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The Automobile is defined as a self propelled vehicle which is used for transport of passengers and goods on ground. The automobile consists of two main parts viz, chassis and body. The chassis of automobile include Engine, Chassis Frame, Clutch, Gear Box, Differential, Axle, Brakes, Suspension, Wheel & Tyre etc. and the body which is the super structure of the vehicle.

Today the demand for Control Safety, Convenience, Mileage, Power, Good Maneuverability, Economy, and Aesthetic Look increased in automobile. To cope-up with the one must have idea about various types of vehicle layouts, this can be available and the concept of aerodynamics aspects & body shape.

    1. Classification of Automobile Vehicles.

The automobile vehicles may be classified as follows:

  1. According to its Control :

  1. Conventional Chassis :- In this type of chassis engine is mounted at front of driver cabin and driver seat behind the engine as in old model of Tata trucks.

  2. Semi Forward Chassis :- In this of chassis engine is mounted partly inside the driver cabin and partly outside. In this arrangement length of chassis is utilized for carrying extra passenger.

  3. Full Forward (or Bus) Chassis :- In this arrangement complete engine is mounted in driver cabin.

  1. According to Vehicle Layout:

  1. Front engine front wheel drive

  2. Front engine rear wheel drive

  3. Rear engine rear wheel drive

  4. Center engine

  1. According to no. of driving wheels:

  1. 2-wheel drive

  2. 4-wheel drive

  1. According to Fuel used:

  1. Petrol

  2. Diesel

  3. LPG e)Electric

  4. CNG F)Hybrid

  1. According to purpose:

  1. Passenger carrying

  2. Load carrying

  3. Special purpose vehicle.

  1. According to number of wheel:

  1. 2-wheel

  2. 3-wheel

  3. 4-wheel

  4. 6-wheel

  5. 10-wheel

  6. 12-wheel

  7. 14-wheel.

  1. According to Body of vehicle:

  1. Sedan b)Convertible c)van e)hatchback f)limousine d)pick-up g)Dumper h)Tanker etc

  1. i) Truck j)station wagon k)Articulated trailor etc

  1. According to the Transmission:

  1. Manual

  2. Semi-Automatic

  3. Automatic

  1. Types of Automobile vehicles

  2. Types of automobiles are classified as:

  1. Passenger Carriers.

  2. Good Carriers.

  3. Special purpose vehicle.

  1. Passenger Carriers: These types of automobile are used for transporting passengers. These vehicles are further classified as 2-wheeler, 3-wheeler, Light passenger vehicle, medium passenger vehicle & Heavy passenger vehicle etc.

  1. Goods Carriers: These types of vehicles are use for transporting goods. These vehicle are further classified as 3-wheeler, LMV, MMV, HGV, Tractor, Trailer etc.

  1. Special Purpose vehicle: These types of vehicles are used for special purpose vehicle like Sprinklers, Show remover, Dust Collector, Loaders, Cranes, Concrete Mixer, Dumper etc.

      1. Four Wheeler Chassis Layout An Automobile

  1. Four wheeler chassis layout

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