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At a Glance: Sentences

CHAPTER 3 Parts of Speech

Exercise 1 Identifying Parts of Speech
1.prep adj

2. adv prep

3. v adj

4. adj v

5. adv v

6. prep adv

7. v n

8. n adj

9. conj pro

10. n adj

11. adv v

12. prep adv

13. v n

14. n prep

15. adj n

16. adj conj

17. prep adj

18. adj v

19. n pro

20. n v
Exercise 2 Identifying Parts of Speech

1. prep v

2. v prep

3. adj pro

4. n adj

5. adv prep

6. prep v

7. adv pro

8. v conj

9. n adv

10. pro adj

11. v adj

12. n v

13. prep adj

14. prep adj

15. prep n

16. pro adj

17. adj adj

18. adj adj

19. v adv

20. adj n

chapter 4   Subjects and Verbs

Exercise 1   Finding Subjects

1. evidence 7. character

2. Archaeologists 8. Some

3. bones/shells 9. They

4. objects 10. symbols

5. Priests 11. language/language

6. Part 12. (you)

Exercise 2   Finding Subjects

1. Mahatma Gandhi 6. He

2. he 7. Gandhi

3. (you) 8. British

4. good 9. leaders, agitators

5. fasts, writings, speeches 10. Gandhi

Exercise 3   Finding Verbs

1. live, travel 6. will beat

2. varies 7. are, live

3. is 8. hoots, shakes

4. spend 9. hear, go

5. make 10. are

Exercise 4   Finding Verbs

1. share 6. can use

2. is shared 7. learned

3. can use 8. can learn

4. have 9. has learned, can ask

5. do have 10. uses

Exercise 5   Finding Subjects and Verbs

1. (You) read

2. What causes

3. they can do

4. Earthquakes shake

5. answer is

6. earth is covered

7. they are

8. plates bump, pass

9. rocks are squeezed, stretched

10. they pull, pile

11. breaks are called

12. formation is

13. wave travels

14. vibrations are

15. force is

16. scientists have tried

17. success has been

18. Earthquakes are identified

19. states experience

20. quake is occurring

Exercise 6   Finding Subjects and Verbs

1. (You) consider

2. Puerto Rico is

3. words do mean

4. Puerto Ricans are

5. Puerto Rico is

6. it will

7. Commonwealth of

Puerto Rico is

8. Puerto Rico means

9. Puerto Rico became

10. It became

12. They can vote

13. they have voted

14. many are

15. majority speak

16. economy is based

17. Caribbbean National

Forest is treasured

18. parrots, orchids can be seen

19. Tourists visit

20. plankton light

Exercise 7   Finding Subjects and Verbs
1. (You) read, learn

2. cities were

3. Government, religion were

4. difference was

5. They built, sacrificed

6. ceremonies related

7. society had

8. family included

9. boys went

girls went, learned

10. Aztecs wore

they lived

they ate

11. Scholars developed

12. calendars are

13. language was

14. language was, represented

15. religion, government required

16. soldiers could capture, enlarge

17. Hernando Cortez landed

18. He was joined

19. Aztecs rebelled

20. Spaniards killed

they defeated

Exercise 8   Writing Sentences with Subjects and Verbs

Answers will vary.

chapter 5   Kinds of Sentences

Exercise 1   Identifying Clauses and Phrases

1. phrase 7. independent clause

2. dependent clause 8. dependent clause

3. independent clause 9. independent clause

4. phrase 10. phrase

5. independent clause 11. phrase

6. phrases 12. independent clause

Exercises 2, 3, 4, and 5   Writing Simple, Compound, Complex, and
Compound-Complex Sentences

Answers will vary.

Exercise 6 Identifying Types of Sentences


1. The most popular sport in the world is soccer.


2. People in ancient China and Japan had a form of soccer, and even Rome had a game that resembled soccer.


3. The game as it is played today got its start in England.


4. In the Middle Ages, whole towns played soccer on Shrove Tuesday.


5. Goals were built at opposite ends of town, and hundreds of people who lived in those towns would play on each side.


6. Such games resembled full-scale brawls.


7. The first side to score a goal won and was declared village champion.


8. Then both sides tended to the wounded, and they didn’t play again for a whole year.


9. The rules of the game were written in the late 1800s at British boarding schools.


10. Now nearly every European country has a national soccer team, and the teams participate in international tournaments.

chapter 6   Combining Sentences

Exercise 1   Combining Sentences: Compound

1. Oklahoma, but at

2. football, yet he

3. sports, but he

4. pentathlon, and he

5. world,” and Jim

6. athlete, so the

7. contract, and he

8. football, yet after

9. century, for he

10. man, but on

; however,

xercise 2   Combining Sentences: Compound

. The legendary island of Atlantis has fascinated people for centuries. It probably never existed.

; in fact,


; therefore,
. According to the Greek writer Plato, the people of Atlantis were very ambitious and warlike.. They planned to conquer all of the Mediterranean.


; moreover,

. Initially, they were successful in subduing areas to the west. They became wealthy.


; however,

. Then the people of Atlantis became proud. They became corrupt and wicked.


; however,

. They were confident and attacked Athens. Athens and its allies defeated the invaders.

. The story of Atlantis is probably just a tale. Many people have believed it.


; nevertheless,

. Some writers have tried to link the legend with such real places as America and the Canary Islands. No link has been found.


; in fact,
. The Minoan civilization on Crete was destroyed by tidal waves. A similar fate may have befallen Atlantis.


. Some people speculate about a volcanic explosion on Atlantis. A volcanic eruption did destroy part of the island Thera in the Eastern Mediterranean in 1500 B.C.E.


; however,

0. Some writers have conjectured that American Indians migrated to the New World by way of Atlantis.. Archaeologists dispute that idea.

Exercise 3   Combining Sentences: Complex



, even though

. (relative pronoun) The freeway congestion was under study. The problem

occurred every Friday at noon.


, although

. The vacationers had a good time. The bears destroyed a few tents and ate people’s food.



. The teenagers loved their senior prom. The band played badly.

. Farmers gathered for miles around. Jeff had grown a fifty-pound cucumber.



^ ,



. Back-seat drivers make unwanted suggestions in the nag-proof model. They can be ejected from the vehicle.



. (relative pronoun) The marriage counselor gave bad advice. He charged only half price.


. (relative pronoun) The robots would not do their work. They needed fresh batteries.

The hurricane was expected to hit during the night. The residents checked their flashlights.




. The ice sculptor displayed his work in the dining hall. The customers applauded.

0. Someone stole the artwork of ice. No evidence was found.

Exercise 4 Combining Sentences: Compound-Complex

Possible answers:

1. When Helen Keller suffered a serious childhood illness, she became

blind and deaf, and at first her parents did not know what to do.

2. Because her parents would not give up despite discouraging advice, they

advertised for a teacher, and a tutor named Anne Sullivan agreed to help.

3. After young Helen began to discover the world through her sense of touch,

she learned the alphabet, and she started connecting words with objects.

4. Although her physical condition was irreversible, her progress was rapid, and

in three years she could read Braille.

5. Although [or Because] she could not talk, she used sign language for speech,

and she used a special typewriter to write.

6. When she reached the age of ten, she took speech lessons from a teacher of

the deaf, and in six years she could speak well enough to be understood.

7. While she attended college, she still needed help, and Anne Sullivan continued

as her tutor and interpreter.

8. After she graduated from college with honors, she became involved in

programs to help the deaf and blind communicate, and she wrote books and

articles about problems of the disabled.

9. Because of the effects of World War II presented special problems,

Hellen Keller helped disabled people in other countries, and she helped

soldiers blinded in the war.

10. When Hellen Keller died in 1968, she had an international reputation

as a humanitarian, and her books had been translated into more than fifty languages.

Exercise 5 Correcting Omissions
1. love for preposition

2. and the gun subject

3. on the radio, and on TV prepositions

4. saw that that

5. expenses were verb

6. learned about preposition

7. believed that that

8. and the driver subject

9. have believed verb

10. and he subject

Exercise 6 Providing Sentence Variety

Possible revision:
On the weekends I do promotions for TV’s “Power Rangers.” I’m Trini. She’s supposed to be Chinese. Because I’m Chinese-American, the kids think I’m the real Ranger when I remove my mask. Except for one occasion, I’ve never felt very much like a Ranger. It was on a weekend promotion, held at a park. While we were doing our routine, I looked around and saw a little boy collapse. Although he had probably been in distress for a while, wearing the mask, I could hardly see anything. Nevertheless, this little boy was lying there, thrashing around and trying to throw up, but no one was doing anything. The Pink Ranger started running around trying to find the child’s parents. After no one came to the aid of the boy, I ran over, took off my mask, and put my finger in his mouth to clear his throat. There I found the problem. He had been chewing on, or maybe blowing, a long balloon when he swallowed it. I pulled it out of his throat. It was almost a foot long. The whole spectacle must have looked like a magic trick. Because the child still wasn’t breathing well, the paramedics were called. They quickly helped him back to good health. His parents, who lived across the street, came to carry him home. We Rangers put our masks back on, and the audience cheered us as if we had planned the whole scene. We resumed our routine. It was just another day of work for the Power Rangers.
Exercise 7   Combining Sentences
Possible answers:
1. Although cobras are among the most feared of all snakes, they are not the deadliest of all snakes.

2. Cobras do not coil before they strike; therefore, they cannot strike for a long distance.

3. Cobras do not have a hood, but they flatten their neck by moving their ribs when they are nervous or frightened.

4. Cobras inject venom with their fangs, and they spit venom at their victims.

5. Although human beings will not die from the venom that has been spit, it can cause blindness if it is not washed from the eyes.

6. A person can die from a cobra bite, and death may come in only a few hours.

7. Snake charmers have long worked with cobras; they use a snake, a basket, and a flute.

8. The snakes cannot hear the music, but they respond to the rhythmic movements of the charmers.

9. The snake charmers are hardly ever in danger of being bitten because they defang the cobras or sew their mouths shut.

10. Most cobras flee from people, but they attack if they are cornered or if they are guarding their eggs.

11. The tiny mongoose, the enemy of the cobra, uses its sharp teeth to kill the cobra.

Exercise 8   Combining Sentences

Possible answers:
1. When Romeo and Juliet were young, they fell in love.

2. Because their families were feuding, Romeo and Juliet decided to run away.

3. They tried to trick their families, but their plans failed, and they both died.

4. The contestant spun the wheel one more time, and Vanna White clapped her hands with glee.

5. When only one letter remained, Pat Sajak encouraged the contestant.

6. When the wheel stopped, the contestant lost his turn.

7. The audience groaned, Vanna White almost cried, and Pat Sajak comforted her.

8. Several tabloids have reported that Elvis has not left us, for he has been sighted in several parts of the country and even on other planets.

9. The tabloids, which give credit to unnamed reliable sources, report that the King is just tired and wants privacy.

10. The central character of The Old Man and the Sea is Santiago, a fisherman with a string of bad luck.

11. Although Santiago catches a fish, he loses most of it to sharks.

12. Because he struggles courageously, he achieves a moral victory.

13. Santiago is a true hero because he obeys his code.

Exercise 9   Combining Sentences

Possible revision:
Muhammad Ali, who was arguably the greatest heavyweight boxing champion, won the title on four occasions. He loved to perform for the press. He made up sayings and poems about himself and his opponents, and once said he would “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.” Ali announced that he would win each fight, and he even named the round. After he became a Black Muslim, he refused induction into the armed services, and he was convicted of a crime for having done so. As a result he lost his championship, but later the decision was reversed by the U.S. Supreme Court. He won back the title by defeating George Foreman in1974. Then in l978 he lost it to Leon Spinks, but he regained it again the next year. In l980 he retired, but he soon returned to the ring to fight once more for the championship before he quit for good.

chapter 7   Correcting Fragments, Comma Splices, and Run-Ons

Exercise 1   Identifying Fragments

1. fragment 6. fragment

2. complete 7. complete

3. fragment 8. complete

4. fragment 9. fragment

5. fragment 10. fragment

Exercise 2   Correcting Fragments

1. When Leroy Robert Paige was seven years old. He was carrying luggage at a railroad station in Mobile, Alabama.

2. He was a clever young fellow. Who invented a contraption for carrying four satchels (small suitcases) at one time.
3. After he did that. He was always known as Satchel Paige.

4. His fame rests on his being arguably the best baseball pitcher. Who ever played the game.

5. Because of the so-called Jim Crow laws. He, as an African American, was not allowed to play in the Major Leagues. Until 1948 after the Major League color barrier was broken.

6. By that time he was already forty-two. Although he was in excellent condition.

7. He had pitched. Wherever he could, mainly touring around the country.

8. When he faced Major Leaguers in exhibition games. He almost always won.

9. Because people liked to see him pitch. He pitched almost every day. While he was on tour.

10. One year he won 104 games. During his career he pitched 55 no-hitters and won more than 2,000 games.

11. He pitched his last game in the majors at the age of fifty-nine.

12. In 1971 he was the first African-American player. Who was voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in a special category for those. Who played in the old Negro Leagues.

Exercise 3   Correcting Fragments

1. Although Woody Guthrie had a hard life. His songs are filled with hope.

2. His autobiography, Bound for Glory, tells of this free-spirited man. Who saw boomtown oil fields dry up and crops wither in the dust bowl.

3. Many people knew him only as the author of “This Land Is Your Land.” Which is often treated as a second national anthem.

4. Because he was honest and would say what he thought. He was often out of work.

5. Cisco Houston said, “Woody is a man. Who writes two or three ballads before breakfast every morning.”

6. The hobo, the migrant worker, the merchant marine, the sign painter, the labor agitator, the musician in New York City with a hat on the sidewalk—Woody was a restless traveler. Whose life was as varied as his song bag.

7. Some of his best songs are about his experience during the days of the Great Depression. When he was an unofficial spokesperson for migrant workers in the West.

8. Arlo Guthrie, Woody’s son, achieved his own fame. While he carried on the folk music tradition of his father.

9. Woody’s song “Pretty Boy Floyd” was recorded by Bob Dylan. Who modeled his early style on that of Woody and once referred to himself as a “Woody Guthrie jukebox.”

10. A simple farmer once said to a reporter, “I’ll always remember Woody as the man. Who said, ‘Some men will rob you with a six-gun and some with a fountain pen.

Exercise 4   Correcting Fragments


1. Asia having many ethnic groups.

2. Including the Chinese, the Indians, the Arabs, the Turks, and the Jews.

Combine 1 and 2.

3. The Chinese have different groups.

4. Speaking many dialects.

Combine 3 and 4.

5. Although they have different dialects.

Combine 5 and 6; change the first period to a comma.

6. There is a national language.

7. A language called Mandarin.

Add 7 to 5 and 6.

8. Cultural differences exist in Taiwan.



9. The main difference being between the Chinese from the mainland and the Taiwanese.

10. Despite the differences, all Chinese have much culture in common.


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