The First International English Language Contest Ulyanovsk, 2013 Forms: 9 the 2nd Stage of the Contest Part Listening Task 1

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Ulyanovsk, 2013

Forms: 9

the 2nd Stage of the Contest

Part 1. Listening

Task 1. You are going to hear a conversation about the link between the vegetarian diet and the protection of the environment. For questions 1-6 choose the correct answer A-C

  1. Alice says Tim

  1. never discusses environmental problems.

  2. does little to protect the environment.

  3. has no respect for animal rights.

  1. Tim protests that he

  1. does not use his car very often.

  2. always uses public transport.

  3. cycles instead of driving.

  1. Alice says the Amazonian rainforests are being cut down

  1. to produce paper.

  2. to obtain exotic types of wood for furniture.

  3. to make room for animal production.

  1. Alice says most people

  1. don’t want to become vegetarians.

  2. don’t want to sort their rubbish.

  3. do nothing to protect the environment.

  1. Alice says most farmland is used

  1. to grow cereals.

  2. to grow crops for the industry.

  3. to grow food for animals.

  1. Tim says a vegetarian diet

  1. will not save the planet.

  2. is unhealthy.

  3. is not good for men.

Task 2. You are going to hear a conversation between Megan and her doctor. Decide if the statements 1-6 are true (T), false (F) or there is no information (N).

  1. Megan dislikes the sports she has to do at school. True / False / No info

  2. Megan doesn’t enjoy winter sports. True / False / No info

  3. The doctor thinks Megan should do a sport which

will help her to lose weight. True / False / No info

  1. The doctor has played rugby. True / False / No info

  2. The doctor tries to persuade Megan to take up rollerblading. True / False / No info

  3. Megan’s friend is very good at rollerblading. True / False / No info

Task 3. You are going to hear 5 short dialogues related to work. Match the speakers 1-5 to the statements A-F. There is one extra statement that you do not need to use.

Speaker 1

Speaker 2

Speaker 3

Speaker 4

Speaker 5

A. Someone is going to retire soon.

B. The boss is threatening to fire someone.

C. Employees are protesting against unfair treatment at work.

D. Someone is trying to get a job with an airline.

E. Someone is trying to get a pay rise.

F. Someone is explaining to the new employees how good their job is.

Task 4. You will hear a man talking on the radio about a writing competition. For each question, fill in the missing information in the numbered space.


Up For It

First Prize

An all-expenses-paid trip for two people across the Russian Federation, from north to south.


Entrants should write a story called 1) ___________________ Adventure which describes a difficult but exciting journey. The story should be no longer than 2) __________________ words and it must be all your own work. Only one entry per person, please.

The last date for entries is 3) __________________. Please, write your full name and address on the back of each page of your story. Stories must be sent to Chris 4) ______________________, Up For It, Radio Nova, 33-41 Saxon Court, London EC2 4AW. There are additional prizes of rucksacks and 5)_______________________ for 25 best stories. If your story wins it will be read out on air in December. And you’ll be invited onto the programme so we can 6) _____________________ you.

Part 2. Writing

Task. You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen-friend Lisa who writes:

My dream is to see the world. It’s so interesting to visit places I’ve never been to before, to mix with new people and to get new experiences. So far I have just seen my own country, but I hope to go to Australia this summer. What about you? Do you like travelling? Have you ever been abroad and what country would you visit if you could choose? Have you visited many places in Russia?

By the way, next week we’re going to the theatre with our class…

Write a letter to Lisa.

In your letter:

- answer her questions;

- ask 3 questions about the theatre.

Write 100-140 words.

Remember the rules of letter writing.
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