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Newport Miami Beach Condominium Association, Inc.

January 23, 2012

Present: Martha Sam, President

Ray Nyhuis, Vice President/Treasurer.

Raquel Valusek, Secretary (via Telephone)

Robert Cornfeld, President of Newport Hospitality, LLC, Management Co.

Howard Gnatt, representative of the Management Co., acting as Secretary

Shand Luce, General Manager of The Newport Beachside Resort

The annual Owners meeting for Newport Miami Beach Condominium Association, Inc. was called to order at 11:00 a.m. on Monday, January 23, 2012 in the Atlantis Ballroom at 16701 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida. Martha Sam, Director and President of the Association, motioned for Ray Nyhuis to be Chairman of the meeting. All in favor 3, against, 0.
After certifying that 52.85% of the owners of the condominium were either present or represented by proxy, Mr. Gnatt declared that there was a quorum, and that the Annual Owners meeting was official.
Copies of the “Receipt of Mailing” as well as the notices of Meeting were presented by Mr. Gnatt as proper proof of notice of the meeting.
Ray Nyhuis made a motion to waive the reading of the minutes of the last meeting. Motion seconded by Martha Sam. It was pointed out that anyone wishing to read those minutes can view them on the condominium website,
Mr. Gnatt presented the financial position of the condominium. He stated that the Association’s 2011 financials are being audited by Gerstle, Rosen & Goldenberg, PA and will be filed with the State of Florida by May 31, 2012 per the timeshare statutes. A copy of the certified audit will be available in the Homeowners Association office to anyone who wants it. He also stated that the condominium was in a good financial position, and expected no problems in the future.
Mr. Nyhuis introduced the General Manager of the resort, Mr. Shand Luce. Mr. Luce gave a report on the hotel and any changes over the past year which included:
1. An update on the hotel renovations revealed that over 175 rooms have been renovated to date, including the painting of the balcony railings. In addition, a proactive preventative maintenance program has been initiated whereby a team of hotel staff inspects up to 4 renovated rooms per day and initiates work orders for any touchups or replacements that may be required to keep the renovated rooms fresh and new.
16701 Collins Avenue, Suite 100, Sunny Isles Beach, Florida 33160

Phone: 305-940-9933 Fax: 305-919-8541 E-Mail:


2. Lighting changes to LED lights have been made to both the hallways and rooms in order to improve the efficiency as well as making their appearance more attractive.
3. The Hotel is going green. We have applied for a “Green Palm” from the state of Florida. In order to qualify for the Green Palm, we are beginning recycling and waste reduction programs as well as staff and guest education on our programs that will be subject to State inspectors
4. New beach chairs have been ordered and the fabric coverings on the pool deck chairs have been replaced.
5. A new “Director of Rooms” has been hired to oversee housekeeping, front desk and valet staff to both improve our guest service and the overall look of the property.

The next order of business was the election of Officers to serve through 2012. Ray Nyhuis noted that the only names received for consideration to the Board were the current members, Martha Sam and Ray Nyhuis as well as a new owner, Eddie Arencibia. Raquel Valusek had expressed her wishes not to be considered for re-election to the Board. Mr. Nyhuis asked if there were any other members present that wished to be considered for the Board. There being no other nominations from the floor, Mr. Gnatt, acting Secretary, advised all in attendance that no election would be necessary since there were 3 nominees for 3 Board positions.

The floor was opened to any questions the owners might have:
1. An owner inquired about the owners who are not paying their maintenance and wanted to know if the management company was still subsidizing those delinquent owners. Dr. Cornfeld assured the owners present that the management company is still paying for the delinquent owners and would continue to do so for 2012. He pointed out that since this is a condominium, normally all of the owners would have to burden the expense of those who did not pay which would result in maintenance fees almost 3 times what they currently are.

2. The question of whether taxes or insurance would be lowered as a result of the Hotel going “green” was raised. It was pointed out that going green would probably not be a factor in lowering either cost, but that it would be investigated.


3. Another owner asked if the Condominium fights the real estate tax assessments since market values continue to decline. He was assured that we do employ a professional company who has been successful in getting a reduction in the taxes for years which is then passed on to all of the owners.

4. The last question was whether we are actively going after delinquent owners. Dr Cornfeld answered that yes, we do have a collection company that has been quite successful in collecting many past due accounts and that we do accept deeds in lieu of foreclosure. He also explained that the foreclosure process would cost in excess of $500 per account that would have to be passed on to all of the owners and takes a long time.
There being no new business to discuss, Ray Nyhuis made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Motion seconded by Martha Sam. Meeting adjourned at 11:22a.m.

Respectfully submitted:

Howard T. Gnatt Dated: January 23, 2012

Acting Secretary

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