Apple Computer Configuration Request Not applicable to Windows computers

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Apple Computer Configuration Request

Not applicable to Windows computers

Date: ___________________

Name of Requestors: ___________________

Manager or Supervisor of Requestor: ___________________

Please check which configuration you would like. Detailed descriptions and reference materials are listed below.
_____ Option 1 (Standard configuration, no signatures required)

_____ Option 2 (Power User configuration, Dean or VP signature required)

  • Employees should be familiar with Creighton Security Policies when choosing option 1 or option 2.

  • AS a general rule, confidential data should not be stored on your computer. If you are not sure how to interpret the guidelines after reading through the policies below, please contact the DoIT Security team via the service desk at x1111.

  • Creighton Policies can be found at:
Acceptable Use Policy

Data Classification Policy

Data Handling Policy

Workstation Security policy

Option 1: Standard Configuration: This option is for general users who want DoIT to support the Apple computer. Support includes computer hardware, the operating system, routine patching and updates, Creighton owned software, and the following:

  • The Apple factory image to provide most current OS and drivers

  • A firmware password

  • LANDesk for Asset management

  • Creighton’s standard virus and malware protection

  • Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) for support

  • Microsoft Office (University supported version)

  • Firefox

  • Flash Player

  • Adobe Reader

  • Shockwave

  • Silverlight

  • Name the device following University standard naming conventions

  • Join device to the Blue domain

  • Allows all users to add-remove printers

  • Sets the Homepage in Safari to

  • Enables the Lock Screen button

  • Sets Apple Updates to check every 3 days and install in background

Option 2: Power User Option: This option if for users who are willing and able to serve as the primary technical support for the Apple computer hardware and software. DoIT support for this configuration will be limited to the computer hardware and Creighton owned software. This configuration includes:

  • The Apple factory image to provide most up to date OS and drivers

  • LANDesk for asset management

  • Microsoft Office (University supported version)

  • Name the device following University standard naming conventions

  • Join device to the Blue domain

  • Create cuadmin account

Support Structure for Option 2: Power User Option
This option assumes the computer user wishes to, and is able to, assume the role of primary technical support provider for the computer hardware and software. DoIT is able to provide support for the computer hardware while under warranty and Creighton owned software. Examples of DoIT support include:

  • Computer chassis repair

  • Physical internal components of the computer (i.e. cabling, motherboard)

  • Keyboard hardware repair

  • Physical components of the computer monitor

  • Reinstallation of Creighton owned software

A variety of support resources are available outside of DoIT for both options, but specifically applicable to option 2 users. This includes, but not limited to, the iJay store, Apple Support (included with any computer under warranty) and numerous publics and semi-public forums including MacHeads at Creighton.

A faculty or staff may request support for the computer be transitioned from Option 2 to Option 1, in which case the computer will be reconfigured to Option 1 settings.

Computer user Name (printed)____________________________________________

___________________________________________ _______________________

Hand written signature: Signature Date:

___________________________________________ _______________________

Dean or VP: (must be hand written signature) Signature Date:

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