Many homes on the island of Jamaica were destroyed by hurricane Lester yesterday

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HW OF 25.2.09 - passive voice II

Put the VERBS and other words in brackets into their correct forms, add prepositions, particles or auxiliary verbs if necessary. You may need to use the passive forms of the verbs.
How the Internet Works
The thing that characterizes the Internet is how data 1. ____________ (transfer) one computer to another. 2. ___________________ (you /ever/ wonder ) what magical things go on behind the scenes that 3. ______________________ (result / a Web page / display) on your screen seconds after you request it? How 4. ________________ (the data / get) one side of the world to the other? Here’s what happens to a piece of data (e.g. a web page) when it 5. __________ (transfer) over the Internet: It 6. _____________ (break up) into a whole lot of the same-sized pieces called ‘packets’. A header 7. ______________ (add) each packet that explains where it came from, where it should end up and how it fits with the rest of the packets.

Each packet 8. _________ (send) from computer to computer until it 9. _________ (find) its way to its destination. Each computer along the way decides where next to send the packet. This could 10. _____________ (depend) things like how busy the other computers are when the packet was received. The packets may not all take the same route.

At the destination, the packets 11. _______________ (examine), if there are any packets (miss) or (damage), a message 12. ________________(send / ask) those packets __________ (resend). This continues unit all the packets 13. ______________ (receive) intact. The packets are reassembled into their original form. Each computer connected up to the Internet has software called TCP/IP which 14. ___________ (be / responsible / receive, send and check) packets. TCP/IP is the “glue” of the Internet.


Many homes on the island of Jamaica 1. _______________ (destroy) hurricane Lester yesterday. Today, high winds 2. _______________ (expect / bring) more rain and problems for the island’s residents. Some parts of the island 3. _____________ (leave) without electricity last night and many roads 4. ______________ (block) fallen trees that 5. ______________ (knock) down during the storm. The area around Savanna-La-Mar on the south coast 6. ___________ (flood) and some residents 7. _______________ (have to / rescue) from the roofs of their houses. Most businesses and schools in Kingston 8. _________ (close) today as people 9. ____________ (emerge) from their battered homes 10._________ (survey) the damage. More than 100 people 11. ______________ (report / injure), but no deaths.
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