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Employee Name:

Job Title: Programming & Outreach Manager Grade: 20MA FLSA: Exempt

Reporting Relationships: Reports to Chief, Public Services and Branch Management. Contacts normally include Executive Director, administrative and support staff at Headquarters, Branch Managers and staffs, community organizations, staff in the Division of Development and Services of the State Department of Education, AA County Board of Education staff, programmers engaged to provide services for the Library, and the public.
Supervisory Responsibility: Programming Librarian and Family Literacy Associate. May assign work to clerical staff in the Public Services Department or to the Administrative Assistant to PBS/Branch Management, Facilities/Capital Projects, and Borrower Services. Responsible for directing and evaluating the work of committees related to the Library's programming and outreach services.
Overall Position Purpose: This is advanced and highly responsible professional librarian work in planning and directing the library's Programming and Outreach services. Responsibilities extend to administrative tasks related to required recordkeeping, as well as formulating and executing goals and objectives for these programs. The position will collaborate with Library administration staff and external stakeholders to research, develop and implement a range of innovative, system-wide and targeted programming and outreach that support the strategic objectives of AACPL. Integral to the role is its function in providing expert advice, support and training to branch staff. Provide expert advice, guidelines and support to AACPL staff to ensure consistent delivery of all programs. Monitors system programming and outreach including evaluating impact and providing analysis and plans for ongoing program development.
Minimum Qualifications: Possession of a Master's Degree in Library Science from an American Library Association-accredited program plus three years of professional experience in the areas of Programming and Outreach.
Necessary Special Requirement: Ability to secure certification as an advanced Professional Librarian in the State of Maryland within 120 days following appointment; ability to meet recertification requirements by completing 90 hours of training every 5 years.
Essential Duties:  Examples are illustrative of this class of work; they are not intended to include all of the essential duties of all positions in this class.  Certain conditions, e.g. economic constraints, staffing patterns, changes in system/branch goals and objectives, etc., may necessitate changes to the duties described in this job description.
A. System Programming

    • Plans and coordinates system programming

  • Develops services that are designed to fulfill programming goals and objectives in Library’s strategic plan.

  • Prepares budget information as requested for annual operating budget.

  • Serves as resource to branch programming staff.

  • Assesses and approves system and branch programming needs and services.

  • Oversees the researching, contracting, booking and scheduling of performers for system-wide programs.

  • Manages programming and programming supply budgets and purchase of programming collections

  • Provides administrative oversight to Library by Mail. Recommends policies and procedures in consultation with Library by Mail staff.

  • Collects, organizes and reports statistical data related to programming.

  • Keeps abreast of developments and trends in programming resources in local/state area.

  • Recommends policies, procedures and guidelines related to AACPL’s programming services.

  • Acts as library expert in programming to all ages (children, teens and seniors) and to special populations such as people with disabilities and English as a Second Language students.

  • Acts as library expert in preschool childhood development, emergent literacy and child development.

  • Oversees coordination of sign language interpreters for branch programs.

  • Responds to patron concerns about programming.

  • Cooperates and collaborates with Staff Development Coordinator to assess needs for staff training related to programming.

  • Cooperates and collaborates with other Public Services staff as necessary to deliver programming services.

  • Collaborates with the Facilities and Capital Projects Manager and the Foundation to make recommendations for engaging children’s spaces

  • Promotes programming and homework resources by authoring content for Library publications and Website

  • Learns new skills as necessary to understand and address staff programming needs.

  • Advises on practices and programs in the support of diversity throughout system programs.

B. System Outreach

  • Plans and coordinates System Outreach efforts to targeted communities and promotes library services to underserved communities.

  • Represents library at community events.

  • Serves as contact and system representative to agencies, community groups, and statewide education/library groups on outreach services.

  • Develops System guidelines for outreach in accordance with strategic plan.

  • Researches and recommends outreach initiatives to new clients as needs emerge.

  • Cooperates and collaborates with Public Relations/Marketing Manager on the creation of outreach materials, programs and speaker requests as needed.

  • On request, arranges with branches to provide speaker or serves as speaker to community groups requesting a program about library services.

  • Serves on Early Childhood Coalition.

  • Serves on Arundel Child Care Connections Board.

  • Acts as Library’s liaison to AAC Board of Education’s Judy Center

  • Oversees library partnerships with public and private schools

  • Acts as Library’s administrative contact with schools

  • Chair’s School Outreach Group

  • Promotes library homework resources and databases to schools in collaboration with Public Relations and Marketing Manager.

  • Coordinates Art in Our Schools exhibits in branches with AACPS contact.

  • Serves on AACPS Early Literacy Transitions committee.

  • Collects, organizes and reports statistical data related to outreach.

  • Reviews branch outreach services reports.

  • Keeps abreast of developments and trends in this area.

  • Recommends policies, procedures and guidelines related to AACPL’s outreach services.

  • Serves as resource to branch programming staff.

  • Attends statewide Youth Services meetings.

  • Acts as library expert in outreach to all ages and to special populations such as adult literacy students and those that are homebound.

  • Cooperates and collaborates with Staff Development Coordinator to assess need for staff training related to outreach.

  • Learns new skills and keeps abreast of trends to understand and address outreach needs.

  • Advises on practices and programs in the support of diversity throughout system outreach.

C. Grants/Foundation Coordination

  • Works with Library Foundation on funding expenditures related to programming and outreach activities.

  • Writes and manages grants related to programming and outreach.

  • Collaborates with consultants that may be contracted to aid in the work of a grant.

D. Supervision & Oversight

  • Trains or provides training for supervised employees as well as branch staff.

  • Plans and schedules the work of assigned staff.

  • Directs all work associated with Library’s programming and outreach efforts.

  • Provides branch managers with an annual evaluation of the work of their Early Literacy Specialists.

  • Coaches and mentors Early Literacy Specialists.

  • Chairs Programming and Outreach Committee

  • Assists Branch Managers in the development of branch annual programming and outreach plans. Approves final plans.

  • Responsible to directing and evaluating the work of committees related to the Library’s programming and outreach services: serves as consultant in these areas to Library administration and staff.

  • Participates in Services and Management meetings.

  • May serve as staff to or as member of a System Committee/task force related to programming and/or outreach.

E. Other Duties as Assigned

  • Willingly and cooperatively performs tasks and duties which may not be specifically listed in the position description, but which are within the general occupational category and responsibility level typically associated with the employee’s class of work.

G. Work Effectiveness Skills

    • Consistently meets the standards of the work effectiveness skills required for this position.

Accountabilities: (Include, but are not limited to the following)

  1. Meets system objectives for public service in area.

  2. Meets development objectives as established by supervisor

  3. Maintains good working relations with administration, area, and system staff.

  4. Represents the Library to other library systems, County agencies, community organizations, and other groups.

  5. Updates management and other professional skills by participating in training and other learning opportunities.

  6. Maintains awareness of current events.

  7. Contributes ideas that improve service, increase efficiency, and otherwise advance the development of the library system.

  8. Performs work in keeping with standards of the library professional and the policies and procedures of the Library.

Working Conditions:

  1. Physical Demands: Job involves a considerable amount of movement and activity. Work routinely involves lifting or handling material weighing up to 15 lbs., pushing booktrucks weighing up to 100 lbs., using computer, travel to other work locations, and transporting materials and equipment related to programming and outreach services.

  2. Emotional Demands: Some stress related to public contact. Some pressure related to sustained periods of high-volume activity and multiple demands.

  3. Social Environment: Always people to talk to/work with.

  4. Physical Environment: Typical office/library environment. Some fluctuations in building temperature related to HVAC problems can cause uncomfortable periods of heat or cold. Some periods of elevated noise levels during programs and peak times.

  5. Mental Demands: This is high-level professional and technical work requiring sophisticated reasoning and independent judgment. Work is performed with minimal supervision and allows for significant discretion and variance in work routine.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  1. Knowledge of modern principles and techniques of library science and management.

  2. Skill in personnel program planning, development, and coordination.

  3. Ability to plan, organize, and support successful library programming and outreach functions.

  4. Considerable knowledge of pre-school childhood development as it relates to reading readiness and related library programming.

  5. Considerable knowledge of the history and recent experience of public library systems in serving special population groups.

  6. Considerable knowledge of community needs and characteristics within the System's service area.

  7. Ability to represent the System effectively to groups and to write and speak effectively.

  8. Skills and abilities necessary to be collaborative, creative, flexible, knowledgeable, strategic and innovative.

  9. Knowledge of standard public library resources (including those in electronic formats), services, techniques, principles and practices.

  10. Basic knowledge of and ability to use computers and computer software in the performance of job responsibilities.

  11. Ability to organize, plan, and execute work and to set and reach goals with minimal direct supervision.

  12. Knowledge and skills necessary to oversee, guide, and evaluate the work of staff in realizing broad system objectives related to programming and outreach.

  13. Ability to work effectively and calmly under pressure.

  14. Knowledge and skills necessary to work effectively as part of a team toward achievement of common goals and objectives.

  15. Skills and abilities necessary to provide leadership to the System in the programming and outreach areas.

AACPL employees work in a diverse environment and are expected to demonstrate respect for and relate to co-workers and customers from many different backgrounds and cultures. The Anne Arundel County Public Library is an Equal Opportunity Employer and complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The Library's policy is to treat all applicants and employees equally without regard to race, color, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, or disability.

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