Mathological Dialectics (The Evolution of God)

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Mathological Dialectics (The Evolution of God):

Below, written April 2012 in Bakersfield, CA, by Allan Ralph Andrews, born September 13th 1939 in Long Beach, Ca, 4:03 AM to Jean (Thompson) Andrews (remarried in 1954 as Mrs. Paul Colaluca) and Ralph B. Andrews (Son of Alice (Smith) Andrews and Allen Andrews).

David Deutsch has recently written “The Beginning of Infinity,” (Viking, 2011). Here he develops the critical rationalism of Karl Popper that suggest that science is all about the simplest possible explanation for the observed that can be confirmed, that is effective as an explanation with the broadest possible reach. Current skepticism tends to reject many of the explanations that have this reach simply because they seem too broad. This is not good philosophy.

Models that seem most successful are those that can accommodate the duality of reality, its ability to generate particles that are also waves, to locate position without speed, etc. Relational dialectics has suggested a model for communication that pairs novelty to predictability, openness to closure, autonomy to connection, impartiality to favoritism. This is similar to the system of antimonies of Immanuel Kant: infinite to finite, indeterminate to determinate, simple to complex, necessary to contingent. It is also similar to the trigram system of the Chinese I Ching: Heaven to Earth, Fire to Water Gorge, Mountain to Lake, Penetrating Wind to Thunder. It seems to be applicable to many things, for example tempers in art: romantic to realistic, cubist to baroque, impressionist to post-impressionist, classical to expressionistic, stages of evolution: mutation to phenotypic result, natural selection and extinction to replication and feedback homeostasis, speciation and genetic isolation to recombination and population genetics, set points and adaptive peaks to maladaptive gene expressions.

These eight sided systems, cube, octahedron seem to develop around an axis of three primary oppositions: energy flux to information systems, private phenomenology to public space time, boundless integration to local quantum mechanical particle physics.

The materialistic world known to science is rooted in four of the six, the opposition of thermodynamic energy to mathematical structure potential and information systems. At the level of the small, these systems are described by quantum mechanics, an at the level of the large, by space time relativity. To complete this system, and to expand it beyond the material realm known to science, all that is needed is an infinitesimal being from within phenomenological monad that turns energy into passion and information into knowledge, integration into pleasure and disintegration into pain, the private into here and now time and the public into space time relations and associations of that private here and now time. Finally, all of this is bound together in the boundless one.

In respect to the I Ching systems, the private infinitesimal is young son yang and the public is young daughter yin, the particulate is middle daughter yin and the everything one is middle son yang. Energy is old son yang and information is old daughter yin. From these three polarities, all other things are created. The primary source of creation is the Heaven Trigram where the old son yang is the dance of energy flux and the middle son yang is its boundless extension and integration, while young son yang is its creative extension into the endless generation of monad of infinitesimal generative phenomenological now. This is mirrored in the information systems of old daughter yin to propogate the manifest world of particle physics in middle daughter yin and space time relativity in young daughter yin. The result is a Heaven Trigram equivalent to the God of Alfred North Whitehead, but with a Hindu twist, Shiva as the dance of old son yang, Vishnu as its boundless extension and integration in Brahman Nirvana middle son yang, and Brahma as its creative expression in an infinity of avatars in young son yang. Out of this creation comes the adaptive peaks of the Wind Trigram Form of The Good, the “eternal objects” of Whitehead’s metaphysics that generate hierarchies of systems in Water Gorge Trigram that are experience by the attached phenomenological mind in Mountain Trigram as “prehensions” and in Earth Trigram as “actual occasions,” in Flame Trigram as open “processes” and in Thunder Trigram as “events” and recombined in Lake Trigram and various forms of “nexus.” Here we see a metaphysical calculus in Heaven Trigram generating expanding circles of algebraic theory in Wind and set theory in Water Gorge and group theory in Lake. From this comes the arithmetic of the measurable world in Earth and the prediction of emergent form in the statistics and probability theory of Thunder, finally measured in the analytic geometry and trigonometry of Mountain and the topology of Flame.

Young son yang is the imaginary number and young daughter yin in the statistical norm in real numbers. Old daughter yin is the zero point between the rational negative and rational positive numbers and old son yang is a fluctuating dance of irrational unknown exponential functions. Middle daughter yin is variously a root, a fraction, a wave function of the above and middle son yang is an endless expansion of the systems of formulas for integrating all of the above into something complex and orderly and harmonious and creative in the extreme, thus the highest form of the good and the beautiful. But since all of this integration is spun out of the void, emerges from the circle that expands out of the zero point, it is at once God and Nirvana, at once everything and nothing depending on your point of view.

So the book you wish to use depends on the way you decide to look at it. Hinduism tends toward the schizotypal and the Heaven Trigram romantic and Western Materialism toward the Earth Trigram depressed and realistic. Existentialism tends toward a Flame Trigram sadism and Rationalism toward a mechanistic masochism. The classical point of view tends toward the paranoid and its expressionistic market opposite toward pragmatic histrionics. Philosophy and logic tend toward the skeptical and the negativistic and their dogmatic opposite toward a borderline point of view that sends the believer to heaven and the disbeliever to some terrible hell.

The astrological evidence presented by Richard Tarnas in “Cosmos and Psyche” supports some sort of masochistic fate, a divine mechanism that we are captured in. In contrast, the tone in Michael Talbot’s “Holographic Universe” and Ernest Holmes “This Thing Called You” supports the supernatural and the romantic (emphasizes the Heaven Trigram magical). Lawrence M. Krauss, in “A Universe from Nothing,” describes and emerging cosmos that seems to belong to the Thunder Trigram of the chaotic and the histrionic (facing catastrophic exhaustion). David Deutsch, in “The Beginning of Infinity” is more philosophical and skeptical, ready to reject and mythical dogmatic resolution to the final questions.

My guess is that all are true in measure. I imagine that there is a continual expansion of energy out of the zero point that endlessly expands the possible, so that anything possible is true somewhere and somehow. Even so there is also a principle of integration and harmony that allows the development of systems and of local unions of systems that might be called mind or buddhamind or god and that all of these integration systems tend to fuse as somepoint in some way. But, if these systems are to take on concrete form they must attach to the concrete and to some extent disintegrate, unravel their connection to the boundless whole. At some point this must cause a certain amount of limitation, loss and suffering. Attachment to local pleasure must come at the expense of cosmic bliss. Which is what the great saints and Buddhas have been saying from day one.

The result is a real world of visible events in Earth and Thunder that generate mental events in more complex organisms in Mountain Trigram mind and choices in Fire Trigram. The infinitesimal phenomenological monad that attaches to this mental complex is some kind of atom of pure creative generativity, an Atman, Pneuma, Jiva, a bit of the Creative Spirit which emerges in the boundless possibility of the Heaven Trigram and integrates with cosmic mind and cosmic harmony in the Wind Trigram, and order which is shadowed in the astrological systems of Water Gorge cosmic government and Lake Trigram systems of birth and reincarnation, and association of creative monads together to generate astral bodies, complexes that allow them to attach to local minds and find rebirth in the world as described by Talbot in the “Holographic Universe.”

Allan Andrews, April 25th 2012, Bakersfield, CA.

What we find then is an open pluralist system emerging from an infinite flux that makes everything possible that generates emergent evolution in various forms, but also generates a systems that isolate and develop set points and organic patterns that grow like wood, hence Wind Trigram is also Wood trigram. These patterns develop attachments to local finite evolving systems. The result is complex associations that play between the plural in Flame and monotheistic astrology in Water Gorge, between the possible in Heaven and the realized actual in Earth, between the emergent in Thunder and the Set Point Pattern in Wind, between a complex synthesis of birth and rebirth and soul atom association in Lake and the local skeptical mind of the attached soul in Mountain.

Something quite different now: The five elements of Chinese mythology are five of the twelve sides of a mythical dodecahedron that can be imposed upon the cube octahedron wheel of the eight trigrams. Start with the center which is Wind Trigram and make that the Noble Gas Pentagon. Put the lower edge of the pentagon on Earth Trigram and create a new pentagon called Soil, next to Soil make four more pentagons: Salt, Sunlight, Rain, and Pottery in that order. Now put the Music pentagon on the opposite side of the emerging dodecahedron from Noble Gas and add Fire Pentagon opposite to Pottery Pentagon and Wood Pentagon opposite Soil Pentagon and Water Pentagon opposite Salt Pentagon and Metal Pentagon opposite Sunshine Pentagon and Earth Pentagon opposite Rain Pentagon. Now you have created the Dodecahedron of the Five Elements and their Five Opposites. Now Salt Pentagon dominates Mountain Trigram and Water Pentagon dominates Lake Trigram. Earth Trigram is the place where Metal Pentagon and Soil Pentagon and Earth Pentagon come together and Heaven Trigram is the union of Sunshine, Rain, and Wood Pentagons. Fire Pentagon dominates Fire Trigram and Pottery Pentagon dominates Water Pit Trigram. Wind Trigram is dominated by Noble Gas Pentagon and Thunder Trigram is dominated by Music Pentagon. Which gets its sound from the neighboring pentagons, for you can make music by striking metal and wood, fire crackles and water burbles and rocks from the earth make sounds when they strike things. But salt and sunshine are silent, and also misty rain, and the clay you use to make pots, till it is properly fired (thus getting its sound from the fire that melts it). This illustrates how the five Chinese elements can enter into a dodecahedron that can be imposed upon the octahedron, cube of the trigrams.

This shows how many symbol systems and structures can provide the same functions. The symbol systems of the Heaven Trigram tend to be polytheistic (some forms of Hinduism, for example). Those of Water Pit, Water Gorge are usually more monotheistic, thus Islam, or focused, thus, the Buddha, Dharma, Sanga sequence of Buddhism focuses everything on Buddhamind Oneness pointing to a Nirvana Void One. Systems that emphasize a cosmic mind, or systems, work better in Wind Trigram, while Lake Trigram joys in the dogmas of the universal churches and their dualism, that dams their rivals to various hells and elevates themselves to heaven: Christianity, Ancient Persian Religion, Mahayana Buddhism, etc. Mountain Trigram tends toward debate and skepticism (opposite of the dogma of Lake) and Earth toward atheism and materialism (opposite of the magical thinking of Heaven), Thunder is more pragmatic and hedonistic (opposite of the Classical virtues of Wind), Fire/Flame is existential and experimental (opposite of the absolutism, the inquisitions, the heavy hand of Sultan and Pope in Water Pit/Water Gorge).

Civilization passes slowly from its primitive aboriginal condition centered in Heaven Trigram magic toward the writing and culture based monarchy and aristocracy, the noble castes of Wind Trigram. Finally democracy arrives with utilitarian Earth Trigram, along with industrial revolutions, communication revolutions bring market based Thunder Trigram and set the species up for new Heaven Trigrams as it explores space. There is also a movement from Fire/Flame through Mountain Trigram, Water Pit and Water Gorge and finally Lake Trigram, as raiding external proletariats, like the Greeks, settle down and build city states, thus changing Fire Trigram warlike competition to Mountain Trigram debate. Soon universal states develop like the Roman Empire, in Water Pit/Water Gorge Trigram, they dissolve into universal churches and imitative empires like the Byzantine and the Russian Orthodox in Lake Trigram, setting the stage for new rounds of external raids in Fire/Flame like those of the Saracen and the Viking.

But what if all of this is indeed just a shadow of something deeper. This was the point of view of Ernest Homes who decided to view it from the point of view of a simple opening on the individual. If we set ourselves up in the Flame and Fire Trigram, the whole system of metaphysics is spread out before us. The mountain trigram turns on young son yang in the Pneuma of the creative spirit, which is the entrance of the infinitely creative Heaven Trigram into the mind through the indwelling jiva of phenomenological awareness. Mind connects with universal mind in old daughter yin as the information systems of psyche enter the orderly systems of Water Pit and Water Gorge that collectively order Lake Trigram. Finally the middle daughter yin of the body, of mother nature opens up the world of emergent evolution in Thunder Trigram. We have three systems to study this, Science in Earth Trigram materialism, philosophy in Wind Trigram metaphysics, and finally religion in Lake Trigram church and dogma. Ultimately our freedom in Flame Fire Trigram allows us to rule the three gunas, the rajas guna of old son yang creative change, the tama guna that rules the middle daughter yin of the body, and the sattva guna, the young son yang that connects the jiva soul to Christ Mind and Buddha Mind in Wind Trigram. It is this vision that Ernest Holmes offers as the simple key to this complex whole in his works like “This Thing Called You.”

Allan Andrews, April 26th 2012, Bakersfield, CA

The complex relationships of dodecahedra and octahedral can be simplified in a tetrahedron of four parts, the open spot, the Fire Element that gazes on the Air Element, the metaphysical, the Water Element, the ideological and mythical, and the Earth Element, the material and scientific. But even more simple in the triangle of the Mountain Trigram, the simplifying mind that looks to infinite creativity in Heaven Trigram becoming the creative spirit in young son yang fertilizing old daughter yin in the order and system of Water Pit Trigram an the collective unconscious of Lake Trigram to generate the manifest world of Earth and Thunder through the medium of the Body of middle daughter yin.

The key notion here is the fundamental duality of the individual discovering his origin in the transcendent as it collectively responds to the individual in generating its reaction in the manifest world. But this has a higher meaning: the fundamental unity of all things in divine mind as the good that moves from Wind Trigram to Water Pit Trigram perfection, the true that enters Wind Trigram from Mountain Trigram in the discovery of the pure enduring principles, and finally the beautiful that flows from the creative abundance of Heaven Trigram into the ideal set point that is Wind. This is the Father Mother God as the creation of beauty, the Son as the word, logos of truth, of Buddha as enlightenment, and finally the Holy Spirit as the good, the wholesome perfection of all purposes in the endless integration of the boundless.

Allan Andrews, April 26th 2012

The purest pleasure belongs to the boundless one, but this pleasure is diffuse and weak, it is the pleasure of deep sleep. To strengthen the pleasure, soul seeks wakefulness and attachment, this can generate passionate, concentrated, pleasure, but at the expense of addiction and attachment and potential pain and suffering. To gain a body that is integrated enough to assure continued pleasure, the soul monad associates with other soul monads to create attachment structure, attachment bodies that facilitate their attachment to favorable organic bodies in the finite realm. Typically they will seek wild, unexplored places, like this universe because there is less competition for the bodies available, but the risk of the colonization of such remote areas is the potential domination by demonic beings and possible entrapment in various forms of hells and purgatories. Salvation from such entrapment is provided by contact with savior beings, angels, messengers from the realms of organized spiritual virtues, equivalents of the paradise of heaven in Dante’s Divine Commedia. Mythological versions of this story are common in the theology of many human religions: Hinduism, Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant Christianity, Ancient Persian religion, Islam, Chinese Taoism, Chinese, South Asian, Japanese, and Tibetan Buddhism, Jewish Theology in various Orthodox, Conservative, and Reformed variations, Pythagorean belief, Ancient Egyptian religious forms, mystery religions in Ancient Greece and Rome, etc. and etc.. Various Native American systems including Mayan, etc..

This salvation process is one of the most pleasurable experiences available. The intense energy released in the process of reintegrating awareness to the central whole can generate a high degree of creative integration associated with Buddhist and Christian Compassion and Islamic beneficence. Thus, salvation from suffering, from hells, salvation of this type is considered one of the highest levels of spiritual experience. It is the message of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave and the Christian Gospels, the Books of the Buddhist Tripitaka, etc.

So the infinite flux (Heaven Trigram) that makes the improbable probable generates the most perfect improbable (Wind Trigram) that is the Platonic Form of the Good, Alfred North Whitehead’s Eternal Objects, the set points of the order of all things, the Buddhamind, Christmind, Cosmic Mind, this emerges out of old son yang (God Shiva, the destroyer) into middle son yang (God Vishnu, the preserver, who preserves this into the boundless everything void that is Brahman and Nirvana and the Hen One of Plotinus, the God of Spinoza’s Ethics) which forms the old daughter yin, the Law of Mind out of young son yang (God Brahma the creator that generates the infinity of avatars of Vishnu in the atman jiva pneuma monads of the infinitesimal). Young daughter yin, the cosmic systems in relativistic space and time emerge out of the Water Pit Water Gorge Trigram that is the collective unconscious and the Dharma that is spun out of the Karma of old son yang in Lake Trigram recombination generates by complex associations of souls in astral bodies ruled by astrological systems in Water Pit Trigram generating evolutionary emergence in Thunder Trigram and the physical and natural result in Earth Trigram out of the quantum mechanics of middle daughter yin in the Soma, the Body that provides the basis for the prehensions, the empirical mind of the individual, the attached monad in Mountain Trigram emerging out of the competition of monads in Flame Fire Trigram generated from the three gunas of sattva guna young son yang and rajas guna old son yang manifest in tamas guna middle daughter yang and the dance of Shiva in old son yang allows the monad of the phenomenological self in young son yang to court middle daughter yin experience in the Soma, the physical body to which it chooses to attach.

Young son yang involves the inner phenomenology and young daughter yin involves relativistic public time and space. Middle daughter yang is the particle events known to physics and middle son yang is the everything whole that is an object of mythology and worship. Old son yang is pure energy from without and passion from within and old daughter yin is pure information from without and knowledge from within. Thus, we have six utter opposites known in six utterly different ways, private within and public without, science fact parts and religious myth wholes, a dance of flux in energy and enduring logical patterns in information systems. From these oppositions in yang and yin is generated the supersystem of all things. Heaven as supernatural magic and Earth as natural science, Wind as metaphysical ideals and Thunder as practical contingency, Flame as open alternatives and Water Pit as cosmic fate derived from the astrological government of birth and rebirth, Mountain as skepticism and logical debate and Lake as complex systems of belief, of birth and death, as the roots of astrology in the mythology and dogma generated from complex associations in the literature that emerges from the collective unconscious.

Basically what happens is old son yang, the God Shiva, dances out an infinity of patterns that fertilize the potentials in the eternal womb of Santa Sophia, holy wisdom in old daughter yin (Mother Kali). From this emerges an ever more perfect sequence of goodness, of ideals for the integration of all things as beauty, coming from Heaven Trigram, as morality going into the governing systems of all things in the feed back mechanisms, the Dharma-Karma of Water Pit Trigram, endlessly recombined in the collective unconscious deeps of Lake Trigram birth and rebirth. Finally entering the truth that is local mind in Mountain Trigram and local freedom in Flame, out of this comes the shadow of the good, the actual occasions, the events of Earth Trigram, evolving and emerging in Thunder Trigram.

A series of books is helpful in understanding what is involved: Lawrence M. Krauss, “A Universe From Nothing,” Arnold Mindell, “Quantum Mind,” Paul J. Nahim, “Dr. Euler’s Fabulous Formula,” James P. Carse, “Finite and Infinite Games,” Ernest Holmes, “What Religious Science Teaches,” and “Your Invisible Power,” “The Science of Mind,” John Gribbin, “In Search of the Multiverse,” Richard Tarnas, “Cosmos and Psyche,” Alfred North Whitehead, “Science and the Modern World,” Brian L. Weiss, “Many Lives, Many Masters,” Michael Talbot, “The Holographic Universe,” Gregory Bateson, “Steps To an Ecology of Mind,” David Deutsch, “The Fabric of Reality,” and “The Beginning of Infinity,” Dianne Hennacy Powell, “The ESP Enigma,” Richard S. Broughton, Parapsychology, The Controversial Science,” Roger J. Woolger, “Other Lives, Other Selves,” Gottfried Whilhelm Von Leibnitz, “The Monadology,” Immanuel Kant, “The Critique of Pure Reason,” Johann Gottlieb Fichte, “The Science of Knowledge,” “The Vocation of Man,”

Existence is a tetrahedron of the four Greek elements, “Fire,” a symbol for the vacuum, the opening in the order of things, the endless expansion of nothing described by Krauss in “A Universe From Nothing. “Water” is the complexity, the improbable that is made probable by infinite flux, it is “The Esp Enigma,” described by Dianne Hennancy Powell, the Jungian “synchronicity” in “Cosmos and Psyche,” by Tarnas and it generate the complex cycles of birth and rebirth, the recombination on a deep level, described by Woolger in “Other Lives, Other Selves.” The process teases the improbable out of the possible. The improbable is symbolized by “Air.” It is the mathematical order called the “Form of the Good” by Plato and “Eternal Objects,” by Alfred North Whitehead. The teasing of mathematical order out of this realm of “Eternal Objects” generates the systems theory described by Gregory Bateson, which is the source for the emergence in the world of the Earth element, the symbol for the intersection of middle daughter yin quantum mechanics, younger daughter yin space time relativity, old daughter yin mathematics and systems potential to generate the Earth Trigram world measured and investigated by science as described by David Deutsch.

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