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308 S. West Street, Apt. #10, Arlington Texas – 76010 817-757-0468 (Mobile)


Looking for an internship in the field of Embedded Systems Development, utilizing my programming skills


  • Programming skills: Assembly, C, C++, VC++ (SDK & MFC), Visual Basic, MATLAB and VHDL

  • Microcontrollers/processors: 80C51, 80C52, 8085, 8086, PIC24 family, LPC2292/94 (ARM7)

  • Protocols: TCP/IP, RS232, RS485, SPI, I2C, Bluetooth, Wi-fi, GPS, GSM, CDMA

  • Tools/IDE: TASM, MASM, MPLAB, KEIL, Multi-Sim, Pspice, Xilinx (9.0), Simulink, Wire-shark

  • Operating Systems: DOS, Windows 2003 server/XP/Vista/Win 7, Linux/Unix Shell Scripting


Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, University of Texas at Arlington (Expected: Fall 2011) GPA: 4.0/4.0

Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Telecommunications, University of Pune, India (May 2009) GPA: 3.7/4.0

Relevant Coursework: Advanced Embedded Systems, Embedded Systems, Advanced Microprocessors, Microcontroller & Microprocessors, Data Structures & Files, Digital and VLSI design, Computer Vision and Wireless Communications.

Intern at CREST department KPIT-Cummins Info-Systems Limited ( Fall 2008 – Spring 2009

Research Project: Vision Based Automated Instrument Cluster Tester: An automated machine vision system which acquires the vehicle cluster (car dashboard) image using an USB interfaced webcam through WIN32 WIA-API. The system further processes the acquired image for predefined cluster configurations using computer vision algorithms developed and implemented in C++. The extracted cluster data (readings) are displayed using VC++ (MFC) based GUI. Comparing the given inputs and acquired image data, an instrument cluster can be tested from functional point of view. [Used: VC++ (MFC)]

Design of Digital Signal Capture Device Summer 2010

  • Designed a signal conditioning circuit, triggering circuit, FIFO buffered signal capture circuit using ADC and a microprocessor (8086) system (RAM, ROM, DMA and Interrupt controller) for digital signal capture. Furthermore, low level functions were written to control I/O ports (capture rate , triggering mode (Auto/Manual/Arm), trigger voltage level) and to run a user programmable callback function on a capture complete interrupt [Language Used: Assembly, C]

Face detector: Spring 2010

  • Developed Face detector which uses Ada-Boosting and Bootstrapping algorithms at training stage and multi-stage cascades of boosted classifiers aided with skin detection at testing stage. [Language Used: MATLAB]

Development of Ethernet HTTP Server Spring 2010

  • Wrote TCP/IP stack to host an HTTP server for an automated robot ROVER to control its location coordinates and display data such as health, current location and wireless communication channel used for communication.[Embedded C]

Development of Embedded RTOS for PIC24F family Microcontrollers: (UT Arlington) Spring 2010

  • Developed Round Robin Cooperative and Pre-emptive Real Time Operating system kernel functions for yielding, semaphore signaling, waiting and system timer on PIC24 platform. [Language Used: Assembly, Embedded C]

PC interfaced bidirectional RS-485 communication system: (University of Texas at Arlington) Fall 2009

  • Two separate designs, Controller and Peripheral node. Controller provides a PC RS232 port through which commands can be entered. It outputs commands on a 2-wire RS-485 bus. Peripheral node extracts information out of the asynchronous data stream. It controls multiple devices connected to it and sends unsolicited messages to the controller in from input devices. Unacknowledged messages are retransmitted by random exponential back off algorithm. [Language Used: Embedded C]

Weather Board System Design: (University of Texas at Arlington) Fall 2009

  • Pressure, Temperature and Humidity sensors interfaced through ADC with the help of signal conditioning. A 4x4 Keyboard is the input device with menu support. Weather and RTCC data are displayed on the graphic LCD interfaced on SPI bus.[Language Used: Embedded C]

Simulation of MIMO system using MATLAB: (University of Texas at Arlington) Fall 2009

  • It simulates spatial multiplexing in presence of polarization diversity to show the effect of SNR on bit error rate.

Vehicle Tracking System Using GPS and GSM: (University of Pune) Spring 2008

  • The project consists of a set of Vehicle Tracking Units (VTUs) linked to central station through GSM module. VTU receives GPS (Global Positioning System) satellite data. Microcontroller in VTU calculates the global position coordinates and sends those to central station through Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM).

Metal Detector: (University of Pune) Spring 2008

  • The project involved building high frequency coil based transistorized metal detection circuitry.


  • State Merit Rank Holder in High School Examination (1st in college and 4th in board in science stream)

  • National Open Merit Scholarship holder

  • Talent Search Scholarship holder (Level-I and Level-II)

Download 18 Kb.

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