should already own a black leotard and black dance shorts / cycling shorts for their basic / foundation items.

Please Note: This is not applicable for main character and dance show troupe dancers, a separate letter will be issued for their costumes.

ALICE Tickets

This year is going to be spectacular…….. with dancing caterpillars, mad hatters, grinning cats and white rabbits! Please come and support our first show at the Stag Theatre Sevenoaks, involving over 150 talented dancers aged 3 – 19 years from across the South East.

Tickets are only available via the Stag Theatre Box Office. We only have 1 performance offered, so please get your tickets ASAP!
Box Office & general enquiries: 01732 450175 Email:

Link for our ticket page:

Please speak to Ricia or Sam if you have any questions about anything above.

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