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Synchronizing Heartwell Baseball’s League Calendar with Google Calendar:
1. Sign in to your Google account.

2. Click on “Calendar” at the top of the page

3. On the left side, click the button next to “My Calendars”.

4. A pop up box appears. Select “Create New Calendar”

5. Now open another tab and access the HBI website (

6. Sign in to the HBI Website

7. Go to the team page for your team

8. Select “Calendar”

9. Scroll to the bottom of the calendar page. There is a link “Click Here To Link To This Page”. A pop up window opens

10. Hover mouse over highlighted link and right click. Select “Copy”

11. Go back to your Google Calendar page

12. Fill in what you like for Calendar Name, Description, etc.

13. In “Location”, hover mouse, right click and select “Paste”

14. Fill in the rest of the info, then click on “Create Calendar”

Once back on your Google Calendar homepage, you will see the calendar you just created listed on the left side. If you hover the mouse over the name of the calendar, a button will appear. Click on the button and a pop up menu will display. You can further modify the settings for this calendar (change the color of the events, setup your reminders and notifications, etc.
The nice thing is that this creates a dynamic link to the HBI calendar. This means that as events are added to the HBI calendar, your Google calendar will automatically be updated. If your phone is linked to your Google calendar, then you will receive reminders, notifications, etc. right on your phone. Never miss events again!

Download 3.97 Kb.

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