Atlanta Area Council Advancement Committee Merit Badge Clinic1 Guidelines

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Atlanta Area Council Advancement Committee

Merit Badge Clinic1 Guidelines

  1. Ensure all Merit Badge Counselors are registered Merit Badge Counselors with the Boy Scouts of America.

  1. All Merit Badge Counselors leading a Merit Badge session agree that the Scouts attending the Merit Badge Clinic will follow the requirements of the Merit Badge, as written in the Merit Badge Pamphlet, with no requirements added or subtracted, i.e.: Do means do, explain means explain, show means show and visit means visit. Scouts are to earn the badge not just listen and learn about the badge.

  1. The Event must follow the Guide to Safe Scouting.

  1. The reputation, staffing, and/or promotion materials must show that the event will be a quality opportunity for Scouts to learn.

  1. Event fees may be charged, but Merit Badge Clinics should not be used as fundraisers. The only exceptions are Merit Badge Clinics that support Council Operations as outlined in the Guide to Advancement pages 54-55.

  1. Merit Badge Counselors should be trained. Each AAC’s District Advancement Committee should offer at least once-a-year training for its Merit Badge Counselors. Merit Badge Counselors may attend any other districts’ Merit Badge training opportunities.

  1. Make available the BSA form for “Reporting Merit Badge Counseling Concerns” as needed. This form can be found at:

1 “ It is acceptable - and sometimes desirable- for merit badges to be taught in group settings. This often occurs at camp and merit badge midways, fairs, clinics, or similar events, and even online through webinars. These can be efficient methods, and interactive group discussions can support learning.”

From page 50 of the Guide To Advancement 2013.

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