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MUSC B22 – Music Appreciation

Fall 2017

Professor: Dr. Jennifer M. Garrett Section #72233

E-mail: Class: Tues./Thurs. 9:35-11:00 a.m.

Office: PAC Room 5 (1st floor) Location: FA 65

Office Hours: M. 3:30-5:00; Tues. 12:45-2:00, Office Phone: 661-395-4547

Thurs. 12:45-2:00, Fr. 8:15-9:15



This course is designed as an introduction to the appreciation of music with an emphasis on western art music, music of other cultures, as well as popular music. The music is surveyed with recordings, videos, multi-media computer presentations, and live performances providing illustrations for directed listening as a basis of appreciation. Transferable: UC, CSU and private colleges.

Students will be able to:

  • develop a vocabulary necessary to communicate the attributes of music as they relate to the various elements in music and historical periods.

  • list and describe the major historical periods of Western music and the stylistic characteristics which define them.

  • develop listening skills for classical, popular, and world music.

  • identify composers and major compositions in a variety of musical styles and time periods.

  • explain historical, religious, and social conditions which influenced the development of music.

  • develop intellectual and creative skills necessary for lifelong musical learning.


Music: A Social Experience by Steven Cornelius & Mary Natvig. Textbook ISBN: 9780136017509. The book is now published by Routledge (formerly published by Pearson).
Final grades will be based on a 500 point scale.

On-line Quizzes 5 pts. each x 23 = 115 pts. (23% of grade)

Exam1 50 pts. each x 1 = 50 pts. (10% of grade)

Exam 2 75 pts. each x 1 = 75 pts. (15% of grade)

Final Exam 100 pts. each x 1 = 100 pts. (20% of grade)

Office Visit 10 pts. each x 1 = 10 pts. (2% of grade)

Historical Periods Presentation 10 pts. each x 1 = 10 pts. (2% of grade)

Concert Report 50 pts. each x 1 = 50 pts. (10% of grade)

Broadway Musical Presentation 25 pts. each x 1 = 25 pts. (5% of grade)

Listening Journal 25 pts. each x 1 = 25 pts. (5% of grade)

In-Class Project 15 pts. each x 1 = 25 pts. (3% of grade)

In-Class Discussions 25 pts. each x 1 = 25 pts. (5% of grade)

TOTAL = 500 pts.


On-line Quizzes: An on-line quiz must be taken through Canvas before each class. Once class begins the quiz will no longer be available. Each quiz is worth 5 points and is based on the assigned reading for that day and/or information from the previous lectures. There will be 24 total quizzes and only 23 count for the final grade. Quizzes may include a variety of question styles: true/false, multiple choice, short answers, identifications and listening examples. Quizzes CANNOT be made up (take them on time!).
Exams: There will be three exams throughout the semester. The first exam is valued at 50 points, the second at 75 points, and the final exam is worth 100 points (combining for 50% of the total grade). Exams will include material from assigned readings, lectures, discussions, and listening. The written information on the exams is not cumulative, but the listening portion of the exams is cumulative. Exams may include a variety of question styles: true/false, multiple choice, short answers, identifications and listening. Students who miss an exam and wish to make-up the points must immediately provide written evidence of a serious obstacle (such as hospitalization) and complete a similar exam at the instructor’s convenience. Feeling "sick" is not sufficient. You must bring a scantron form to every exam.
Historical Periods Group Presentation: At the conclusion of the second day of class (August 24) each student will be assigned to one of six groups. Each group will be given one of the six historical periods (Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, or 20th Century) to study and then present to the class. The presentation needs to cover: the years of the period, what was going on in the world, at least 3 main musical characteristics, and 2 important composers and one of their significant works. The groups will meet on August 24 to make assignments on who will gather what information. Then the groups will meet again on August 29 before presentations begin to combine information. Power point presentations are unnecessary as Dr. Garrett will show slides as the groups present.
Concert Attendance and Report: Each student is required to attend one entire live classical concert (please arrive early and stay for the entire concert). The concert options include:
  • The Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra at the Rabobank Theater. October 7 (Saturday), 7:30 p.m. “100 Years of Leonard Bernstein” featuring Van Cilburn’s International Piano Competition Silver Medalist, Kenneth Broberg. $7 for BC students with a voucher.

  • The Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra at the Rabobank Theater. March 4 (Saturday), 7:30 p.m. “Romantic Landscapes” featuring one of the leading cellists of today, Maja Bogdanovic. $7 for BC students with a voucher.

  • Bakersfield College Fall Choral Concert. April 6 (Friday), 7:30 p.m. at the Indoor Theater of the PAC building on the BC campus. Get tickets before the concert at Vallitix or at the door: $7 students, faculty, veterans, seniors; $10 general.

  • Other concerts will be announced in class that will fulfill this requirement. Also check Canvas for concert announcements and information.

*Go to for further information on the Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra events.
After attending the concert a written report along with a ticket stub, receipt, or concert program is required. The concert and accompanying report is worth 50 points. Details of required information for the concert reports are included at the end of the syllabus. DECIDE & PLAN AHEAD!!!!

Broadway Musical: Each student will participate in a group of 3-5 people. Each group will select a musical and watch the entire musical from start to finish. The group will present a 5 minute of less power point presentation about the musical on November 7. The presentation should include a brief summary of the plot and main characters, the main themes, and a short example a favorite musical number. All group members must present on November 7 to receive full credit. The musicals listed below are ideas and some are available at the BC Library. They can also be found through other means.

  • Annie

  • Fiddler on the Roof

  • Grease

  • Hairspray

  • King & I

  • Les Miserables (Jackman)

  • Little Shop of Horrors

  • Mamma Mia!

  • Mary Poppins

  • Moulin Rouge

  • My Fair Lady

  • Oklahoma

  • Oliver

  • Phantom of the Opera

  • Show Boat

  • Singin’ in the Rain

  • Sound of Music

  • Sweeney Todd

  • West Side Story

  • Wizard of Oz

(1 group per musical)

Listening Journal: Throughout the semester each student will listen to the music on Dr. Garrett’s website: Each student will keep a journal which lists information about each piece of music. The syllabus contains a sample table. An alternate form can be used, but the information included in the sample form needs to be present for each piece of music. The overall journal is worth 25 points. 10 of the points will be given at the end of the second exam when each student presents the instructor with their journal including all music listened to in the class up to that point. The remaining 15 points will be given when the listening journal is collected at the end of the final exam.
In-Class Project: Students are required to bring a selection of music on November 28 or 30 that has personal meaning to them. Students will present the music (30 seconds or so) and provide a verbal explanation regarding why this music means something to them. The selection may be presented through CD, internet (such as Youtube), electronic devices (such as a phone), or performed live (live performances receive 5 points extra credit). The music and presentation are worth 25 possible points. Students must be present and participate on both November 28 and 30 in order to receive full credit. The presentation should be 3 minutes or less. (Selections should be free of vulgar language.)
Office Visit: Each student is required to visit Dr. Garrett’s during office hours in the first 4 weeks of classes. Go to the Performing Arts Center across from the Fine Arts building. Go in the double doors, and down to the first floor. The office is room 5 (look for the big glass window). Worth 10 points!
In-Class Discussions & Group Activities: Attendance and participation at every class meeting is expected. The lectures and guided listening activities can only be experienced in class and are invaluable to student success in this course. Students are expected to participate by actively listening, responding to the instructor’s questions, and completing in-class exercises. Group activities are particularly important. For each class that you actively participate students may earn one point for a total of 25 points.

Late work: late work will be penalized 25% for each class session. No late work (or extra credit) will be accepted once finals week begins.

Extra Credit: Students may earn 10 points extra credit by attending one of the other selected concerts and writing a two page (double spaced) discussion of the concert along with evidence of attendance.

Bonus points: Students who attend class regularly, participate in class discussions, complete nearly all quizzes and assignments on time, and perform reasonably well on exams and other assessments, MAY receive up to three extra points (not percent) if necessary to raise their final grade.

Challenging grades: Any student challenges to grades (e.g., wrong points posted) should be presented to the instructor within three weeks of the assignment, and certainly BEFORE finals week begins.

Students may be dropped or withdrawn by the instructor for any of the following three reasons:

  • failure to attend all classes during the first two weeks of the semester

  • absence from two classes (or a total of six hours) throughout the semester

  • failure to demonstrate sufficient academic progress

This policy is in accordance with the Academic Rules and Regulations of Bakersfield College and the BC Catalog, which states:

"Instructors may drop a student from a course when absences number the equivalent of two weeks of class recorded from the first day of instruction. If particular warrant and can be justified academically, faculty members may drop students after less than two weeks of absences."


Please be respectful of others and attend class on time. Be prepared to remain actively engaged until the end of class. Do not surf the Internet, play computer games, talk on cell phones, text message, read outside of class materials, sleep, or otherwise distract yourself and/or classmates from learning. Please refrain from talking or texting during videos and music. Additionally, to preserve academic freedom for both the instructor and students, video and audio recordings are prohibited. If you are not respectful or fail to abide by the above standards you will be asked to leave the classroom. This is your only warning.


Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated. Obvious examples include reviewing notes during a closed-book exam or submitting writing assignments copied or purchased on the Internet or elsewhere.  A subtler form of dishonesty include failing to fully and properly acknowledge sources on a paper. Depending upon the severity and deliberateness of the offense, the consequences for plagiarism or cheating may include no points on the assessment. Additionally there may be other disciplinary measures, i.e. warning, censure, suspension, or expulsion.  Just be honest.


“Students with disabilities needing accommodation, including those who had an IEP in high school, should make requests to Disabled Students Programs and Services in CSS 10 (661-395-4334) or in Delano in DST 1001 (661-720-2000).  All requests for accommodations require appropriate advance notice to avoid a delay in services. Please discuss approved accommodations with me so we can work together to ensure your access and success at BC.”


All material, assignments, and deadlines are subject to change, with prior notice. All changes will be clearly announced. However, it is your responsibility to review the syllabus regularly, check e-mail for changes, or communicate with the instructor, as needed, to adjust if assignments or due dates change.



Reading (before class)

Lecture Content or Event

Assignment Due

Aug. 22


Syllabus, Introductions, Visit Office

Aug. 24

Ch. 1, p. 1-5

Quiz 1; Ch. 1 Experiencing Music

Aug. 29

Ch. 1, p. 1-5

Quiz 2; Ch. 1 Western Art Music

Group Presentation

Aug. 31

Ch. 1, p. 1-5

Quiz 3; Ch. 1 Western Art Music

Group Presentation

Sept. 5

Ch. 1, p. 1-5

Quiz 4; Musical Notation & Symbols

Select groups for Broadway Musical

Sept. 7

Review handout

Quiz 5; Instruments & Voices

Sept. 12

Review handout

Quiz 6; Instruments; Ensembles; Conducting Basics

Sept. 14

Ch. 2, p. 8-20

Quiz 7; Ch. 2 Listening to Music

Office visit due

Sept. 19

Ch. 2, p. 8-20

Quiz 8; Ch. 2 Continued + Review

Sept. 21


Exam 1 (Ch. 1-2 + handout)

Sept. 26

Ch. 3, p. 21-30

Quiz 9; Go over Exam I

Ch. 3: 3 Listening Examples

Sept. 28

Ch. 4, p. 32-51

Quiz 10; Ch. 4 Music & Ethnicity

Oct. 3

Ch. 5, p.

Quiz 11; Ch. 5 Music & Gender

Oct. 5

Ch. 6, p. 73-93

Quiz 12; Ch. 6, pp.

Oct. 7

Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra Concert

7:30 p.m. “100 Years of

Leonard Bernstein.”

Oct. 10

Ch. 7, p. 95-115

Quiz 13; Ch. 7 Music & Politics

Oct. 12

No formal class

Broadway Musical Group Day

Oct. 17

Ch. 7, p. 95-115

Quiz 14; Ch. 7 Music & Politics; Review

Oct. 19


Exam 2 (Ch. 3-7)

Listening Journal Check

Oct. 24

Ch. 8, p. 117-137

Quiz 15; Go over Exam 2

Ch. 8 Music & War

Oct. 26

Ch. 8, p. 117-137

Quiz 16; Ch. 8 Music & War

Oct. 27


Bakersfield College Fall Choir Concert

PAC Indoor Theater, 7:30 p.m.

Oct. 31

Ch. 9, p. 138-154

Quiz 17; Ch. 9 Music & Love

Nov. 2

Ch. 10, p. 156-171

Quiz 18; Ch. 10 Music & Broadway

Nov. 4


Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra Concert

7:30 p.m. “Romantic Landscapes”

Nov. 7

Ch. 10, p. 156-171

Quiz 19; Ch. 10 Music & Broadway

Broadway Musical Group Presentations

Broadway Musical Presentations

Nov. 7


CSUB Choral Concert 7:30 p.m.

Location TBD

Nov. 9

Ch. 11, p. 173-187

Quiz 20; Ch. 11 Music & Film

Nov. 14

Ch. 11, p. 173-187

Quiz 21; Ch. 11 Music & Film Continued

Nov. 16

Ch. 12, p. 190-204

Quiz 22 ; Ch. 12 Music & Dance

Nov. 21

Ch. 13, p. 206-224

Quiz 23; Ch. 13 Music & Concert

Nov. 23

Ch. 13, p. 206-224

Quiz 24 (Listen) Ch. 13 Music & Concert

Final Exam Review

Nov. 28


Personal Presentations, Food

CR for Extra Credit

Nov. 30


Personal Presentations, Food

Dec. 5


Final Exam 10:00-11:50 a.m.

Concert Reports & LJ Due

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