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Allan Ralph Andrews, born September 13th 1939, Long Beach, California, St. Mary’s Hospital, 4:03 AM

The following written in Bakersfield, CA, March 15th 2015

Daniel R. Brooks and E. O Wiley give the key to natural metaphysics in Evolution as Entropy (Columbia University, 1986), when they state that “the second law is more than the natural law of energy flows: it is the natural law of history. For this reason we call the 1st law of thermodynamics, the conservation of mass energy, the HOW, the eldest son yang of the I Ching, and we call the 2nd law of thermodynamics the WHEN, the eldest daughter yin of the I Ching. The 3rd law of thermodynamics states that entropy only reaches zero at absolute zero. The 3rd law of thermodynamics rules the Earth Trigram as the entropy empty product of the infinite flux that makes the improbable probable in Heaven Trigram. The zero entropy of the perfect crystal in Earth Trigram is governed by the laws of quantum mechanics in the WHAT of middle daughter yin and space time relativity in the WHERE of youngest daughter yin.

The source of the above is evolution in the Thunder Trigram of a product of the favoring of states of minimum entropy production in Water Well Trigram and competition between minimum energy producing states in Flame Trigram ( op. cit., p. 149). This generates “optimum coding” in the Wind Trigram, speciation in Mountain Trigram, and recombination in Lake Trigram, systems of homeostatic feedback in Water Well and adapted phenotypic results in Earth.

Evolution takes place in the visible world as the integration of systems generates expanding cosmic systems that drive energy dissipation competition and emergence of order at higher and higher levels of organization. Involution occurs at the opposite end of the circle driving phenomenological experiences as energy penetrates deep into the infinitesimal and generates complexity within that complements the complexity without so that energy is inverted into passion and information into thought and integration into pleasure and joy and disintegration into pain and sorrow, dissociation becomes existential creation and association generates communication at higher and higher levels of moral system.

This involution system creates the Shiva, Visnu, Brahma mythology that becomes the Hen, Nous, Psyche of Platonic metaphysics and the Spirit, Mind, and Body of New Thought Philosophy. An Astral intermediate realm of Rajas guna generates the strands of Karma and Dharma, of reincarnation and rebirth that link the manifest with the transcendent, the mortal with the eternal, local time with transcendent time.

The Heaven Trigram is the infinite flux of Shiva as Eldest Son Yang generating the improbable in Wind Trigram though integrating the boundless in the Middle Son Hen One WHY and creatively becoming the infinitesimal monad of here and now time in the Youngest Son Yang WHO Jiva Monad of existential phenomenological involution being and becoming, the existential inexistence that converts Eldest Son energy into passion and Eldest Daughter information logos into thought and reason and moral law and the involution that changes Middle Son Yang integration into pleasure and joy and love and faith and changes Middle Daughter Yin disintegration and quantum mechanical particulars into suffering and pain, changes the world of space time relativity into the language community of collective moral and emotional experience that generates human literature and art and changes the disassociation of personal time into existential phenomenology.

The improbable gradually becomes the perfect as it enters into the order of Water Well Trigram and the eternal as it enters into the speciation of mind that is Mountain Trigram. But this eternal time endlessly enters into the novel in Flame Trigram and the infinite possibility that is Heaven Trigram as it merges with the collective complexity that is Lake Trigram and its generation of the complex association of universes at all levels of being and becoming.

An individual universe evolves as the first law of thermodynamics generates evolution as entropy in Thunder Trigram that becomes the zero entropy crystallization possibility in the second law of thermodynamics set up the order that emerges in the crystallization that is the third law of thermodynamics as Earth Trigram passes to the mathematical zero point of weight less form that is Eldest Daughter Cosmic Nous Logos Li and Yin.

As this happens, individual time lines emerge as monads associate with individual bodies in Flame Trigram and generate Karma in Flame and minds and personalities and empirical and impressionist experiences in Mountain Trigram from which comes the Dharma and Astrological Order of Water Well Trigram and its collective unconscious associations and synchronicity in the complexity that is cosmic evolution in Lake Trigram and the reincarnation and rebirth of astral time monad and jiva complexes coming out of the astral intermediates at all levels of time and space and jiva complication and development that becomes the mythology of all possibility in Heaven Trigram and evolution and emergence in Thunder Trigram.

The finite tells you and infinitesimal amount about the infinite. We know only about our local hell, our local limitations. Reincarnation and astrology rise only to higher levels of the finite, in the end their contribution, though impressive to us, is not really meaningful. True meaning, true WHY belongs to Middle Son Yang integration and true WHO, true creativity and responsibility belongs to Youngest Son Yang existential phenomenology. Jainism, Hinduism, Buddhism carry this message. Jainism puts focus on the purity of the Youngest Son Yang Sattva Guna Creative Spirit Jiva. Buddhism puts its focus on Middle Son Yang Nirvana, the union of all things in the compassion that is the gone gone gone utterly beyond state of joy and integration and love. Hinduism focuses on the flow of energy from Eldest Son Yang Shiva to Eldest Daughter Yin Kali and the interaction of Middle Son Yang Vishnu Brahman and Youngest Son Yang Brahma Yoga Purusha Jiva Krishna mind with this interplay if Heaven Trigram God and Wind Trigram Eternal Object (see Alfred North Whitehead). Ernest Holmes describes this interaction in his Science of Mind Textbook where he describes the Creative Spirit of Mountain Trigram Mind (see Prehensions in Alfred North Whitehead) with the Cosmic Nous Mind that is the Li of Natural Systems in Eldest Daughter Yin (key to Astral Mind and Dharma) and the Soma, the Body as the realm of attachment and manifestation of the evolution that demonstrates in the physical world the involution that Creative Spirit performs in the invisible realm of Heaven and Wind Trigram interaction, what Holmes calls “Divine Mind, or God.”

The finite is such as small object in this systems that the activities of Heaven and Wind Trigrams, even of the higher aspects of Flame and Mountain, and Water Well and Lake, barely touch it, can not be measure within it, this is where parapsychology is in error. The success and failure of parapsychology only tells us measurable things about attached mind, about Tamas Guna, it is worthless as a source of information about the Rajas guna energy that creates its associations and the Sattva guna ground that is the true source. These interactions play out in eternity, in billions of years and billions beyond. Any moment of consciousness is complex and may involve and infinite number of infinitesimal jiva monads associating with that manifest finite even. The meaning of any one phenomenological association may spread beyond and comprehended cosmi or universes or associations of cosmic complexes sending waves through time and space and time and space potential beyond, that leave local time and space isolated and unmoved as a ship sailing on a rush of water in a way that it seems unmoved, a ship at sea in an ocean of unseen motions.

The world does not give a clear picture of the deep meaning that generates the world. The world is shadow, Earth as the actual occasions and Thunder as the events that emerge from Alfred North Whitehead’s version of Plato’s Cave. Heaven is the light of the Sun and Wind Trigram is the Form of the Good that it illuminates and Earth Trigram are the objects trapped within the Cave and Thunder Trigram are the shadows of the objects that generate our evolving events. Lake Trigram is the collective organization of the Cave and the larger Cave complex. Water Well is the order of the Cave, the walkways where the object carrying slaves walk with shadow casting objects (the Planets and the Astrological shadows they cast on our local play, story, logos, history, dramatic events). Mountain Trigram is the chains the hold the observing mind in place and Flame Trigram is the local fires that generate the light within the Cave and cast its shadows.

Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Sufi Islam, Daoism, I Ching Confucianism and Neoconfucianism, New Thought Christianity, Thomas Merton’s New Seeds of Contemplation Catholic Thought, Zen Buddhism, are all correct, Reformed Jewish Thought is correct, idealistic Marxism and Hegelianism are correct, it is the decisions of the Youngest Son Yang creative spirit Buddhamind relative to the Hen One Nirvana Allah Brahman God as Love Elohim Whole that are the real meaning the connecting meaning that are the Cit Sat Ananda, the Cit of Youngest Son Yang phenomenological here and now, the Sat of the being and becoming that are the flow of Energy in Eldest Son to Information in Eldest Daughter, and Ananda, the integration of all things in the Nirvana of Middle Son Joy Bliss, Love, Peace, and Faith and Hope, that integrate all things and give deep meaning to all things in ever new and miraculous wonderful ways. All other pleasure, all other associations are shadows and suffering that frame these deep meanings and give them local boundary conditions and local association in local time and space.

The Jive do not exist in our physical world and cannot be measured in our world because they are infinitesimal, but carry infinite energy by their associations with the energy flows that shape all things. They simply associate with local finite form to gain the local finite pleasure that such attachments can be associated with. The problem comes when such attachments because too strong and generate addictive operations. These addictive operations create a shadow I Ching, and I Ching of the suffering brain. Heaven Trigram becomes aboriginal pride and Wind becomes aristocratic greed, Flame becomes marital anger and Mountain becomes partisan jealousy, Earth becomes industrial gluttony and addictions of physical substance, alcohol, sugar, drugs, Thunder becomes vulgar lust, and Water Well becomes totalitarian slavery, Lake Trigram becomes dogmatic sloth. At the edges of these traps come personality disorder, compulsions between Wind and Water Well, masochism from Water Well to Lake and borderline personality disorders, prostitution, between Lake and Thunder, histrionic disorder from Thunder to Earth, antisocial behavior from Thunder to Flame and sadism from Flame to Mountain. Narcissism arises from Earth to Mountain and paranoia from Mountain to Wind. Schizoid behaviors from Wind to Heaven and schizotypal from Heaven to Flame, avoidance from Heaven to Lake and dependence from Water Well to Earth.

Nations and institutions can take these colors, Latin taking on the Thunder area and Greek taking on the Earth Trigram, Arabic in the Water Well area and Mandarin in the Lake Trigram, Ancient Indic language in the Heaven Trigram and Persian in the Wind Trigram, Germanic Language in the Mountain Trigram and Japanese, Malay Languages, etc. in the Pacific Rim of Fire and the Flame Trigram.

From this emerges narcissistic English and paranoid German and sadistic Japanese Empire language, histrionic French and German and the antisocial Spanish of Drug Cartels, borderline prostitution in Rio and coastal Brazil. Some forms of Arabic encourage masochism on the part of women and of Chinese support avoidance by women. Persian can support compulsive religion, and Hebrew also, and Russian can support various forms of nationalistic and imperialistic and totalitarian dependence.

Hindu can support forms of the schizoid, and Bengali and associated India and South Asian and South East Asian and Indonesia area speech, can support the schizotypal behaviors of the guru and the shaman.

It is as if there was a global brain that was globally insane, frothed up by is multiple personalities and making war within them.

This Rajas guna stirs up the Tamas guna goo and the Sattva guna must rise above it into meditation on compassion and integrative peace.

Wed March 18th 2015, Allan Ralph Andrews

If you wish, you can take Betrand Russell’s A History of Western Philosophy (Simon and Schuster, 1945) and trace the movement of Western Philosophy through the Trigrams. Starting with Thales, philosophy was in the Middle Daughter Yang particular of the Flame Trigram, with everything as Water. In Pythagoras, we move toward the phenomenological spirit, pneuma, the Youngest Son Yang and finally with Heraclitus, we center on Eldest Son Yang energy flux.

With Parmenides, we get the first shift toward the fixed and Mountain Trigram mind and Eldest Daughter Yin, in Empedocles, we find the doctrine of the four parts, for us Flame Trigram as fire, and Wind Trigram as air, Lake as water, and Earth as earth, making a primitive tetrahedron held together by Middle Son Yang as Love and Middle Daughter Yin as Strife, basically the idea that is critical to what we have developed above. Empedocles was a philosopher of the Pythagorean mind of the Jiva Monad Creative Spirit, Youngest Son Yang.

To compete the Mountain Trigram and focus on the particular in Middle Daughter Yin, we have Anaxagoras, Democritus and the Atomists.

With Socrates, we enter the Wind Trigram of the Classical Ideal. Socrates put the emphasis on the Youngest Son Yang monitor within, Plato on the integration of all things in larger meaning, Middle Son Yang, and Aristotle on the rational order of things in the Li, in rational systems, in Eldest Daughter Yin. This rational order inspired a Water Well approach to philosophy, with the Epicureans looking to the worldly aspect of this order in Youngest Daughter Yin, the Stoics looking to law and reason in Eldest Daughter Yin, and Plotinus looking to the integration of the whole in Middle Son Yang.

This order would be later organized into the theology of the Church. St. Augustine would be responsible for using Plotinus to order religion and theology. Following St. Augustine, church leaders would look to more practical considerations and the larger social world in Youngest Daughter Yin. Saint John the Scot would return the focus to the Middle Son Yang whole, the rising thought surrounding the Islamic World would turn the focus back to worldly philosophy in Youngest Daughter Yin, but Saint Thomas Aquinas would cap this period of development with the attempt to tie everything to Aristotle and his version of Eldest Daughter Yin.

It was the discovery of a new world of science an adventure that put the focus back on Eldest Son Yang. Machiavelli tried to emphasis the practical aspects of Eldest Son Yang in the progression of human events, bring the focus to Thunder Trigram. It was Francis Bacon, the looked to the need to develop a philosophy that could deal with new discoveries in the world of fact, in the Middle Daughter Yin of the Thunder Trigram, and Hobbes who looked to the social and practical implications of the above, in Youngest Daughter Yin.

It was Descartes who laid the foundation for what has become the Classical approach to philosophy and mathematics and the Eldest Daughter Yin, Spinoza’s Ethics contributed a new approach to the ideal and integration in Middle Son Yang, and Leibnitz, introduced the infinitesimal private monad as Youngest Son Yang. This new Classical model in Wind Trigram, replacing the old model of Plato and Aristotle, was challenged by the empiricism of the Mountain in the interpretation of Eldest Daughter Yin reason by Locke, and of Eldest Son Yang awareness by Berkeley and of the Middle Daughter Yin factual particular by Hume.

Kant reacted to Hume by a leap to the Water Well Trigram an a new look at the rational in Eldest Daughter, this brought a reaction by Hegel, who leaped to a Middle Son Yang synthesis, and a further reaction by Marx, who applied the dialectic of this synthesis to social problems in Youngest Daughter Yin.

Rousseau made the leap to the sentiment of Lake Trigram and his version of the Youngest Daughter Yin world of social contracts, Bergson, looked at the process, the Eldest Son Yang energy of the above, and Alfred North Whitehead developed a process philosophy, similar to the Dao in Daoism, that united all of this back into Plato and Hegel and a Middle Son Yang integration of the whole.

Fitche took this to a Youngest Son Yang idea of the Self in Heaven Trigram, which inspired Schopenhauer to take a turn back toward the Middle Son Yang whole, and Emerson to the God of the infinite possibilities in Eldest Son Yang.

The Existentialism of the Flame Trigram was explored by Kierkegaard and his eccentric vision of the Youngest Son Yang, then Nietzsche and his eccentric notions of Eldest Son Yang, finally by Sartre and his atheistic views of the materialistic particular focused on his notion of existential inexistence.

This move toward the irrational generated a counter move toward the rational and concerns with reason and Youngest Daughter Yin with Mill and the Utilitarian philosophers, which soon took a Youngest Daughter Yin focus with Herbert Spencer and Social Darwinism, but Bertrand Russell and others, took this focus back toward logic and reason in Eldest Daughter Yin, Wittgenstein and the language philosophers put the focus on the language community in Youngest Daughter Yin, but Quantum Mechanics has taken some of the focus back to the Middle Daughter Yin particular.

In the meantime, Pragmatic philosophy flourished, as Pierce looked at some of the issues brought up above relative to the factual particular, but William James put the focus on the practical flux of Eldest Son Yang questions on the issue of the HOW, of what works, this was places in a social framework by John Dewey, and thus, moved back to a focus on Youngest Daughter Yin.

As we have discussed elsewhere, and above, there is no resolution to this complexity, it is necessary plural and yet one, it is as Empedocles, pointed out long ago, a series of pluralities, of cycles of love and integration in Middle Son Yang and strife and disintegration in Middle Daughter Yin, as energy in Eldest Son Yang calls up reason and mathematics and natural systems in Eldest Daughter Yin and as all of this evolves in association in Youngest Daughter Yin relativistic space time and in creative disassociation in the existential moment of monads of Youngest Son Yang phenomenology.

Allan Ralph Andrews, 3/18/2015

As the Jiva Monad moment becomes colorless, it penetrates everywhere through all time and space systems and associations and dissociations, all systems and times and universes are open to it because it has no weight and color and no spread, it cuts through all ropes in time and space and passes through all systems unseen bringing eternal creative joy and integrative love and faith, it is an angel of the infinite one speaking to the wonder of infinite generative possibility in contemplation of the divine ideal. But, its very infinitesimal nature makes it vulnerable, if like pollen, it sticks to a flower, it will grow into that flower and become part of that flower and joint to the flower till it believes it is the flower. It takes on the color of everything it touches and is easily trapped in some time and place that is foreign to it. Our world and time is such a trap and much of what is here has been trapped by the flowers in our world’s magic forests of the night.

The soul quickly loses its identity when attached to the pleasures of the flesh, pure in nature, it quickly becomes sin and error when attached to sin and error, it forgets its divinity quickly. It quickly flies from the Garden of Eden to the valley of Babel, when the Eve of the Body and the Adam of the Mind capture it in the turmoil of their lusts and greedy thoughts, the soul then eats of the knowledge of local good and evil and local life and denies the eternal life and purity it left behind.

Trapped by the snake of the nervous system, the soul now crawls on its belly through the world.

But, it is deluded. Isolated by itself in the infinite freedom of the boundless, nurtured by pure love and wonder, it has no defense against the association of the other souls in the body. It is quickly trapped in its tower of Babel with the associations of other souls, in this Babylon, it is taken in by the harlot of physical pleasure, it quickly becomes addicted to the opiates of the body and trapped with an infinity of other souls drawn like flies to the putrid flesh of the world, it soon exchanges the fullness and peace of God for the public hunger of the world, and forgets in an instant the peace that passes all understanding, the endless salvation out which it has been drawn by the scent of physical desire. In the East, the call this “Maya,” the great sleep, the great delusion that the finite uses to draw in the infinitesimal atoms of phenomenology with which it builds its world of addictive passion and pleasure and entraps the immortal freedom of the pure jiva soul.

This may be your true WHO at this moment, you may have flown into the trap of this body and are deluded by your passions, the energy that instantly associates you infinitesimal inside with this outward finite energy flow, far stronger, infinitely beyond your tiny immeasurable pure freedom, in an instant you are overcome and believe the memories, the logos, the story of the body to which you attach, that you this immortal divine free purity are actually this mortal earthly lustful impure flesh. That the WHAT and WHEN and WHERE of this Earth Trigram finite is actually the WHO and WHY and HOW of your infinite immortal Heaven Trigram infinite possibility. How do you know that this is not true. Just as the arguments of the finite Earth Trigram are an endless fallacy of appeals ad verbosum, appeal to words and arguments that never end, so the arguments of the infinite Heaven Trigram are an endless fallacy of appeals to ignorance. Because, the truth is that you cannot know, can never know, it is all some ridiculous philosophical special pleading, the fallacy of the Mountain Trigram, that generates mountains within the mind of these worthless arguments for which there never could be, can be a resolution, it is well that the mythology of the Bible calls this mountain made by man “the Tower of Babel.”

The world does not care about the WHO or the WHY, it pretends to care in order to involve the passions of the involving WHO in the competitions of the evolving world. So the lusts of the brain are used to encourage the power games of the world, beginning with aboriginal pride and the world’s version of the Heaven Trigram in the world’s aboriginal garden in which territorial aboriginal pride continues to play the major role in the hunter gather focus of the Highlands of Papua New Guinea.

Agriculture brought Middle Eastern humans out of the Heaven Trigram clan and village pride system into the raiding and plundering martial anger of the Flame Trigram and the jealous partisan debating societies of the local city states that emerged as Mountain Trigram erected its paranoid fortress against the sadistic and antisocial personalities of the plunder realm that was Flame Trigram of the world. Soon this paranoia became the excuse for schizoid collections of scholars and scribes going over the royal records of a new aristocracy of greedy monarchs and high caste Brahman priests that ruled a new “bureau of plunder,” that hoarded wealth from other classes rather than gathering it, as in the aboriginal stage, plundering it, as in the martial competition stage, or sequestering and sorting it for trade, as in the trading city state phase of Mountain and its mountains of goods.

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