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Cosmic Brain Trust


Alien, 2012, & Odd Earth History Lectures

  1. History, Health & Wealth: Rick Smith

Rick Smith explains the connections between Alien hierarchy systems and the families that rule the world. He also explains etymology of certain words in relation to the cosmos, the Moors contributions to the worlds development and the concealing of blacks.

  1. Ian Lungold: The Mayan Calendar 2 discs

Ian Lungold explains the Mayan calendar as he understands the baktuns and its 2012 significance.

  1. 2012 The Odyssey: Jose Arguelles

Jose Arguelles is considered the Vulcan Votan the highest ranking prophet on Mayan studies. He explains with other scholars the conscious shift of 2012. Comes with Bonus dvd.

  1. Underground Alien Military: Phil Schneider

Phil Schneider is accredited for working on secret government projects. He has experience in underground bases. One of the only survivors of a an alien/government battle that took place in New Mexico.

  1. Doomsday 2012

History Channel film that explains, how our current mentality is based on excess and this will expediently corrode the planet.

  1. The Andromedan Connection: Alex Collier

Alex Collier is an acclaimed channeller for the Andromedans. He explains there lifestyle, social & educational systems.

  1. Holographic Universe: Michael Talbot

A delight for science buffs or anyone interested in the paranormal abilities of the mind, the latest frontiers of physics, and the unsolved riddles of brain and body, The Holographic Universe "explores the ways in which our concepts of time, personality, even consciousness, are altered by defining them as holographic".

  1. Hollow Earth study 3 discs: This film goes over geographical and historical evidence supporting the theory of the Earth being hollow, with advanced Alien civilization thriving on the inside.

  2. The World Below Hollow Earth:

This lecture goes over several caves that lead to the so called inner Earth.

  1. In search of Big Foot:

This film goes over historical references and mythical stories correlated to the big foot in several countries & peoples across the world.

  1. Signs of Destiny 2012: John Jenkins

According to the Mayan Elders, at the moment of birth every human being is given a destiny. Our life challenge is to develop ourselves and our skills in order to fulfill this destiny, thus fueling our individual contribution to the planet. At the heart of The Book of Destiny is the sacred Mayan calendar, an extraordinary tool that allows the reader to discover this destiny, along with one’s special Mayan symbol, origin, as well as the protection spirits that accompany them through life. Poetically narrated, the book describes how the calendar contains the scientific legacy of the Mayan people, preserved and transmitted over the centuries through oral tradition and written texts.

  1. Shamballah, Tibet: Nicholas Roerich

When Nicholas Roerich was touring Tibet and Mongolia he constantly heard cries among the Buddhist monks of “It is the time of Shambhala!” According to the monks the King of the World would soon sweep down from Shambhala with a huge army to destroy all evil upon the Earth before declaring himself our planet’s eternal ruler.

  1. The Legend of Atlantis 5 discs

The legend narrates: Thousands of years ago the gods came down to Earth from the stars to initiate a genesis. Human civilization was formed and reached a peak with Atlantis. A dark age began and the battle of Atlantean gods led to its fall. A secret brotherhood brought Atlantean secret teachings before the fall to Egypt. Through all civilizations and with inspiration from extraterrestrian guards the secret Atlantean brotherhood managed all political systems with an educational mission. The thrilling documentation shows for the first time the secret activities of a brotherhood in relations with invisible masters from Shambhala and Agharta and the secret about the hollow earth.

  1. Hollow Planets: David Childress

David Hatcher Childress is an American author and publisher of books on topics in alternative history and historical revisionism. His works cover such subjects as pre-Columbian trans-oceanic contact, Tesla, the Knights Templar, lost cities and vimana aircraft. Despite his public involvement in the general field of study, Childress claims to have no academic credentials as a professional archaeologist nor any other scientific field of study.

  1. Neuroscience & Spirituality: Dennis McKenna

McKenna received his Master's degree in botany at the University of Hawaii in 1979. He received his Doctorate in Botanical Sciences in 1984 from the University of British Columbia, where he wrote a dissertation entitled Monoamine oxidase inhibitors in Amazonian hallucinogenic plants: ethnobotanical, phytochemical, and pharmacological investigations. His research has included the pharmacology, botany, and chemistry of ayahuasca and oo-koo-hé, the subjects of his master's thesis. He has also conducted extensive fieldwork in the Peruvian, Colombian, and Brazilian Amazon.

  1. The Psychadelic understanding, Age of Intelligent Machines: Terrence Mckenna

This is the last final public speech given from Terence from year 1999, he died in late 2000. McKenna gives a talk on how technology and drugs will move the human race into a greater reality. Psychedelic light show and images overlay Terence in his talk.

  1. 2012 science or superstition

December 21, 2012: the end date of the sophisticated Long Count Calendar created by the ancient Maya in Central America. Countless books and websites, magazine articles and newspaper headlines debate its meaning, with enthusiasts in two camps: those forecasting apocalypse–the end of time–and those who see a coming renewal, a rebirth of consciousness.

  1. 2012 Mayan shift of the ages

Is December 21, 2012 the end of the world as we know it? Climate change seems inevitable with countless hurricanes, earthquakes and innumerable disasters around the globe in recent years. What did the ancient Maya know and why did they place such significance on this date? As we near the final date of the Mayan Calendar, mankind must face what is perhaps the most difficult hurdle of alla profound change in ourselves.

  1. Beyond 0: Gregg Braden

Recently translated manuscripts from the ancient Essenes, the mysterious authors of the Dead Sea Scrolls, offer new insight into modern conditions ranging from personal health and relationships to global weather conditions and social unrest. This multimedia presentation bridges 20th-century science with ancient traditions, revealing an empowering message of hope.

  1. Haunted Houses

All across America, there are homes where spirits dwell. See some of the most famous haunted houses in the nation. From southern plantations to the western shores, learn about the ghosts that traverse time and dimensions to inhabit dwellings to this day.

  1. The London nobody knows 1967

A brilliant and pretty obscure look at the flip side of swinging sixties London. Narrated by a rather sardonic and sometimes scathing James Mason, we are taken on a tour of the underbelly of London. The film is artfully edited and offers straight factual history with real life characters/ street performers/ vendors who seem very unaware of the camera. The documentary has extremely surreal and quite tragic scenes by turn and encapsulates a London undocumented in the media of the time.

  1. Planet X 2discs


  1. UFOs: 50 years of denial

Col. Phillip J. Corso, a member of President Eisenhower's National Security Council and Head of the U.S. Army's Foreign Technology Division at the Pentagon speaks candidly of overseeing the recovery of alien spacecraft and the harvesting of technology from recovered crash debris of extraterrestrial origin.

  1. UFO: Aliens How they fly

  2. UFOs & Bible prophecy 2 discs

  3. UFO: The best evidence 3 discs

Now presenting the most anticipated and requested series of programs ever made on UFOs, from award-winning investigative journalist GEORGE KNAPP! Features the most comprehensive examination of the UFO phenomenon ever produced for home viewing! Includes three spellbinding full-length programs, photos, video and documents, along with an unprecedented collection of interviews with researchers, eyewitnesses, experiencers, and the best-known, most credible UFO authorities in the world today.

  1. Hoagland Mars

Richard C. Hoagland presents a powerful scientific case, with NASA data, that the Earth and the Solar System have been visited by intelligences from other worlds. In non-technical language using official NASA photos, stunning computer graphics, Richard C. Hoagland, as head of an independent Mars investigation team, makes a case for crucial connections between ancient structures on the landscape of our moon, the planet Mars, and the ruins of ancient civilizations on Earth.

  1. UFO Mexico Conference 2006

  2. Area 51: Alien Interview

Area 51: The Alien Interview features footage allegedly smuggled out of Area 51 by a mysterious character known only as
Victor. Taken through a one-way mirror, the footage depicts an alien creature being questioned by a United States general and his telepathic aide.

  1. Alien Signs: The crop circle message

Designs in crops and grass lands popularly known as Crop Circles have been reported and documented around the world since the birth of Christ. World authority on Crop Circles Colin Andrews investigates and endeavors to find answers to the crop circle phenomenon, examining cases and photographic evidence worldwide with the assistance of experts in science and the paranormal.

  1. UFO: The Greatest Story ever denied

UFO - Greatest Story Ever Denied presents a provocative review of some of the most important UFO events since Roswell in 1946. Not only do we learn about such events as the Battle of LA and early military coverups, but interesting phenomena like RODs and invisible UFOs only detectable with infra red cameras. An amazing daylight video is shown demonstrating the detection of a UFO in infra red mode.

  1. The Redgate incident

But one small town in Montana has a secret that’s out of this world. It is a secret that has been hidden behind the town’s pure Americana image for more than 50 years and has even provoked several “urban legends” in the area. It is a secret that stretches the boundaries separating the normal workaday world from the great multidimensional universe that surrounds us all.

  1. Do Aliens rule the world? & others

  2. Crop circles: Glickman & Murray

Michael Glickman and Patricia Murray worked together as Crop Circle Radius from 1994 to 1999. Michael Glickman is an architect by training. Patricia Murray is a poet and photographer. They are both full-time crop circle researchers and have had many profound and illuminating experiences in the circles. Michael Glickman and Patricia Murray' "History and Geometry" is considered by many to be a classic among the burgeoning list of crop circle videos. Michael and Patricias involvement and commitment to this beautiful and enigmatic phenomenon is apparent. With lightness and humour they present an overview which is both surprising and rewarding.

  1. Fastwalkers: David Sereda

For the first time, Fastwalkers in a feature length documentary form discloses information you were never meant to know. Amazing Fastwalker UFO photos and Fastwalker footage gathered from around the world that you were never meant to see. Never before has there been such a wealth of information presented by such unbiased experts who focus on providing a "World View" of what is really happening on planet Earth, rather than what "we are told is happening."

  1. Secret Space: Chris Everard

A feature length 2 hour documentary exposing the hidden history of NASA, and the organisation's links to The Illuminati network of Secret Societies.
This film exposes NASA's secret space programme controlled by senior
Occultists. We analyse UFO footage filmed by NASA astronauts whilst aboard the Space Shuttle and ask if NASA has secretly made contact with extraterrestrials.

  1. UFO archives 2 disc

UFOS: The Footage Archives is the largest collection of authentic and historic UFO films ever released to the public and features the 400 best original UFO film and video clips fro over 31 countries on four continents, 1950-2000, in this unique DVD edition. Includes stunning UFO film clips from the USAF's Project Blue Book Archive. Gulf Breeze, Mexico City, official NASA footage from the Gemini, Apollo, and Discovery missions, and virtually every UFO clip that has ever appeared in any news program or documentary film! All clips are professionally assembled in chronological order with the individual statistics including time and location for easy historical reference and viewing enjoyment.

Earth, Plants, Psychadelics, Dope & Animals

  1. Emperor of Hemp

This is the film the United States government does not want you to see. This is the film that could cost big business big bucks. This is the film that contains the facts about one movement ... one man ... and one miraculous plant that could revolutionize the world. "Emperor of Hemp" exposes the secrets behind hemp and marijuana prohibition as seen through the eyes of Jack Herer, author of "The Emperor Wears No Clothes," the best-selling cult classic that ignited the Hemp Revolution around the world.

  1. Hemp Revolution

Making a hemp advocacy documentary is an uphill cinematic battle because of the unintentional humor that surfaces. It is difficult to keep a straight face when you're told that hemp can be used to build "anything from a 2x4 to the body of a stealth jet bomber"; or how hemp packaging would allow you to "eat the container for dessert" in fast-food joints; or that commercial hemp could be "the greatest economic engine in the history of the human race." Of course, the truth is that these assertions are perfectly legitimate. Unfortunately, hemp has become so marginalized in our society that the myriad benefits of the substance appear as ridiculous pipe dreams, when in fact they are achievable realities.

  1. The Magic Weed

As illustrated in this documentary from UFO Multimedia, one of the most controversial topics facing the United States is marijuana, but where did the provocative plant come from? The Magic Weed looks at the origins and history of cannabis, covering its many uses throughout the years and dispelling the rampant myths surrounding it.

  1. Herb Magic; Scott Cunningham

This 60 Minute DVD is the ultimate home-study course in herbalism from master herbalist Scott Cunningham. You''ll learn to harvest and cure natural herbs; prepare ancient recipes for magical incense, sachets and talismans; and create pure herbal essences and tinctures. You and Scott will visit a working herb farm to learn how to identify many common and rare herbs on sight. Discover and use the power of herb magic and spells-secrets that are revealed here for the very first time.

  1. Planet Earth 6 discs

PLANET EARTH The makers of The Blue Planet present the epic story of life on Earth. Five years in production, over 2000 days in the field, using 40 cameramen filming across 200 locations, this is the ultimate portrait of our planet. A stunning television experience that combines rare action, unimaginable scale, impossible locations and intimate moments with our planet's best-loved, wildest and most elusive creatures. From the highest mountains to the deepest rivers, this blockbuster series takes you on an unforgettable journey through the challenging seasons and the daily struggle for survival in Earth's most extreme habitats.

  1. Waiting to inhale

Waiting to Inhale examines the heated debate over marijuana and its use as medicine in the United States. Twelve states have passed legislation to protect patients who use medical marijuana.  Yet opponents claim the medical argument is just a smokescreen for a different agenda-- to legalize marijuana for recreation and profit. What claims are being made, and what are the stakes?

  1. Sacred Weeds

Sacred Weeds is a four part television series of 50 minute documentaries investigating the cultural impact of psychoactive plants on a broad array of early civilisations. The series was filmed at Hammerwood Park by the producer, Sarah Marris, and her production company TVF. It was broadcast in the summer of 1998 on Channel 4, a British television network.

  1. Understanding the LSD phenomenom archives & beyond

The history of LSD and the counterculture it helped to define in the sixties. This highly exhaustively researched and astonishing account-part of it gleaned from secret government files-tells how the CIA became obsessed with LSD as an espionage weapon during the early l950s and launched a massive covert research program, in which countless unwitting citizens were used as guinea pigs.

  1. Ayahausca Peru Study

Ayahuasca is a powerfully psychedelic South American brew traditionally made from the B. caapi vine and admixtures such as P. viridis (and/or other DMT-containing plants). One of its primary effects is considered to be the vomiting (the purge) that accompanies the experience. The term ayahuasca is sometimes loosely used to mean any combination of an MAOI with DMT.

  1. Use of Shamanic approaches to Heal

  2. Further Studies in Psychadelic Revolutions

  3. Salvia Divinorum

The Latin name Salvia divinorum literally translates to “Sage of the seers”. The genus name Salvia is derived from the Latin salvare, meaning “to heal” or “to save”. The primary psychoactive constituent is a diterpenoid known as salvinorin A The history of the plant is not known, but there are three possibilities as to its origin. Since it is found in one small area and only one indigenous group uses it, it is either native to this area, is a cultigen of the Mazatecs, or is a cultigen of another indigenous group.

  1. Ayahausca: The Medicine Mans Drink

  2. Jungle Trip Ayahausca Shamans Drink

An excellent documentary about the Amazonian Shamans and their use of the sacred Ayahuasca vine to communicate with the Spirits of the Forest. Includes footage of peaceful drug-prohibition protests, an interview with Terence Mckenna, criticism of the so called "war on drugs" (essentially a form of cultural genocide), the corruption within large oil companies and governments, many civil rights issues, etc. During the making of this film: * 16 million acres of Amazon Rainforest was destroyed. * 150,000 species became extinct.

  1. D-M-T

The Spirit Molecule weaves an account of Dr. Rick Strassman’s groundbreaking DMT research through a multifaceted approach to this intriguing hallucinogen found in the human brain and hundreds of plants. Utilizing interviews with a variety of experts to explain their thoughts and experiences with DMT within their respective fields, and discussions with Strassman’s research volunteers brings to life the awesome effects of this compound, and far-reaching theories regarding its role in human consciousness.

  1. Black Tar Heroin: The Dark End of the Street

` The film follows a simple structure, and shows the drug-related degradation of five youths (Jake, Tracey, Jessica, Alice, and Oreo) during the course of three years. The film is brutal in the depiction of drug-related crimes and diseases: prostitution, male prostitution, AIDS, and lethal overdoses. The director also put a lot of emphasis on the moral sides pertaining to the junkie lifestyle: from the question of robbing other people for money to the degradation of family relations and loss of friends, a wide scale of highly unconventional problems are exposed.

  1. Mushrooms: The Way of the Shaman

  2. High on Crack

  3. Beyond within: LSD

  4. Siafu ANTS

  5. Face on the Ocean floor

  6. Super High Me

  7. Herb VooDoo: Bro. Sharif

Human Body, Spirit and Soul

  1. Qi Gong: Michael Frost

  2. Kemetic Yoga: Yasir Hotep

  3. Egyptian Yoga

  4. KIBOS = Knowledge is betterment of self

  5. History & Biology of Conscious Parenting: Bruce Lipton

  6. The New Biology: Bruce Lipton

  7. Plastic Surgery Nightmare

  8. Army Medicine

  9. How to Operate your Brain & Think for Yourself

  10. Human Body 2 disc

  11. Gateway to the Mind

  12. Pregnant in America

  13. What the Bleep down the rabbit hole?

  14. The New Biology: Bruce Lipton

  15. Life energies

  16. Overcoming Cardio

  17. The Power of the mind to heal

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